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  1. Thank you very much, chaps. Very comprehensive answers. Thanks for the link to your site FalkeEins. I will have to bookmark it and have a good look at my leisure. Cheers.
  2. Thank you for those replies, I am now a little bit more knowledgeable. Most of my reference books on the 109 are now quite ancient and do not have a lot of this info. Duncan B, yes I take your point, a lot of the plastic is the same, it's just trying to work out which boxes to get so I don't miss something. I now have a better idea of what I'm looking at, cheers. Graham, I should have put the question better: Is the G-6AS 'Hohenjager' different to a standard G-6AS? I believe Hohenjager alludes to a high altitude performance, although outwardly I do not see anything unusual on the box top picture? Cheers.
  3. I have finally picked up a few of these cracking 109G kits from AZ Models. I would like to try and get as many of the different 'G' versions as practicably possible, at least to try and cover some of the more obvious differences. So I was hoping someone might be kind enough to help me out with some of the designations. For example; What is the 'WNF' boxing? What is a 'Diana'? G-6AS 'Hohenjager' unusual all over grey colour schemes, but is it a different type? (I'm getting one anyway!) I have some knowledge of the AS cowlings 090/100/110. Is there a boxing with the 110 cowling? I appreciate that this is potentially a can of worms, so I am just looking for some help with what AZ are offering in their boxes,and how best to cover all the 'Gustav' versions. Cheers Guys.
  4. I will keep a look out for that one, thanks.
  5. Thanks guys. The kit went together without any major problems. You have to take some care with the wing root intakes and the cooling scoop under the chin. The recessed panel lines are very fine and I lost them a little under the various coats of paint. There are some optional parts that didn't get used, so if I come across another I will pick it up and have another go.
  6. Finally finished my Soviet Winter Camo project. I was inspired to build this by the box top artwork. Trouble was I hadn't done anything like this before, so it was a bit trial and error to achieve a convincing worn and weathered temporary winter white camo. The model kit itself was easy enough, and did not present any particular problems. It looks like a Yak-7 to me, and I am reasonably happy with the end result. Thanks to those that offered help and advice along the way. Links to those threads. Hope you like it Thanks for looking.
  7. I was impressed by how smooth and aerodynamically clean the airframe was/is. She looks as smooth as a baby's.
  8. I tend to agree. I have been wanting to get the Khee Kha 185, but never quite get round to emailing the order. Maybe with the AZ kit more readily available I will be able to pick one up in a shop, or at a show. I hope it has the large 'bush tyres' and ski's and hopefully a good selection of bush pilot decals.
  9. A few more. Arrestor Hook and extended tail bumper. . The cans. Centreline rear equipment/stores rack. I've got more!
  10. I was at my aged P's house for the weekend. Why don't you take your Dad out somewhere, said my Mum. Well...I have been thinking about a trip to Duxford says I. Had a great day out, and while I was there took a few pictures for my F-111 GB. Thought I would share a few with you guys. F-111E 67-120, from an initial batch of 10. Not sure why the data block has been changed to A7 120? Those pesky intakes. Suck-in/Auxiliary air doors. Shame about the blanks being fitted, maybe no engines? This one shows the 'gap' on top of the intake (I am not an aerospace engineer, just clearing that one up) Exhaust? outlets on top of the fuselage. I have a few more, but Photobucket is very slow, and I still have to get my tea. I'll try and put a few more on, in a bit. Cheers, Aardvark fans.
  11. Very neat work. I like your acrylic putty, fills gaps nicely.
  12. Nice choice. If I may offer some advice? Try not to get glue all over your fingers and then in turn all over the transparent cockpit parts, it makes a horrible smeary mess. Also, gloss green paint will not look good when used with matt green as a camouflage effect. Nice work so far
  13. Ok that's a method that could work. I'm never happy if I paint an undercoat over a top coat, like primer or natural metals, supposedly showing through. Maybe because I know I just painted it on top, that's just what it looks like. Maybe if I was looking at someone else's work I wouldn't notice
  14. Cheers Tailspin. The link to your F-111B stuff was interesting. I have the old Revell kit with the option to do the B version. Disappointing to read that you think the nose is incorrect, that's the most important part! I may still use it, or maybe not, the kit is more of a collectable classic. Do you have any drawings of the differences between intakes for A, E, F and FB- ? These can be an issue, I feel.