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  1. Hi all looking for some advice on buying some of the Ammo by Mig books and Mags. there looks like a lot of cross over. There are the encyclopaedias, solutions books and the weathering magazines. I'm thinking a lot of the info is duplicated in the various releases. can anyone guide me on what's best to get? I am a relative beginner primarily looking at shading, weathering techniques etc. I build mainly WW2 armoured and other military vehicles. Thanks!
  2. Really enjoyed looking at this one. Feels like a great narrative. You can imagine the chat going on. Brilliant
  3. Looks great. Doing the Airfix M3 Grant myself at the moment! Especially like the camo and the skirting. Great job
  4. Hello everyone I am planning the 2-tone camouflage of my M3 Grant tank (desert colours) and have bought some Mig Ammo Camouflage putty. I don't own an airbrush (yet!) but wondered if anyone has used this technique with normal brushes and could tell me if it works OK or if there are any pitfalls. Thanks for any help!!
  5. Thanks so much for your thoughts and tips!! I will definitely work harder at sorting the parting lines!
  6. Thanks for the advice. TBH I was excited to take some pics after I just finished it! In the long term I hope to make some desert scenery and have some other accessories to add.
  7. Thanks for this! Looking forward to the Grant kit. Looks like a but more involved than the SAS jeep.
  8. So, I'm fairly new to modelling and this is my third official build. First was a steam train as my 2 yr old son loves them. The second was a jeep 1:72 but I felt it was too small scale, so this was my first serious attempt so I thought I'd give weathering a go. It's the Tamiya British SAS Jeep 1/35. Happy for some thoughts or constructive criticism Just bought the Airfix M3 Grant tank as my next project. Looks complicated!!
  9. So much going on there! Bags, wood, jerry cans... Looks very good indeed, really enjoy looking at the details!
  10. Looks amazing, I can't believe it's your first effort at weathering! I'm just about to start my first weathering model (and only 3rd model since I used to make them as a kid) and I hope it's half as good as yours!
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