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  1. Dimmy, thanks for sharing those photos. Fascinating.
  2. Hi Nick, Thanks for stopping by. That is most helpful and clears that up. Interesting that you note the diffused demarcation between tones. This would help the canvas cover theory, as I was doubtful if all the lines had been quite sharp (not that I'm claiming to have any knowledge about it). Also interesting that you and Graham agree that just some mixing of paint should achieve the desired result, which is great as I can allow myself some artistic licence. Thanks for the replies, chaps.
  3. Thank you for those helpful replies, chaps. I did have a bit of a search on the Aviation of Japan site, but couldn't find anything (for some reason unknown). I think I am a little wiser now, cheers.
  4. Is anyone familiar with the two 'greys' colour scheme used on the early Zero's? I am trying to get a few colours together to put in an order for some Colourcoats enamels, but I am not quite sure which ones would be appropriate for this scheme. I contacted Sovereign Hobbies, but between us we weren't quite able to pin them down. Here's a link to that discussion. Essentially I am looking for a 'Grey Green' and 'Mitsubishi Green' and the best Colourcoats match (if available). Cheers.
  5. Yes, that picture is the scheme in question. I may pose the question in the WWII aircraft thread, hopefully Nick will see it. Cheers.
  6. Hi, I have a double box set of 1/72 Hasegawa A6M2a Zero's. One of the marking options is for an aircraft that is two shades of 'grey' referred to as 'Mitsubishi Green' (Mr Colour 35) and 'Gray Green' (Mr Colour 128). Not a camouflage scheme as such, the fuselage is divided in half, the front half being the slightly darker 'Grey Green'. What colours from your range would you recommend to match these? Looking to order some Japanese colours. Cheers.
  7. Any news on the 501-109? I am holding off putting in an order, hopefully to include some tins off this.
  8. Cool subject. I have the 'James Stewart' sheet, he's a hero of mine. Don't forget George Bush, Naval Aviator and Avenger pilot, later did quite well for himself. There is quite a bit of info about this if you just Google it, including a few photos. Wikipedia notes Paul Newman as a gunner on Avengers. No pictures, but that would be a cool subject.
  9. Always enjoy AVG pictures.
  10. I'm doing one of these, so it's nice to see how yours is coming along. Nice work on the nose gear bay.
  11. I think if you can overcome the fuselage fit problem on the AZ kit, then it's a pretty good representation of a G-6AS. Hopefully some of the later boxings will have a better fuselage moulding. I haven't got the G-6AS yet, but it's definitely on the list. I will stick my neck out here (as a 109 novice) and say that I have read (disclaimer) that the 109G-6AS was a stop gap before the introduction of the DB605AS engined G-10. It was a means of using up G-6 airframes and uprating them, so to speak, with the DB605AS. As such they could be found with various combinations of short/tall tail fin and rudder and standard/tall tail wheel. So for a G-6AS you basically need to work from a period photo and model a specific aircraft in the appropriate configuration. A couple of days ago I didn't know this, but I think I'm learning. If that's all nonsense, please feel free to correct me
  12. Trusty drill bits at the ready
  13. Wooksta, I have just pulled my Revell G-10 out of the stash and decided to make it as a warm up for the AZ collection. As I have it I thought I might as well. Comparing it to the AZ kits it is immediately clear that this is not in the same league. It's not that bad, but I certainly wouldn't get another when the AZ kits are only a couple of £ more. I have extended the undercart bays in towards the fuselage using the AZ kit as a guide. In comparison the AZ legs are probably only a mm or so further inboard, so not a major issue. Revell's small propellor and oversize spinner are really noticeable. Sadly there isn't a spare spinner in any of my AZ boxes, so I will splash out on a Quickboost replacement. As Graham says, the cowling isn't quite 100% either, but might scrub up ok with a bit of work.
  14. That certainly is very useful. I think I remember that, but had forgotten, so thank you, Mark.
  15. Thank you very much, chaps. Very comprehensive answers. Thanks for the link to your site FalkeEins. I will have to bookmark it and have a good look at my leisure. Cheers.