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  1. Hello all, Here is my entry for this GB - Hasegawa's 1/48 E/A-18G built as an F/A-18F, of VFA-213 'Black Lions' during their 2017 cruise in support of Operation 'Inherent Resolve.' AJ 204, BuNo 166639 dropped 110 bombs during the cruise and was one of the jets seen with the huge payload of 10x GBU-32 JDAMs. So of course I have to load my model with that payload! I'm using the EA-18G boxing as it comes with the late style ECS pipes already incorporated to the fuselage, which is much better than having to add aftermarket examples. Kit: Aftermarket: I'll be using an Aires cockpit, Pavla seats, GBU-32s and associated racks from Attack Squadron, Furball decals and Xmold seamless intakes (though I may just opt for Steal Beach intake covers). Decals: The decals by Furball are outstanding. The sheet also includes the VFA-87 jet that shot down a Syrian Su-22 in June 2017. I may enter this one to the GB at a later date... The jet itself: Photos courtesy of Navy.mil. Been wanting to do this scheme since I first seen the pictures of the 10 JDAMs! Dave
  2. Started work on the figures over the last few days. The spotter is done so far: Spotter is wearing some sort of head dress and both he and the sniper have hearing protection. All 3 figures will be wearing civilian style jackets, as seen in pictures i've looked at from the time period. Spotter has since been fitted to the base: Nearly there. Dave
  3. Thanks chaps. Just back from a week in the states so will hopefully crack on later in the week.
  4. Like many, i'd much rather wait for a well rounded and accurate kit. It's not like any of us don't have a stash of kits to keep us busy! Take your time AMK and sign me up for several.
  5. Figures built up: I had ordered some Live Resin heads, with beards, however the way the figures are positioned, they wouldn't work so just ended up using the Legend heads. I'll do some creative painting for the beards if I can. How they'll look on the base with the truck: Figures have been primed ready for painting. I'll be doing a mixture of civilian jackets and desert camouflage trousers, based on some reference material i've seen/read. More soon. Dave
  6. Revell 1/48 f-15e

    Yes mate, the latest boxing comes with some bombs and more up to date decals, both of which can be easily picked up from aftermarket sources. The rest of the kit is the same as the ones linked above, whether its the RG or RM boxing. If you can source a relatively cheap Academy 'Iraqi Freedom' boxing, you can pinch all the updated parts (antennae, Sniper pod etc) and ordnance from that kit. That's what i've done on my last build - here if you're interested.
  7. Revell 1/48 f-15e

    The Revell F-15E is one of the best fitting 1/48 kits out there. The latest boxing had some new decals and a few bombs but you can still pick up the older boxings same plastic) for around £30. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Revell-85-5511-1-48-F-15E-Strike-Eagle-Model-kit/272426951372?epid=1922895317&hash=item3f6de962cc:g:2foAAOSwUEVYEFTa https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/REVELL-1-48-F-15-E-STRIKE-EAGLE-KIT-04550-COPYRIGHT-2000/132505395543?epid=1808064895&hash=item1ed9efe157:g:4RMAAOSwL9paXRt4 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Revell-1-48-04550-F-15E-STRIKE-EAGLE/401493292172?hash=item5d7add748c:g:pCcAAOSwcSBahF9D
  8. Thanks mate. The base was bought pre-made on ebay. As for the bungee, good idea, didn't think of that! I'll fashion one from some copper wire.
  9. Thanks Sean. The figures will slow me down a bit, not my strong point!
  10. Plenty of work done over the last few days. Cab and load bed (which was a bugger) added to the chassis, weathering added, wheels attached and a few details added. The truck itself is now done: I added a bit of copper wire from the base of the antennae to replicate the cable running inside the cab to the radio. I also added the second AT4 launcher to the framing just below the M240B. A few snaps of how it will look on the base: Just the 3 figures to add now. Dave
  11. More done. The cab has been painted, windows fitted (a one piece affair that i wouldn't be the biggest fan of), windows masked off, grille, lights, wing mirrors fitted and a satcom/tacsat antennae (from the ProArt set) added to the roof, ready for gloss and weathering: Framing added to the load bed, then I popped in all the kit and added the M240B: A couple of things to add to this then it will be weathered. The .50 rifle was also finished: Again, I added a disruptive pattern to the weapon. More soon. Dave
  12. Thanks Alan. No Have Glass for me! Will leave that for the F-22 … if i ever start it
  13. Model shops in Hong Kong and Taipei?

    Thanks Antoine, that's some great info! I'll have to try and get to them!