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  1. Panel wash on: Left for about 30 minutes then the excess was removed. I then added the HUD frame, fuel tank, ejection seat, stabilisers, the IRST and finally the IFF probes in front of the windshield: Missiles were then finished, ready for some weathering: Next up is the landing gear. Dave
  2. They aren't the best, but with a bit of work clean up well.
  3. Thanks mate. Will start to come together once the panel wash is on.
  4. Decals on: Decals went on very well. The mass of stencils took a while, half of which are barely visible! All sealed with a top coat of gloss in preparation for a panel line wash. More soon. Dave
  5. Kiev

    Hello all, I've a 5 day trip coming up to Kiev - have a few things planned - Chernobyl, State Aviation Museum etc. Just wanted to ask if anyone knows of any good model shops? I'm staying close to the National stadium, not far from Khreschatyk Street. Thanks Dave
  6. Cheers! Not sure about that mate, but i'm pretty happy with it!
  7. More done. Quickboost seat painted and ready to be fitted: Exhausts ready for some weathering: Airframe itself; ready for gloss and decals: More soon. Dave
  8. That's the kit ready for masking and priming. Rich, the fuel tank is approx 10.5cm long and the front mount is below: More soon. Dave
  9. 1/48 Revell F-15E, 335th FS, 2016.

    Cheers Shaun. Made a brief start by building up all the ordnance, tanks and Sniper pod. Everything bar the tanks and GBU-39s are from the Academy kit: The lovely Eduard GBU-39s: More soon. Dave
  10. 1/48 F-15C MSIP II, 493rd FS.

    Might have some spare mate.
  11. Polish MiG-29

    The Quickboost example is very nice and fits well.
  12. Thanks mate. Yes once the intakes are sorted, it's a great kit!
  13. RIAT 2017

    Brilliant pictures and looked like a great show, gutted I couldn't make it this year due to work.
  14. More done and the tricky parts are now behind me thankfully! Front part of the fins with countermeasures fitted (note that the parts stated in the instructions should be fitted to the opposite side indicated), flaps added and most of the airframe cleaned up. Few small areas to clean up and some etch to add before starting masking and priming. More soon. Dave
  15. Sukhoi Su-30MKK Flanker-G 1:48

    Ditto! We can but hope!