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  1. Thanks mate. Nice job on the kit mate, and glad my build is of some use to you. You're best leaving the gloss on for about 24 hours before adding the wash, otherwise it become tacky and the wash sticks to it. If you do have a bit of trouble removing the excess, a damp cloth normally removes the majority of it. Thanks mate, look forward to seeing your builds. Hoping to enter a Polish machine myself.
  2. Try Vallejo varnish. Works a treat!
  3. A lot of my work is done with a brush too, though the gloss is always sprayed. Can't see there being an issue as long as the coverage is the same.
  4. Nice choices mate. Look forward to seeing the 9-13 as i've been thinking about one of those myself! Also planning a Polish machine too, marked up for the Baltic Air Policing. Dave
  5. More done and we're nearly there. Flat coat applied, left to dry, then I added the missiles, exhausts and HUD. Once all dried, I added a light bit of weathering, mainly along the fuel tank, around the APU (which runs through the fuel tank!) and the exhaust area. Just need to add the canopy and windshield. Dave
  6. Cheers mate. Just need to decide on the rocket pods.
  7. Thanks chaps. Gents, I use Flory Models 'dark wash.' Add a small drop of washing up liquid to your bottle and shake. Large brush and just coat the entire airframe. Any build ups, for example along the intake/fuselage join, wipe off with a clean brush. Leave the wash to settle for at least 30 minutes. The excess on the large areas is wiped off with kitchen towels, in the direction of the airflow. Small areas are then cleaned up with cotton buds. I use vallejo gloss and it always comes off. I usually give 3 coats just to be sure.
  8. Hello all, My first entry for this GB will be a 1/48 GWH example in the markings of the Hungarian Air Force in the NATO scheme seen throughout the first decade of the 21st century: http://data.primeportal.net/hangar/luc_colin/mig-29/MiG-29 HuAF 002.JPG Kit: I'm using the 'early' boxing but has all the parts needed to make the jet i'm after. Extras: Quickboost K-36 ejection seat, FOD covers and HAD models decals. Not sure if i'll use the exhaust covers. I'm also considering getting a set of B-8 rocket pods as I'm pretty sure I saw a picture of a Hungarian jet carrying a pair of these, though I could be wrong. Not sure if these were used solely for A2A. Dave
  9. More done over the weekend. Wash on: Excess was then removed after 40 minutes. Once that was done, I cracked on and added the fuel tank,landing gear, stabs, ejection seat, pitot tube, remains antennae and the IRST: For some reason my kit is missing the extra wicks that are required for the stabs. Wheels are now on and will be left to cure overnight. A note on the main landing gear, once again the opposite applies to what's shown in the instructions, left is right, right is left: Will hopefully get the missiles finished tomorrow and add the HUD, which is one of those fiddly etch affairs. More soon. Dave
  10. My mistake, wasn't aware it was a demo jet.
  11. Caracal have some sheets with Russian examples.
  12. Thanks Mate. The intakes are really the only tricky part of the kit. The detail is very nice indeed and I agree that it's leaps and bounds above the Academy kit. As far as I know, the Slovakian jets received the 4 'bird slicers' and the upgraded Polish jets got 2, along with other modifications of course.