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Found 18 results

  1. Hello all, Here is a recently completed project involving Tamiya's 1/35 SAS jeep and LRDG Chevrolet 'Command Car'. All completely OOB, save for some extras I added from the spares and scratch built myself. The cap badges are from my personal collection. I'm relatively new when it comes to figures, so they're not my strong point. I enjoyed adding some 'captured' German kit to each vehicle. Build thread is here Thanks for looking. Dave
  2. Hi Folk,s and nearly a happy new year,laying down a marker for some armour related stuff I want to do in the coming month's as a change frommainly wingy thing's I thought I would start with a couple of small subject's that I had not done before so Tamiya's old but still nice Jeep (SAS seems to be well represented on BM not so much the standard Jeep) and the good old universal carrier which I'm delighted to find has the TT marking's of the 50th Northumbrian Division on the sheet,all have figures so a small dio base will be in order.I hope later to cover A Dragon Wagon with a suitable load(I've even seen a period photo with a landing craft on board} and Trumpeter's Char B. Here's the boxes.
  3. Hello all, Here is a side project to my current (and next) aircraft builds - A 1/35 diorama with a SAS jeep and LRDG Chevrolet truck. Two classic Tamiya kits, ones which i've built in the past. These will be OOB with a few additions from the spares: Been wanting to do this for a while as these old Tamiya kits remind me of my youth. I've always been interested in the history of the SAS and LRDG but only recently have I read up in more detail about the units during the Second World War. Looking forward to it! Dave
  4. Hi All, I have this in my stash (well, small pile of kits) and was going to build this before I started my Chinook (now complete). I've decided now would be a good time before I commence any GB's next year. I've seen a few fantastic builds in the RFI's (no pressure!!) but not in WIP (though could be wrong) I'm trying Flickr for the first time (instead of PhotoBucket) and it's a bit of a phaff to post pictures!! Any tips on making things easier?
  5. Hi Guys I had a fews days and felt like doing something simple before my next build, so I settled for the Tamiya SAS Jeep. I am getting to like Tamiya more now as the kits seem to be of quite good quality. It was a nice easy build and gave me an excuse to practice my weathering technique (being a newbie). Below is the finished item which I hope may just compare to the other Jeep builds on here. I will be back in with my next builds in the new year as I have a few kits coming from Santa (Revell Pirate ship, King Tiger with interior and more)
  6. For this model I have to say a very big thank you to Vesa on the forum here for donating the decals to me for this model and also an equally big thank you to Ruben and LN Decals for his advice and assistance. Firstly this is an old Airfix kit so the parts don't fit very well at all but I'm quite pleased with its turnout. Also of note the model comes with 2 ladders from the floats to the fuselage by number 2 engine. I haven't seen this config on any of LN-KAF but have seen a single pole ladder to the wing so these had to be fabricated. As there are 2 different variations for LN-KAF markings I've based it on these two pics mainly (credit to And now my version.
  7. Douglas DC-8-62 1/144 Minicraft (converted), Lima November decals. After the VC-10, the next best looking airliner is the Douglas DC-8, and the best looking of those are the shorter fuselage versions. The Minicraft DC-8 series of kits are amongst the very best airliner kits you can get, they are beautifully moulded, accurate, and have flawless fit. It's a funny thing about the Minicraft range, all the Douglas aircraft are really good, and all the Boeing ones are... well, I don't buy them. This is the 'Hawiian Air' DC-8-63 boxing, with the fuselage cut down to convert it to the shorter -62. Very helpfully the kit has engraved cut lines inside the fuselage to show you where to cut. Other than that, the construction is pretty much straight out of the box. The wings and tailplanes are such a good fit I haven't even bothered to glue them in. They just fit nice and snug on their own. I've used multiple shades of Alclad on the metal areas, and Halfords appliance white on the fuselage top. The Lima November decals come in the Longboat scheme for the versions of the DC-8 that SAS used, the 55, 62, 63, and Freighters. A huge number of fleet names & reg's are provided, along with enough cheat line for the longest, that you may need to cut down for your chosen version. That's what came out of the fuselage fore and aft of the wing; And finally, the 'With something esle' shot. This time the Airfix Caravelle generously given to me when I couldn't find one, by that true gent, Martin Hale, and finished in 26 deacls SAS scheme. Thanks for looking, John [EDIT] 11/08/2014 Wow, thanks for all the kind comments folks, it is very much appreciated. I thought airliners were very much a minority interest Thanks, Gary I can do one of those. The DC-9 & decals are in the stash waiting its turn, and the Viscount is planned, but I have this one; And then it's predecessor, the DC-7C [/EDIT] Thanks again everyone.
  8. This is the only vignette that I've ever done...about 8 years. I've always wanted to present my models as more than just a model but it just doesn't seem to happen. Here, we have the Italeri Commando Car that was built basically OOB with a few little tweaks. The figures are from Dragon's SAS kit. The wall I stumbled across somewhere, it looked right scale wise. I coated it roughly with filler, leaving a couple of sections bare, I think it worked well. I don't think I'll be a figure painter, many a modellers nemesis, might explain why I've avoided the faces. What's your thoughts please, should I continue with the idea of vignettes?
  9. Here are a couple of recent Tamiya SAS Jeep builds, have added photo etch and custom detailing. Feedback welcome. Sly
  10. Hello! I'm hoping this is the correct place for this post because there isn't a section that I thought worked better but never mind. I am building Airfix's C-47 as a present for my great uncle who jumped out of them during his time serving in the SAS in Malaya and Borneo but I need some help! I have no idea as to what paint scheme the dakotas were in when operated by the SAS during the conflicts in Malaya and Borneo, would anybody on here happen to know? I've done lots of searching in books and on the internet but to no avail. Thank you very much, Ben.
  11. Here's a recent discovery in the attic that brought a smile to my face. I reckon these must have been done around 1984/1985/1986 when I was in my early teens Pretty rubbish really, but brought back some great memories Happy days Justin H Oops I've posted in WIP not RFI, mods please move if necc. Not used to armour forums I suppose!
  12. Hi all I am a newbie to the site and new in the hobby - I started last summer, well the last thing I built was a Tamiya M3 halftrack in the seventies! so I consider myself a novice. I am blown away by some of the work I have seen you guys publish on here and it is really inspiring. I thought I would get your feedback, tips, hints etc on my latest tinker....see what you think
  13. I'm sorry this page is only in finish, but you can see video clip and picture. One SAS 737 was painted in Disney Planes movie colors.
  14. Pink Panther Update Set (for Tamiya) 1:35 Legend Productions Tamiya's SAS Pink Panther Land Rover kit has recently been re-released, which should please a lot of folks, and Legend have also re-released their excellent resin update set that improves both the basic kit, and adds the stowage that was typical of these highly personalised and heavily loaded vehicles, which sometimes had to stay out in the desert for extended periods. The set arrives in a small cardboard box, with a picture of the stet installed on the top side. Inside is a large bag of resin, which also contains another bag, to reduce breakages during transport/handling. Additionally, a separate bag containing a Photo-Etched (PE) fret of brass, a length of brass rod, some flexible brass wire, a short length of chain, and a length of braided string/rope. Pouring the contents of the resin bags onto the desk gives a good sense of the sheer quantity of parts included, and you'll be spending plenty of time removing all the casting blocks, which are generally on the mating surfaces, which simplifies the task somewhat. Remember to protect your lungs from the fine dust by wearing a mask, and if using something less than a respirator, do it outside, weather permitting. The instruction sheet is quite small compared to the part count, but it is printed on full-colour glossy paper using photographs to show where everything goes, which should make progress pretty easy. The front end of the Tamiya kit is showing its age, and as such the Legend PE is put to good use here. The radiator grille it removed from the fender part, and is replaced by a more realistic PE part, to which a pair of resin headlights, a Land Rover badge and army style number plate reading 10 FG 67 are added. The front smoke dischargers are mounted on the bumper, and these are replaced by PE mounts and resin tubes with grenades in situ. A new shackle for the front spare wheel is also added, and a short length of the supplied wire is inserted through the shaft to hold everything together. In the cab, two posable searchlights, extinguisher, map holder, compass and a pair of new resin crew seats are added, together with radio gear and stowage between the seats. In the rear, another pair of searchlights are installed on resin mounts, compass, stowage, water/fuel cans, the crew's webbing belts, bedrolls and PE racks in which to keep the cylindrical containers supplied with the set. Smoke dischargers are mounted on the rear of the vehicle, and the tail gate is posed open and festooned with stowage, being held horizontal by the retaining chain that is supplied in the set. The two weapons mounts supplied in the kit are given detailed resin GPMG machine guns atop new resin mounts, with resin ammunition cans attached to the mounts. The rear feed is enclosed in a feed-chute, while the front is exposed, and a trio of lengths of link are included to place between the breech and box. Any spare could be heat deformed to drape over the vehicle, or used to decorate the tops of open boxes if you have access to some PE ammo boxes of the correct type. On the bonnet/hood, the tripod for the range-finder is given realistic PE tie-downs, a mounting plate for another spare wheel (unused), a large tarpaulin, and two dust-proof holsters for weapons stowage, with more equipment lashed to the upper surface. Additional jerry cans are carried outboard of the driver and passenger "doors", which are replaced by resin items in their brackets. Conclusion What a comprehensive set! The sheer volume of parts will give you all the detail you need for the chassis, with perhaps only a set of replacement wheels needed to give the ultimate detail. Resin casting is first rate, the casting blocks are sensibly placed, and there are no bubbles evident on my review samples. A must have for anyone serious about creating a super-detailed model of this iconic Landy. Very highly recommended. Available soon in the UK Review sample courtesy of
  15. Good evening everybody! Just started my second 737, and decided that this one should be a baby one. I bought decals of, of a month or so ago, and decided to do the -600, or SE-DNX Here is my progress so far Robin
  16. Hello everyone Well, first of all i would like to claim myself a beginner. This is my second kit after a pause of 12 or so years (i remember almost nothing from those times except some details have to be painted before glueing). I mean i'm still learning. This is actually the first time i used putty, extensive sanding and a bit of weathering. Here i should stop whining. Basically it is built out of the box except for that it's a conversion of the A340 bloody 'Wiener Philarmoniker' (for some reason noone chooses to build SAS scheme). The Trents are from the Braz models. This was also the first time i worked with resin hence one of my major mistakes - the engine inlets of the trents are quite decently tilted, while mine are upright. The choice of the gear up attitude was obvious as i have to hang the models to the ceiling. I was too scared to try making flaps down, besides main gear bogies are again decently tilted in flight. Oh, and another major mistake is a tricky fuselage color, too yellowish to me. Everything was spray-painted. The decal were from Revell plus a little help from the Draw decals. The weathering was done according to the images which show the A330 SAS fleet surprisingly dirty. Here we go The next oncoming is a baby bus a Revell's A319 with Bearbus Germanwings scheme (i'm considering not to post work in progress as there are dozens already here) Thanks, Steve
  17. Mjeloooo everybody! I am about to order some resin goodies for my Revell 737-800. I got my self two of them, and one of the is gonna be converted into a -600 in SAS colours. But I do have a question. The engines on the -600... Are they same shape as the -700,-800 and -900 series? Thanks Robin
  18. Hello Everyone Right another question session!!!! I must be driving people mad... lol.... So moving quickly on from the 707 i have deided i want to do a series of MD-80s. Id like to do the following. Alitalia MD-82 Airtours MD-83 Air Liberte MD-83 SAS MD-87 As with many other Aircraft Sub types i have no idea at all how to tell them apart or what kits there are of them. So i want to do all of these in 1/144. I know that Mincraft has released an MD-80, thats all it says on the box. So how do i tell what version of MD-80 is in the box. Also waht modifications on the MD-80 kit will i need to do? So i am pretty much asking what vrsion and how do i do it? Thanks Bradley.