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  1. 1/48 M-10 Tank Destroyer

    All done. I've added the 5 photos int he gallery thread. but full details and more images are at my blog but here's some a couple more images
  2. M3/M4 Medium tank Gallery

    All done. This the 1/48 Tamiya M-10 depicted as a vehicle from A Troop 31 Battery, 7th Anti Tank Regiment 2nd NZ Division , Italy late 1944. Full details at my blog but here's some images
  3. F4U Royal New Zealand Air Force

    I built a couple of RNZAF Corsairs a few years back. I ditched the Sky Models sheet straight away because the colours of the RNZAF markings looked so wrong. It was painted in the 4 tone USN scheme. But from what I read and saw in images of RNZAF Corsairs, the upper dark blue was very faded so the demarcation between it and the lower intermediate blue was pretty difficult to see. I ended up using the Ventura decals sheet V4880, but I wasn't really happy with the colours in them either, they looked to light. However at that stage I wasn't clever enough to mask some masks. The decals were also awful to work with. They were very brittle and didn't slide on the model at all, they stuck instantly to the model (to be fair Ventura models contacted m about this as they recognised something was wrong) . I do have some memory that Ventura have since redone V4880 with darker colours for the roundels that what was in the original sheet (that I used). I think the best RNZAF decals were on the old Aeromaster Sheet "RNZAF in the Pacific" . I have this sheet but wish they would reprint it
  4. 1/48 Airfix Sea Vixen FAW.2

    That's a lovely build so far. Looking forward to seeing it done
  5. Thanks. I'll try and remember it for next time
  6. Thanks everyone Thanks Antonio, I'll have to blame the instructions for that Is it the all the framing for the front windscreen that should be Aluminium?
  7. All done. I really enjoyed the build Full details and more pic's at my blog but here's some images
  8. 1/48 Airfix P-51D Mustang

    Perhaps Ray.. But it's likely the boss will make me do other things. I can recommend this kit though, it's a good one Thanks John
  9. Good luck. That Aires resin pit is the reason I've given them away
  10. 1/48 Airfix P-51D Mustang

    Got the decals on last week. Just got time to post the photos. I used the Airfix Decals for everything bar the art, codes and serial number. The Airfix decals are Cartogragh and went down well although they did need a bit of Mircosol and a fingernail to settle into the grooves. The nose art, codes and serials are from Kits-world. These also went down well. Although i found out they do not like really hot water. I did have to spent 20 minutes unravelling one of the codes.There is a little nick missing as a result of this.. I'm calling that weathering
  11. Airfix 1/48 P-51D - not that impressed

    Funnily enough I have had pretty much the exact opposite experience when building the Airfix mustang. I think it's a fantastic kit that fits really well. I had mine assembled in about 6-8 hours with hardly any filler. The only niggles I found were: tiny sink marks on the horizontal fins and on the prop blades ; the join along vertical fin inserts needed filling and re-scribing; the horizontal fins had tiny gaps; and A bit of fettling was needed to get a good fit for the gun inserts Of these the gun inserts took the longest time to fix, about 5mins each side. Apart from that it's as good as most new tool kits out there IMHO. I did take a fair bit care to clean up the sprue attachment points and dry fit things first. Most of the . I also like the plastic. It glues well and is easy to work with. You can see my build below. I've been quite pedantic on the build trying to pick out every tiny thing I found wrong. But I think they are all pretty minor. I'm no Airfix fanboy I've only ever built the 1/48 Lightning (x 2), 1/48 Mk 22 Spitfire and 1/48 Hurricane MK 1. Of these the Lightning and Mk 22 were considered Airfix's hide water mark in 1/48 prior to this latest resurgence . I thought they were OK but not great, certainly nowhere near Hasegawa etc. The Mk1 Hurricane from last year was a marked improvement on bot those but it did have one little fit issue (again I managed to solve it easily) .The Mustang is better still, it's by far the best Airfix kit I've built.
  12. 1/48 M-10 Tank Destroyer

    After I gloss coated the model I found a image of the vehicle I am modelling in, funnily enough, my reference material . So I decided to add the welded on boxes on the front guards along with the piece of timber that was attached across the front, I decided not to remove the stowage I've already attached as I like the look of it all loaded up.I then added some more stowage to the area above the bar and painted it. A flat coat then a brown enamel layer to start the weathering process