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  1. Great work and a brilliant subject (ok as an ex army dog handler I'm a bit biased). It's inspired me to dig out a half finished landrover I've got lying around somewhere. nice job!
  2. Hi mate Otterburn brings back memories, mostly of trying to survive endless waves of midges! I was with 27fd at Topcliffe so Otterburn was our closest location for live firing, we were up there two or three times a year. If I remember right one of the gun positions was just up on a slope where we fired straight over the main road which runs past the camp. Happy days but a long time ago!
  3. Talking of all things gun and in particular the FH-70 I managed to track down a 1/35 resin kit of the dreadful thing!
  4. Rob that's really kind thank you and will do Rich
  5. Thanks Rob, kind of good and bad news on that front. Good in that the kit arrived all the way from China, not so good in that somewhat bizarrely it arrived with instructions for the 1/35 Bronco Tetrarch??? Should be an interesting build!!
  6. A brilliant result and an interesting subject. I've been watching your build and enjoyed it so much that I've ordered one myself thanks!
  7. Same for the FH-70 the APU powered everything which was great when it worked but if not the hydraulics had to be hand cranked, not fun lol
  8. Hi Wagtail,

    what Regt where you in ? I myself was in 27 Fld Regt, we had FH70 from 1985-89 and based in Alanbrooke Barracks , Topcliffe.

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    2. Niallmhor4942


      Ps ,

      I was with 49 Bty in Lippstadt before moving to HQ Battery, I drove a Stalwart .

    3. Wagtail


      Hi, Scoobie the name sounds familiar


      Sorry I've been away with work so not on line since Wednesday. Did you work with Hutch (Martin Hutchby)  he did some photography with 27? I was only with 27regt from 86 to 89 after which I went to Ireland before finishing off as an instructor with NITAT down at Lydd. We had a few ex-27 come through on the package with other units when I was at Lydd and a load of ex 23bty who came down as civ-pop. Happy days.

    4. Niallmhor4942


      Hi Wagtail,

      I took over from Hutch ,when I returned from BATUS , besides doing the Photographer job I was the 27 Regt AFV recognition instructor as well as a DMI ,many strings to my bow. 

      I left 27 in Dortmund to spend my last 4 years in the Hebrides at RARH . I sometimes bump into Hutch now and again ( not if I can help it lol)

      Now a days I look after two " Old Ladies "  after  their military service they need alot of TLC ( Abbot SPG & Stalwart HMLC Mk1) so I can't get away from them even when I've left the military. 

      Best wishes Scoobie


  9. In the same sort of vein I was a gunner on the FH-70, a 155mm towed gun usually pulled by a Foden 6x6 gun tractor, but which also had the ability to scoot under it's own power. It was fitted with an 1800cc Volkswagen petrol engine which was used to manoeuvre in and out of positions and also when bugging out. It was driven from the black seat in front of the main wheel in the picture and steered using a short direction / steering lever and was a bugger to control. It had three forward gears and one revers and could do 15 - 20 mph under it's own steam (that was enough believe me). The whole gun
  10. That really is fantastic work, really hard to believe it's in 1/72nd, (I'd be happy with that in 1,35th!). Great subject too although as an ex-gunner I'm always up for a bit or artillery!
  11. A lovely job very realistic. Just a note but boy the Germans obviously like to make sure that everything is written down for the ground crews, it looks like they have War & Peace written down the fuselage
  12. That is very nicely done, love the subtle ageing very realistic
  13. Wow, that is absolutely stunning and what a colour scheme. really great work!
  14. Excellent work especially in 1/72 so much detail, a really atmospheric diorama too amazing!
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