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  1. Star Destroyer is completely removable from the Stand & has integral A/C input socket Stand Lighting adapter fit:
  2. Strange, They appear on my PC even when not logged in..... I'm uploading them from MS OneDrive Phil
  3. Long time ago.... I built The MKI version of Randy Cooper's ISD. Always been a huge admirer of the Star Destroyer ever since EPVI and the famous FLY-OVER chasing the Blockade Runner. Decided to model the latest rendition, as featured in the Film "Rogue One" This is the most recent and more accurate MKII version, which is actually longer than the original. Now 43" (110cm in length) Model features 2 Additional Blockade Runners & 2 Millennium Falcons Built this during Lockdown last Year - 3 months work Aluminum 40mm Tube runs 3/4 length through the fuselage supports for strength. Custom made stand with integral A/C socket for the lighting adapter. This time the Model has Lighting & a host of Shapeways 3d Printed upgrades for the ultimate finish. Lots of pictures to come, here is the first: Phil
  4. This is the same Moulding as the Nice N Model resin kit. Steve told me he was working with Round 2 to release the injection moulding version. Also a good thing really as I’ve built the resin version and the new offering looks to be more accurate with crisper detailing too. A lot more wallet friendly too. As the resin will set you back £300 + shipping and customs charges. Only snag is that Steve halved his actual Studio model offering and labelled it 1/350 scale. A big debate on this but at 350m long according to the research this Ktinga is actual more like 1/537. Klingon KTingas are longer thAn the Enterprise 1701/1701A (305m) if you don’t believe me? Have a good look on the web and watch the Undiscoverd Country. the KTinga’s & D7’s have 2 decks on the head unit. 1/350scale at 24” depicts a single deck so the Klingons can view at foot level or a thin slot above eye level. 1/537 @ 24” measures out to have 2 decks in height. So as you’d come to expect 2 rows of windows. if you want a 1/350 Klingon to go with the Enterprise. Than the 1/350 Bird of Prey seems correct scale comparison. my 200 pennies worth.
  5. Been off the site for a while and just realised that i need to find another place to host images!
  6. The Hull and it's integral geometry when built are extremely strong. The shape and structure is very tough and not too much extra support is required. Although some additional vertical support is required later before the superstructure buildings at the rear are mounted, this will prevent any sagging of the main hull where there is no support. Also the front section needs a rib too. As do the buildings need a few roof beams, due to sagging and warping of the relatively thin resin here. Once completed and all wrapped up, the ISD is strong as you'd ever need it to be. Trust me i've accidentally banged into almost every door frame in the house and it doesn't even care. The vertical braces ensure the superstructure can lay flat on the main hull without any gaps, just the way you need it to be!
  7. I think it is important on this build to get the Geometry of the Hull correct before the build. All joining lines - Centre/Front/Middle join to need to square first. Basically the ISD is 2 Isosceles Triangles each made up of 2 Right angle triangles. These 4 major hull pieces need to be built up first in order to ensure they are completely flat on the surface detail side. This way all major seems/gaps & joins can be avoided. Then they simply lie on the internal structure, which yes did need a bit of reinforcement.
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