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  1. These bits, which I made from I-section evergreen. But also these bits That's it for tonight, and unless I've forgotten anything, that's it for the starboard side too. Port side tomorrow then which has more bits but fewer bobs, or is it the other way around? Thanks for looking
  2. Touch more progress from last night I don't know what the structures do that are near the door, but I added them on and hopefully finished reducing that exposed pipe Gubbins on the top of the fuselage And I added this slight bulge under the engine nacelle that is visible in all the photos, but was invisible to Italeri. Next job is the mounts for the IR defences and the strakes on the fuselage ahead of the engines. Hopefully then I'll be finished with the starboard side My plan is to paint the top side before sticking all the dangly bits to the underside, and painting that. Once that's done, I'll fit the undercarriage, rotors and then move on to decals. Which reminds me, does anyone have a good reference for the colour of the u/c bays? Thanks
  3. That's very true, but it's also true that you will probably only ever look at it via photos, and as I want to get better and make better models, I need you lot because of your feedback, advice and inspiration. I wouldn't be doing this, if this forum hadn't inspired me to start modelling again, and I wouldn't be half as confident making changes, scratch building little bits and generally "having a go", if I hadn't seen all of you do that and more in your own threads.
  4. You may be forgiven for thinking this is very similar to the previous update But there are 2 small differences. Firstly the exposed pipe is shorter, and secondly the upper mounts for the winch now sit atop two triangular plates. Definitely happier with that but looking at the photo the pipe could be shorter still. Isn't it funny how the photo shows up problems that don't seem to be a problem with the naked eye.
  5. A bit more work last night. I added an extra mounting point for the winch, but I'm not that happy with either of the upper two. I'll try to improve them next time I'm at the table. I also added the very obvious exhaust which is presumably connected on the inside to the heat exchanger. It's entirely absent from the kit and the PE, so I had to scratch build it. You can see from the picture is too long, so I'll fix that too. Also added the resin sensor on the front of the rotor pylon and on the same pylon further back, what looks to me like an AOA probe made out of stretched runner. Still a long way from getting any paint on it!
  6. Cheers chaps! There are parts in the kit for a winch, the body of it at least, but I want to have the minigun fitted in the doorway and although I've seen both fitted to the aircraft I'm modelling, I've not seen them both fitted at the same time! Of course, now I've said that, I can't find the picture of ZA712 with the minigun fitted and I'm starting to doubt myself... Gah! Edit: found it! The first pic on this link shows ZA712 (albeit in anniversary colours) with the minigun fitted. https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/registration/ZA712 Which raises another question... The very matt black plate that is presumably extra protection for the minigun operator - is that always fitted when the minigun is fitted?
  7. Gah! Anyone half awake looking at that picture can see there's 4 mounting points for the winch, not 3. Pay attention Lowe!
  8. A little bit more of Eduard's finest added. I wanted to represent the brackets for the winch, but that's not a thing that comes in the Chinook set, so I had to get as close as I could from leftovers... 2 brackets either side of the door, and one further up on a triangular plate After that I cracked on with the regular PE which needed more chiseling to sit flush and still need a tidy up around the edges. Still lots of bits to add, bit I'm really looking forward to the time I can show you some pictures that aren't just grey plastic. Onwards!
  9. Much like myself, Ian They say that pets and their owners often look alike, maybe that's true of models too! Bit of a round up of all the chiseling, filling and filing that's been going on. Hopefully now removal has come to an end, and I can start to add bits, instead. The US / Japan antenna locations removed and rescribed. The front of the front rotor pylon reprofiled and the mesh grille at the top in place A vent on the rear that appears in exactly none of the photos filled And finally the join between the rear rotor pylon and the fuselage filled and sanded. Looking forward to the next stage now, but I'm off to the Ireland IPMS show in Dublin tomorrow, so I'll have no time for progress. Thanks for looking!
  10. Ooooooh very nice! How did you do that? Can you do it to my 1:48 please, too?
  11. A bit more effort and it's looking a bit better. At the tail... (Still needs some tidying) And at the front (also needs another coat of primer to check the finish) When that lot is finished, i'll start on the holes atop the front rotor pylon. At that point, hopefully I'll have finished cutting, chiseling and general modifying, so I can start sticking on the gubbins without so much fear of knocking them off almost immediately. Cheers!
  12. I did have this piece of spare PE, but I used it here. I know it's not 100% correct, but it's better than nothing.
  13. Great spot! Now to see if I have some PE that is the right size & shape
  14. Well, I'm not great at scribing panel lines, but this model is giving me plenty of chance to practice. I need to spray a coat of primer to check that it's all ok, but it's better than it was... I have a question for the BM collective... In this picture from the walk around section, you can clearly see a 'ole in the side of the pylon (?), under the rotor head It looks like there's a number of fixings around the hole, but I can't see if it's mesh, or just an opening. Does anyone know? Unsurprisingly the Italeri version shows nothing of the sort. Now I look at that picture it's also very clear that the front of the concave curve around the top of the pylon blends in as it curves around to the front. Unlike this one where it continues across the front to the other side. Looks like more filler in my future... The more I look at it, the further away from a Chinook it looks...
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