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Found 353 results

  1. Hi this is my first build on Brit modeller, the 1:72 Jagdpanzer E-25 by Pegasus Hobbies. For those interested you can find a review and sprue shots here. I originally bought this set of models about 15 years ago and only got as far as a dry fit of the parts (which basically click together anyway), that's also when I stopped making models too. Now 15 years later I decided to get back into modelling and pick up where I left off. These two little tanks will probably be grateful of the long wait tho, because the teenage me would have been happy with just slopping a single colour of enamel paint over them and calling it a day. Over the past 15 years I've read about lots of different painting techniques and weathering effects and I'm eager to try them out for the first time. As such one E-25 is going to be dirtied with mud and the other is going to get a snow treatment with a white wash. I'm thinking of mounting them on a base and making my first diorama as well but I'll see how things progress. Apologies for the crappy phone camera, I'll dig out my proper camera tomorrow which should hopefully help a lot. After many years of sitting on a shelf the bare plastic had accumulated it's own natural weathering effects After a good scrub they where good as new tho. Vallejo Dark Yellow was airbrushed as the base coat/primary colour. I decided to try two different techniques, one with a blu-tack mask to make a tortoise style camo pattern and the other was done freehand in the typical late war three colour camo. I hand panted the base colour of the tracks, tools and exhausts, as well as adding matching camo to the wheels of each vehicles. I'm not that happy with how the three colour camo came out, I need more practice making finnier edges so that one is going to get the winter treatment. I hand painted some light and dark stripes to the flat and bare tracks in an effort to add some detail to them. The model also received it's first dark wash of thinned Tamiya flat back mixed with ground up shaving from a charcoal stick. I also made some "mud" by mixing several shades of brown along with fine ash from our fireplace mixed in to give it a lumpy muddy texture. Since the above pic I've done a lot more weathering and added a few extra scratch built parts. I'll post more tomorrow and hopefully with a proper camera
  2. Having been lucky enough to see the Vampire flying at Wellesbourne last year, I was keen to have a go at recreating the little rocket myself (my son too, as it's one of his favourite planes). I've have begun painting the cockpit of the Airfix Dehavilland vampire T.11, adding some minor details to the sides and weathering to the floor and seats, ejector seat handles painted (using fuse wire), awaiting attachment once the seats are secure. Finished painting the pilot and trainer last night (using the closest colour paints I have in my collection), after beheading the trainer and re-fixing his head so he looks like he is observing his trainee. Updates to follow as I progress.
  3. Perhaps two is not enough to make a clutch, but it's what I've got. I've stalled out on my Jaguar build for now, and feel the small-scale bug biting again, so I conjured up some phantoms (all one needs is goat's blood, backwards chanting, and some baking soda). I have a Hasegawa F-4C and a Fujimi FGR.2 I've also got two sets of Truedetails rocket chairs, and have placed an order for two sets of Airwaves Phantom canopy details. The plan is to build the FGR.2 as a 92 squadron's XV414 based at Wildenrath, Germany in 1979. For this I'll be using decals in the box, along with some spare 4s from a second Fujimi sheet I found laying around. Photo credit: King Cobra 92 The F-4C will be built as a mid-1970s F-4D from Lakenheath, UK. These aircraft were in S.E.A. scheme, but a few got a bad batch of tan, which turned to a light pea green, as seen in the photo below. I have ordered the Xtradecal sheet from Hannants to make this possible. Photo Credit: Fred M ( I have some writing to finish first, but wife is out with friends tonight, so I hope to get started later!
  4. It's always an exciting time, having finished a build and choosing from the stash which kit to attempt next. I've decided to go for a (slightly) more modern aircraft, and am beginning the Tamiya 1:72 McDonnell Douglas Harrier II. This is my first Tamiya build, so I didn't know what to expect when unboxing the kit. i was surprised to discover the instructions only in Japanese, but as there is mostly only the numbers of parts and detailed pictures, I should be fine🙏. there are a minimal amount of decals, and not much detailing to the inside of the fuselage, but that means it's open to my own interpretation. So here goes!
  5. Airfix BE2c arrived today so managed to make a start. I haven't done anything this small for ages!
  6. Hello Finally I had some time to continue the work on my Ost-Front scene. I've finished the models some time ago: Ju 87G-2 Stuka 'Kanonen Vogel' and Heinkel He 111 H-6. Both in 1:72 scale. Now it's the time to build the diorama for them. The plan is something like that: So, here is what I've done so far: Ju 87G-2 Stuka 'Kanonen Vogel' from Academy Heinkel He 111 H-6 from Revell Perspex box base with both of them arranged: Some SC250 bombs from Czech Masters (6) and one left from Messerschmitt Bf-109 kit: Some SC1000 bombs. Four again from Czech Masters and two from the Heinkel kit. They are a little bit bigger. Not sure which are in correct scale but I've decided to use all of them. The sledges to transport the bombs I've made from matches. Cut, glued, filed, airbrushed, drybrushed and finally weathered with washes. Here is how they look with the bombs: And finally Kettenkrad to tow the sledges and Kubelwagen for pilots (who are not ready yet). Both from Academy kit. The diorama will have some boxes, barrels etc. plus of course ground crew servicing the planes and the pilots resting and waiting for the mission. Thanks for watching.
  7. I hope it's not too late to start with this little beauty. Special Hobby's boxing of the NF21. This is not a simple kit, the basic airframe is but it has to be cut up as it's the basic fighter airframe, there is a shed load of resin a little bit of etch, and the props need constructed. Here is the sprue shot The resin, having undergone an ultrasonic clean. Not a great picture but shows the cutting that needs done and the rather nice transfers. Transfers for three Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky, whcich IMHO is a rather fetching scheme for this beautiful aircraft. I think I'll do one of the HMS Eagle options as it was one of the carriers my dad served upon. First up the chopping up of the fusealge. Out with the saw, knife and sandpaper. Pictures to follow.
  8. Just finished my Airfix De Havilland Vampire T.11. All in all its been a surprising little kit, parts were a struggle to fit together and brush painting the silver is always a challenge. That said I am really pleased with the results. It's an out of the box build, with a couple of minor tweaks. I changed the position of the trainers head, added ejector seat handles using fuse wire, and added some detail to the cockpit. I chose the preservation society paint job as I've seen that aircraft in the flesh, and having visited the Vampire at Wellesbourne airport yesterday, opted for some light weathering. with a final coat of Quick Shine, the pocket rocket is ready for inspection.
  9. I got this a couple of weeks ago and although I've lots of things on the stocks, a few KUTAs, a Wessex, a Fulmar to photograph and my 'Find the Bismark' Maryland. I couldn't resist starting it. I've also got another but a double start is probably too much. There are a lot of well moulded parts, no resin or etch, and markings for two Operation Tungsten birds, one form 829 squadron and one from 830. More later on but I do like the box top illustration with Furious and Victorious in the background. Mind you torpedoes weren't used against the Tripitz.
  10. Good evening all, Just to finish up on my latest RFIs I have a pair of 1:72 Italeri Wessex finished in Royal Navy colours, the only colours a Wessex should wear . These were originally built for the Wessex ST GB last year, although they were finished on time I tried to upload a couple of minutes after the cut off, not realising the efficiency of the GB moderator . It's taken me this long to get them up! First up is the Wessex Mk3, I've modelled her as an early version before the advent of the parrots beak. I always prefer a wessie looking like this. So this involved opening and rebuilding the intake area, I also added lots (aand I do mean lots!) Of little handles and hand holds that are missing in the kit. The internal details were skipped and the doors welded shut. I completely rebuilt the underside trunking going by lots of upended wessies in various firepits. The tail rotors were swapped over and I folded the rotors using the bigger scale warship fold set as a template. Aerials were rigged with very fine cotton if you can see it! Unfortunately the blue is very dark so it doesn't show Alot of the details so I took a couple outside in natural sunlight. Cheers now Bob
  11. Good day again all! This is my first RFI for quite a while. This is a Special Hobby Sea Hawk depicted as WM 995 OF 802 NAS. I have built her as a Suez machine on board HMS Albion. This aircraft was actually hit by Egyptian ground fire which resulted in a damage to the stbd drop tank. The kit comes with a nice load of resin and one piece is a drop tank that depicts the damage, so I modelled her postflight, blanked up ready for a drop tank change. The kit was originally the MPM version with resin cockpit incorporating a front nose wheel well, seat and drop tanks, bombs and sidewinders for other versions. There is also a nice etch set but very little was used on this kit, just the IP. The only disappointment was no resin for the main gearbay. I wanted this to be a quick build but got hung up on a couple of things. I did have to open up the gun ports as the kit just had engravings but they turned out fine in the end. As ever finished in Model Master acrylics and kit decals which are a little transparent when placed over the fuselage stripes. Blanks are scratched from plastic card and wire handles, saved alot of effort in building up the intakes. Although black and white blurry pictures of the actual aircraft show a relatively clean fuselage I did muck up the area around the damaged tank. Any hoo enjoy!
  12. I got a set of transfers from Print Scale which has markings for two FAA Marylands, both of 771 squadron. One AR720 was the one that spotted the Bismark breaking out, so this is the one I will be doing. I've two Azur Marylands, both in Free French guise but that just means spare transfers. I've also picked up a set of Maskol masks. So here's the raw materials and the intended markings Obligatory sprue shots Some resin And clear transparencies Detail is engraved and quite fine. Chocks away and ready for take off.
  13. My second completed build, the Revell Tigermeet Tornado. The kit went together well, although I managed to loose one of the very small lights at the end of the wing when removing it from the sprue. The decals were hard work but eventually went on, fairly smoothly. My hard work was then scuppered slightly as I opted to varnish it using Humbrol clear, which gave the aircraft a cloudy finish. Thanks to some extensive research by my other half, a quick coat of Quick Shine, then a top coat using Windsor and Newton matt varnish gave it a nice smooth finish. Not bad for my second build really.
  14. Ready for inspection the Airfix 1:72 North American P-51D Mustang. Is a straight forward out of the box build, and my first experience of painting using Humbrol silver. I'm fairly pleased with the overall effect (I'm brush painting not airbrushing). In future I won't be painting the silver first as masking it was a nightmare (bits peeling off with the tape). I've gone for minimal weathering as I like the shiny metal finish of these planes. All in all a nice little kit.
  15. Hi all, me again! Well, the postman dropped this wonderful kit off last week: The tooling looks excellent: (and so does this chap): Anyway, my aim is simple*- convert this Phantom F4J into an RAF grey/green FGR.2 F-4J(UK) *Simple, meaning a process that requires a metric crap-tonne of work.... - The main points to be aware of are threefold: 1. Decals 2. Shape of the tail 3. Shape of the engine exhasuts As of a few moments ago, I ordered a set of decals from Hannants to partly solve problem 1 (stencils will need to be scraped together from the spare decals box) And as for the other 2 issues, I can solve the shape of the tail by using scrap plasticard to replicate the rectangular shaped fairing at the top of the FGR.2's tail and for 3.... well I'm not sure about that. I could try and see if I have any spare nozzles or cylindrical shaped objects from other kits lying around or I could find a 1:48 bomb of the right diameter and cut that into sections to be shaped into the nozzles? I was tempted to go for the aftermarket resin nozzles that are available but at £10 for a comparatively small item is a bit much. So, that's it for now. Kind regards, Sam EDIT: Changed from F-4J to FGR2 to --> F-4J to F-4J(UK)
  16. Kits – 1:72 Fujimi FG1 Phantom (original issue) & Revell Eurofighter. Paint – All enamels. Decals – Modeldecal 097 (Phantom) & Xtradecal 72230 (Eurofighter) Extras – None, both models are completely from the box. McDD Phantom FG.1 43 Squadron RAF Leuchars Mid 1988 Built for the ‘Micro Modelling Month’ Campaign (GB) over at Modellers Alliance, Exactly three weeks from opening the boxes until finishing today – well I say finished, both models have a little ‘tidying-up’ still to do. The Phantom needs its ECM aerials on the top of the fin painted, blue 'concrete Sparrows' in the forward bays and the nav lights on the wing-tips. The Typhoon needs the IR sensor painted and again the nav lights on the wingtip pods. The Phantom is the last one in my stash and was bought with around five or six others when they first came-out in 1987 – yes they are thirty years old this year – the others were all built and enjoyed but are no-longer with us. I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of this build and after five previous attempts at building one these things, this is the first time I think I got it right !! – that said a MASSIVE amount of credit must go to Modeldecal, Dick Ward really knew what he was doing back in the day, the decals are around twenty-five years old and behaved flawlessly. Stay tuned more in a min... Ian.
  17. Afternoon, I've finally given into temptation and made a start on this one. I have some big(ish) ideas to go with this kit - we'll see how many of them come to fruition. Things I definitely want to do are: - Drop the flaps - Separate all the flight control surfaces, - Add external (and possibly internal) lighting - Motorise the props My inclination is to keep all the doors closed up - out of the box the cargo hold is fairly plain, and I think it would take a lot of work to get it in to a state that I would be happy with. Also, I'm inclined to do it 'in-flight', so whilst the ramp could be down, it's more likely to be up. I'm still undecided on whether to have the wheels up or down - the kit wheels are rather strange slab-sided affairs, and I'm not aware of any AM replacements. I have the PE set and paint mask, but don't think I'll be bothering with the SAC landing gear - I'm a bit sceptical about the utility of these in most cases. I think this aircraft is quite well suited to dropping the flaps - it has a very simple high-lift system: no leading edge devices and dropped-hinge flaps with a fixed vane on the trailing edge. This should make getting the geometry correct that bit easier. So far, I've mostly been cutting things up, starting with one of the flaps and flap-hinge fairings: I've also cut out the ailerons, elevators and rudder, so I'll need to get the Evergreen strip out are start building up the missing parts. I might cut out the spoilers too, possibly only on one side, as these are also used for roll control and I want to try and capture a 'dynamic' snapshot as it were. If anyone has any advice on lighting, I'm all ears! Thanks for looking! Andrew
  18. I am going to have a go at building something in larger scales than my usual 1:144 scale, but want to practice on something cheap and cheerful first. I had this 1:72 scale kit of a Grumman EA-6 Prowler in the stash and will try it as a starter. I don't know the producer of this kit and got to wondering what the history is and who the original producer was. Any ideas? cheers Mike
  19. Here we are; a pair of completed Martlet IVs. Both from HMS Formidable during Operation Torch. One with US stars from 888 Squadron FAA, and the other with wings folded from 893 Squadron (not 888 as per Airfix instructions. Not overly difficult to build, WIP can be found here although the undercarriage was a serious pain and I had challenges with disappearing propeller markings. The prop hubs aren't quite right but they are all black Andy I can live with them. Brush painted with Xtracrylix and artists matt varnish. I think they capture the pugnacious look of Grumman's tubby little fleet fighter. First the 888 machine
  20. I have three new Airfix Martlets and rashly a few days before Christmas though; 'I'll bash up a couple of them for the Mediterranean Theatre GB as the markings in the box are for two Operation Torch aircraft'. Not a good idea with three days to go and my speed of building. Thankfully sanity prevailed and I will work on them alongside by Tungsten Barrracuda at a more leisurely, and eminently sensible, pace. I'll still build two together and do one of each of the options in the box. They are both for aircraft from 888 Squadron from HMS Formidable. Both are classic Dark Slate Grey/Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky but one has the US Stars instead of British roundels so they will look quite different. Airfix also give the option of folding the wings so I'll do one with straight wings and one with folded. No idea why Photobucket has inserted the pictures upside down. I'll see if I can fix them later. There are things about Photobucket that only Photobucket knows.
  21. This a model we made for my sister as a birthday present. My husband did most of the work, I did the interior and we both made the glass case. The only decals we used were the stencils and insignia. My husband made the paint masks himself for the scheme using a scale-checked scan of the decals.
  22. Fairey Swordfish Mk.1 1:72 Airfix Every now and then I like to go into a mdel shop and just pick up something on a whim. The new tool Airfix kits, particularly the 1:72 kits, often appeal as the are small enough to be realtively quick builds while I am working on bigger projects, and also reasonably priced. I've always liked the Swordfish, and it needs no introduction other than to say it is an 824 Sqn machine from the Taranto raid. So here it is, a random choice bought and built just for the pure fun of it like when I was a kid! the kit comes with a torpedo handling trolley. And finally, a 'With something else' shot for comparison. A Tiggie, also 1:72 Airfix, which helps show how big the Swordfish was. Thanks for looking John
  23. Hi, bought this Fujimi 1:72 Phantom FG1 a while back off ebay and thought id give it a bash! Finished as XT865/U of 111 Squadron, RAF Leuchars, mid-80s, in "triple Air Defence grey". Really good kit, and i love the rubber tyres A bit of license used with the decals as i thought i had a larger 111 tail emblem lurking around somewhere but i cant find it so had to use the smaller one from the kit. Built OOB, hand painted, and then weathered to make it look like a standard filthy machine nearing the en of its RAF life! Prior to weathering: Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-14 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr and after colouring in: Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-7 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-6 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr The canopies do actually fit perfectly, but i still haven't decided on up or down! Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-2 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-12 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-9 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Fujimi 1.72 Phantom FG1 XT865-13 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr Thanks for looking Jon
  24. Good afternoon all! I recently went to the Cosford Cold War hangar 10 year anniversary and while there, I picked up a "Dogfight Doubles" set from Airfix. I stick to Cold War jets usuallyy so this was a step into the unknown. I think, however that they came out not to bad- in my opinion. Both aircraft were very enjoyable to construct and paint (for the first time in a long time I enjoyed this build right from the start right to the very end). So, let's get on with it: Kit: Airfix 1:72 "Dogfight Doubles" Dornier Do17z and Boulton Paul Defiant mk.1 Paints: Vallejo Model Air (most of the main camo colours were created by mixing) Weathering: UMP Dark Dirt wash (superb!), some AK washes for the tires and thinned black paint for the engine stains. Extras: Apart from a length of thread for the Dornier's aerial, all OOB. Conclusions: Well, thanks for having a look! Overall, excellent kits from Airfix, I can heartily recommend them Kind regards, Sam
  25. This is my recently completed (though I may well add some more decals and a wee bit of weathering) 1:72 Airfix Vulcan XL390. Decided to go for the 70s Scampton scheme, and bought the aftermarket decals. Model is finished with a gloss cote as they liked to keep the Vulcans' shiny at that time. This has been the biggest project I have done (newbe 4 models in) and found the 80's plastic a challenge to work with, I seemed to spend weeks scraping plastic off and the intakes were a 2 week process of file > sand > paint > file > sand > paint x n to get them as smooth as I could. This was the first time I had modifies a model to get the desired finish too, filing the tail to round it. There's much I am pleased with, and also lots I tend to over reflect on. I know this is isn't as professional looking as most that is published here 'as finished', but some of us are simply mortal in the world of model making