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Found 385 results

  1. <airliners.net pic removed> See below for reasoning. Здравствуйте! Представляю вашему вниманию новейшую модель. Маленькая помощь: Ту-114 Россия (сообщение НАТО: Cleat - «Клип») - это турбовинтовой пассажирский самолет с длинной дистанцией, спроектированный в СССР в 1955 году на базе бомбардировщика Ту-95. Произведен в 1961-1965 годах на заводе № 18 в Куйбышеве. Всего было построено только 31, серийный самолет. Что касается строительства, то от меня кровь сильно пила. Но ... несмотря на суставы (и, может быть, школы), конечный результат я доволен и смотрю на шкаф, он замечательный - вообще, мне не стыдно из этого! Во время строительства некоторые трудности пытались показать на фотографии.Крылья, учитывая предстоящую стрельбу в полевых условиях, обеспеченную 2-мя проходами от крыла через фюзеляж в крыло. Я особенно хочу отметить в комплекте Windows: хорошо отделить их от литника было невозможно. Так что Windows - прозрачный пластик из-под детских игрушек и еще что-то ... Съемка, как вы знаете
  2. Tu-22KD

    Ту-22 - машина "105", изделие "А", изделие "Ю", (по кодификации НАТО : Blinder [5] ) Ту-22 - машина «105», продукт «А», «с» (НАТО: Блиндер [5]) - советский тяжелый сверхзвуковой самолет большой дальности, разработанный Туполевым. Построен в бомбардировщике, ракете, разведке и помехе. Предназначен для замены флота Ту-16. В дальнейших удачных вариантах Ту-22 были заменены различными сериями Ту-22М, Ту-22 в вариантах разведчиков, амехи эксплуатировались до начала последнего десятилетия двадцатого века
  3. Ready for inspection is my 1:72 Italeri Dakota Mk.III, this is the first time I have built a larger aircraft, and I hope it will give me confidence to tackle the Halifax and Lancaster which are currently tucked up in my stash. So to the build, the kit went together pretty well, the fuselage halves are a bit of a pain to line up, but otherwise the kit required only a little amount of filler (which is always a bonus). The underside is brush painted, and the olive drab from a trusty rattle can (thanks to my lovely other half!). I should say I got an airbrush for my birthday and am growing in confidence with it, so hopefully my next build will be painted that way. Anyway back to the Dak, the decals caused me to sweat a little (and have a few beers!), but with the help of micro set, they soon were in place. I'm pretty happy with my first 'big' build, and more importantly I have discovered new respect, and love for the handsome looking aircraft. Thanks, Michelle.
  4. On a recent trip to one of my local model/toy shops, I came across Italeri 's 1:72 Dakota Mk.III. I had recently watched a programme about the RAF's role during D day, so was instantly drawn to this kit. I have to admit however, that I had never been that keen on the Dakota. That was until, I had the luck of witnessing one display at Abingdon airshow with my family. Having seen the aircraft in action, I was very impressed, and realised it deserved a lot of respect. So, wanting to build a slightly larger aircraft (in prep for the Lancaster and Halifax in my stash) I am about to begin the Dakota. On opening the box I was greeted by a very impressive decal sheet (the box doesn't lie....it is pretty super!) There are 3 grey plastic sprues, all with a lot of detailing, and a small clear sprue. There seems to be minimal flash and it all looks pretty good (if rather big!😬). I am planning to use the paint scheme of 233 squadron of the RAF, which was based in Swindon between 1944/1945. I am a brush painter, the body of this aircraft is rather large however, so I will be relying on the trusty rattle can to get me through. So here goes, my first BIG build!!!
  5. Off I go switching on the maximum madness. A biplane, from a relatively short run company. It has resin, especially for the engine, etch and film. The instructions have a rigging diagram so may be tempted although I've never done it before. Oh and it needs some scratch built wire parts too. It does look rather nice and the post war paint scheme does rather strangely suit the airframe. Sprues The resin, not many components of the kit. But the whole engine and its cowling. Nice transfers and the film typical Azur instructions, brilliant at times and 'where does this go' at others. Gives three options,all the same livery. Two land based aircraft and one from HMS Triumph during the Korean War.
  6. When I signed up to this group build I intended to build my P-47D, however on a recent trip to my local model/toy shop (which is closing down) I managed to get my hands on Italeri's reissue of the Fiat BR20 Cicogna, this is a limited edition kit (mine is 3139/3500). It is in the same box and with the same sprues as the first version released in 1972. so why build this aircraft? Well, the BR20 was the first all metal bomber to enter service in Italy, and was regarded as ultra modern, making it a pretty cool bit of kit. Also a stripped down pair of BR20A's were built to enter the Istres-Damascus air race, where they came 6th and 7th. Anyway, back to business, I intend this to be an out of the box build, although detailing is minimal (so I may add a little to the cockpit, not that you will see it.....but I will know!). The kit comprises 3 flesh coloured sprues (a fair bit of flash free with the kit!), and a clear sprue, the kit comes with a stand so I may make her wheels up🤔. There is a minimal sheet of decals, and an equally minimal set of instructions. These have 6 steps, with a small amount of detail. My main issue is the paint scheme, there are no paint codes, merely dark green, light green, brown etc. So I've done a little guess work and opted for Revell dark green, and light leaf green......fingers crossed!
  7. Phantom F4K

    Here's my first contribution only only one option to go for. 892 Squadron from HMS Ark Royal from 1969. Sprues Classic three colour Matchbox Instructions Transfers Off we go, tether to waist catapult and wind up the Speys.
  8. Finished the Corsairs, so let's move on to a couple of Martlets, using these Hobbyboss quickbuilds. Hopefully, shouldn't be too big a challenge as these kits go together really well. A little unrefined but something I can live with. They are fun to build so it should be good, and not too taxing which will be ok as I am a bit busy the next few weeks. Mor later.
  9. Ready for inspection is my 1:72 Italeri Dakota Mk.III, this is the first time I have built a larger aircraft, and I hope it will give me confidence to tackle the Halifax and Lancaster which are currently tucked up in my stash. So to the build, the kit went together pretty well, the fuselage halves are a bit of a pain to line up, but otherwise the kit required only a little amount of filler (which is always a bonus). The underside is brush painted, and the olive drab from a trusty rattle can (thanks to my lovely other half!). I should say I got an airbrush for my birthday and am growing in confidence with it, so hopefully my next build will be painted that way. Anyway back to the Dak, the decals caused me to sweat a little (and have a few beers!), but with the help of micro set, they soon were in place. I'm pretty happy with my first 'big' build, and more importantly I have discovered new respect, and love for the handsome looking aircraft. Thanks, Michelle.
  10. I've been encouraged by a respected member of this forum to provide some of my work for others to see. The last number of years I've struggled to finish and complete a kit. My building started in the 70's and the 80's and 90's, completed many and reaching a quality level that I was really pleased with. I have a good feeling working on this kit, I do see the finishing line relatively speaking. The LTV A-7 aircraft has been a favourite of mine for some time. And 2 seat versions of normally single seat aircraft as well a favourite. Yes the Hobby Boss Corsair has its warts, but I don't really see another on the horizon any time soon. My local hobbyshop had only the TA-7C available but it did include all the parts to build as an Air Force version. The South Dakota Air National Guard is one units markings I've admired with the Mount Rushmore art on the top of the tail. Those markings are included on a Xtradecal release. One aspect of the kit I disliked were the numerous rivet/screw details engraved everywhere. Most were filled with Tamiya surface primer, leaving just a hint of a few here and there that will show slightly after painting and weathering. The boarding ladder and steps will be made. I viewed the main wheels as a bit thin looking, so I sandwiched plastic card between the halves. The ejection seat seemed rather narrow and I've started to adjust it with Milliput. My work keeps me from progressing everyday and I am not sure how many installments I will have but my goal is to show my completed work in the finished model section.
  11. Hello everyone, My name is Ales and this is my very first contribution on this forum. The Britmodeller website is the reason I have started building models again, after 20 years break, and the work that can be found here has been a great inspiration to me, I dare to say The Spitfire model shown below is my ninth model since the comeback. It is from the Eduards limited edition 'Nasi se vraceji' (Boys are coming home) and represents version Mk.IXc, BS461, flown by many pilots from the 222.squadron based in Hornchurch mid 1943. From the book that was a part of the limited edition, the plane appeared to be a quite worn. I have used Airbrush IWATA Neo TRN1, Tamiya acrylic paints, ALCLAD Aqua gloss varnish, Vallejo sating varnish, Abteilung Oil paints and pigments. The photos were taken by an old Canon compact digital camera. Enjoy
  12. At the weekend I was tidying out some things I have in storage and sorting through some stash duplicates, I came across this I never realised I had it as this stuff went into store some 5/6 years ago and I had forgotten about quite a few things (Fujimi Wasp, some CMR resin Seafires and a Fairey Delta prototype by Maquette amongst the gems). Looking back at my DH GB experience with the delightful ease of the Tamiya Mosquito against the taxing modelling of the Special Hobby Sea Hornet, I thought this could be a light diversion, with it's hoped 'shake and bake' build compared with the old Airfix kit currently on the go. There are three sprues and a transparency. The plastic isn't brilliantly crisp and there quite a few ejector pins but most seem not to be visible, apart from some on the undercarriage doors. The blue plastic is a nightmare as it is pretty dark. There are transfers for two Gloss Sea Blue options, one Hammy Gray's of the Pacific Fleet and one from an escort carrier of the East Indian Fleet (I think). They have yellowed and so have been popped on the window sill to get sun bleached. instructions are typical Hasegawa.
  13. PK-17 Bf 109 E

    Just posted an order and paid 15,49£ incl. shipping for a Matchbox Emil. That in my opinion was money well spent! Cemented one together when I was more child than today, it must have been before '79 and haven't even seen one since. V-P
  14. Here we go, a month late starting due to unfinished business with a Foxbat in the Made In Russia GB.... ( oh alright, I also forgot I signed up to this one ! ) What shall I make next...hmmm... maybe a Mig-29 of some kind.... Here's the "look ma, I haven't started it yet" photo
  15. Hi guys, As a few of you might know, I did a 1:72 Airfix Vulcan with a full interior a while ago. It was an "interesting" build filled with research and frustration as I delved into my first experience with photo-etch, rescribing and resin; but it produced a half-decent model of a Vulcan B.2: So, with a new-tooled Victor B.2 in my stash (as of yesterday ) I embarked upon this build in the hope that it will be a less stressful build than the Vulcan and with the hope that I can utilise everything I have learned since that build. The Kit As stated previously this a new-tool kit from Airfix in the £50-60 range- there has been much discussion of the cost of this kit but I would state (in my opinion) that for the amount of plastic you're getting and the level of detail, it is entirely worth it. My plans for the build: -Construct the kit in either a conventional bombing or Blue Steel role (I haven't decided yet, what do you guys think?) -The camo paint scheme will be used (I can never get a clear dust-free white paint job on any large kit) -EDIT: This will be a flaps down, crew door open, gear down, airbrake open model -Weather the model moderately with some new AK interactive washes that I would like to test: The Build And so it begins! I started work on the cockpit first and despite the high possibility that barely any of this would be seen, I would like to detail every part of this kit as much as possible That's it for now, thanks for having a look! Kind regards, Sam
  16. To run alongside my Dakota Mk.III build, I wanted a smaller kit to crack on with, and looking in my stash I decided to opt for a kit I've never attempted before. This is a first in 2 ways, my first Special Hobby kit and my first Helicopter! I picked the kit up on holiday along with a Special Hobby Sf-1, it was cheap and although I don't usually build helicopters I fancied the challenge. So here goes on 2 firsts! The box includes detailed colour instructions, and a small but detailed sheet of decals, for the 4 options of paint scheme. There are 5 grey plastic sprues, all very detailed with panel lines, rivets and the like, and one clear sprue. I am planning on painting the aircraft in the scheme of Candy Ann, as flown by CW2 Randy Zahn and SP4 Marshall Maring of C- Troop, 1St squadron, 9th Cavalry, in Vietnam August 1970. Let the fun begin!
  17. Ready for inspection I offer my first Special Hobby kit and first Helicopter build, the AH-1G Cobra. Built as an out of the box build, the kit went together pretty well to begin with and work progressed at a good rate, until I began the canopy. This has to be the fiddliest thing I have ever put together, and having lost my temper with it several times I had to concede to a misty canopy effect. The skids too were terribly thin and hard to insert. That said, I enjoyed the build, and she looks better than I anticipated.
  18. I'm going to start with this, despite all my previous thoughts. It's an old kit, early 60's I think. The plastic doesn't look too bad but apart from a basic seat and pilot there's no interior. The wings need trimmed but the instructions do show this. The airframe is well riveted in vintage Airfix style, but I believe that the outer wing panels should be fabric, so I'll attend to that and put some basics in the cockpit but apart from that it will be straight from the box. more later.
  19. Hi All, As threatened / promised in the chat section of this GB I'm in with a WW1 themed aircraft - The Fokker E.11 "Eindecker" Box Shot Not many parts to the kit but they are beautifully moulded IMHO. First off - start the cockpit - Glued together then primed. Half an hour into the second lunchtime working on it I was here... Airfix had listed out a couple of colours for the wooden interior but I went with what was in my travelling toolbox which is Humbrol 93 (Desert Yellow) with a Citadel Agrax Earthshade wash over the top. The seat was painted in Vallejo Hull red in lieu of a leathery colour and a tape lapstrap added. Fuselage has been closed up now but no photo yet as I was interrupted by a colleague who somewhat inconsiderately wanted to talk about work. KR's IanJ
  20. Hi guys, I experienced a short relapse into armour modelling. This is the 1/72 kit from Revell which is a fine little kit with a very high level of details and good fit. I always try to base my model as close as possible on photos of the real thing. Therefore, I had to make some additions in the form of storage at the rear of the vehicle, a rolled tarp and a kind of exhaust cover on the left, a towing cable on the right and the antenna with the flag (aluminium foil). I had the impression that the paint scheme suggested in the kit's instructions does not match the real thing, so made my own interpretations based on photos. The new(ish) German desert colours (Umtarnfarben) are a confusing subject, however, and even the Boxer carried several versions in Afghanistan. Finally I also build a small base for the Boxer. Some work-in-progress pics of the model and the base can be found at the end of this post. Any comments welcome. Like on the real thing, the cabin is actually removeable. Nevertheless, I glued it in place. Small modifications visible here: jerry can at the rear and a kind of rolled tarp as exhaust cover on the front left. Weathered tires and a photo of the real thing (non-weathered). Base made from foam board... ... and covered with toilet paper and thinned white glue. Later a mixture of wood putty, sand and pigments was added. In the middle of the base is an area which is still even with no gravel added so that the Boxer can sit even without any of the eight wheels floating in the air. With paint and (sparse) vegetation.
  21. I got this a couple of weeks ago and although I've lots of things on the stocks, a few KUTAs, a Wessex, a Fulmar to photograph and my 'Find the Bismark' Maryland. I couldn't resist starting it. I've also got another but a double start is probably too much. There are a lot of well moulded parts, no resin or etch, and markings for two Operation Tungsten birds, one form 829 squadron and one from 830. More later on but I do like the box top illustration with Furious and Victorious in the background. Mind you torpedoes weren't used against the Tripitz.
  22. Hi All, My first contribution/attempt to this GB will be this..... Can't tell you anything about the provenance of the kit - Only that it's short run and 1:72 scale A bit more about the actual aircraft can be found Here First job was to start the cockpit. The first casualty was the rudder bar which snapped while being removed from the sprue and had to be replaced with a bit of bent wire. All primed but can anyone confirm what the aircraft was constructed from so I can take a call on the interior colour? A cursory glance across the interweb hasn't really given any answers.. Thanks IanJ
  23. I got this a couple of weeks ago and rashly dived straight in. I do like Fulmar's and have quite a few done and more than a few in the stash. Although criticised as being a bit slow and not terribly aerobatic, it was a very effective fleet defence fighter. Remember, it was never designed to dog fight against fighters but defend the fleet against long range bombers and reconnaissance aircraft as well as acting as a spotter for gunnery. It did had a long range and could stay in the air for a long time, as well as being a stable and effective gun platform. Fulmars shot down more enemy aircraft than any other FAA fighter so it wasn't a failure and certainly was a major factor in the success of the Malta convoys. A nice set of well moulded sprues, although there is a little flash. Good cockpit and wheel well detail. There is a bit of paint on them already. I did say that I had dived straight in. Nice nice instructions but in traditional SH manner some locations are a bit vague. Clear sprue, a little bit of resin and some etch. Good transfer sheet from Cartograf for four versions I am going to do this version as it's a bit different. Happy modelling to come hopefully. I have also got a masking set. I recall the time it took to mask my previous attempts.
  24. Ready for your inspection I have Airfix's Nakajima B5N2 'kate.' The aircraft is painted in the colours of one from the Imperial Japanese Navy carrier 'Shokaku," which was involved in the attack on Pearl Harbour. I also opted for the folded wing version, partly because I wanted to experiment with cutting the plastic, and partly because I think they look rather mean with wings folded. The build went well until the painting stage, I always brush paint, and tried experimenting with thinners to enhance my painting techniques. I have since learnt that I achieve better results using distilled water to thin my paint. That said, this model making lark is a constant learning curve and I'm pleased with the final results I have achieved.
  25. For my next build I have decided to attempt the Airfix Nakajima B5N2 'kate.' As one of Airfix's new tools, the sprues are all very clean, and there is lots of detailing to the cockpit and fuselage, because of this she will be an out of the box build. I love the look of this aircraft with its wings folded in, and am toying with which paint scheme to choose. I am looking forward to using my modelling saw for the first time, and developing new techniques.