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  1. Thanks, DF. Really appreciate your kind comments and I'm pleased about how the hoses turned out. I saw that a lot of people used trainer laces but they just don't look right.
  2. Thank you for your kind comment and glad that you liked my build. For the hoses I used just ordinary gift ribbon that. For this build I put double sided tape onto one side of the ribbon and then cut the ribbon into 18mm strips. Taking one of those strips I then removed the backing paper and turned one edge over by 6mm and pressed it down. Then I pulled over the other edge and pressed that down, creating a 6mm wide hose (which is about right for 1:35 scale). They were easy to bend and looked realistic on the model. I did cheat a little as I scratch built some fill-in boxes and just stuck some of the hose on the top and for the ends that show I just used one length and folded it at about 2cm intervals to create the right height to meet the hoses on the top storage area. It was a bit of a squeeze fitting them all into the compartments but after some pushing and shoving I got them in. Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you for your kind comment. Photography is not my strongest skill but I think I am improving little by little, I think. Thank you Roberto.
  4. Aw, sorry to hear that Dennis as I can only imagine the comfort that you got from having such a loyal 'friend'. Best wishes
  5. Thanks Dennis. I see in your pic that you have an assistant on your bench? Is that to find those small parts that get lost to the carpet monster?
  6. Thanks aerotechi It would have been good to see these in dogfights over our glorious South Downs way back when.
  7. Hi again fellow modelers This is my Spitfire that I have just completed and has been made out of the box without any corrections or additions or weathering, etc. The last time I actually made a model Spitfire was over 45 years ago and I just had the urge to see how things have changed over the years as in those days we tended to be limited to Airfix or Matchbox kits. This is the Revell version and I must say that I found no flashing on this build at all and had no problems during assembly. Apparently there are some inaccuracies compared to the real one but I decide to just go with the flow. Overall I found the quality and detail top notch with all of those thousands of rivets shown in all their glory. The decals went on perfectly though the underwing roundels took some softening and pressing around the various raised parts of the aircraft. Thanks for looking folks and if you want more pictures they can be found HERE
  8. I totally agree. When Revell brought out the Routemaster Bus and the London Taxi I thought it would be the start of great things to come. Alas, it seems that wasn't to be.
  9. Hi Thanks for your kind comment. I get annoyed that most fire fighting kits are either German, French or Japanese and just wish they'd look at some of the UK stuff as the designs are amazing and there are so many modern fire and equipment trucks from the US that they could reproduce as I know there is a great demand for them. My friend donated his to his local fire station in the US and they loved it. Another station saw my pictures and wanted mine for their station. As you said, there must be a market for those trucks often seen on TV shows. Regards Kevin
  10. Hi I didn't manage to find much in the way of decals for this kit either and that's why I went for the original ones. Unless you have the knowledge or equipment to make your own or pay someone online for them, it may be hard to find anything. I know that when I often research my builds of American things you don't always get every piece of info due to censorship restrictions so that's when I use VPN software to bypass those restrictions. As for the hoses, I found this article and used the idea to create my ones. It can be found by clicking HERE Good luck with the build and look forward to seeing what you do with yours. Regards Kevin
  11. Thanks, Maginot, I'm glad you like the hoses as they were one of the things that I wasn't looking forward to doing.
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