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  1. Like what you're doing here Kent. Look forward to seeing more
  2. Looks great. Can't wait to have a go at one of these myself
  3. Lovely finish, I think you've nailed the finish
  4. Been working on the mounting point for the aircraft as it's going to be done "in flight. I'm using acrylic rod which I had a mate mill a 1/4 inch square on . I'll be mounting it into the rear of one of the main leg fairings. I used square box on the inside of the wing And scrap to make a box on the main gear fairing Everything together and it's time for filling. getting the main gear doors to fit was a challenge and fairings for the main legs didn't really match the doors so magi sculpt was used to fill and contour that area. Getting the slats to fit was also a challenge as these don't really fit that well onto the recess in the wing.. Just proving what a stupid idea that step in the upper wing is. I also moved the anti col light fairing to the correct (for an A-4K) side. The crappy insert in the back of the aircraft also doesn't fit at all well meaning you're in for some putty work to fill the steps Wing to fuselage joint also has quite a large gap. Again water based fillers are the best tool for here . I used magi sculpt to fill the worst of it and finished off with Vallejo filler.
  5. Kinetic are doing the Gr.1 and Gr.3 but not until next year (IIRC). The T.4 is due this year.
  6. Thanks to all for the feedback. it's appreciated. Yeah I was never that much of a fan but I really liked the VF 41 scheme... Am tempted to do another albeit a Cliche 'd VF84 jet Yeah wings still move. And I wanted dirty missiles. Most of my references (albeit for newer weapons than these) show them quite dirt. I do agree fr certain subjects, particularity light ones like this. But I did find it much harder to get good shots with the dark background. I ended up with lots of reflections on the lens, which translated to the image (obviously )
  7. It's all done and I'm happy with the result I've posted a full article with more images and details at my blog. But if you're not interested in that here's some images
  8. Looking good. Can't fault the choice of subject
  9. Some sweet paint there Two kits . Love the masked markings My only minor criticism is the darker outline on the edges of green, it looks particularly noticeable on the nose an right wing Edit: just looked at the photos of RAF Airacobras on the first page and they show a similar paint outline - nice attention to detail.
  10. Thanks , but I've got a pretty good idea on what the skin of aircraft are like... My point is that it's a simulation of detail not an exact replica of it. The problem with raised detail is that its more difficult to replace if removed, and more difficult to accentuate. Plus is smaller scales it (like recessed) is always over scale. Personally I think the majority of recessed detail in modern kits, whilst often over scale, adds visual interest and makes the model look more realistic to the eye, not less. Each to their own indeed.
  11. Seems pretty simple to me, But to explain, when you put a wash in a recessed hole it's changes the colour of the hole and provides a visual representation of that particular detail be it be a fastener. latch or something else. So for mine, in smaller subjects recessed hole is the most effective way of simulating detail whether it be raised or flush
  12. great looking mirage
  13. The Aerobonus pilot/seat was disappointing, his visor was up, not down as it should be when flying and the arms were to short I shan't be using my other one, the Kit seat and a figure from the spares box will be just as good for my next build like this.. I ended using a head and arms from the spares box.. I didn't bother getting to carried away with the painting as he's going to be under the canopy which isn't large to begin with.
  14. Cheers mate, Can't claim it as mine though. I think I saw it mentioned on ARDC a few years ago.. Surprisingly I managed to remember .