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  1. Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing this one. You always find a good balance of realism and interesting visuals but I have to say you really do have a knack for making fabulous seats.
  2. Dearest Martian, Take your time. It doesn't matter how long it takes, we just want you to be well and safe. And tentacly.
  3. Well, strange times and it would seem that my mojo for updates deserted me. Not because I want doing anything just because available modelling time was so short I wanted to get on with it rather than writing about it. I'm blocked now, waiting for the parts in the post so it seems like a good time for the longest update I've ever done. Let's hope that I remembered to take occasional pictures. Last time I posted, I'd been filling and sanding gaps ready for paint. First next job ( bear with me ) was the pylons. The ones in the kit are notoriously French and pointy so j hav
  4. Looks great Bill. Remember that the final flat coat will knock back the weathering slightly too. I try to remind myself to be a little bit braver than my default, knowing that the last coat of lacquer will even everything out. Great job that man. Inspiring me to get my own D onto the bench.
  5. From the walkaround section... Whatever it is, it has windows to look out of. Only 2 though. Other pics show that the fwd face is a solid panel. Lots of rivets to count there Bill and the length of the shadows they're casting they must stick out like... well I'll leave that up to you . I can just about make out a stencil too that says " no hold do not touch glass".
  6. Bill, in post 358 it looked like the height of the mount is about the same height as the letters in the word RESCUE. Do you have that decal? Can you use a measurement off that as a guide? If you don't have that decal, use the camera mount you've made as a guide for the size of the word RESCUE when you print it.
  7. Not being able to leave it when you know you can do better is the mark of a craftsman, Bill. Embrace your OCD. Knowing that you won't rest until you've got the best result out of the kit is the reason Bills builds are special. As you were.
  8. Thinking back to the colour wheel I made in first year art class, I'm pretty sure green and red make brown and I'm even sure-er-er that Tamiya make clear versions of both. I bet in the right proportions you could get that dark almost bronze tone. That's what I'd do.
  9. Love it! No chance of closing the ramp now, I hope. That needs to be visible.
  10. Thanks Rob for the info there. The wing as kittyhawk have moulded it has always looked odd to me but, it was only when you said this, that I realised why. The leading edge looked more like the wing of the Bat-plane than a Jaguar. Life and work have been taking their toll on progress, and in the short moments I get between the two, I haven't been very good at taking pictures. Once I'd corrected the leading edge, test fitting of the lower wing surface revealed that it was prone to sitting to far into the hole especially at the fwd edge, so I used some evergreen to support
  11. Let me know if you need any pictures from different angles. I noticed that on the starboard sponson, there's an angular bulge towards the forward end that's missing from the 1:72 version. I'm sure you know about that already, just thought I'd mention it.
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