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  1. At €11,66 (sans VAT) the kit is almost worth it for the decals alone - roundels and tail stripes for days! -Vince
  2. Dave, Here's a shot of the decals and markings for Heller's 1/72 MS.406. These are the two new schemes, in addition to the original markings from the classic kit. They have been developed in cooperation with Ailes Françaises. The Breguet 693, Bloch MB.152, Potez 63-11, and LéO 451 have similarly expanded decal options. The Amiot 143, Potez 540, Dewoitine D.520, and Curtiss H.75 should be re-released shortly with the same setup. Heller have done something similar to this in the past with their recent reissue of the 1/72 Eténdard IVM, where the decals options were developed with FFSMC Productions. As you can see, the decals are beautifully printed and in perfect register. This has been the case with most of Heller's recently produced kits, so it appears that have changed decal printers. I wanted to point this out since it looks like Heller is actually trying to up their game a bit, albeit with the same old tool kits. -Vince
  3. Count me in. Heller has been reissuing classic kits from their Musée range with excellent quality decals (nice and glossy instead of the old out-of-register flat stuff) with multiple new marking options in addition to the originals. https://www.heller.fr/en/military-airplanes/520-bloch-152c1-3279510802115.html?search_query=bloch&results=3 Also, here's the obligatory shot of my small(ish) Heller collection:
  4. Taking full advantage of my stupid question quota! What are the pair of tanks/bottles on the port side of the fuselage aft of the pilot's bulkhead, and what color were they? I've seen green, white, silver, and grey. Thanks!
  5. I was perusing some of the walk-around photos of the Sea Hawk over at Thunder-and-Lightnings and noticed several descriptions of the undercarriage color as a "Blue Grey." I'm curious to know if it was a standard factory-applied color or simply artistic license taken during a restoration. Can anyone shed some more light on this?
  6. It's always nice to see a 109 in the 70/71 scheme - nice build.
  7. Truly first-rate work here - I'm motivated to pull my Havoc out of the stash finally!
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