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  1. Just a quick update. I managed to get the decals off with a few hours work and a 1/4 pot of microset, resulting in a very clean looking F-4, but unfortunately in the process, I re-broke some of the bits that had previously been broken / fixed. To get an even half decent result, I realised it's going to take more time than I'm prepared to spend on it, so I've made the decision to retire this kit to the bits box, and keep the HaHen decals for a later build. Thanks to everyone who gave advice and support. Onwards to the next one... Chinook!
  2. You're off to a great start. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the build. Does the 1/32 kit have the same issues as 1/48 - nose cone shape, wing sweep angle, tail cap shape etc?
  3. Great result. The scratchbuilt counter measures are a nice addition.
  4. That's a good point CC. Decision made then. What's the best way to safely get the old decals off? Plain water? MicroSet?
  5. 25 ish years ago, towards the end of my first modeling "career" I built a German F-4 (I believe from a Hasegawa kit). I did an ok job and now I'm back in the saddle, I've decided it's probably the only one from that time that's good enough to bother hanging on to. Since I completed it, it's moved house 4 times, including moving from Kent to Ireland, it's been in storage twice for about 4 years total and more recently it took a tumble when some builders with a Kango destroyed the shelf it sat on. So here it is... I think the thing I like, is that I did an ok job of the paint work and the panel lines which in those days I was doing with India ink. The canopy was destroyed, but the Showtime 100 kit I have in the stash came with 2, the regular parts for the open canopies, and a one piece closed canopy. So I've taken the closed one and painted it xf-22 RLM grey which seems to be a good match to the colour on the nose. Now might be a good time to mention that I have no idea how much effort I put in to matching the colours and I would've had a mix of Humbrol enamels and Tamiya at my disposal. So I have a number of things that I need help with. Firstly some, but not all of the decals are in poor condition I have a fantastic set of HaHen decals But I'm not sure to what degree should I use them? Do I just replace the ones that are damaged, preserving the effort of my youth as much as possible but kinda wasting most of this HaHen set? Our do I strip them all off, use all the new ones in the knowledge it was the paint work and panel lines that I wanted to preserve? The second question is about the load-out / payload. The outside positions used to have something that I'm guessing were drop tanks. But now there's just holes. I have these tanks, which I think are off a UK phantom (again a victim of the builders) But they're not great quality and I'm not 100% confident that I could colour match them to the model. So I'm wondering about having nothing in those outboard positions? In that case would it be an empty pylon ( I can get 2 from the Showtime kit) or would there be nothing at all? Thanks for any help & advice
  6. Brilliant! you may have some fine tuning of the dimensions, but that piece you've produced looks top knotch. We knew you'd do a great job!
  7. Wow. Was it normal in those days to get a kit in such different shades of plastic? I don't remember anything like that from my yoof. Anyway, I'm sure you'll make it greater than the sum of its parts as usual, Riot. Looking forward to seeing it.
  8. Just the last few bits to get me over the line, starting with the dust filters (?) which are just visible in the shot here, and the L7 Then on to the window wipers which were part of the Eduard exterior PE. They weren't too fiddly although I had to be double careful not to get glue on the window. I'm going to live with it for a bit and decide how much, if any extra weathering is required before I put up the RFI. Thanks to all of you for the generous encouragement and guidance along the way, it was a fun build. I'd happily build another right now if I didn't have a 3 year back log in the stash already.
  9. Looking forward to seeing more of this build. Interesting concept, and a good start on the cockpit.
  10. Onwards. I got bored and decided it was time to unmask the windows. Pretty happy with how they've turned out. A bit of correction here and there but not bad. The amount of glazing around the cockpit puts the cockpit details on show much more than the fixed wings I've built recently. Doors on next, along with a strip of PE at the entrance and the mount for the L7. And then fixed the trail rotor in place. Hopefully more progress over the weekend
  11. Ok, I'm going to deal with this one rotor at a time... Awesome information, thanks. The white writing on the blades was actually provided in the decals along with the outboard / inboard stencils. I cut it off because it didn't seem to fit in the space that I had. I've reinstated it, but as you can see it creeps up over the red area. Is that ok, or does it need trimming so that is entirely on the green section? I've repainted the silver so it's nice and clean hopefully that gives more of the impression of the weathering you've described? Obviously at some point the new writing will need a little weathering as it's very bright compared with the rest. I'll tackle the main rotor tomorrow. Thanks for looking.
  12. Interesting build. I have an AH-64 in the stash so I'm going to follow this with interest.
  13. I've been working on the rotors. Bit of PE on the rotor head, but mostly it was just following the instructions and remembering to check back with the photos in the walk around. The leading edge decals were ok after a bit of gigery-pokery. In the walk around pictures, the tail rotors are one of the only areas that show notable weathering, so I tried some humbrol weathering powder. First time I ever used this and there's no hints or tips on the bottle so I was just brushing it on with a soft dry brush working from the leading edge back. Thanks for following along
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