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  1. All you are doing is looking at a picture.Unless you actually have one of the Airfix kits in front of you and, you have built it then I suggest you have no valid point(s) of comparison with any other kit. Without a valid comparison, your comment is, at best, wholly presumptious. Allan
  2. Airfix 2018

    Cost?? Details! Mere details!!. I find it best not to dwell on such minutiae!! (provided the individual cost per kit was reasonable). Totally agree with your choices too. In fact, why not go the whole hog and do the entire collection of UK operated diesels right through to the current class 70! Allan
  3. Airfix 2018

    Interesting point. I thought it was over priced and under detailed but, otherwise not a bad kit. Decals were dreadful though!! Certainly cannot get it for £12 nowadays!!. I wouldn't even consider the asking prices for them. Like to see the Valiant reissued though. I certainly won't pay the silly prices asked for these!! Allan
  4. Airfix 2018

    and followed by a Class 58, Class 59, Class37, Class 66, Class 47, Class 60......................................................!!!. Actually, considering Hornby's association with model railways I do find it strange that there is an almost complete lack of OO scale railway rolling stock in kit form!! Allan
  5. Airfix price increase

    In my case, I got the Revell B-17G in preference to the Airfix. Also have the Revell Shack AEW2 & Heinkel in preference to the Airfix kits.Price difference of £10+ in each case. If it had only been £2 -£3 , I wouldn't have been bothered. Price if the recent Whitley GRVII was increased by nearly 32% compared to the first kit (£24.99 up to £32.99). I still bought it but, only because there's no alternative. Some of the larger kits are already out of my market. Agree with you there. However, while there are undoubtedly valid and unavoidable reason for the price increases, if customers refuse to pay the prices then Airfix/Hornby could go under regardless. Allan
  6. Airfix price increase

    Got an email today from an online retailer I regularly use. They have been advised by Airfix regarding "significant price rises across the board" from next week. No specifics. Not unexpected I guess but, following last years big price hike, this is not exactly welcome news. Guess we will have to wait and see. Allan
  7. My god, Yes!! I forgot about that truly hideous object!!. Allan
  8. My partner saw this and suggested adding it to her Crimbo list!! (lovely girl!). Actually, up to now I have had absolutely zero interest in this horrible looking thing in any shape,scale or form and was determined never to allow such a misshapen monstrosity to darken my shelves!! Of course, now that someone has offered to pay for it.....................!!!. Still refuse to countenance that dreadfully dull and boring grey colour scheme though! I will only go so far...............................! Allan ps - I did say I'd rather have the forthcoming Revell 1/32 F/A - 18E though!
  9. Looks like a lovely little model. Unfortunately, the small scale puts me right off it Allan
  10. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    lLooks like a gem of a kit but, I remain to be convinced that yet another Bf-109 G is desperately needed! Sorry. Bit underwhelmed by this announcement. Allan
  11. Shhhhh! Don't give them ideas..........!!!
  12. BAC Lightning F.Mk.23 – בָּרָק

    6 x BL755 CBUs. I didn't fit a twin carrier inboard as there wasn't much clearance between pylon and fuselage Allan
  13. Certainly not THAT desperate!! That's for sure - much as I'd like one! I actually got one of the ex Otaki originals in the Yodel boxing 5 years ago. Only paid £30 for it!! Currently on my shelf of doom! Guess I will finish it now! Allan
  14. £40??? Someone is having a giraffe!😕. Does not bode well for the forthcoming B-52D. The AC-130A is actually a reissue from 2009 Allan
  15. Surely they cannot be having problems selling this kit😁😁. Any advance on £60? Knock another £20 off and I might consider it!😉 Allan