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  1. Covered roundels are Romanian ones - blue/ yellow/ red - the type of id used before the introduction of the crosses (May 1941) For chipping I'm using same method since starting to weather my models. The corresponding surfaces (e.g. wings, aft fuselage) of the model were first painted aluminium and left to thoroughly dry before applying the camouflage colors. Once the camouflage dry I'm using a scalpel with a new blade to localy remove the colors; using different blade geometry allows you to create various effects. The method works better if the alu substrate is enamel (not the case
  2. it is part of a photo set but it wasn't intended as mirror; some sort of a throttle quadrant element that I found in the spares... it was somehow matching the size
  3. Thank you for your nice words, I intend to build a Karas in 72nd but not the Los (for twins I'm more of a Blenheim guy). As for the IAR-80/ 81, I fancy to build a couple of them in larger scale: 32nd, maybe 48th, do not know when... my next on the workbench is the PZL P.11 - again - but this time in 48th scale, out of the newest ArmaHobby offering. Maybe a parallel build with the smaller P.11b from IBG. Although not my favorite plane – if you like Hurricane you’re out of love for Spitfire or 109 - your Emil is impressive. Out of my league; the kind of painting/ weathe
  4. Hello A couple of photos with one of my my latest kit. Arma Hobby 1/72nd Hawker Hurricane Mk.Ia - Eastern Front limited edition. Almost OOB. Painted old roundels under the decal crosses (as on the real machines) and painted tactical numbers. Vallejo Model Air paints. Comments are welcome 210 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 209 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 208 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 207 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 206 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 205 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 204 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 203 by Iulian Macovei,
  5. I still consider the P.11a/ b as second best looking with the P.11/ III in air race colors as the best one. Not sure how hard would be to create - out of the P.11c kit - the white/ red machine (P.11/V?) presented at the 1934 Paris Air Show. Maybe Arma Hobby will think about a limited edition/ version...
  6. For the moment only in 72nd scale. Hope they - IBG Models - will have a try with P.11f in 32nd and Arma Hobby on 48th scale. The least I can do is to hope... or I can start a conversion to trigger the release...
  7. Thank you. I can only hope for a small additional sprue alongside the existing ArmaHobby P.11c 1/48 kit...
  8. IAR Brasov (the manufacturer of the P.11f) bought and used British Cerrux paints for the IAR-80 fighter plane till 1942ish. When fresh out of the manufacturing line, the P.11f were having a single upper color, wrapped around the fuselage, in a similar way to Polish P.11 planes. The exact color is still unclear, opinions are oscillating between Polish khaki, French khaki or British Dark Green. At some point the upper surface was changed to two tone camouflage and light-colored fuselage underside with a somehow wavy separation line. As far as I know there are no period color images but similarit
  9. Hello A couple of photos with my latest kit. Arma Hobby 1/72nd PZL P.11c modified into a PZL P.11f with parts from Azur-FRROM (engine, cowling, proppeller) and IBG Models (ailerons, stab and elevator). P.11f were produced under licence at IAR Brasov and only used by Royal Romanian Air Force. Comments are welcome 001 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 002 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 003 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 004 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 005 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 006 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr 007 by Iulian Macovei, on Flickr
  10. Hello, My experience is almost exclusively with model airplanes but I would like to build a land speed record car, more precisely the Campbell-Napier-Railton Blue Bird. Are there any injection molding / resin / or multimedia kit available in a decent scale; e.g 1/24 or larger? If not, I would try a scratch project (with some donor parts – e.g. tires) and for that I would need a good set of drawings – any suggestions? Thank you for your support,
  11. As far as I know, there were not so many camouflaged two seaters. As long as they provide the "MIG logo", the "excellent aircraft badge" and "02" blue numeral, I'm fully satisfied. Mine will for sure represent one of the Buran testbench aircraft; just have to speed-up the "RB" currently in progress... I can only hope for some aftermarket "stuff" allowing prototype conversion or ejection seat test aircraft. As for ICM, please have a look at current Su-15 offerings, that airframe deserve better representations...
  12. In my opinion a "new and up-to-date" Tu-95/142 series in 1/144 scale is a must project for Zvezda. After their excellent Tu-154, 134, Il-62 and 76 I had hopes for a re-focus on some bombers, the above mentioned Bear family and a Myasishchev M-4/ 3M. For the moment we only have a re-box of an old-ish and not so well rated kit... I can only accept this if they are secretly working on all the airplanes above plus the Tu-114, Tu-104 and Il-18. Regards,
  13. I can only hope for a kit/ mould engineering allowing an early Mk.I in the - not so distant - future. An up-to-date kit of a fabric wing Hurricane is long overdue in this scale.
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