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  1. Always nice to see an Italian plane ! so many types of camos...You did a great job with your painting, and I agree with comments on weathering , these planes were new , and a little bit more shiny on receipt by units. but keep on going !! Waiting for your next builds !! best regards !!
  2. Hi Don, tanks for your answer, haha !! sometimes we do things ? that takes time and time, to change just because we are not that happy with them !! remember so many things like that on my side !
  3. Hi Marcel, nicely done 1:72 marauder, and with SAAF markings, that's not common !! bravo !!
  4. Hi Don , very nice done !! You even did cowl correction ! beyond my skills !, great job ! congrats !!
  5. very nice work indeed !! push me to finish mine !! excellent !!
  6. so nice !! love your paint and weathering !! congrats !!
  7. Hi Giampiero, what a beautiful model you've done !! I really like this twin , and your sober work on the paint really show the real plane ! thanks for sharing !!
  8. Hi Jean, thanks for the info on ammunition counters on wings, did not knew that ! learning everyday that's a living !!
  9. Yes !! Wow !! really nice build ! and paint treatment !! bravo !!
  10. Very nice collection of these burma jugs !!
  11. so nice !! my favorite WW II night fighter !! and to add in 1:72 scale !! great pleasure to see that !! very well done !! thanks for sharing !
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