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  1. just take your time, you have got a clear coat on everything don't you?
  2. you have been busy with the fine stuff......those static discharges look great, but I hope they gave you plenty of spares?
  3. Polish MiG-29

    I can image that lining it up with have been a challenge, but it looks good once it's on.
  4. they look good together, a panel wash would certainly bring out the details.
  5. Airfix Mig29 9.12 Polish AF

    that's a shame Stu, but don't worry I think there's going to be a few who don't make it including myself!
  6. Double Fulcrum Build

    the detail on the GWH one is really nice and the joins don't look too bad either. The Academy one is pretty bad, I've abandoned mine for multiple reasons but fit and detail are part of it.
  7. gosh that's looking good!!
  8. sweet!!!
  9. **The Pacific at War GB - 32 and still going

    This is or as the first time this type of GB was proposed. I wanted some of these GB's that in the past have not had the number to go through, like SEA Conflict and Aust. & NZ at War GB's, to have a chance. So I figured I'd try to put them into one over arching GB. I could have made it a Pacific War GB but would have been just be a free for all, and not really in the spirit of GB's. These were just the three choices I came up for for this GB. Both of the ones I early mentioned had failed the first time even though there was some real interest in them There are heaps of other conflicts/campaigns that could have been included, the PNG lasted the entire war and is concidered one of the hardest, Guadalcanal/Soloman Is is another important one, the battle for Iwo Jima, plus heaps of important naval battles as well. But as I mentioned in the opening thread I wanted to TRY and keep it simple and just have three conflicts including the Aust & NZ which is one I'm particularly interested in. Next time round if I decide to start another GB thread there'll be a different three. As to the carriers, there is another GB proposed that covers all those other carrier actions in the pacific and the aircraft that flew off them.
  10. 1/32nd Nakajima Ki-44 "Tojo" - 11/9 update

    I've got a few bags of the stuff if you like?
  11. yeah large amounts of filler will do than unfortunately! One of the unfortunate issues with filler also in large quantities it will shrink and crack over time. In this case it has softened the plastic and started to shrink. The best thing for holding nose weights in is CA glue or even plastacine will work. Just give a few days to settle down, you an try drilling a small hole to see if that helps, then you're just have to fill it. It shouldn't be a big job and remember to mask off the area behind the radome, that'll make repainting much easier. Try to use filler for only minor stuff, thin plastic sprue or thin sheet are your best friends for filling all the bigger stuff.
  12. Gee she looks nice painted, well done with the painting and the finish. Those decals looks nice and I agree go with the Cobra.
  13. Messerschmitt Me-262 STGB

    welcome aboard chaps! oh ok.....for some reason I thought this one was starting in January! Well that's a relief, I now have even more time to decide what to build....and I have no idea.......other than of course a Me-262!
  14. **The Pacific at War GB - 32 and still going

    welcome along, and there are some choices there to choose from.
  15. Polish MiG-29

    gee she looks nice with some colour on! Very close to having her done.