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  1. I wouldn't thank them for an F-35 - or yet more Spitfires for that matter!!. Agree with the Typhoon though. Also, I would think their very tired and somewhat inadequate Tornado kits were long overdue for replacement!.Anyone for a HS 748 or Andover? Allan
  2. Not an expert on the type but, given the commonality between the types would it not be a simple job (with appropriate alternate parts) to follow on with a BIII or, Wellington X which, if I recall was the version produced in largest numbers? Allan ps - VERY welcome news!! All we need now is a Hampden!
  3. From Airfix Facebook page : "Tomorrow, we're celebrating Workbench's 50th edition! Trust us, you WILL NOT want to miss this one...**cough** 2018 announcement **cough**" Allan
  4. Lockheed Neptune anyone? Allan
  5. All we need now of course is a decent NEW Neptune kit to go with the conversion!! To my knowledge, the ancient Hasegawa kit is still the only game in town. I first built that one 42 years ago! Allan
  6. That would be a nice choice but, personally I would rather see it at half the scale and one quarter the price!! Then I could buy lots!! Allan
  7. How about an F-84/RF-84? Allan
  8. You're right. I'd forgotten about that!. However, Italeri must have had something on which to base their own (now, long OOP) Dornier 217 kits?. However, I will cross that one off the list! Thanks for the reminder! Allan
  9. 1)Nothing in 1/24 scale 2)Junkers JU-88A (although the beautiful Revell kit will hard to beat) 3)Junkers JU-52 - particularly with floats 4)Avro Lincoln 5) Vickers Wellington - including the Merlin engine version Mk II 6)Merlin engined Beaufighter 7)H P Hampden 8) Bristol Beaufort 9) Lightning F1/F1A/F2/F3/T4/T5 Could think of plenty others but, I reckon that is sufficient to be going on with. ps - Oh yes, reissue Vickers Valiant & the 1/48 Javelin and Sea Vixen.!! I point blank refuse to pay silly second hand prices Allan
  10. Thanks for posting the link - I couldn't get it to attach!! £70 ain't so bad but of course one would still have to add postage and possible VAT/Import charges in the UK. Allan.
  11. You're welcome. Thanks for posting the link - for some reason I couldn't get it to attach!!. Allan
  12. For anybody interested, it's available to pre order at Hobby Link Japan priced at 92.97 Euros (£78.58) Allan
  13. For anyone interested, it's available to pre order at Hobby Link Japan priced at 82.47 Euros (£69.66). Of course you will have to add shipping to that! Allan
  14. Any info on likely UK price? Available at HLJ in Japan for about 35 Euros (£29). Of course, that's before postage and possible VAT, import charges etc!! Allan
  15. ! Scale! Schmale!. Go on! Buy it, build it, paint it, enjoy it!! You know you want to ! I'll bet a double malt to a pint of your favourite real ale that you won't be able to resist it! Allan