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  1. Hmm, now there is a name I recognise. How are you buddy?
  2. i cant believe I didnt think of that. This is one of those ideas that so simple its actually almost daft. I was actually going to sand and then rescribe, but now Im going to scribe and sand. Thank you so much for this.
  3. A little bit of progress. My first attempt at photo etch and its very very very small Glued the hull together and I can see that Im going to have to do a lot of work on sanding the seam line. Added very fine sand paper to shopping list. The Sail was slightly too large, which is fine by me. Id rather have it too big and have to sand it rather than too small and have a gap. So, after gentle sanding its now a tight fit. Its not glued yet and I think Ill glue it once I finish the PE work. This is about 2 hours work most of which is coming from the PE and the fact that the instructions have so much info on it thats it quite hard to understand, hence I really have to take my time
  4. Thank you. Yes, I did mean Blast Bags, apologies if I offended anyone, however, at least Im learning. Yes, I am doing some smaller projects. Ive decided that Ill start on a Russian Sub (Thread elsewhere) and when finished Ill do my USS Hopper. Then If I feel confident Ill go for the bismark and then the tirpitz, or possibly both at once. Today I ordered some gun barrels, wooden decks and eudard photo etch and Ill have a look at them. One size gun barrel was out of stock and the wooden decks are on back order from hannants. However, I probably wont start this for a long long time so lots of time to prepare. Today Ive learnt something new so Ill apply that, plus Ill see what happens when this latest order arrives. With regards to the Victor, did you have me confused with someone else as Im not doing a Victor and to be honest I have no current plans to either.
  5. OK, quick look at the kit and a little play. Literally a little play as Im only just up and I have quite a bit of stuff to do before work (Late shift) So, put the stand together. I used superglue as I thought this might work better with less mess. There is a gap at the posts but Im confident I can take care of this gap with gloss varnish as a filler. Then a dry fit of the hull (Is it called a hull on a sub) I can see that Ill have to glue it at the back then work my way across rather than glue the whole thing in one go. Having a hole at the back for the propeller will be handy as this means Ill be able to pop in a cocktail stick to hold on to when painting to paint. The main area of concern for me is the detail around the middle. Ill sand out that seam line and I may accidently sand out some of that detail meaning Ill have to rescribe lines, a skill Ive never used before Thats it for this update. Dont know when the next one will be, sorry.
  6. So, inspired by the friendlyness of the forum I decided to try and start a build diary. Now, dont get excited. Its a ship Im not really that interested in so the passion level wont be at full steam. However, its was a kit that I bought cheaply, it will enable me to pick up where I left off as a kid and will enable me to try out new skills, and polish old skills. The plan is to build it to the highest level possible and see how it goes. It will use old skills, namely Gluing parts together Painting It will use skills that I have but never used on this kind of model Airbrushing Basic shading ie panel line accents And there are a few things Ive never done before Used Photo etched part wethering. The kit was bought from Wish and it was very cheap although took an age to arrive. Not much to the kit. From what I can see its a new tool 2012 and ooking at it it looks a simple build possibly with the photo ech testing me the most Here are some pics. Now I apologise for the orientation, these were all taken n my phone, the only method Ill use to take pics for the web. So, instructions look easy enough to follow, decals minimul but you have to expect that from a ship and it looks easy enough to crack on with. So, critique welcome and that includes both the kit building and the way Ive presented the post to you
  7. You will get pictures when I make them, I promise
  8. This song has really taken hold of me lately
  9. Watching with interest. Just joined the forums and builidng the Tamiya version of this. Thank you for posting and your pictures are not only brilliant but inspiring too
  10. So, Ill start by saying that I really hate these intro posts. I really hate writing about myself as I think I describe myself in the most boring way. I mean, Im not the most interesting person in the world but when I write about myself it comes out even worse. However, its only polite to do them and as I hold good manners in high regard here I go SO, Im a female, 48 (I think, not sure as Covid seems to have thrown everything out), Im a contract Bus Driver currently in Kent, but that changes regular as I pick up contracts throughout the country from time to time. Si, my modelling life I will describe in 4 phases As A Kid So, usual story as a kid. Picked up a few kits, some brushes, paint, slapped in on, made a mess, probably stood on a few and broke them. More than likely had a few chewed up by the dog as she was rather like that. Then got a bit more serious, got better and by the time I hot my teens I focused my efforts more and had a real keen interest in US Naval aircraft. I would rate myself as rather good for a kid with a brush who made "Clean" models ie no weathering. The only area that let me down was white paint which as you can imaging was often an issue doing US Naval aircraft. As I got older and (I hate to say this) more important things got in the way, such as working, paying bills, rasing children etc, making Models became more and more a distant memory 2000`s Around this time I got into miniture wargaming. I was fasinated by the detail on the figures and how to paint them. I was never interested in playing the games but painting the figures was great and also because of the size you didnt need such a large hobby area. Although I dont paint these figures any more there are a few skills I took away with me such as washes, colour variations and so on and so forth. 2010s Probably more like late 2010`s but I started to get into big projects. I pretty much because a "Go big or go home" person. If you are going to do something make it magnificant. Partwork models entered my life and Ill be honest I personally dont think partworks in their basic format are a real subject here. If you are going into modding and weathering then yes, bung it in, but assembling pre painted parts out of the mag with a screwdriver, although producing a great result is a bit different. Im aware that I just ruffled a few feathers there but please note that it was just an opinion and it will tie in with the rest of my post. So, more partworks came, some Im bulding out of the mag, some Im unhappy with. When I get unhappy I do something about it. So, for example, Im really unhappy with the 1:12 spitfire by Hachette so Ive begun to repaint it and weather it. Im now rather happy with it so far and I hope that it will end up with a "used byt not used up" look. By that I mean imagine its in a museum. Its well looked after and preserved well, but at the end of the day it is 80 years old. Now So that takes me to now. I feel that with the basic skills having been learnt a lom time ago, and thankfully retained, with the new skills Ive learnt in the last few years its time to take it up a notch. Also with money not being as free flowing as it used to be its time to do more stuff thats better vaue for money and I see scale models as fitting in well. I see it like this If I buy a £10 kit and complete it in a week then over 12 months Ive spent over £500 on kits However, if I spend £250 on a grand kit and it takes me 12 months to complete then although the initial layout is greater the cost per week is much lower. There are two ways to achieve this. One is to buy better kits that require more work and the other is to go the extra mile, for example, weathering With this in mind, as well as my other projects I have on the go these are my plans * Finish up my partworks * Any future partwork releases Ill research and see if there is an alternative. For example, its rumoured that eaglemoss will release a 1/8 scale willy jeep costing £10 a week over 120 issues. However, Dragon Models do alovely looking jeep in 1/6 scale for less than £200. * Obvioulsy Im building my ships * I want to restart my US Navy aircraft project, Ive already started an SH-60B Seahawk. Terrible kit my Italiari but the extra challenge is there to make it work, so Im happy. * I also want to build every aircraft ever stationed at RAF Lakenheath as thats my birthplace and I feel that airbase has a wonderful story to tell. Plus its a great excuse to build a B-29 LOL * I also have a could of 3D Printed projects on the go, one being a full sized R2D2 but thats on hold at the moment. * Ive also discovered basic electronics and would love to combine that with scale models, for example, arduino controlled motors, lights and sound boards. It has potential but Im too much of a beginer at this precise moment. So, feel free to ask questions. I think thats the better way to introduce yourself, that way I tell you what you want to know rather than fill the interspace with irrelevant rubbish LOL Also, better thank the admins for approving my application, it is appreciated. I know Ill be bugging people a lot in my early days but hopefully, one day, Ill be passing on the knowledge not yet learnt to the new members who are not yet born. O, also, Im aware that my profile may be boring. Thats my next job, get some interest going in the profile page.
  11. Hello, new to forum, apologies not got rounf to doing an intro post yet...will do soon. So, Im looking at making some ships. As a kid I used to do Aircraft where I felt I was a good brush painter who made "clean" models, although my white left a lot to be desired. More recently did Miniture wargaming fantasy figures where I really learnt how to do more realistic effects. I then moved into partwork models, routemaster, a few cars and more recently the Hachette Spitfire. Have to be honest, Im really not happy with the spitfire due to its inconsistent colourings and I feel forced to weather it in order to get something out of the £1,200 Ill be spending on completing it. Then I looked at doing the Bismarck. 1/200 scale over a million weeks at £10 an issue. However, I wanted to do something different. I thought what would be a great idea would be to convert the Bismarck into the Tirpitz. Great idea, except that I dont really know enough about either ship for that to be a good project. So, great idea number 2. Lets buy the Bismarck and Tirptz kits from Tamiya, build them both and then that should send me on the path to knowing more about the differences. So I now own both kits. However, another project I have, the Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire Mk1a was purchased month or so ago (Thats a different project) along with some aftermarket parts (Decals, Instrument Panel, Undercarriage and Im sure there are more parts but cant remember them all now.) has taught me that AMP will really vamp up the realism. So, basically Im after some aftermarket parts for the Bismarck and Tirpitz Im seeing a lot fo them and I really dont know if they are all needed as some parts seem to do the same job. So, let me tell you what Ive spotted in my research and then ask you, in bullet format, what parts I should buy and which parts that Ive selected I should leave alone. These are what Ive spotted that I think I should get Tirpitz PE sheet https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ED53004 Tirpitz Wooden Deck https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MD-35011 Bismarck PE Sheet https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ED53002 Bismark Wooden Deck https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MD-35013 Ive also seen this wooden deck but it doesnt come with PE parts so Im guessing its inferior to the link above https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MD-35010 So, the bullet points * Although I have never made a ship kit before, I do plan on builing a Russian Sub and the USS Hopper before I start these kits, so at time of writing Im a beginner, but hope to be pushing Intermediate by the time I start * It doesnt have to be 100% accurate when complete but if someone more experienced than me looked at it and said "Yeah, you have done well there" then Ill be very happy. * Gun Barrels. Ive looked at these and I think Im happy with the standard ones with the kit, although I feel the need to drill out the barrels. They do make brass ones but Im questioning if I really need them. * Sack Things. Im sorry cant remember the name of these off my head but these are the bags that go over the bases of the barrels, I assume to protect the crew from nasty stuff. Ive seen a video on you tube showing how to make these out of cloth and PVA glue. Im confident to give that a go. Lastly, Ive looked on Scalemates which I consider an excellent starting point and found the relevant pages and I have to say that the Related Products section confuses me. The question is do I need all these 3D printed parts and whatnots and I know that if you are a purist and want the best you will say yes, but considering my level and desire do I need them all? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-78013-bismarck--149729 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-78015-tirpitz--115195 In the end I want to build two fantastic ships that if I look back on them in 20 years I can say "Yeah, thats a good build and I enjoyed it". If in 20 years I use the words "disappointed", "but" or "should have" then Ill be dissapointed. I hope that makes sense O, and before you ask, yes I do plan on doing build diaries
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