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  1. Evening folks! I'm building the Meng Jagdpanther G1 and I'm planning to paint it up as a tank from sPzJg Abt 654 with a small base and crew. However, I'm not too sure what figures to use for the crew - most of the ones I've found seem to be Waffen-SS figures but I don't think sPzJg Abt 654 was an SS unit. Would any of these be appropriate: Alpine Miniatures: https://www.alpineminiatures.com/imagepages/35101.html Alpine Miniatures: https://www.alpineminiatures.com/imagepages/35265.html Evolution Miniatures: http://www.evolution-miniatures.com/35/images/72.jpg Evo
  2. Evening all Although I finished this a while ago, I never took any decent photos (or posted it here), but since I (and the rest of the country) are spending their time at home, now is the perfect time for both This is Legends Productions 1/16 US Navy SEAL Operator (No. 1 since there are 3 models). Although I'd painted several 1/35 figures before (badly), the small size meant I could never pull of UCP or Multicam properly, so I decided to build a large scale figure. This was one of Legends new figures which they modelled in 3D on a CAD programme and then, I think 3D printed to
  3. Lovely work Jos! The finish is spot on. Can't wait to see what you have planned next!
  4. Looking very sharp! The mottling looks nice - should look very realistic with a coat of paint - looking forward to the next update, Steve!
  5. Awesome work Andrew! the weathering is spot on, and the lights are great. The D-Day Strike Eagles at Lakenheath look really cool!
  6. That looks awesome! White is such a hard finish to get right, and you have nailed it!
  7. Thanks man, much appreciated! Prowlers have so much character, especially when they're dirty so I'm very pleased with it. However, I've actually run out of space in the display cabinet, so a 2nd one is on it's way from Ikea So for now it's living on my desk.
  8. They actually look pretty clean - loads of the other photos I have showed some really messy planes - maybe the carrier based ones were worse? That orange paint is a really cool detail - I'll try to remember that if I'm ever feeling brave and want to try another.
  9. Thanks Jimmy! There were definitely times I wanted to put this one away, especially when I was trying to get the canopy halves to fit. Thanks Reggie! Thanks my Lord! This is my first Kinetic build, and since I really wanted to build a Prowler, this was the best available (of two choices I think). The kit has some fundamental problems: Soft fuselage detail Poor wing - fuselage fit & poor fuselage halves fit Lack of locating holes for smaller parts Canopy parts in two halves Ill fitting main landing gear
  10. Thanks mate! Did you get any good photos out there?
  11. I was wondering how long before you commented - How's it going, Exdraken? Glad you liked it, it was a tough build to get to this point. If you're going to work on one, I'd suggest another couple of bench additions: stressball and a mallet Cheers
  12. Thanks mate! It was nice to build a really dirty plane and try out some new (to me) techniques.
  13. Cheers! There are so many flaws with the kit itself, but you're right, the instructions were somehow even worse! They also call for a round intake on both sides, but it's only on one side....found that out too late!
  14. Thanks Steve! I'm happy with the finish, but not sure I'd build this one again!
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