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  1. Airfix 2018

    I think the main reason production went overseas was due to higher wage and production costs in the UK. This is a not uncommon factor in companies shipping (no pun intended) certain operations overseas. I have no problem with producing in the UK but, should this result in an increase in the cost of the kits,will we not then have hordes of modellers complaining about large price hikes. I don't think you CAN really ignore the economics unfortunately Allan
  2. Airfix 2018

    Remember it well!! I think anyone with a TV sat up late watching the landing! Hey Airfix, how about a new Saturn V ! Allan
  3. Interesting. Agree with your comment. I have seen a lot of models done like this and, I just don't think they look right. Maybe it's the neatly defined "pre shaded" panels that spoils it for me because, like you, I have seen very few (if any ) aircraft that weather like that. Still, to each their individual taste. It's been interesting reading the suggestions on weathering black though. I have the Revell Dornier DO-17Z "Kauz" and a couple of Lancasters to build so, any tips I pick up here are useful Allan
  4. Rare??? Yes. I would call that rare. Seven shows in widely spread locations over the whole country in a whole year is not what I would describe as commonplace. Elgin I would rule out because of the travel involved. Which makes them even rarer.Perhaps we. define "rare" differently? In any case, it changes nothing as the cost of travel to and from far flung destinations would certainly negate any possible savings on kit purchases - including Italeri. Allan
  5. Or,maybe they are only producing a bit if an aeroplane? One of the Facebook entries describes it as F-4E Nose/cockpit project!😕 Allan
  6. Tend to agree with the previous comment. What modellers will apparently pay for a very rare and long OOP kit is perhaps a very flawed basis on which to determine a price for a brand new, in production kit? However they decided the price, I think it may have backfired seriously. I think this kit is, unfortunately going to prove an enormous flop - at least at the current price.Does not bode well for the C-5M. Not so much abusing the market as totally misunderstanding the customers Allan
  7. I doubt if it will be much cheaper if bought in the UK. Factor in the importers charges and, the cost of postage if bought mail order and you probably won't see much change from about £60. Allan
  8. You could say the same about a lot of discussions here.The comments pertaining to the C-5 kit are relevant Allan
  9. Wouldn't bet on it. If it were guaranteed to be an absolute winner we probably wouldn't be having this conversation!!. I'd buy it, you'd buy it but I suspect that for a those other than the die hard enthusiast it would be the Handley Page "What?"? Or, Handley Page "Never 'eard of it". Allan
  10. Revell 1/72 Concorde

    It is sad that such an iconic and well known aircraft has been so badly served by model manufacturers. Id sooner see a new Concorde than yet another wretched Spitfire (yawns),any other done to death already WWII subject or yet another boring grey jet! Meantime,I've got another 1/72 Concorde which I intend to build as the Greater German Reich SST featured (albeit very briefly) in the tv series "Man in the High Castle" Allan
  11. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    On the assumption that the RAF version will follow in due course, I think it more than likely that the appropriate goodies will be added. Allan
  12. Airfix 2018

    I think they stopped that after details of new kits were "leaked" prematurely? Sad days? No, I don't think so. I think too m any people worked themselves into a near frenzy of anticipation based on nothing more than assumption - namely that just because Airfix did something last year and the previous year(s) that they'd do the same this year? The much anticipated (falsely as it turned out) "big announcement" at Telford is surely a case in point Allan
  13. Vintage Airfix Kits

    Well, given the choice, I'd have the Revell Halifax BIII over the ancient Airfix kit any day!!. Allan
  14. Vintage Airfix Kits

    Not only you!! I've been trying for a very long to find a couple of those kits at reasonable prices . I'm not prepared to pay silly money for them Allan
  15. Revell 2018

    The 1/32 F-4G will do me nicely. Nice to get a big scale Phantom at something approaching an affordable price! Allan