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Found 99 results

  1. After serving in RN subs on and off for 9 years, first serving on HMS Courageous, a brief period on Conqueror and lastly on Renown, I thought it was remiss of me not to have better collection of subs. I have some of these subs already in 1/700 scale by OKB but they're just too small and with little else on the market, I drifted to the 'dark-side' of aircraft. I have recently read threads about converting the 1/350 Trafalgar Class to the Swiftsure Class and was wondering if the same donor kit can be used to get a Valiant Class, Dreadnought or is it a none starter? Stuart
  2. Hey Guys, Here's my rendition of the rather nice HobbyBoss Kursk. Nice being used only to describe the detail - construction was horrible! The silos straddling each side of the conning tower were positioned on the basis of a semi-hemispherical notch and that's it. Sounds relatively easy on paper, but in real life it was painful... hence the closed bays! Apart from that the fit of the hull together in two parts was nice and the conning tower was also a nice fit. I found however the instruments such as the ESM, periscope radar etc. were a fiddle as the lack of locating holes problematic in getting the masts to sit straight. So it was a little by eye to be fair, and from this i can only conclude i need an eye test... Painting her in Humbrol 67 'Tank Grey' which in effect was a match for the Mr. Hobby 'Tyre Black' Hobbyboss were calling for. The underside was Sovereign Hobby's Colourcoat's RM08 'Rosso' which in layman's terms is White Ensign's model enamels equivalent to hull red I believe. The conning tower called for it to be all black but contemporary photos of Kursk showed it having the bad-weather deck windows framed in white giving the, what looks like to me, soviet subs a rather creepy look. Also I painted some stems silver and the big dome yellow as per a reference photo I found and lost. So lets call that one artistic licence! Decalling was interesting as the carrier film the decals came on was excessively large and trying to get decals such as the emergency buoy over the dome for it was eating into my decal softener stash something rotten. Weathering however consisted mainly of Tamiya Smoke on the underside, Tamiya German Grey on top lightening patches and loads of streaking with oil paintings. Finishing off with Xtracolour's Enamel Matte Varnish I began work on the base which was literally Tamiya Gold leaf with the recessed areas sprayed black. And so it is I have finished my first ship model and so far I've gotten hold of Bronco's HMS Vanguard and Micro-Mir's Alfa to folllow the build up! As to be honest I did enjoy the build quite a lot I probably could of dusted her off but I didn't quite expect to find so much after just 2 days of finishing... Maybe time to clean the modelling room out! Thanks for looking guys Sam
  3. Hi I have the Profile warship on HMS Cossack , but I can't see any cable reels on the artwork plan and side profile drawings provided in the centrefold Does anyone know if these ships had them fitted to the deck and where they were positioned ? any help would be very appreciated ! regards David
  4. Trumpeter 1/350 Trumpeter HMS Exeter British ' Destroyer ' - due end of 2017 ( or maybe 2018 ? ) - note - they actually mean the WW2 Cruiser - and will probably make a 1939 version first then later , the ' 1942 Battle of the Java Sea version ' - as the Main masts are of the Single Mast type , whereas after her refit in 1940 she had Tripod Masts fitted ( along with a far better AA defence with twin 4 inch gun mountings ) https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TU05350
  5. Hi all Having spent many an hour browsing through the top quality and thoroughly inspiring builds on display on Britmodeller, I thought I would take the plunge and share my recently completed Airfix 1/350 scale Trafalgar class submarine, HMS Tireless. I converted this to a waterline display, which took a little fettling to get right (well, to my eyes anyway ). The sea base was made by following the technique of another Britmodeller member (Thanks to Swordfish Fairey), which utilised an A4 photo frame stippled with Vallejo "water effects" and then some "Foam snow" for the white water. Many thanks.
  6. For those interested in pre-WW1 warships and/or the Russo-Japanese War, Combrig are to release some destroyers and cruisers (minus the ones they have) from said time period in 1/350. I believe these will be the first kits of Japanese destroyers that were built before the First World War! Finally, Hasegawa's Mikasa will have other ships of both her era and nation!
  7. I've debated weather or not I should put this up, but what the hell, I already bought the Artwox wood deck for it. I do have to finish 4 other models that I have up to the painting stage at the moment before I start, so I've put this here to remind myself to get cracking on those so I can start this. Feel free to prod me if there's no action here in a few weeks too.
  8. Hi guys, I am about to begin construction of Tamiya's 1/350 new tool (2011) and wanted some input on what PE I should get for the kit. The first question (and the easy one) is whether I should buy a wooden deck for the kit as the cheapest I can find one is £13 which isn't too bad but when you add that price to the grand total it does seem quite expensive, I have had no previous experience with wooden decks so if someone can tell me whether they really do make a difference (especially on a expensive kit like this). Next is any further PE or barrels, I definately want railings and would be prepared to use the 1/350 Tamiya handrail set despite the effort and complexity, I also think I want the barrels for atleast the 155mm guns and possibly the 127mm and main guns, but do brass barrels really make that much of a difference say apart from them being hollowed out? I am further considering purchaesing Rainbow's 1/350 single, triple and double aa sets as I am not satisfied with the aa included with the kit, but can find very little about the rainbow stuff which looked a bit flat in the pictures. Then stacking all this together I relised that I could just buy the Flyhawk detail set 350071 (the cheaper one) for not much more. So should I buy the Flyhawk, which would really be pushing the money I want to spend on this boat (keep in mind I am buying off a 14 year old's saved up pocket money). If anyone can supply any more info or instructions for this Flyhawk kit I would be very happy. Also if anyone has any unused PE from their Yamato build for a (very) cheap price I would be greatful I know I've asked alot, Harvey
  9. Artwox decks

    Hi, does anyone know of a UK stockist or reputable overseas supplier for Artwox decks? I'm struggling to find 1/350 ones fro Trumpeter HMS Hood and HMS Zulu. Cheers Nick
  10. New HMS Ark Royal 1/350 for Merit Intl

    White Ensign Models has released their 1/350 HMS Ark Royal III set for the Merit International kit: https://www.whiteensignmodels.com/p/WEM+1350+Ark+Royal+PE35181/25533/#.WKL6vZhviHs We've got some fresh in stock in the UK at Sovereign Hobbies ...
  11. Continuing their prolific range of 1/350 scale submarines, Mikro-Mir's kit of HMS K-15 is another example of the Royal Navy's steam-powered K-Class subs. Following on from their earlier release of HMS K-4, this new version has the raised 'Swan Bow' fitted to later boats to improve their seakeeping. The excellent box art ..... The hull is a new moulding to incorporate the Swan Bow......... ... compare this to the earlier hull at top...... The other parts sprue is also new - and has open wells for the twin funnels as well as a new bridge..... The etched brass fret has the propellers, railings and other small parts - note the cross-shaped parts to make up the funnel wells. The decal sheet provides water level markings, bridge windows and pennant numbers for HMS K-15, K-16 and K-22 (the ex-K-13)... The small A4 instruction sheet gives a potted history as well as a painting guide for all 3 variants..... The reverse shows the parts and exploded diagram style construction drawings.... This is another excellent kit from Mikro-Mir and fills yet another gap in any collection of Royal Navy submarines. More anon....... Ken
  12. As I was building the EVA resin kit of the 1940's Upholder - I wondered if I could make a companion model of the 1990's version. I did some research - and found a side profile drawing in a Russian submarine book I had - and Wiki informed me that the beam was 7.2 metres in diamter. I checked in my stash for a suitable donor kit - and discovered that the Hobby Boss kit of the German navy Type 212 had the approx diameter hull - even the bows looked the same - the only problem was the hull length - way too short - and of course the upper decking and bridge (sail, conning tower??) Luckily 7m converts to 20mm in 1/350 scale and I found some 20mm dia plastic knitting needles to use a plug to lengthen the hull. So, here goes........... Type 212 at top - compared to Upholder drawing. Type 212 hull sawn in half - with 20mm dia plastic knitting needle 'plug'. More to follow.... Ken
  13. Inspired by Claudius' excellent build of the EVA resin kit, I sent off for one..... Here's what you get - a very large box for the contends, a solid resin hull, a bag of resin parts, an etched-brass fret, a decal sheet and a folded A4 instruction sheet The contents - the solid hull, two display stands, the bridge and periscopes, the deck gun and mount and plastic rod to make the prop shafts etc. The etched brass fret has the rudder and diving planes, railings, propellers and other fittings, whilst the small decal sheet has the penant numbers and RN Ensign. Ken
  14. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Time to start a new project; 1/350 HMS Dreadnought with White Ensign & Eduard PE and some resin detail from North Star; and Master barrels; Replacement resin guns from North star; And 24" searchlight for the fore mast, the kit provides a 36" which is incorrect; Made a start, first bit is to correct the port holes and hatches on the port bow area; Add these 2 port holes; Remove this hatch and add another pothole below the hatch on the upper deck; And add a new hatch in the correct position - hopefully a more accurate depiction of the real thing; Name on the stern from the WEM PE before joining the hull halves. There are photos of the ship with the name originally below the upper line of port holes captioned as 1905 and later,1908 above, I'm not sure when the name was moved but went for above the port holes; 1905 1908 Thanks for looking Cheers Nick
  15. Swedish submarines I had earlier built the HMS Gotland in 1/350 from OKB Grigorov and started a search for the other Swedish submarine that have been made as a model. That was the HMS Västergötland from Sea Wolf. The searchtook a couple of year but finally I got one. it isn't a very large kit in 1/350 scale. The finished kit. Two of the submarines in this class got modified with Stirling engines and I wanted to build one. I was lucky to find a second kit so I could start one. This conversion fought me. After all work with putty and sanding was done I managed to break it apart so I had to glue it together again and start all over. To finish it I had to make a similar propeller as on the HMS Gotland. (Plastic card and the tip of an aircraft missile) Here they are together. Gotland, Södermanland an Västergötland. Named after provinces in Sweden. (The Gotland build: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234930841-hms-gotland-finished
  16. I will not talk too much,just to say brilliant kits,I will put a link for the review.I have been at this kit since Sept,came with me on Holiday,were all the hatches and extra detail has been added.
  17. The latest from Mikro-Mir's prolific output of 1/350 scale submarines - the Soviet Project 628 submarine. This was a post-war project designed to place a Chelomie 10XN 'Volna' (V1 copy) missile onto a wartime K-Class sub - similar to the US Navy 'Loon' on the USS Cusk.. Unlike the US Navy, the Soviet project never actually got built.... Unlike the fixed ramp on the USS Cusk, Project 628 was to feature a retractable girder ramp to launch the Volna missile... The Mikro-Mir V1 copy is tiny - but beautifully moulded.... Here's the USS Cusk for comparison..... Ken
  18. USS Langley CV-1

    Don't know if it is curiosity right now or intent, but I'm wondering if anyone knows where to find plans for this great little lady? I have a hankering for 1/350, but the only ones I've seen available for the Langley are expensive resin models that would be fine but for the price. I can't plunk 400 bucks down on a model. Crazy stuff. But, if I had plans of the collier Jupiter as well as the Langley, perhaps it is something I might scratch build at some date. So, that's the question? Where could I get said plans, for the hull as well as the superstructure and flight deck? Thom.
  19. Good afternoon. Does anyone know of any German pre-dreadnought battleships in 1/350? I don't mind if the kit is resin or plastic, I just want to know if there are any. Thank you.
  20. Gentlemen...... I present to you... the USS Parche, SSN-683 - said to be the most decorated vessel in US History. Parche was a 'Special Ops' boat - using a Sturgeon class hull lengthened by 100ft to accomodate the extra crew and equipment for covert ops. The model is made using two Mikro-Mir Sturgeon hull cut and joined together to get the new length. The raised deck forward of the sail is scratched from palstic card - as is the rear sonar dome. The WIP thread is here. Another one to add to my growing collection of 1/350 scale subs - and another Special Operations boat. Ken
  21. Look what the postman just delivered..... the latest 1/350 scale Mikro-Mir kit of the Soviet Project 628 Submarine. This was a design study to fit a Chelomei 10XN 'Volna' (Wave) missile to a wartime K-Class sub. The 10XN was a copy by Chelomei of the German V-1 pulse-jet missile - successfully air launched from a Pe-8. The later 14XN incorporated twin pulse jets. This is a clever use by MM of their existing K-Class kit ............. .... combined with a new sprue for the revised bridge, missile hangar and launch ramp plus a tiny 10XN/V-1 missile..... The kit retains the existing etched-brass fret and decal sheet - most of which is unused in this version.... The painting instructions are very clear - although painting that red-and-white checkerboard on the 20mm long missile might prove challenging!! Another one for the collection. Ken
  22. The USS Parche was a lengthened Sturgeon class boat converted for 'Special Operations' I'm using to Mikro-Mir USS Sturgeon kits, suitable chopped, to make the lengthened hull........ The front of one hull is joined to the rear of a second hull to make the new one...... ...... and strengthened on the inside with strips of plastic card........ A coat of grey primer shows that the various joins have been filled and sanded down to eliminate all traces of the surgery.... Next job is to scratch that forward decking...... Ken
  23. Hi folk,s my entry will be Trumpeters 1/350 HMS Zulu,she was launched in 1937 and after war service which included the Norway campaign and convoy duties was lost off Tobruk in September 1942 to Italian bombers while being towed to Alexandria after an earlier attack.Trumpeters kit appears to be well liked by the Maritime modelling community with the purist's quite rightly pointing out certain issues regarding armament fit etc which I can live with,I,ve ordered via my LMS so about a week till I can show the box content's so heres the box art.The length of the GB is perfect for a nice "chilled" build(so I can squeeze in that Hurricane).
  24. I decided to drag out of my stash this old kit that I had for 15 years, I thought it was about time to give it its sea trials. I've used fibre optics to light the rear fins and sail and some smds for the bow lighting and 1 red led for the interior lighting. I added a floor for the decking and some old photo etch on the walls that is just about visible through the tiny windows. I tried to build the diorama as close to the screen capture from the original 17 foot model. I hope you enjoy the Voyage.
  25. Having built Airfix 1/600 Leanders in the 1970's,then another one last year,with Atlantic Models owned buy Peter Hall,who did design work for White Ensign Models before it crossed the pond.When he brought this out a 1/350 ,had to have one,plus at Christmas time,received the 1st series of a TV drama series called "Warship".There are 4 series and the second series has also been released.Not going to say much about the kit,because there is a review on this site.I have been busy on this for the last 4 weeks. Reveiw http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234976589-hms-cleopatra-leander-class-frigate-1350/