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  1. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    I haven't been posting daily updates as I didn't want to fill up/clog up the thread. But the end is drawing near I'll start daily updates as those last couple of positions are up for grabs by a few GB's!
  2. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    ok that fun time of the week we've all been waiting for.............chart update time!!! Good news for some and not for others. The front runners are still the front runners and the cellar dwellers well......maybe next year! It's now just a race for that final 9th spot! While to chart shows pretty much gains all round, but when I update it daily I see the votes are going all over the place. Behind the scenes there is a lot of vote changing going on mainly of course around that 9th position spot. Even at this stage 8 votes above the current cutoff mark still isn't a guarantee of a spot in next years GB's. It's all going to happen in these final days!!
  3. 1980's Front Line Asia, we are 32!!

    offer free beer!!! or get the Russians to rig the results? I was looking forward to dragging out some of my Soviet "heavymetal" stuff as well!l
  4. Well another busy day and lots of progress, the paintings almost done and she looks awesome! First off some of the other bits! The main gear appeared to be too long for the doors, the main wheel should be hidden by most of the door, which in this case it didn’t. The main gear is too long in all sections. The only proper way to fix this would be to rebuild the whole gear….not an option in this case. So I ended up cutting a section out of the lower part of the main struts, the wheel still fitted but it would now sit correctly. As the main gear is white metal I ended up drilling and fitting a steel pin into the section I cut to add strength. While I was at it I rebuilt the main gear doors as the first attempt was pretty much crap! At this time I discovered that the smaller flap doors should have been flat at their hinge and not rounded as with the model, another error with the model. As this “squared” section is quite small I’ve built it into the door itself. Once the door is fitted most of this section will be hidden and a small bit of filler and paint will finished the job. Ok the main part of the day was spent applying the markings/Hinomura’s and starting the weathering process. The marks were actually really hard to do, as they would need to be masked first, then painted on. Masking and painting a round circle sounds really easy……..but actually it’s not! They then required a coat of white first before the red, else the red would have been too dark. While I was at it I did the canopy as well. Once this was complete it was time to start the weather process, I was worried the whole time that the paint would lift off when I took the masks off. But actually the opposite was the case, it took quite sometime to remove the paint I wanted, which actually allowed me to control the process a bit more, and the results…. Am really happy with the results! Compared to all the photo’s I can find of the different aircraft of that time I’ve managed to get it just about right! Fit this aircraft at one particular time….hard to say as there are no photos! But she looks weathered and a bit beaten up. The side marking maybe a bit much but I’ll patch that up, again something I’ve seen in photos. Next up is a clear coat and the pair of decals that need to go into the tail. Then I can start the final weathering process. There’s still quite a bit to do but there’s now a good possibility That I’ll finished her in time, will know more tomorrow.
  5. Awesome job Bill!! I'm so glad you were able to finish her, the finish on her is perfect as we come to know with your builds. Am looking forward to your next project.
  6. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    ok here it is! At this rate I'm going to have to lengthen my chart! there now appear to be a coupe of clear front runners and unfortunately the bottom 5 are quite liable to remain there. It's still anyones guess as to which GB will be the lucky 9th? There may even be a tie? Interestingly, last year here were 25 GB's up for 9 spots with over 1100 votes being cast!
  7. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    there have been some big movers in the polls and generally most GB's have gotten some votes, however three of them are looking a bit dead in the water at the moment having no votes in the last 24hrs. I'll post an update in the morning to cover the changes over the weekend
  8. Ok a double update today. I have finished the major painting!! After masking the bottom colour went on nicely and I even tried to do a bit of post panel fading as well, a bit hard to see in this photo. Then more masking and ready for the top colour. The painting was easy, trying to work out the pattern and how to do it was hard! The pictures I had weren’t much good. But from the description it appears to have been a Green mottle over NMF originally then later the Grey undersides were added and the upper surfaces sprayed over in green. Interestingly the cowling was lightly mottled all over as well as the gear door. Unfortunately there are now pictures or drawings showing how far the mottle extended on the underside. Maybe the gear doors were just done for when the aircraft was on the ground?? There’s a wee bit of overspray here and there, some I’ll fix and some I’ll leave. Once it’s had overnight to dry I’ll do the canopy and the Hinomaru’s, these will be painted. Then it’ll be time to rough her up!
  9. Ok a bit of update while paint is drying!! Am making good progress but it’s still 50/50 whether I’ll finish in time or not! Ok now it was time for the cowling, this was the last major part of the build and something I wasn’t really looking forward. The inside of the cowling was first painted aluminum before a light coat of the “Aotake” primer, sort of a clear metallic blue. It’s still a bit dark for my liking but it’ll be ok in the cowling, for the wheels bays I’ll thin it down even more. This done it was not time for the real fun and games……fitting the cowling. To help make this process a bit easier I adding some small pins to help align and give it some strength. Once fitted I found some serious problems with the shape of it (actually the whole model has some serious shape issues!!). The under side of the cowl had a huge bulge in it. The profile should have been a continuous smooth flowing curve from the lip of the cowling to the fuselage, with no bulging. Looking down on the fitted cowling I also noticed that it bulged on the LHS as well. After some careful grinding and sanding back I got the shapes I was after. Time to fit the canopy and even more dramas here. The frames on the canopy are not really in the right place, the from section of the canopy is the wrong profile and the whole canopy is far too find! Unfortunately they only supply one canopy and there are now AM ones available so I had to use this one. I ended up opening the canopy as well as it helps hide some of these issues. Also to help it fit I grooved the fuselage where is sits so as to help it sit properly. The one nice thing was that CA cement doesn’t make it go cloudy and holds it firmly in place….a bit to firmly!! I really needed to adjust the angle of the front section of the canopy as it wasn’t quite right, but found wasn’t going to come loose without damaging it……… oh well! Painting time, up to now I’d been using Mr. Surface 1200 to prep and clean up the surfaces as well as finding any faults in the finish…..and there were plenty of those. So first real coat of paint, Model Master Metalizer Non-Buffing Aluminum. This gives it a nice base for the main colours plus allows me to “chip” away the top coats. Plus it has a horrible habit of showing up faults as well….more filling and sanding was required around the flap area. Next up masking for the Anti-glare panel and wing leading edges and painting. It actually came out really well. If it had have been a plastic model I may have just left it as it is in a NMF, but there are issues that need to be hidden! Once this has dried a bit I’ll make of these area and start the main colours, IJA Grey for the underside and IJA Green for the top. For this aircraft the top colour is not completely solid and not a pattern finish, it’s a sort of mixture. I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to do it yet, all I know is it’s very patchy.
  10. Yeap, unfortunately they're not included! I did think about this a lot before I posted the original thread. In it's most purest form and one most people can easily recognise is a ship that has a flight deck that runs from one end to the other, uninterrupted, from which aircraft (and choppers) operate off. Of course there are lots of other types of ships that choppers and aircraft can operate off, even some subs! If you include these then someone will say what about small ships that choppers operate and suddenly the GB almost becomes anything that floats or flies GB, which is not what I intended fro the start. For this GB and I don't think there has been any other the same I just wanted to stick to the simple type of aircraft carrier we all know and the aircraft that operate from them. I added the assault carriers because by virtue they have a through deck as well, plus it'd add a wee bit of extra variety as well. As the GB stands now the range of subject matter eligible is huge, both aviation and naval wise so there's bound to be something for everyone. I know that the vast majority of builds will be aircraft, but it's a nice change to include another subject matter into the build and the navy members don't often get a chance to enjoy a GB. Hopefully we'll see more than a few carriers in the build. For future GB I agree it would be nice to have one with all the other specialist vessels that aircraft/choppers can and do operate, It just needs a framework to be created for a GB.
  11. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    ....and so it begins!1 What a difference a day makes!
  12. nice choices Pat..... are any resin? That's one of the nice things with this GB, the choices are huge for aircraft and ship builders! I'm looking at the following for possible builds: 1/48th Hasegawa F-14D “Bombcat” 1/48th Collect-Aire F3H-2M/N Demon 1/48th Collect-Aire RA-5C Vigilante !/32nd Fisher Model & Pattern Sea Fury yeah 3 are resin!
  13. **What If IV GB

    we shouldn't be, I'm sure Arnold said he would be in one of the earlier post? I know I stuck my hand up as Co-Host.
  14. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    ok chart update time. As can be seen thing are still moving along we have some clear front runners and now a group that may not in most cases make it.....unfortunately! It's those in the middle that are the interest. I update this chart daily and for the last 3 day votes have been going up and down in this area. We're now past the halfway mark and very soon the battle will be on for those final spots.
  15. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    ok, I can now see votes being changed!!! I did a quick update yesterday at the airport and one just now and there have been a few changes, and battle for the final spots hasn't even started yet!