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  1. CH-46 / KV-107 STGB

    Thank you, yes I think it is rather smart. I wonder what the role of these 'choppers is (was), and how does it compare to our own recently defunct military SAR Sea Kings and the old Wessex and Whirlwinds. Would they be available to rescue holidaymakers blown out to sea on their inflatable crocodiles etc, or was their role rather more military in its focus? I know we have a few Yanks on the forum, so maybe someone will enlighten me. Cheers.
  2. CH-46 / KV-107 STGB

    I know I have a Fujimi kit somewhere in the stash, but it might take a while to find it. Good job we have a little time to get organised. In the meantime, I have got the decals out. I think this is the one I'll do, I'll have to get up in the loft and find the kit....
  3. Nice work on that Tracer. I also have both the Falcon and RVHP conversion sets. What a shame that they all leave a little to be desired. Thanks for the links to your blog, Tailspin. At least it shows the way to go re fixing the radome shape.
  4. CH-46 / KV-107 STGB

    Thanks for the link. That was pretty crazy!
  5. CH-46 / KV-107 STGB

    I have a couple of old Microscale decal sheets and a Fujimi 1/72 CH-46, so this would be a good place to get it built. Something a little like this............ Thanks for the encouragement
  6. NT-33A Variable Stability Simulator

    Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your pictures. I just bought a 1/72 Heller F-94 Starfire and a Sword T-33. I was wondering how much the T-33 fuselage had changed to accommodate the Starfire 'upgrades'. Now I know, not much, the nose just bolts on! Interesting about the Gripen and PIO, didn't a YF-22 suffer a similar mishap? I think the upshot of it was that the pilot was pushing down, the plane went down but a bit too much, so pilot pulls up, plane goes up, too much, pilot pushes down. This goes on for a bit..........pilot aims for ground.........hits it!......... The early days of fly by wire and computer generated 'feel' on the control stick Of course you engineers will know more about that than me..........I hope!
  7. Thanks for the link, I will have to visit one day. Love the Comper Swift and the Aeronca
  8. Great stuff, nice to see some colourful general aviation types on Britmodeller. Breighton looks like an interesting place.
  9. 1/72 Gloster Mars X Nightjar

    Nice work. I would like to find one of those Nightjars someday.
  10. That's very nice. I do like a Scorpion. Great collection as well, they look very impressive lined up together.
  11. Is it really necessary to deepen the cowling, is there a fit issue? Those seat belts look great, nice work.
  12. The 'gunship grey' colour you have used is actually not too bad. How do you clean up your weathering wash. Just water and a cotton bud? Nice work.
  13. RCN Grey 501-109

    Hi Jamie, That's great news. I will get in an order for some other colours over the next few days, and hopefully will stock up on a few tins of 501-109. Thanks for sorting it out, look forward meeting you at you at Telford. All the best.
  14. Avis 1/72 DH.60X Moth Amphibian

    Hi malpaso, Thanks for your reply. You make some interesting points, and thanks for trying to find some more info. Good luck with your vac forms. I nearly bought one myself recently, but they were a little pricey. Cheers.
  15. T-28 Trojan

    Hi, I am not an expert, but I am a fan of the T-28. Rugged looking type that had a lot of users and an interesting history. I would say that the classic US Navy grey/white scheme would have white ailerons, flaps, elevators and rudder. However a quick look on the internet shows a lot of variation ie grey flap's on the upper surface, but white ailerons. Also some aircraft in the overall USAF grey scheme, but with US Navy markings. Also with so many privately owned 'warbirds' in non original schemes, this quickly becomes a can of worms. As always, your best bet is to find a picture of the aircraft you would like to model, or model the aircraft you find a picture of, that you like. All the best for your project.