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  1. Do my admittedly feeble old eyes deceive me or, is there just a hint of wing droop there?. Be great if they have captured this very distinctive feature of parked/loaded B-52s. May be a bit early to tell yet but, hope there is a flaps extended option as well as an alternative loadout to the ALCMs. Whatever, it looks beautiful and while it will probably be unaffordable for me, I have already dropped hints to my lovely partner as she is looking for ideas for my 60th!! If this model is of similar quality to their 1/72 AFVs, we are in for a treat Allan
  2. Not really bothered whether its 1/72 or 1/48. Just so long as it comes with folded wing option, deployed control surfaces, detailed bomb bay, decent cockpit, full range of British whizz bangs to hang underneath it, at least half a dozen decal options and cheap enough to leave you enough change for a beer afterwards!!. Not really asking much am I ? ! Seriously though, I'd rather all these options were included in the basic kit. It might add to the price but, probably not nearly as much as if you would have to pay for a load of expensive aftermarket frippery. Not all of us want to or, can afford to buy extras PS - Oh yes, nearly forgot, NO p/e rubbish please. I hate the darned stuff! Allan
  3. Well, a wee bit of black isn't so bad!! a
  4. Hobby Link Japan has it listed for April 2017 release. Priced at 3200 Yen (£22.50) Revell website has it listed for February release (no price quoted) Allan
  5. Or dig out and dust off the old M R C A (Must Refurbish Canberra Again) plans! Allan
  6. Nice! However, I note that RESIN2 detail are producing a 1/32 conversion set for the Cavalier Turbo Mustang!! Now, THAT would be nicer!! Allan
  7. Red pencil on standby!!! Agree with you on the SR-71/YF-12. Just a thought though ,would it not be possible to produce a YF-12 from the SR-71? It would need a longer/narrower nose, revised forward chines ,shorter tail cone and ventral fins but,probably do-able? Unless of course some enterprising company comes up with a conversion kit! Allan PS - Still have the ancient Revell 1/72 YF-12A somewhere. Quite a nice model despite its age.
  8. Thanks for the info! Allan
  9. Although not primarily a modeller of floaty things, I would like to see any or all of the following ; (in IM plastic please!!, NOT expensive resin/multi media kits!) Abdiel Class minelayer Leander Class Light Cruiser Dido Class Light Cruiser Arethusa Class Light Cruiser Tribal Class Destroyer Revenge Class Battleship County Class Cruiser Allan
  10. not bad for £25! Allan
  11. Count me in please!! In its own peculiar way, Lt Belenko's aircraft was a historically significant one! Allan
  12. Very boring colour scheme! Need to do something about that!! Very Nice otherwise. Allan
  13. Agreed! I think it's a rather silly over reaction to a very minor issue. As you say, how difficult is it to open the canopy? Personally, I prefer one piece canopies - regardless of the amount of detail under them. In any case, transparencies nowadays are mostly of very high quality and clarity. Not difficult to see all that nice detail inside. Multi piece types often don't match up correctly and it's just one or more fragile piece(s) just dying to get knocked off the model. Allan
  14. Very valid comment. I also could not help but notice also, especially on the Airfix Farce Book page the number of modellers whining about the lack of ships/cars/motor bikes/ AFVs & other pet subjects. Well, like you I figure that Airfix have done the right thing in concentrating on the items that they know for sure are going to sell well. If anybody is looking for something other than aircraft, then there are plenty of other manufacturers out there who will probably cater for their needs. I don't exclusively model aircraft but, if I want a King Tiger tank, an HMS Dreadnought or an Airbus A-350 then, I can find them elsewhere. Simples! Sorry to sound so brutal about it but, C'est La Vie!. I have no particular loyalty to Airfix and, Revell will be getting more of my hard earned than Airfix this year. While a bit underwhelmed by the Airfix 2017 programme, there are two items (Me -262 & Phantom) which I will be buying so, there's something in it for me. I'd have to be honest and say that while a bit disappointing personally, it is a good, mixed bag overall and I think that it would be difficult (at least for aircraft enthusiasts) NOT to find something of interest - unless of course they are civil aircraft fans! Allan
  15. Pointlessly repeated video removed and read the rules regarding swearing in posts.