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  1. You what?!? Mind well and truly blown. Where? Who? How?
  2. That looks amazing, great job! I've just started a WIP for mine and I'll be happy if it turns out half as good. A good save on the grey paint, the coat of clear really brought it back to life. I don't think the weathering is too much at all, I think it's spot on.
  3. This is probably @Martians fault. The vacform tutorial build got me thinking about challenging myself to do something other than an injection moulded kit. I stick to 1:48 and almost always the end-of-the-cold-war through to modern era aircraft that I've seen at shows since my childhood. So there really isn't tons of choice in vacform, as soon as I saw the Lightning I knew it was the right one for me. I don't normal go for the un-boxing type shots, but a lot of you might be as new as me to this form of modelling. the box Unfortunately no longer
  4. Great save Ced! The fit of your plasticard panel looks perfect.
  5. It feels like this thread is long overdue for an update. Last time I was ready to close up the two halves of the fuselage. Next came the engines which come in two halves with a front piece that includes the fan blades. In this picture you can see that there are some big lumps of extra plastic in the exhausts They go together ok ish But the shape of the exhausts is wrong compared with the PE That meant a while load of reshaping and cutting was required. On to the now glued fuselage and I wanted
  6. Just caught up with this thread. Bill, that looks fantastic, congrats!
  7. Riveting stuff Alan, as your builds so often are. Makes me want to spend a lifetime learning cad so that I could be half as good. Alas I'd need a time machine first and I don't have time to build one of those.
  8. Can't wait to see this one, I love a helicopter. Glad you're feeling better.
  9. I've only just caught up with the end of the Wyvern and you're already 6 pages into this build! Hope you're soon back on-par Ced.
  10. <forming the following sentence with care> Lovely job on the rims Bill! I'm really enjoying this build. Chris
  11. There's a number of pieces that make up the rear rotor shaft assembly. They're layed out in the instructions like this. But as there are no linkages supplied, what it doesn't tell you is that part 76 has to have a particular orientation to part 61 so that eventually it's posts will line up with the control arms on the rotors. As I mentioned before, with some parts the correct shape is in there somewhere, it's just left to the modeller to reveal it... Here's a picture showing the extra plastic that comes with piece 76 and is neither on the diagram n
  12. After the Kittyhawk Jaguar, I wanted to do something from the rotary side of the house. I had a few options in the stash, but @perdu made a lovely job of an Apache, so I thought I'd give that a shot. I have the Revell kit, having previously read on BM that it has all the defensive suite parts to make a good job of the British version. Despite that, there's relatively little aftermarket available so I'm using the PE & make for the Hasegawa kit, Armoury wheels, Rotor Craft crv-7 rocket pods and some Eduard Hellfires. First job, as always is the cockpit. There are d
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