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  1. That's very very nice! Love the camo well done mate
  2. Very nice build there mate, congrats
  3. Sorry I wasn’t very clear with which kit I was referring to it’s the 04891 kit I was after the one with bombs, but as I’ve been told by Dave the other kit is the same only missing a few weapons and smaller parts which can be rectified with aftermarket parts so looks like that’s going to be the way to go, thanks for looking though mate
  4. You have me sold that’s a stunner mate well done I see you have a f-15 fettish lol I’ll get mine ordered with a few extras thanks very much for your help today mate!
  5. I see so the one with bombs is an updated version of the other kit? That’s perfect mate thanks for taking the time to find them I’ll get busy ordering
  6. Yeah that’s pretty much what I figured it’s a shame cause looks like a great kit but I have a tornado in the stash so that will have to do for now, cheers
  7. Yes have looked on eBay and the only sellers are in the USA and demand very high prices I don’t mind paying a bit but 4x the price plus tax no thanks lol
  8. Hi all I’m nearly finished on my tamiya tomcat (see in ready for inspection soon) and like the look of the Revell f-15e for my next build to sit next to the cat, only trouble is I can’t buy one from anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE! Amazon has one for £95!! Which is completely ott! Have I missed something or is it so popular it’s sold out all over the world! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Lovely build mate the mottled effect is spot on! Rich
  10. That looks awesome! Great work mate. I'm looking forward to airfix's new offering
  11. Built one of these a while back and thought it was a nice kit with some great detail and options. Look forward to seeing what you make of it
  12. I'm sure you will looks great so far buddy
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