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  1. Another nice selection there, Paul. Very nostalgic. Who would have thought at the time we would ever look twice at a Iberia A300?! Just visited my parents who live near heathrow, basically just an endless procession of A320's all day long (ok I may be exaggerating, slightly). Nice spot on the Cessna floatplane/amphibian. Also nice to see a couple of Trislanders. I have a resin kit, but no decals, so there are a couple of options Also, must comment on the sad remains of the AF Sahara. Never seen one of those, quite a rarity I should think. Must have been quite an impressive aircraft in it's day. Cheers.
  2. Yes, I would be interested. Although I am not too sure if there are that many uniquely Canadian colours. I stand to be corrected. I'm sure there would be scope for a few of the more popular schemes (Buffalo Airways green?)
  3. That's great news. Still need a few tins. Look forward to hearing from you soon. I will keep a lookout for updates.
  4. I am still interested!!
  5. Lovely collection, great stuff.
  6. Hi John, Hope you are well, and had a good Christmas and New Year. I have 'treated' myself to a Contrail 1/72 Fairey IIIF vacform. As you know these are nice enough little kits, but the injection molded parts do leave a little to be desired. I was hoping you might be able to help me out with a few bits and pieces. I would particularly like some propeller blades, exhausts and wheels. I would also be interested in anything you might have to help out with the interior, such as seats, control columns scarff rings and guns etc. The box contains parts for three aircraft, and I would like to make a couple of FAA and a RAF example, including one seaplane. Anything you may have that would help would be most gratefully appreciated. All the best, Iain.
  7. My personal messages account only has an 'Inbox'. How can I check up on my sent messages? I think I sent a PM to a trader recently, never got a reply. Just wanted to check I actually sent it, but cant seem to find anything??
  8. Very nice. That was the thing with proper photography, you never knew what they would turn out like until you got them back from the developers. Then it was too late to change the settings. I've got loads like that.
  9. Cheers, Paul. Keep 'em coming. I had a Zenith E myself back in the 70's. Those certainly were great times weren't they.
  10. Thanks Guys, I chose the colour because it reminded me of my Mum's old Beetle. Also, it is just good old Humbrol gloss enamel No.47 Sea Blue, so I just picked it up at the local model shop. I thinned it and sprayed it direct on to the plastic. I cleaned and de greased the surface and polished it up, it didn't need a primer. It went on lovely and I think the gloss finish is just right.
  11. May I just hijack this thread slightly and ask, did any RAF Hercules have a Green/Grey camo top with Black undersides finish? I thought they did, but I am probably just imagining it.......
  12. Thanks guys. I see quite a few around here myself, driving to and from work etc. Amazing how popular and long lived they are for what was essentially a cheap and cheerful car. Wouldn't mind one myself. Yes, not bad for an oldie, captures the look and shape quite well. I really enjoyed making it. I would like to get some more Airfix cars, but they seem to be very expensive and collectable ie, the, Victor, Sprite, Maxi etc. I think I might do the Triumph Herald next as it's currently available and I rather like the old British cars of my early childhood. Did they do a Hillman Imp? Cheers.
  13. I must say I am pleasantly surprised that this made it through the vote, and even came first! I didn't think Flying Boats would be that popular, who would have thought it? I will definitely be joining in, if I may. Good excuse to get that Short Singapore started. If I can keep a bit of the bench clear I may even have a bash at something a little easier, just to keep things bobbing along. Looking forward to it already.
  14. Thanks for the kind comments guys. Afraid not! I just bent the rear axles up a bit and did some creative chopping on the front beam. My Mum had two of these back in the 70's, a red one and then a blue one, but she never did 'slam' them. It was just a funny old car back then! I wasn't too sure about the back end, glad you like it. Cheers.
  15. Oooer. What am I doing down here in the Vehicle section?? Well, despite describing my interests as 'aircraft', I must admit also to a passing interest in old/classic vehicles, and in particular air cooled Vee Dubs. So here is my take on a 'So Cal look' Beetle. From the Airfix 1/32 kit. The shiny chrome was Bare-Metal foil (first go and I like it a lot), and Alclad chrome for some of the smaller curved bits. I enjoyed the departure from 1/72 aircraft, and shall no doubt be doing a few more old bangers. Hope you like it, cheers.