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  1. Nice Thud build. I enjoyed reading it through. Congratulations on your show success.
  2. 1/72 Gloster Mars X Nightjar

    Lovely, very nice.
  3. F-4C/D - Europe1 scheme

    Cool Thank you, Sven.
  4. F-4C/D - Europe1 scheme

    Thanks for the link to the Euro One profile, very handy. Although I take your point that there can be a lot of variation on individual aircraft. Interesting how the aircraft look so much darker, just by substituting the tan for grey.
  5. F-4C/D - Europe1 scheme

    Just a quick question on the Euro One scheme. It appears that the SEA tan colour was simply replaced with a grey? Although the pattern for the underside remains a bit of a mystery? I have a nice decal sheet for Euro One Phantoms
  6. Nice to see you following on from all those great Thud photos you posted, with a nice Thud build. That's certainly some colour scheme you've settled on. I will follow with interest. All the best.
  7. Red Flag 83-2: VA-87

    Thanks for posting! Love the old high vis squadron markings, and the CAG 'Chief' is a cracker
  8. Thunderchief - Dobbins ANGB October 1980

    More Thud's, brilliant!
  9. Thanks for the positive comments guys. You are too kind
  10. Nice work with the airbrush. The SEA camo looks great.
  11. This is the old KP 1/72 Spitfire IXe. I have quite a few old kits which I'm not really too sure what to do with, what with all the new versions being released. This was considered one of the best Spitfires when it was first released, but of course there are a lot more to choose from nowadays. Eduards Spitfire IX's in particular are light years removed from this. So, this nearly went on ebay, but I thought what the heck, I'll make it. To be honest this wasn't my finest hour. I tried to do a bit of a weathered old look, but I didn't really achieve what I'd set out too. Also, this was going to be a French Indo-China aircraft, but I realised the decals I had were for a C wing aircraft, and this was an E. So I learned a bit about Spitfire wings anyway. The kit decals were unusable but luckily I had these Czech ones in reserve. They weren't great, and I ruined the two underwing roundals. I also managed to do a rubbish job applying the codes and they do suffer from some silvering. Anyhow, I thought I would share a few pictures. I tried some pre shading, which is ok on the underside, but I lost the effect on the topside by going over it too much trying to get the camo pattern right. I used Aeroclub metal wheels as the kit ones were quite poor, and a vac form canopy hood. I also cut and re positioned the elevators and rudder. Oh well, I guess I learned a few things along the way, so hopefully I will do a better job on my Eduard Spitfires. Hope you enjoy seeing a Spitfire in Czech markings, if nothing else. Thanks for looking.
  12. Very kind offer Libor, I may take you up on that. Thank you.
  13. Very nice. The engine and exposed nose detail are superb.
  14. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Brilliant. I will have two DH.88 Comets (at least), and looking forward to the 109K's The photo's of the Comet look great, especially the detail in the cockpit. What a nice surprise
  15. Very rare bird

    Great picture. Cheers.