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  1. And me! 😁😁 Thing is, with the Airfix kit long out of production, quite difficult to get and often going for stupid second hand prices (£85 in one instance) then I can see this kit selling even at an only slightly less stupid price of £63!! There is after all very little else to choose from IF you really must have a Sea Vixen I am aware the Airfix kit can be obtained occasionally on eBay etc for something approaching a more sensible price (I got one for £40 about a year ago) but, it has been my experience that these are the exception. Yes, it would be be nice if Airfix would reissue their kit (and the Javelin!) but, that does not seem to be forthcoming, at least for now Allan
  2. Yet another 2 Vulcan B2.. XM571 XH537

    It was the Revell/Monogram B-52D!!. Admittedly, I DID use a rattle can for the black but, the disruptive pattern S E Asia camouflage was all brushed! With regard to your earlier point about the Luftwaffe mottling, there are in fact several means by which you can reproduce same without an airbrush. Youtube is a good place to check if you are interested. My own favoured method is using different sized (old!) brushes cut down to a stub 3 - 4mm. Remove most of the paint with a paper towel then, on a pre dampened model, use a sort of stippling method. Capillary action on the damp model will allow paint to flow giving a nice feathered edge! How about trying it on one of your Vulcans!!. Would look pretty mean finished in 70/71/65! Takes a bit of practice but, works for me! Allan
  3. Yet another 2 Vulcan B2.. XM571 XH537

    No argument here Rob!!. One of the old favourites for the "it cannot be brush painted, you must have an airbrush" mafia is the WWII Luftwaffe mottle type camouflage. I have nearly 5 decades of modelling under my belt and, airbrushes were the exception when I embarked on the world's greatest hobby!. And yet, we managed!!. Of course, it doesn't really matter what method we use. Just have fun! . Just for the record, even when I DID have an airbrush I never used it for the aforementioned camouflage schemes! Allan
  4. Β£45 is about the limit for what I will pay for it. Got one last year for about Β£40. As a rule, I stick to "buy it now" or "best offer" options on ebay. Auctioned items invariably go for a lot more than I can afford. It IS fun though watching the frantic bidding in the last few minutes!! Allan
  5. Yet another 2 Vulcan B2.. XM571 XH537

    Well Rob, I have never encountered a paint job among my chosen subjects that CANNOT be done by brush painting!! (or, at least a mix of brushing and rattle cans!!).Still, for all our different approaches we are all modellers and, that's all that matters! For something like the Vulcan. I would (in the one true 1/72 scale at least!!) use a rattle can for the main colour(s) and brush the camouflage pattern. Glad to know I am not the only one disappointed in the Tamiya tape! I actually never enjoyed using an airbrush. I got rid of mine over 20 years ago and never regretted it. Even though I got quite proficient, I felt it actually took all the FUN out of painting! Try brush painting a 1/72 B-52 & you will understand what I mean! Cheers Allan
  6. Yet another 2 Vulcan B2.. XM571 XH537

    I tried the Tamiya tape on several models and, to be perfectly honest I was rather unimpressed by it. Poor adhesion being the main problem and, not just restricted to complex curves like the Vulcan pattern. I actually binned mine and won't be using it again! Back to the time honoured method for me!!! For decades I have been using a soft pencil to draw the camouflage pattern freehand on to the model and then using a flat brush to fill in the appropriate areas. Takes practice but has worked very well. Certainly eliminates the problems of both paint creep and, paint build up. I don't airbrush by the way - I don't own one!. All my models are brush painted! Not suitable for everyone - I accept that but, certainly does it for me! Allan
  7. Looks very nice!. Sure it won't be long now though before this (not even out of the CAD stage) kit is pronounced "unbuildable", "fatally flawed" and, "totally inaccurate"by the keyboard "experts" and cyber warriors! Allan
  8. No. With all due respect, I think you are wrong. As has been pointed out previously, 1/600 scale is now effectively dead. I don't think that Airfix should give up on ships completely but, given that their only recent items (HMS Illustrious & HMS Daring) were in 1/350 scale, that is perhaps a sign of them accepting that is the sensible choice of scale for any future ship kits? Something else to consider, with ship modellers now generally building in one scale or the other (1/700 or 1/350) then I respectfully suggest that 1/600 would be the "odd man out" scale. No matter how well produced, I don't see too many ship modellers wanting spend their hard earned on something that will be totally out of scale with the rest of their collections. I may be wrong of course. In any case, if I want a ship kit, there are plenty of manufacturers other than Airfix to choose from. Airfix has a great deal of competition to go up against and,they will have to at least equal or, exceed said competition in quality in order to succeed in this area. Given their parent company's current financial predicament, perhaps for now they are best sticking with what they already produce to keep the money rolling in. I would like to see them diversify the range in future though. Getting back to ships, in the eye of this beholder, 1/700 is certainly "too small" as is 1/144 in aircraft scales!. For the future, I'd prefer Airfix to stick to 1/350 for any additional ship kits. Allan
  9. Actually, I think you have probably got it nailed! From their point of view, a very pragmatic and practical approach as they know they will satisfy the majority of their customers Allan
  10. No worries mate!!. "Re-tool" is obviously open to interpretation. I agree with Stevehnz above. Perhaps the discussion should have been re-too.......!!!! SORRY - RE-TITLED!! Whatever, I agree with you on new tools by the way. Perhaps with some reissues? Allan.
  11. Hello Ian. Thanks for your response. Totally accept you were not criticising anyone. Apologies if my comment seemed to imply you were. You're quite correct about the collective knowledge on these issues but, I honestly think that they are of general concern to a minority. Like I said, if the kits are selling regardless, then these issues are not an issue for most customers. Simple reality and, the manufacturer knows it. That is however just a personal perspective. I do not condone or condemn Trumpeter as, I have no interest in getting involved in yet more Trumpy bashing!! . I have in fact built several of their kits (TU-16, TU-95, Westland Wyvern (1/48) Fairey Gannet, 1/32 MiG -19, 1/32 MiG -21 (two seater) F-107A, 1/32 MiG -23) I consider them to be well detailed, nicely engineered kits that assembled if not painlessly, then with few major problems. To be honest, that's all I really ask for! I'm no expert and am content to have a model that pretty much looks like the real subject. The Firefly itself looks to be another nicely produced kit. If I were interested in the subject, I'd probably buy (warts and all!) if it were about Β£15 cheaper! I like Trumpeter's choices but, it's high UK prices that mainly put me off! Allan
  12. Possibly true but, "on here" is not quite the same as " out there" and, I suspect that as their kits are actually selling "out there" I respectfully suggest that many modellers simply aren't bothered one way or another? For myself, the point is moot. I think the price is too high for a relatively modest sized model so,,I won't be buying it! Prefer the Mk V anyway!😁 Allan
  13. "Retool" - to replace and re-equip for the purposes of revising and/or improving/updating." No offence but, 'new tools " is exactly what you're getting and exactly what Airfix did with the kits which have replaced earlier items ( Lancaster, Blenheim IV, Defiant,Wellington etc)πŸ˜‰ Allan
  14. 😁. Lucky you!😁. I have one only at present. While commending the manufacturer for his efforts, it is just a shame that the chosen kit subject is now very rare and not easy to obtain (at least at a reasonable price). However, I can certainly put the missiles kits to good use Allan😁