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  1. I'd initially planned Light and Dark Ghost Grey on account of worn paint but it really wasn't right and the grey called out for in the instructions didn't look right either so i went for the Gull Grey which i think is spot on.
  2. Thanks Tony! Colours are Flat Gull Grey FS 36440 and Light Ghost Grey, FS36375
  3. Will watch this one, tempted by an F-111 myself. For those looking for decals, Spruebrothers have them in stock...
  4. Cheers Tim. Yes the GBU-31 attaches directly to the pylon. Dave
  5. Thanks Clive, i'm relatively new to dioramas so i'm pleased with the result.
  6. Finished today. More pictures in RFI here Thanks to all who commented/followed. Really enjoyed this! Dave
  7. Hello all, Here is a recently completed project involving Tamiya's 1/35 SAS jeep and LRDG Chevrolet 'Command Car'. All completely OOB, save for some extras I added from the spares and scratch built myself. The cap badges are from my personal collection. I'm relatively new when it comes to figures, so they're not my strong point. I enjoyed adding some 'captured' German kit to each vehicle. Build thread is here Thanks for looking. Dave
  8. F-16F Block 60, UAE Air Force, Inherent Resolve, 2015. Build thread here Dave
  9. Couple of hours this morning has seen this finished. My 2 group build entries together: More pictures in RFI here Despite this kit being a bugger at the start, I'm glad I stuck with it as i'm pleased with the end result and a large void in my F-16 collection has been filled (not as large a void as the lack of USAF jet, but that's a discussion for another day :lol:). I like the mean look of these Block 60s, so much so that I'm considering building an E model, though think I might try and doctor Tamiya's kit! Thanks to all who commented/followed. Dave