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  1. Nicely imagined diorama with a touch of humour. The commander really is having a tantrum. And that fella standing in front of the tank looks strangely familiar.
  2. Very neat kit. The added driver figure fits perfectly.
  3. Brilliant bit of modelling. Britain's answer to the DC-10. I photographed this very aircraft on the apron at Guernsey back in the 1980s. I think there may also have been a kiddies story book based on G-JOEY.
  4. That's quite a collection of 20th century naval power. I'm very envious. The HMS Ramillies colour scheme is seriously eye-catching. And HMS Resolution dressed for harbour looks superb. There's nothing like a splash of colour to make a display model stand out.
  5. I should have my HMS Eskimo finished soon. Good idea changing the boats: that midship area looks a bit bereft of detail on an out of the box build.
  6. I wish I'd seen this photo earlier. I went for a sort of RAF blue/grey, but it looks like I should have gone lighter.
  7. I've got one of these on the go at the moment. I also got a touch of silvering on the decals even though I'd prepped the hull sides with a good gloss and used decal softening solution. I managed to removed the offending shiny decal borders with a scalpel.
  8. That model has aged really well. No sign of missing or broken bits or faded decals. Still a lovely little G91.
  9. Great work for a first go: very neat canopy and panel lines, too. My first crack at an Airfix Spitfire over 50 years ago (one half of a dogfight double set with a Bf110) wasn't nearly as smart as yours.
  10. I like the just-below-the-surface dappled light effect on the hull; it really works. Nice job.
  11. Super Type 23. And you're quite right, modelling seascapes is great fun.
  12. Excellent modelling. Thanks for including the background story of the Crusader in theatre.
  13. A fine looking Crusader. You've really captured that worn look. I really like the North Africa 1942 vignettes. Nice work.
  14. Great looking model. First class paint job, too. The add-on accessories look superb. I've built a few of IBG's tiny 1/700 Royal Navy destroyers; I must have a go at their 1/72 armour sometime.
  15. I've been toying with the idea of building this machine in 1/72 (the same scale as my other chopper models) but I've been put off by the lattice boom structure. Yours looks great in 1/48.
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