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  1. Whilst I was painting my dakota today, a thought went through my mind and that was: How were real planes during WWII painted? I imagine modern planes are sprayed but how did they paint WWII planes (and even WWI planes for that matter) and get perfect edges and smooth finishes? Or is this all an illusion? Were they actually covered in brush marks and the patterns were poorly done? Or did they have airbrushes or rattle cans back in the 40's? The answer is probably on the internet somewhere but when I searched, all that came up was a load of model forums where people were asking how to paint camo on their scale models. Thanks, Ben EDIT: Whilst browsing the forums for other things, I found a whole post regarding this; sorry for the inconvenience!
  2. I believe he was in it from the start but I'm not sure. I am building it as a gift for him so I don't want to ask as it is a surprise but he know his aircraft and has a scrap book type thing with pictures of all the aircraft that he's flown in; the Dakota, Valetta and Hastings were just some of the planes inside! As I said above, my Uncle definitely flew in Dakotas, he has a picture of himself ready to jump out of the side door of one! Thanks for the information, you learn something new everyday!
  3. Yes, he was. He is also regarded as a bit of a legend, here is his most famous story http://www.ww2incolor.com/forum/showthread.php/4969-Jungle-Adventures What really hit me about that post is the opening line "...legend among other legends." It's quite heart warming that after all these stories, he's my great uncle! Thank you tonyot for all your help, I hope he likes it!
  4. Thank you very much, both of you! Tonyot, is this the paint scheme you mean: If so, I have a couple of questions that I hope you don't mind me asking: Is the patch in front of the glass to stop the glare (or at least, I believe that's what it did) in the same colour as the cheat line or black like the paint schemes that come with the airfix kit? And when it comes to decals, do I just need some standard RAF roundels and the little flag-like one on the tail or are there some more key ones that I need? And thank you for the links, Sanguin! My great uncle has talked about the Valettas before and said that he used to jump of them too!
  5. Looking very nice! I managed to pick up one of the Revell re-box ones the other day for £5 at a model show, too bad it's an old tooling though but it was worth a buy and seeing yours makes me want to start it! I've noticed yours has a clear nose, was that for reconnaissance? Ben
  6. Thank you very much, I'd seen the RAF Transport command dakotas but I was unsure if that was what they used. If I were to replicate the paint scheme, would I be correct in using Humbrol 56 Aluminium for the bottom, Humbrol 34 white for the top and Humbrol 25 blue for the stripe or are there any better colours to use? Ben
  7. Hello! I'm hoping this is the correct place for this post because there isn't a section that I thought worked better but never mind. I am building Airfix's C-47 as a present for my great uncle who jumped out of them during his time serving in the SAS in Malaya and Borneo but I need some help! I have no idea as to what paint scheme the dakotas were in when operated by the SAS during the conflicts in Malaya and Borneo, would anybody on here happen to know? I've done lots of searching in books and on the internet but to no avail. Thank you very much, Ben.
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