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  1. As far as I know, there were not so many camouflaged two seaters. As long as they provide the "MIG logo", the "excellent aircraft badge" and "02" blue numeral, I'm fully satisfied. Mine will for sure represent one of the Buran testbench aircraft; just have to speed-up the "RB" currently in progress... I can only hope for some aftermarket "stuff" allowing prototype conversion or ejection seat test aircraft. As for ICM, please have a look at current Su-15 offerings, that airframe deserve better representations...
  2. In my opinion a "new and up-to-date" Tu-95/142 series in 1/144 scale is a must project for Zvezda. After their excellent Tu-154, 134, Il-62 and 76 I had hopes for a re-focus on some bombers, the above mentioned Bear family and a Myasishchev M-4/ 3M. For the moment we only have a re-box of an old-ish and not so well rated kit... I can only accept this if they are secretly working on all the airplanes above plus the Tu-114, Tu-104 and Il-18. Regards,
  3. I can only hope for a kit/ mould engineering allowing an early Mk.I in the - not so distant - future. An up-to-date kit of a fabric wing Hurricane is long overdue in this scale.
  4. Hasegawa kit ref. 51338 (1/72nd scale) although labeled as "Hurricane Mk.I late type Battle of Britain" was providing the wrong sprue for the nose (it was the longer, Mk. II sprue) and a "b" wing; at least the one I had... In my case, as I was after a MK.Ia, converting the "b" wing to "a" spec was easy, the nose was a different story...
  5. Thank you all for the positive reactions, Honestly, I didn’t enjoy the build that much, there were lots of ups and downs, mostly caused by my lack of focus. In the end, it was more a case of “I have to have a “four” on my shelf” … now that is done and resting, I fancy a second build, with all the lesson learned, only that most of the photo sets are no longer available. The 1/35th kit is a step to far for me, I’ll rather start the 48th Airfix AH7 Lynx instead. Community guidance and support will be much appreciated on my next on-going project, the “FAA Hellcat” Best regards,
  6. A couple of photos with my model; Hobby boss kit and Eduard details. Trying to represents a Romanian Air Force machine from the 60's. The WIP topic: Feel free to comment! Best regards, Iulian
  7. bits and pieces are adding up...
  8. not really; there are some air bubbles there and there is a clear lens on top....
  9. negative; it was the only one I had fitting the size; it will have the leaking resin forever...
  10. I haven't documented all construction steps - especially the sanding sessions. Meanwhile the fuselage is closed with basic painting (just 2 colors) and weathering. The decals were of awful quality with significant silvering. I’ve neglected to smooth the slightly textured surface of the kit and I was surprised how visible it became (actually enhanced) through paint coats. Not good...
  11. Hello fellow community members, I would highly appreciate your opinion/ recommendation regarding cockpit interior and wheel wells colors from Vallejo acrylics range. My limited inquiry (mostly internet) ended up with the following results: for cockpit interior: (Interior Green) – Vallejo Model Air 71137 or 71010 or (Cockpit Light Green) – Vallejo Model Air 70974 For wheel wells (including tail wheel) is either same color as cockpit interior or underside color. For underside (supposedly Sky S – BS210) I have no less than 3 Vallejo Mod
  12. Congrats! I was proud about my model - from the very same kit - now I'll have to hide it away! Chapeau bas!
  13. Decided to add an extension to the rear cockpit frame, loosely resembling the one from the Airfix instructions. A little bit of work on tail wheel well; the way Eduard modeled the oleo strut force me to insert it close to the middle frame, on the original it was actually articulated on the front bulkhead. I do not intend to completely redo the tail wheel assembly – I’m not in that league of scratch building – so I’ll keep kit’s approach; the Alu tube is the provision for tail wheel insertion. A question regarding painting – what would be the right color for wheel wells (includi
  14. Hello, I’ll skip the kit introduction as Eduard’s Hellcat in 72nd scale is well known to the community. I’m not a Hellcat aficionado and actually decided to give it a try thanks to the good press and the generous dimensions of the model in this scale. My knowledge on the subject is quite limited and the documentation even less – the good old “In Action” booklet and the instruction sheet of the 1/24 Airfix kit! Subsequently I’ll heavily rely on community knowledge to guide me into the subject – a Grumman Hellcat Mk.I, obviously FAA, more precisely the JV131 with invasion stripes.
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