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  1. I’m with everyone else - no expert, but interested observer! My references, and understanding of the admiralty instructions, are that any interior bulkheads would be white, with horizontal surfaces blue B15. That’s what I’ll be doing for my Fairmile D
  2. Thanks everyone, scale is indeed 1/350. I’ll show how I sea sculpt in the next one I build. a
  3. Thanks everyone, scale is indeed 1/350. I’ll show how I sea sculpt in the next one I build. a
  4. It's been a while since I've had time to post anything new, but I've recently finished a few projects, first up is WEMs Castle Class corvette, mostly straight from the kit with a few details, the main goal for this one was to work on my seascaping skills. Andrew
  5. Not sure what triggered this thread coming back to life, but thanks for the comments everyone. A
  6. Sadly not, combination of day job and other projects has left it on hold, but I do look at it regularly so it won't be too much longer!
  7. Are you still looking for information Mike? I took a dozen or so photos of the large scale model of Endurance model at the FAA Museum last month - think recruiting office model from back in the day - she's post-87 as there are 2 Lynx's on the flihgt deck. Andrew
  8. Looks like an early 70ft Elco PT boat to me, around 10 of those made their way into RN service.
  9. 2 out of 3 Tribal on the left, Eskimo or maybe Zulu. Ikara Leander in the middle. Ajax or Leander. 4.5 Leander on the right Sirius or Juno in original fit. I seemed to be collecting Pete Halls output but not building them so thought I’d do some catching up. There’s half formed plan to build a chunk of q pier at Portland for a 70’s FOST scene.
  10. No need to the SAR shout just yet... I had to have a word with my self about finishing a few of the works in progress that I'd only just started when I got distracted by Vanguard. Any guesses? Meanwhile I've picked up a few more accessories and played with some designs for the etched safety nets that I'll need at some point, oh and tried really hard not to let some Fearless designs distract me further...
  11. So, although I'm resisting the temptation to turn this into something of a triple build, I did just stumble (coincidence honest) on this, model on the Royal Maritime Museum site, sometime post Falklands, but worth saving I thought... http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/67547.html
  12. Now this will be a good one to follow Very interested in watching this build (or draw) progress, expecially correcting to 1982 fit. I did take a look at my set of Fearless plans the other week, but put them away again for a wee bit longer. And thanks again for the Hermes and friends credit - I can't believe it's still so popular 3 years later... A
  13. Yep everything came together in the end, there’s an RFI post here with the finished article:
  14. I'll watch this one closely - I've got a couple of the original WEM Tons with Peter's new brass in the stash. Fearless is one of many ships on my mind as well - would have to be flooded down in San Carlos with landing craft active. I think modelling board will be the best material for the hull - it should remain strong enough even with the well deck cut away - but that's definitely for another day.
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