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  1. Steben


    https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/london-is-still-paying-rent-to-the-queen-on-a-property-leased-in-1211 This fits this thread well. It summarises exactly what continentals find weird in British culture.
  2. Steben


    Couldn't resist to answer: it does not state "man"less, two lesser civilians suffice.
  3. I'ld say 5000 is closer. 5010 is too saturated. Mixing a little of 5010 to 5000 will get you pretty close in the right direction. But now to find that in model paints ... nah Revell does have 5000, but not 5010 (although it is a very classic industrial colour). They do have 5005 which is almost identical.
  4. I agree on most. the classic RAL colours are pretty off. MAP colours are flat, RAL fan colours satin (or gloss). Not always a very good match. Mixing with flat RAL paints is a good check and sometimes the first idea needs correction.
  5. Steben

    Tamiya AMX-13

    Not an expert, but I think the amx-13 was used over enough large a life span to have different themes possible
  6. Or full khaki down to hull line like a spitfire
  7. Original 47mm ammo container. Slightly faded of course
  8. this is how I want it: in khaki upper camo. Such a nice machine in the "what if we had this against the Germans?"
  9. Two times khaki in different light.
  10. Revell 46 + Humbrol 155..... I have those. Might give it a mix to check the colour
  11. I might be interested, I can throw that Renard R36 in. But will it still be unbuilt till then?
  12. http://www.abbl1940.be/FIETSEN/De AB 39.htm One should check this one out. It is written in Dutch.... ask info if you like. It is a AB39 general issue bike of the Belgian army. With the war starting soon, this was not fully implemented. It is an original item with original "glossy" khaki (bikes had to be glossy). Original Fresh airplanes would have had easily this colour as well. As any OD style colour, pictures show different hues.... But it is a fairly "lighter" brownish olive drab compared to most dark greens that are used. Somewhere between olive drab and field drab. One sees this colour very often (but flatter) on helmets and tins of the era. http://www.abbl1940.be/FIETSEN/AB 39/AB 39_rechts.jpg Once can notice the dark look on the B/W picture. Just as the airplanes look dark.
  13. I feel a bit saddened I did not notice this thread earlier. 1940 Belgian air force Gorgeous family picture! Well done.
  14. Credits to mr Rudi Vander Linden for this SV-10 (rare airplane) 1934 in "khaki". Gunze H421 (RLM81) was used.
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