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  1. Some good progress made today plus something a bit odd happened! The wings were given a coat of primer and the results are near perfect! I’m very happy with the way they came out and well worth the extra work involved. No join lines anywhere, just a couple of panel lines to sort out. Just some discolouration from the two different coloured resin, which will disappear once I start the actual painting process. Ok now for the odd bit, the primer used is Vallejo’s Acrylic-Polyurethane Surface Primer. This stuff is meant to be really good and I’ve used it before with good results. However this time I noticed that as soon as it became wet during sanding back the wing joins (it had cured for well over 12 hours), it started to bubble and lift off! Once it’d dried out again it was ok….most strange. The Tamiya acrylic I used before this still stuck like glue. I’ve not come across this before or have heard of it happening. Think I may stick to Tamiya acrylics of primers for now! OK with the wings done the centre section could be fitted. Again, all the test fitting before hand paid off. This is a known problem area on this model and does require quite a bit of filling. Most of the joins had been shimmed with plastic card before hand, so all that was required was just a small amount of filler in a couple of places. I’ll go over these with a bit of paint as a final check, plus I still need to add some thin strip to the gap behind the trailing edge of the inner flaps. This done, the tail surfacers were added, again just some careful sanding was required, I may get away without filler here as I used extra CA cement when fitting to act as filler. Just for something different I decided to do some work on the stores. The drop tank mounts weren’t the best and needed quite a bit of work to fit nicely. The bomb and rocket mounts fitted much better. The configuration here was not the normal for RN aircraft, it was used by the Canadians (who came up with it) and the RAN. It made it really simple to configure the weapons load. I was planning to go with 500lb’s but the rockets are actually quite nicely detailed…..something to think about. She’s starting to look very impressive now, though the actual wing mounting points aren’t really secure, once they’re up it’ll be a look but no touch model for sure! So once I’ve finished cleaning up and finishing the wings the cowling will go on, the U/c sort of has to wait now until the painting has finish, though I’ll try to do what I can before hand. From there it’s pretty much painting time, this will be a bit different from usual as well. This is a super enjoyable build and despite the work required on the wing joins quite a simple build.
  2. thanks, I've just done a coat of primer, near perfect finish so am really happy, now can fit the wing. I knew the wing fold would be the thing that gets noticed, that's why I've been spending so much time on it.
  3. …well finished ……not quite! Another busy couple of day in which I tried to cut my figure off plus had to have a tooth removed!! Ok most of the time has been spent cleaning up everything plus fixing up a few areas where sanding caused issues. One of which was the trailing edge of the centre section of the wings. A bit of plastic rod and CA cement easily sorted this out. The same with the rear section of the new wing cutout where it meets the flaps, again some bits of resin were used to rebuild this section. Speaking of which they forgot to mention the flaps when cutting out the wing. The outer flaps needed to be cut out seperately from the wing and then refitted. Luckily they supplied new flaps for if you want to have them down (almost never seen down when the wings were folded), so I used the replacements instead, this gave me a much better join. I spent quite a bit of time on the intakes for the oil coolers and radiator. Because of a small bit of shrinkage of the lower section of the wing I needed to do some work on this area. I had to reshape the openings for the Carburetor and radiator intakes, either by making new sidewalls or careful trimming of the existing resin. Also the top of the Carburetor intakes opening wasn’t quite right so I rebuilt this as well. With all this completed it was time to give everything a light coat of grey just to see how all the joins looked. Actually they came out not to badly at all. So minor sink makes in the filler and odd blemishes around the place, these were relatively quickly sorted out. I thought it best that I start doing some work on the wing fold interiors while the wing we still easy to work with. There are a few discrepancies between the real thing and the kit-supplied part. Most noticeably there’s an actuator missing from behind the rear hinge and there’s really nowhere for it to go! Plus some ribs are missing. The rear hinge is slightly to far back and the opening for the ammo belts is a bit too wide. Short of doing some fairy major work I’ve tried move things slightly, it’s not 100% accurate but now looks much better. Well maybe......I've just noticed I've put a couple of those small details in the wrong place!! Will sort that out later. There’s also a painted rubber (?) seal on the centre section of the wing fold I had to add as well, the filler is there to smooth things out. I’ve added a few small bits for the Pin Locking assembly plus some additional hole in the out wing assemblies. Once the painting is finished I’ll add the pipework/wiring and actuators to this area I’m now about ready to join the wing and fuselage together. I’ve spent a lot of time on the join trying to get it all to fit nicely with the least amount of filler. I needed to add a section of plastic strip to the rear wing opening on the fuselage as there was quite a gap here and I needed something for the CA glue to hold to. The wing fold has been the most work so far, eating up nearly 3 days and there’s still a bit to go as well, but all the major stuff I needed to do is done. I’ll just give the wings a final rub down them a coat of proper primer, I’ll do this before I fit the wings.
  4. ok yes insanity took over and I cut up the wings….I rather wished I hadn’t, but too late now! Plus furious rate of building has now slowed of course something that was planned for, extra medication not so much planned for! So first thing yesterday armed with a cup of tea and still in PJ’s I set off to cut the wings up........before I had a cup of coffee and a sanity check. I mean who in there right mind cuts up a frighteningly expensive model…..me it seems! Right there were two way to go about this, either make two cuts on each wing and remove the sections that were going to be replaced, or cut the wing at the fold lines then remove the extra material from each wing to fit the new sections as required. The safe option was the second and it ended up be the better option! First off the fold lines on both side of the wings were lined up with Dyno tap, I used this for a cutting guide. There was some shrinkage in the lower piece of the wing so that the panel lines didn’t quite line up with the top one, but I used the panel lines on the top of the wing as reference points. It much easier to re-scribe lines than have to add material accidentally cut off! So I was left with this, as I posted in the tease for yesterday, plus this. I was actually really happy with the cuts as they were near perfect and almost square, so only a tiny amount of sanding to square everything up was required. I added some internal bracing to each of the wing sections for extra support. I ended up removing the one on the outer wings as they didn’t need it and just got in the way. Next up to glue in the new sections to each wing. This is where working with resin is a pain. CA glue is great because you can work really fast when constructing and there's no waiting around. It’s bad because you only get one chance to get it right!!!! CA Gel, well it allows you to adjust bit first, but I find you end up getting it everywhere and you still glue things in the wrong spot! Epoxy, is really slow, it get everywhere and it’s a pain to clean up join lines. Building plastic models is soooo easy! Well out of the 4 new pieces I got 2 right straight away, one on the second attempt and the last well it was a bit out and so stuck fast it was never going to be removed! At this stage while gluing I found out that they should have mentioned that I needed to have removed the outer flaps! These were removed after much cursing. These are the wings after gluing prior to ant clean up work, the white bits on the joins of the new bits (the lighter colour resin) are from the CA accelerator. Ok after liberal amounts of filler and over night curing everything was given a sanding back, resulting in this. It needs a second batch of filler in a few areas and I’ll have to rebuild a section of resin on the part I misaligned but overall it’s in good shape. I’ve got the second lot of filler curing overnight at the moment. It took longer to pose it for this photo than it took to cut a wing off! Here it looks like a Star Wars vessel! Once these wings are cleared up I can get back to the normal building which should be fairly quick. There’s not an awful lot to do before painting actually. Fit the elevators, a wee bit of filler required here and fit the wing…..a little bit more than a wee bit required here I think. I reckon by the end of the weekend she should be close to painting. Ok time now for a trade secret………. The secret to a quick resin build is good reference material, lots of test fitting, and good Rum!!! This comes from way up in the north of part of Australia where everything will kill you! A bit further north than the spot where you could place the whole of the British Isles…and loose it! From a wee town called Kununurra, gosh I wish I could hear that trying to be pronounced, I bet some wives wouldn't! It’s produced in a tiny wee distillery up there, but unfortunately the old owner cane grower/distiller passed away just before Christmas. So the wee dram and model are for him!
  5. Airfix Sea Fury 1/48

    Ok I just found this little interesting bit about carrier operations. Most planned missions were around 2 1/2hr in duration with external tanks. The additional weight of the tanks meant they needed to use RATOG or catapults. If they were armed with a pair of 500lb bombs them they need a minimum of 28kts over the bow to launch (interestedly the Fireflies only needed 21kts), even with the catapults! Due to the general weather conditions there they mainly armed with rockets. There was an Admiralty order in place that the maximum underwing loading was to be 4x rockets loaded when carrying drop tanks. Though that seemed be forgotten about from 1952, where the common load was 2x 500lb bomb with a 30 second fuse. Later they even went to 1000lb bombs, but these aircraft had to be launched with RATOG. Though there was one reported launch where the pilot forgot to fire them, he disappear from sight over the bow but luckily had enough momentum slowly gain altitude! As for the weapons pylon layout with tanks fitted it's a bit all over the place as well, could be bomb rack by itself normally on the inner most position, but can be on the centre ( inner, centre, and outer are referring the the rocket pylon position), rockets 4 or 6, though if you use the larger drop tank then the inner rockets were not loaded (only 4 carried). Or the strange layout that a lot of RAN aircraft used, was rocket pylons in the inner and outer position and a bomb rack in the centre position! This is the config I'll be using. Ok as far as the door inside colour...... Well I don't think there is any agreement on this, it's generally thought to be Sky or Hawker Primer or even Grey. I think though the undersurface Sky is considered the correct colour. The U/c legs themselves... grey or silver, not sure. Be careful with using restored aircraft as a colour reference as it appears that quite a few of these Reso jobs are intact incorrectly painted. Once I can work out the gear colour I'll let you know....... now back to my resin origami or Sea Fury wing folding!
  6. Airfix Sea Fury 1/48

    I like the instrument panel, it looks great, but you're right, you don't much of the inside of the cockpit at all when closed up and being black doesn't help at all. Just looking over the sprue pictures, I wish mine had folding wing option built in like those, I see you get RATO pods too, nice! A nice election of stores as well, just be careful of what you select. The bigger tanks were less commonly used operationally, more from what I read as ferry tanks. Weight was the issue with Sea Fury carrier operations in Korean, so they used the smaller tank and often only 4 rather than 6 rockets or a pair of bombs. Do you get the option to fit the single mount rockets as I can't see them there or do you just "modify" the doubles? Also when fitted with with a single rocket there was a brace fitted between the two small mounting pylons, for the double mount (as supplied by the looks of it), it had this brace removed. I haven't been able to find out why. Sorry I'm sounding like a rivet counter now....... But gosh it's a nice looking model, will be following with interest.
  7. opps......... well there's no going back now.........
  8. hmm yes! I do need to get this one out of the way as the Carrier GB is coming up and the project for that is a resin 1/48th RA-5C Vigilante with AM cockpit, wheel wells, and tail pipes........not of which were meant for it! Thanks, as mentioned, she's a dream to build, the only issue so far with the build was the one join on the wing. If I don't cut the wings then I could have the wings and fuselage joined and finished today!
  9. Rich's KUTA 2017 failures......? not quite there

    don't worry I'm a shocker with this build, missed to deadlines already! But she's just sitting there at the moment waiting for her final coat of clear, then the last couple of parts to be fitted. May get to her today.
  10. Messerschmitt Me-262 STGB

    hmm in this case no. The hot water trick is for warped bits, when carefully heat they usually return to their original shape. I this case however I think when the two parts of the mould were placed together, the top section sort of splayed out a fraction at the tail section and allowed the bottom one to slide in a bit? They may have been clamped together as well. The fuselage is a solid piece and the moulds will be made from silicon.
  11. Messerschmitt Me-262 STGB

    as you can see there's a difference between the upper and lower section of the fuselage. From the basic measurements I've done, the top section of the mould looks to have spread slightly in the casting process. I'm going to e-mail him to see if I can get a replacement. Otherwise I'll recast it and make two copies, that way I can cut them up and make a perfect one. I like cunning plans.....
  12. Messerschmitt Me-262 STGB

    just give it a go, other than the fault with mine (I have his 1/72nd Ju-488 and it's perfect, same with the swept wing set for the Arado Ar-234) they are lovely models, and they build up nicely. You should do the Stage 2 version! They'd look nice together.
  13. Messerschmitt Me-262 STGB

    mmm they're not the cheapest, but are nicely made.......least they're not as bad as the Fisher Model & Pattern stuff! I got my Sea Fury super cheap, I just wish I could find some of there other stuff just as cheap!!!!
  14. …and another hard day at the office here! Got lots done and am ever closer to having to decide whether to cut the wings or not! Anyway the cockpit was finally finished, doesn’t look too bad at all. Again as you can see once fitted most of the work cannot be seen………but I know it’s there and that’s all that matters in the end! I added some extra bracing to keep it all in place. The cowling auxiliary doors were added, I fixed them in the closed position, open and you would see a lot of the stuff behind the engine! I had no proper photos or drawings of that area so decided against scratch building it….plus it saves a lot of time as well. They were actually a bit of a pain to fit as well! The instructions mention fitted gluing the engine to the cowling be left to after the cowling has been fitted to the fuselage???? I had no idea how that would work at all, so decided to do that task now. It took forever!!! I ended up having to shim the engine ring (behind the last row of cylinders) to help even it out and square it. I found out later the rear hub unit for the prop is moulded out of alignment as well (the hole in it is not square)!!! So it now means I have to rotate this hub and the prop unit to get everything to line out correctly and the opening to be even! What a pain and I forgot to paint the blank spaces around the rear cylinders black as well! And of course apart from the opening you can’t really see a thing! The final big job was the wing…..it’s together! The main wheel well was redone, first all the panel line were done, them a light coat of the main colour again, then finally dry-brushing. Just the basics and it looks great. There’s some more stuff that needs to be fitted and a wee bit more detailing to be done, but I can do that institute without to much drama. The wings could be finally be closed up now. The only dramas was that I somehow managed to move the wheel well unit out of position even after I super glued it in its right position!! So the wheels will be out by just over 1.5mm, nothing huge, just a annoyance, especially after all the time I took to try and get it right in the first place. The instructions did warn of resin shrinkage in the wing section, and there was some. I’ve ended up with the RH section of the inner lower wing being a wee bit out when compared to the upper wing (the LH side is fine). It required some extra filling of the lower wing join with plastic card, but other than some panel lines you wouldn’t notice. So the wing is about 70% cleaned up and now I have to decide whether to cut the wings or not! I guess worse case is that I have to glue them back together with shims to make up for the lost material, not a huge job, but a right pain in the butt. I guess in the next update you’ll find out which way I went……. Gee at the rate I’m going I’ll finish her in another week and I’ll still have a week to go in my break! Oh and I ended up having to buy new tyres for her, the supplied ones were Radials that were fitted in later years, the correct ones for her on the carrier were Diamond tread pattern. Plus I'm replacing the resin gun barrels and pitot tube with new brass ones from Master Model.
  15. Messerschmitt Me-262 STGB

    this has just arrived for me in the mail. It looks to be very nice, only drama is there is a slight miss match in the moulding of the fuselage (between upper and lower sections of the mould), so there is a mismatch in the rear section of the fuselage. I will contact them to see if I can get a replacement. Wrse case I can remould/rebuild it, not a huge task, just a bit of a pain. I'll be building the early stage 1 version without the jets.