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  1. Hmm, now there is a name I recognise. How are you buddy?
  2. i cant believe I didnt think of that. This is one of those ideas that so simple its actually almost daft. I was actually going to sand and then rescribe, but now Im going to scribe and sand. Thank you so much for this.
  3. A little bit of progress. My first attempt at photo etch and its very very very small Glued the hull together and I can see that Im going to have to do a lot of work on sanding the seam line. Added very fine sand paper to shopping list. The Sail was slightly too large, which is fine by me. Id rather have it too big and have to sand it rather than too small and have a gap. So, after gentle sanding its now a tight fit. Its not glued yet and I think Ill glue it once I finish the PE work. This is about 2 hours work most of which is coming from the PE and the fact that
  4. Thank you. Yes, I did mean Blast Bags, apologies if I offended anyone, however, at least Im learning. Yes, I am doing some smaller projects. Ive decided that Ill start on a Russian Sub (Thread elsewhere) and when finished Ill do my USS Hopper. Then If I feel confident Ill go for the bismark and then the tirpitz, or possibly both at once. Today I ordered some gun barrels, wooden decks and eudard photo etch and Ill have a look at them. One size gun barrel was out of stock and the wooden decks are on back order from hannants. However, I probably wont start this for a
  5. OK, quick look at the kit and a little play. Literally a little play as Im only just up and I have quite a bit of stuff to do before work (Late shift) So, put the stand together. I used superglue as I thought this might work better with less mess. There is a gap at the posts but Im confident I can take care of this gap with gloss varnish as a filler. Then a dry fit of the hull (Is it called a hull on a sub) I can see that Ill have to glue it at the back then work my way across rather than glue the whole thing in one go. Having a hole at the bac
  6. So, inspired by the friendlyness of the forum I decided to try and start a build diary. Now, dont get excited. Its a ship Im not really that interested in so the passion level wont be at full steam. However, its was a kit that I bought cheaply, it will enable me to pick up where I left off as a kid and will enable me to try out new skills, and polish old skills. The plan is to build it to the highest level possible and see how it goes. It will use old skills, namely Gluing parts together Painting It will use skills that I have but never used
  7. You will get pictures when I make them, I promise
  8. This song has really taken hold of me lately
  9. Watching with interest. Just joined the forums and builidng the Tamiya version of this. Thank you for posting and your pictures are not only brilliant but inspiring too
  10. So, Ill start by saying that I really hate these intro posts. I really hate writing about myself as I think I describe myself in the most boring way. I mean, Im not the most interesting person in the world but when I write about myself it comes out even worse. However, its only polite to do them and as I hold good manners in high regard here I go SO, Im a female, 48 (I think, not sure as Covid seems to have thrown everything out), Im a contract Bus Driver currently in Kent, but that changes regular as I pick up contracts throughout the country from time to time. Si, my
  11. Hello, new to forum, apologies not got rounf to doing an intro post yet...will do soon. So, Im looking at making some ships. As a kid I used to do Aircraft where I felt I was a good brush painter who made "clean" models, although my white left a lot to be desired. More recently did Miniture wargaming fantasy figures where I really learnt how to do more realistic effects. I then moved into partwork models, routemaster, a few cars and more recently the Hachette Spitfire. Have to be honest, Im really not happy with the spitfire due to its inconsistent colourings and I feel forced
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