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  1. Hello, I personally hope to see a nice set of Mil Mi-1 (1:48) variants alongside your already impressive lineup of helicopters. Not to mention some in-line engine derivatives of your UT-1 kit (AIR-18, Ia-21, just to mention a couple of them...). Regards, Iulian
  2. Hard to answer... Alitalia would be the challenging option (large decals), Michele Mouton's solid blue the "easiest" one. In the end any version would work for me, apart Safari Rally (too cluttered under cages and spares) and Turbo (I totally dislike the over sized front spoiler). Any recommendations / were to buy from? Regards, Iulian
  3. Hello, Although experienced with model aeroplanes I'm a total newbie in car kits with just a couple of military soft skins under my belt. I would like to build a rally Lancia Stratos from a Hasegawa kit, but those versions are hardly available. As the regular "Lancia Strados HF Stradale" seems easier to get, I'm thinking of kitbashing the competition related components from the Italeri kit. Opinions and recommendations are welcomed as any advice regarding aftermarket details that might help this project. Best regards, Iulian
  4. No matter the price tag, I'll have one... may I dream they have a Dh 108 of similar detail level on the pipe?!
  5. Apparently my quest for a fabric winged Hurricane with late windscreen and DH prop was futile... Anyone having an early Hurricane PCM kit to sale? I'm really interested. Regards,
  6. Thank you very much for the information. Is it only my wishful thinking that wants to see a late windscreen in the 1939 photo (L1929 as OP-M)? Regards,
  7. I have the Fly Hurricane Mk. I and I'm committed to build it, or at least to start building the kit... I'm surprised by the relative small number of aftermarket products for this kit. I'm only aware of the above mentioned fabric belts and the Yahu instrument panel. I would have liked a flap set (resin or photoetched), separate ailerons (resin), 5 spoke wheels and a couple of propellers as most of the sets conceived for the PCM kit are unavailable nowadays. I there any early windscreen & canopy available? I would highly appreciate if someone can indicate me a source for such a part. As for the errors in the proposed markings, what would be the right definition for the DU-J / L1936 (wings, propeller, windscreen, wheels, radio mast, exhaust etc) Thank you,
  8. A Zmaj built Hurricane in Romanian colors was my initial intention. Failing to crash mold/ vacuum form the early windscreen and unable to locate a suitable aftermarket part made me change to a RAF "late fabric wing". I had a look at the versions proposed by the PCM kit but none of the RAF machines matches my definition (either early canopy or watts 2 blade propeller). Right? Did the late canopy coexisted with the 2 blade Watts (and fabric wings, of course) in RAF colors. If yes, that's a machine I would like to represent. Regards,
  9. Hello fellow forum members, I intend to convert a Fly 1/32 Hawker Hurricane Mk Ia kit into an earlier model with fabric covered wings. The "technical definition" I'm targeting could be summarized as follows: - fabric covered wings (with all associated modifications - different gun covers, ejector ports, relocated landing lights); - fuselage with anti-spin streak under the tail (as provided in the kit); - deHavilland 3 blade propeller (the one from the kit or a resin replacement one - any suggestions?); - 5 spoke wheels; - late type windscreen with the additional framing (I would have liked an early windscreen, but wasn't able to find a suitable one - any suggestions?); - reflex type gun sight (not the early "ring and bead type). As my knowledge on the topic is limited, my first question is if the definition above would mach an existing airframe. If answer is positive, what would be the right color scheme/ registration (I'm targeting a RAF machine). Thank you for your support and suggestions. Regards,
  10. Simply gorgeous; congrats! Still hope ICM will release the Polish ambulance version - CSS-13 - in striking white/ blue colors.
  11. The original my model tries to represent, some time after retirement.
  12. Hello, 1/72 MIG 15 UTI slightly altered to represent a Czech version (Aero CS-102): kit by Eduard with a good deal of aftermarket goodies (Brassin cockpit and speed brakes, photoetched flap and external details), very few scratch details (gear indicators and aerial), Vallejo paints. Decals from various sources, trying to represent a Romanian Air Force plane from early 1990, just months from type retirement. Thanks for your comments.
  13. Hello, Not sure here is the right place for asking this question but I'll have a try... I bought the 1/32 Fly kit - Finnish Mk.I boxing - and noticed the kit only provides 4 spoke wheel hubs (together with tires). Does any of the other box offers the 5 spoke wheels? Any source for 5 spoke replacements (resin)? How about using a 5 spoke Spitfire wheel? As I'm trying to reproduce a Romanian MkI Hurricane, I'm also looking for a Spitfire spinner for the DH propeller; any suggestions/ recommendations? Thank you, Iulian M.
  14. As an image counts a 1000 words; that's an early radiator for me: For sure I'll count on your support the moment my construction starts. Regards, Iulian
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