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  1. Usually before I actually buy a kit I search the net for the building instructions and study them hard to see if it would be possible to fit Led's and if there is a route for the wiring. I then look for an area where I can put all of the resistors, etc, so they do not show when the build is complete. Within that area everything must fit so that all I have is the least wires needed routed to the switch panel. That way the switch box only has to be small. If it is possible to add lights I buy the kit and then spend time rehearsing what I plan to do, before I buy any Led's that are not in my stock. Only after all that I start building. It seems to work for me and my mistakes are decreasing. With regards to the Aztek paneling, I suppose you could get a picture of the effect and edit it a graphics program to make it the correct size and then get one of these companies that produce custom transfers/decals to print it out. It may cost money but would cut down on the hours spent trying to create it. Some decal soft would help to force it into any grooves, etc. I had a quick look on the net and found the links below. Mainly American but there must be a UK company that does them? Maybe someone on the forums would know? http://www.allscaletrek.com/viewtopic.php?t=516 http://www.culttvmanshop.com/Refit-11000-Blue-A-Aztec-decals-from-Acreation-Models-_p_1362.html http://hdamodelworx.com/AZTEC-DECAL-SET-FOR-THE-USS-ENTERPRISE-NCC-1701-D-11400-Scale-Model-Kit_p_471.html
  2. The Aztec panels do look amazing I must admit. Some have gone to amazing lengths doing them but I don't think I would have the patience. I always go for the 'lights' route. The more you use lighting the better your skills get and you remember the pitfalls from previous builds. The amount of times I have finished a build only to think of better ways that I could have done the lighting. Alas, I don't believe in building a kit more than once (unless there has been a 20 year gap, ha! ha!). At the end of the day I always think 'Will I be able to do the kit justice?' If I can, I go for lighting. Good luck though. Look forward to seeing the build on here.
  3. Thanks. I did think about it but after seeing some of the amazing jobs that people have done on the modern kits I just didn't think that I would be able to do it justice. If I had learned all about electronics then I may have tried. I have the idea's but, sadly, lack the knowledge. On the plus side, there is so much information on the Internet nowadays to view all of the minute details. I grew up with the original Star Trek and Dr Who and loved these as they were so basic. People had to use their skills to build the sets and props rather than rely on computers. With today's movies you never know what is skill and what is computer generated. I think it makes it more unrealistic as you know a man cannot leap from building to building wearing just a cape...........Am I showing my age or what?
  4. Thanks, Vinnie. I'm a bit skeptical about that engine though..........the more I look..............
  5. Thanks Steve. Glad that you liked the deflector dish area. It seemed to be a very dull part of the kit and I kept looking at how I could jazz it up a little without it appearing as though I was trying to bring the kit up-to-date. The appeal, to me, is how basic the ship was on TV and so I came up with the idea of cutting out some of that area so that I could add a light in there. I was very surprised, but happy, at the effect it created (without looking out of place). Blue seemed to be a good choice of colour rather than red or yellow. I happened to look at your amazing build with the lights and was well impressed. Alas, my electronic skills are nowhere near your abilities. I especially liked the lighting effect that you achieved with your build.
  6. Thanks. Appreciate your comment. I based the size of the Led's around the actual size of the 'fake' one's supplied with the kit. I did look at the pictures of the model that they used for the TV series and they showed the lights as being quite large and as I was trying to replicate that rather than modernising it, I decided to stick with the 3mm Led's.
  7. ukmodeller

    Revell 1/83 Mayflower

    Thanks. Always appreciate nice comments. The figures came with the kit but I did look online to find some for my other builds but the prices were silly and there wasn't much choice.
  8. Oh! Do I feel your pain......... The amount of times I have checked the lighting every time I did something only to find one of the Led's shorting or not working at all and when I've checked there is absolutely no reason for the problem. Now I just know something is going to fail on my build and when it does, I don't get so annoyed. With my HLF fire truck I actually had to hide the kit away for 2 weeks when I had a fault, after I had built it, otherwise it would have ended in tiny little pieces in the garden. Looking forward to seeing your finished kit shown on the forums. Anyway, keep the faith - There is pleasure found in making kits.................so I'm told
  9. Wow! That engine sure looks big on this kit. I only used an old 1:24 scale engine from a Routemaster kit. May have to re-think that...........
  10. ukmodeller

    Revell 1/83 Mayflower

    Thanks Martian. I hadn't built one of these for donkey's years but it was fun.
  11. Hi Phil Good to hear from you again. Actually it was a very nice kit to put together and everything fitted as it should. As I said, the only thing was lack of chrome parts but you may be able to work around that. The glazing for the windscreen and side windows are in one piece. I did think about cutting the doors out which would mean some careful cutting of the glazing. Overall, I enjoyed making it.
  12. Quite agree John. Hopefully next time I will think of it before fixing the suspension.........
  13. Well, John, I took your advice and lowered the rear suspension. As soon as I posted the first pictures I could see that it didn't look correct and it was niggling me a lot. Below are the new pictures. I didn't go too low as it may have looked 'over-loaded'. Cheers for the advice.
  14. Hi John That was my dream. I wanted to drive coaches around Europe and then get my Class 1 and do the same. Got myself a wife and that dream didn't seem so attractive.......ha! ha! Now WE travel around Europe by coach and it seems so much better having someone else do the hard work. I used to love driving but hate it now. Too many idiots on the road who cannot have passed their test I'm sure. Luckily I now work at home. I couldn't put up with the problems the truckers have nowadays with the strikes in France and the problems getting safely through Calais, etc. Found this on the Internet. The cab and trailer kit (with a Daf cab) I used is going for £68 on Amazon at present which is a good price. May be worth looking at for your future project? https://www.catawiki.com/catalog/model-cars-miniature-cars/makes-manufacturers/lion-toys/2063263-volvo-frans-maas Kevin
  15. Thanks John. Appreciate good comments as always and I'm really glad to get you thinking about branching out. My electrical knowledge is very small but after sitting down with some cheap Led's, a battery and resistors I soon picked a few things up. I think the reason I enjoy the transport kits so much is that I never had the chance to fulfill my dreams and drive them in real life. So I build replica's instead. But I do envy those who have experienced it for real. Funny, but your comment about driving the Daf and Royal Mail got me thinking..........The Daf and trailer would look amazing in RM colours and livery. I dare say there would be copyright problems but I'd have to look into that............ Cheers