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  1. Thank you. Could be a nice trip out, and maybe pick up a few bits n pieces.
  2. I don't think this show has a mention here? http://ipmsuk.org/calendar/west-anglia-scale-model-show-2022/ I was thinking of popping over there for a few hours on Sunday. Does anyone have any info? is it still on? Cheers.
  3. Those North Vietnamese schemes are a bit of a mystery, I think. And the 'Ace' did he really exist? or is this just propaganda from those times. I don't think anyone knows for sure? Anyway. looking at that picture (typically in B&W) I'd lean more towards 2. A light colour with a darker colour used for the blotches. The lighter colour looks too light, even and solid to be just overspray of the darker colour, (although it is a good theory). Compare this with other schemes used on North Vietnamese Mig-17 and Mig-19. They did seem to use several different schemes with two different colours applied to the topside in irregular forms of blotches and stripes. Check these out http://super-hobby.co.uk/products/North-Vietnamese-MIGs-Mig-17-Mig-19-Mig-21-of-the-Vietnam-War.html#gallery_start
  4. Another nice project, Martin. A bit of a 'unsung hero' overshadowed by those flashy Century series and Phantom types I guess. But an attractive aircraft, with some nice colourful schemes out there. Looking forward to seeing how she comes out.
  5. Lovely work as always. I do enjoy your Silver Wings builds. I always feel it's a shame the Atlas doesn't appear to have received much in the way of the colourful squadron markings so evocative of the period. Unless I'm missing something of course.
  6. Thanks for your reply to my question, and your detailed answer. Very interesting, I shall have to get some Tamiya polishing compound and give it a try. And thanks for the link Following along. Cheers.
  7. Hi. Welcome back. This looks like a nice project, and you are off to a great start. I like the look of your metal finish. Could you please explain a little more about the 'Tamiya compound'. I'm not familiar with that, and I'm wondering if it might help prevent some of the metal paint from lifting off during masking. Metal shades are always quite delicate I find, at least in my limited experience. I hope you can find some pictures, it would be a shame not to use some of those lovely decals. Cheers.
  8. I think, possibly because of the large nose of the Lynx. Quite a few 815NAS ships flight Lynx had individual names, but sadly not many are recorded. Do you have any pictures, possibly showing the nose art/name? Cheers.
  9. That is very impressive. How on Earth do you get your canopy framing so sharp and the transparent parts co clear? I do struggle with that, especially on aircraft like this with such a 'greenhouse' affair. Thanks for sharing your work.
  10. Despite the awful events in Ukraine, Clearprop do still seem to be in business and producing kits. I note the DH-9A on Hannants website can now be placed on backorder. Does anyone have any news on the current state of the Tracer kit? It was/is still top of my list of most wanted new/future releases. I recently bought the 'Ghost of Kyiv' Mig-29 by ICM via Hannants backorder. Some of the profits are donated to the Ukraine Armed Forces. Maybe Clearprop are operating a similar scheme? I couldn't glean much information from their website. I do recall they have a Facebook page, and maybe some other social media? but I'm not on those. Is anyone on these platforms and maybe able to share some insights? Cheers.
  11. Nice. Looking forward to getting one.
  12. Ok, that would be good. I'll follow along and see how it turns out
  13. This is all very interesting Very nice work. Which of the decal options are you thinking of using? Your modeling den looks amazing, by the way.
  14. I have the Su-9 Fishpot too. Must dig them out and have a go.
  15. I'm always interested in Cold War USSR aviation, so I've been following this along. Given the sensitivity around this incident and the secrecy surrounding PVO operations of the era, I'm surprised that even the identity of the aircraft has been confirmed. If Red 17 was the aircraft, then I'm surprised that the specific type of Flagon is not more readily known. Could anyone shed any light on the question posed in the above quote? Also, I'd like to give a mention to the 1/72 Sukhoi Su-15TM and UM from Amodel. I know Amodel can divide opinion, but they are generally correct in shape and dimension, and I am sure they would be a much better option than the rather poor (in my opinion) offering from PM/Pioneer2. I'd be interested to hear any thoughts on Amodel Flagon's. To add to this. I have just realised Amodel kit includes decal option for 'Red 17' (or '17 Red' if you prefer) and they believe it to be a TM. Here's an interesting article http://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/su-15/su-15.htm For what it's worth, my opinion would be for an aircraft with the latter 'cranked' leading edge. Be it a new build or re-winged older airframe. My reasoning being that the Flagon had been in service for many years by the time of this incicent, and re-winging was carried out on older airframes, so it's quite likely. But that's just conjecture of course. I'd love to see the photo's! Cheers.
  16. I think you are probably correct. The font style they have used for the lettering is also awful. They should use your model as a reference for their real one. It's a shame these Italeri Whirlwinds are so hard to find. Using the slightly wrong one doesn't seem to have detracted too much and I will add to the positive comments. Very nice, as is the Wessex and Sea Vixen.
  17. Got mine, and it is excellent. The 'zaps' and additional information about the individual aircraft really make it a special sheet to have. Thank you
  18. Hasegawa Mig-17 with the very odd wing planform. Very strange.
  19. Are you making a 1/72 U-8 Seminole? What kit are you using? I love those 70's 80's light communication types. The Cessna 310/U-3 is a favourite Shame there aren't more kits out there.
  20. Nice. Neat work with the airbrush. I'm doing one of these at the mo'. Great little kit.
  21. Some interesting 'Argies' that are not often seen modelled.
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