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  1. MTO B-25J Colour question

    Gents just been following this subject carefully, as I've a Monogram 48th B-25 with extras in the stash, I remembered I bought a book too, so i dug it out. SMI Library,, B-25 "Mitchell" in combat over Europe (MTO) Page 71 a colour photo simply says 458th B-25j 43-35928 large white 32 on cobalt blue tail. It's not as sharp colour wise as Bedders photo, it's more green. It's definitely not the same colour as the fuselage colour, but could be due to printing old colour photos?. Really good book lots of photos B&W and colour, bonus decals too, 3 a/c 3 scales. Just thought might help
  2. British AFV Group Build

    Which was quite a often
  3. Very nice , just put the wings together on one of mine and found that one wing has a bad upward curve Darren
  4. A Welded Cromwell with Big Boots.

    Very nice indeed Darren
  5. Suez Centurions, looking for answers

    I agree, but being able to spot the difference between 7.92mm and 7.62mm co-ax good luck, some people claim if it has an escape hatch at the rear of the turret then it's a Mk3, not so, Mid production turrets started appearing on Mk3s in 1951 Raised top plate Rear hatch deleted Loaders hatch relocated to parallel with the die of the top plate Combined 2inch bomb thrower and loaders periscope replaced by a single bomb thrower Over pressure valve continued Loaders periscope relocated to armoured housing on forward face of turret body Late production Turrets Appearing from 1954 Over pressure valve was replaced by a plain blanking plate 2inch bomb thrower deleted Hard edge turret rear started appearing but there is variations Many Mk3s where brought up to Mk5 standards except for reshaping of the turret roof. The Mk7 started appearing from 1953 and Mk8 from 1955. Tanks illustrated No5 British Battle Tanks 1945 to present by Simon Dunstan Has pictures of C Sqn 6 RTR in the Suez and is described as a Mk5 but has none of the above noted attributes? Darren
  6. Stalwart & Saracen: Firing Line vs Accurate Armour?

    I've had a few Firing line kits - not bad, not the greatest detail, some had dubious shape issues. I've had Accurate Armour kits - nice kits highly detailled, the resin can be brittle, but pricey. I'd prefer the AA kits but its a personal chioce. We still had Stollies in the late 80's no radio's fitted either. Darren
  7. 1/48 Eduard Bf 109F4

    Great Work, bet it would sell now Darren
  8. Tony Very nice indeed,looks good,so much so I bought one, can't afford the Tamiya Spit. Darren
  9. Great Build, I just got this kit as a Birthday present from a fellow BM'er (Sufa16) he's told me to do these markings, so its good to see it can be done Darren
  10. Hello from Dundee

    Aye....shame it's still open to the elements, pushed into the corner of the field and forgotten about Scottish Nationals in Perth soon, a chance to meet up Darren
  11. Hello from Dundee

    Hi Cybershed Just along the road, im in Errol Darren
  12. Hello From Montrose, Scotland

    Hi Des, I live in a wee village called Errol, good tae hae another Jock
  13. Philthy Phujimi Phantom ;)

    Always good to see a Leuchars machine