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  1. bonjour Jean, superbe, so elegant plane very well done with his shiny and clean finish !! regards !
  2. beer for every one !! love this scheme with invasion stripes , very well done indeed ! 1:72 forever cheers !
  3. Hi Russ, My preferred version of the Jug, with your so nice work you paid homage to this "beast" . very well done ! regards !!
  4. hi, one of my favorite IJAAF plane, you did a great job on this " kamikaze " aircraft ! i have to finish mine ... thanks for sharing sheers !!
  5. bonsoir Jean, A bird that is rarely seen on forums! thanks for that ! beautifuly done as usual, what paints did you used for 72/73 ? cheers!
  6. Hi, bonjour ! thanks for your answer, you are probably right and your model so nice
  7. Hello Jean, very nice P-38 you've done !! like the wing cheeping , exhausts stains, and, the way you present the sealing tape marks used on these planes during overseas transportation ( as on P-47 and others...) . Bravo !
  8. Hi, very nice job done on this hurricane bomber !! congrats !
  9. HI, very nice Jug ! glazing is fantastic !! If I may, I think that inside rearward of canopy should be OD and not IG
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