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  1. It is surprising the amount of detail you can remember from growing up around this stuff. My best build is my London Routemaster Bus that I added lighting to. I was able to draw on the memories of my travelling in them daily to school each day and this helped to create the ideal atmosphere of the 1960's and was able to add so much more than you could find in pictures on the Internet. Some kits only provide the basics but I find half of the fun is adding the parts that they don't include to create a more realistic kit. That is one good thing about growing up..........experience. I really enjoy building the 18 wheeler's but lack the knowledge of detail and so have to rely on the Internet or other peoples builds. I sure learned a lot from your build and appreciate it when people post pictures of their WIP.
  2. Thanks. Appreciate your comment very much as I've seen your work. I really enjoy adding lights to my builds to create atmosphere but the electrics are kept very simple.
  3. Thanks Beefy. For some sad reason I find the rigging the most enjoyable part. I really enjoy the galleon builds as it has a whole mess of rigging to get tangled up in.
  4. Truly amazing workmanship with this build. The level of detail is incredible (especially the trailer) and has provided so many ideas to use on my projects. You can feel the passion from someone who seems to love these rigs.
  5. G'day there Arnold. Thanks for you kind comment. When I made the boiler unit it just seemed a pity not to do something different otherwise it would have looked boring. I saw that no-one else had created this effect on their builds of this ship and it seemed a simple thing to do so I just went for it. Glad I made the video before I fixed it to the boat though.
  6. Thank you. Appreciate your comment about the smoke. Funny you should say that, I have never done smoke before and after searching the Internet for inspiration I found that most people warned against add smoke effects as they were so hard to do. Despite this I decided to have a go anyway and ended up with the effect shown in the pictures. So far, it has had a fairly positive feedback.
  7. Thanks. Even without the electrics it is still a good kit to build. There were so many variations of paint schemes to use from what I saw on the Internet so you cannot really go wrong with any paint scheme.
  8. Hi Everyone I was given this kit by a very good friend in the US. I have not made a Lindberg model before but I had no major problems with it. The plastic was of fair quality and flashing was very minimal and the instructions were quite easy to follow. With some searching on the Internet you can find a few idea's to add more realism (ie: Add the overhanging deck supports that were not in the kit, adding railings to the steps and boarding walkway, as well as extra rigging). I have always admired these boats from an early age and so I decided to add lighting to this build (like most of my builds) and after some thought and planning it seemed to be possible. There is a large space between the centre and aft to accumulate all of the wiring which allowed for only a couple of wires coming out of the hull. The model has a nice boiler unit that just seemed a little boring so I opened up a couple of the doors on the boiler and added a flickering orange LED to create the effect of a roaring fire. I have posed a video showing this in action before adding it to the actual model. I used warm white LED's to create an oldie type of lighting effect to the whole ship with not too much bright lighting. I hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the build and if you want to see the pictures of the build itself then you will find them in the WIP section. The raging fire of the boiler
  9. Welcome back everyone. I am now getting near to the end with this build and I'd like to say that I quite enjoyed this build. With a lot of thought and planning I feel I have achieved what I set out to do. The flags are now in place. I have lot of problems as the decal flags just fell apart so I had to create some from scraps. The finished item. I have added some smoke and steam effects to the stacks. Thank you all for following this build and I hope that you enjoyed it. I also hope that it has given others the inspiration to get this kit and create an unusual and stunning model to display. I will be posting more finished pictures in the RFI section.
  10. Hi I must say that this is an amazing kit to build as there is so much that you could add to it. I was lucky to have a friend from the US who sent me the kit but, as you said, it is a hard kit to get hold of but if you do mange to get one you will be pleased with it. I added lights to it but there is plenty of room to install a smoke generator and even a motor to drive the paddles. I agree about the paddles being hidden but you could cut away the side panel of one of them and cover it with a clear plastic cover? If you really wanted to go to town, you could actually furnish all of the rooms if the resources are available. As for the bath tub, I did wonder myself if it would actually float but I don't know if I am brave enough to try it................yet! Ha! Ha!
  11. Thank you Murdo. The main thing that I liked about this build was that all of the lights would be on at the same time (unlike vehicles, where you have to run so many separate leads) so my plan is to only have 2 wires to connect to the power source. I split the boat into sections. All of the rear LED's were connected to one block, the front to another and then the third section was the top. These blocks were then joined together by one wire and one (yes one) resistor which gave me the right ambience for the atmosphere that I wanted to create of an old ship from the past. Usually I power my kits with 4 AA batteries in a holder but I have just bought some coin batteries and holders as they don't take up much space. I will post pictures when I get to that part.
  12. Thanks Martian Hale. I'm glad to have you following this project and appreciate all comments.
  13. Hi again. Finally had some time to get this monster going again. Top deck cabin LED's now fixed and linked. This shows how I have placed reflective silver foil around the walls to help to dispel the lighting. Top deck roof placed as well as the steering cabin. This is how I added the navigation lights to the stacks. I couldn't think of another way to do them but they seem to look ok. Deck 'furniture' in place ready for the rigging. Stacks in place and centre stack supports in place. Testing the stack lighting. Front walkway masts now in place. The rigging is looming.......... First part of the decking rigging complete. This is the part that I really enjoy. Front gang planks rigging finished now as well as the front mast.
  14. The rear section is now ready for sealing and the right amount of LED's have been fitted (I hope) The upper deck walls are now fitted and the internal lights seem to work ok. The upper deck is yet to be fixed. Now for some testing in the dark to see if I am creating the right atmosphere without it becoming a giant beacon. The internal and external lights for the upper deck front section have been added. A few wires can be seen, lol. Also, the main stair case has been fitted into place. Some final test shots in the dark before biting the bullet and fixing the top section down. Everything secured now and a little weight added to make sure it all fits properly. There is a curve in the decks so you have to make sure everything touches and there is no leaking light. No going back now if something doesn't work. All went well and everything is secure. The top deck cabins have been fixed and the LED's are in place awaiting soldering.
  15. Thanks for the large picture. It will be a great reference tool. Like you, I was gifted this kit. A friend who lives in the USA sent it to me as they are so hard to obtain in the UK. The problem with trying to recreate a boat like this is that most decent reference material is in black and white. There are only a few coloured pictures of the real thing and these are usually paintings that people have done. Having said that, I think it allows you some give and take regarding accuracy and most people have put their own twist on their builds. So I think you can get away with things not being totally accurate.
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