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  1. With you on that! Normally,I wouldn't pay more than £35 -£40 for any 1/144 kit but,the price is definitely heading the right way.
  2. Looks like someone has been listening to comments about the price. That's now just over £70 including postage. Any advance on £61.16? Bit more sensible but still excessive (at least for me) for a 1/144 kit. Wonder if the big H might be forced to drop its price? http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=ROD 330 Allan
  3. Airfix 2018

    Or, maybe I could quote one of the standard phrases from my old units REME detachment ; " This is going to be a tricky job, We'd better get a bigger hammer"! Allan
  4. For that price,I would have expected a level of interior detail at least equal to or, better than Revell's Antonov AN 124 - along with the deployed flaps etc ! Still, I don't think you will be getting killed in the rush to buy them! Allan
  5. I'm a bit of a fan of military transports myself although I do concur that it is maybe a bit of a niche market. Of course, "military transports" covers a large and varied range of subjects. I do not personally like 1/144 scale but, I'm realistic enough to accept that,given the huge size of the C-5, a kit in this scale is likely to be the only scale in which we get one. I would accept that situation. We already have decent kits of the IL-76 and Antonov AN-22 in 1/144 scale. I bought these because there is no likelihood of an affordable 1/72 (my preferred scale ) kit. I would personally love this new kit but, not at that price. I have little personal interest in the "vanity" projects you describe but, you do raise another interesting point there. I think there is a market for a C-5 galaxy inasmuch as there is a market for a C-141 Starlifter and, VC-10. However, I do raise my eyebrows a little when the C-5 is to be sold at 4 times the price of the aforementioned other kits!! It will be interesting to see how the forthcoming Kinetic 1/72 scale C-17 fares when (if?) it ever appears. I actually have one of the Otaki originals. It is currently languishing on my shelf of doom where I put on hearing of the Roden kit. It is actually being built as a R R Trent engine C-5K!. Maybe I need to dust it off again?.I wish you good luck with the Roden kit but, I have to say that I would not personally part with even £55 - £60 for any 1/144 aircraft kit. Maybe £35 - £40 tops. I don't actually think they are being greedy. I think their bean counters have projected likely sales and, that the retail prices is realistic (from their point of view) and sufficient to recover their costs and, return a profit based on those sales. Unfortunately however, said retail price is looking to be far in excess of what those prospective customers will pay. It would be ironic indeed if, referring to you earlier point, another company (e g Revell) produced a C-5 at about 1/3 of the price of the Roden kit. However, as you rightly say, the cicumstances for both companies are very different. Allan
  6. You're probably right at that! Much as I would love this kit, it won't be appearing in a stash near me!. Full marks to Roden on choice of subject but, I think they are going to get burned on this one. Allan
  7. Or, you could wait a few months until retailers desperate to offload their expensive and non moving dust gatherers knock 50% off the price just to get rid of them!! Allan
  8. Airfix 2018

    Agreed!! Fit of the separate nose to the fuselage was atrocious. Huge gaps, too wide for the wing roots and a lot of trimming, swearing and filling later............. Allan
  9. Airfix 2018

    1/72 Lightning F1/F1A/F2/F3/T4/T5 would be nice. Maybe a new tool J-79 powered Phantom to go with the one true F-4?.Now that the B-17 has been re tooled, I think the B-24 and, B-29 are surely in line?. Certainly like to see the Valiant reissued. I need a couple but I won't pay the ludicrous second hand prices being asked Allan
  10. Wingspan 47 cm, length 52 cm. Roughly comparable to a 747-400 in size. Allan
  11. Airfix 2018

    Interesting choice but possibly doubtful. Have you considered the Skunk Works 1/48 F-16XL? Beautiful model with loads of whizz bangs and a decal sheet giving 4 "what if " options. Personally, I hope Airfix do NOT give us an F-16 or any other done to death already boring grey jet - with the possible exception of a new Tornado GR1/GR4/F3 and/or Typhoon!! Allan ps - forgot about the Jaguar!! How about a new GR1/T2?
  12. Interesting and, very valid point. However, I don't think another manufacturer will necessarily be put off - especially if the ludicrously high price is a contributing factor to poor sales. I think rather they may see it as an opportunity to say "we can do better"? Using your quoted example of Revell, they managed to produce a superb kit of the Antonov AN-124 ( a broadly similar subject) at a very low price - I got mine for £22.95 each! Allan
  13. I know there have been some adverse comments about the rather restrained colour scheme of the 10th Air Force subject but, I rather like it . There is of course a more colourful option available! I have to confess that despite a very high MEH!! factor to begin with, I am beginning to warm to this model! Allan
  14. I wouldn't pay $165 (£126) for ANY kit but, I am after all a tight fisted Scot! Joking apart, I would not personally pay more than about £35 ($45) for any 1/144 kit. Although maybe not a valid comparison, I can buy Revell's excellent 1/72 Airbus A-400 kit for £49.49 ($64.80). Kind of puts the price for the C-5 into some sort of perspective. This is now the second issue of the Revell kit. I wonder what Revell estimated the market was for the A-400? Allan
  15. You're probably correct about the boycott. but, I think the apparent estimate of a market for 2000 kits (presumably world wide?) is absurdly low? Roden may have placed a relatively low market in their calculations but,I would suspect that it may turn out to be even lower - largely due to the ludicrous price of the kit. I do not doubt your reasonable presentation of the business case but, as with all commodities, the price( be it a new TV, household appliance, new car or, even a model kit) is likely to be the final arbiter. Modellers will vote with their wallets and, very poor sales may force a rethink about pricing (or, probably more likely lead to withdrawal of the kit). Of course, the opposite may hold true and, demand might exceed expectations? I was actually in my local model shop yesterday and, this kit (among others) arose for discussion. They will not be stocking this kit. I do not profess to know how many C5 kits WOULD sell at a lower price but, if it were in your hypothetical $30 - $40 price range (that is £24 - £30)I would personally buy 2 - 3. I don't know if this is a valid comparison but, when Revell produced their Antonov AN-124 kit ( a broadly similar type), it was available in the UK for under £25 ($33) each. For any single 1/144 kit, I would not personally pay more than about £35 ($45). I think Roden may have shot themselves in the foot with this one! Allan.