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  1. To stencil, or not to stencil? - Two NMF Spits

    Not that it is specific to the question here, but someone on the forum has a sig line saying something to the effect that "life is too short to apply stencils". This is rapidly becoming my motto as well.
  2. I just got the Airfix Fortress III kit and am wondering what part L11 represents. These are on sprue 'L' that contains the Fortress III specific parts. There are four pieces of L11, two go at each waist window, one forward and one aft. I was also surprised to see the waist position .50 guns installed too, since a night flyer i wouldn't have expected them to be carried.
  3. 1/72 CC Liberator Hasegawa/Eduard?

    Here, the Hasegawa CC kit has a MSRP of $100. 1/72 Eduard Royal Class kits (based on the Spitfire IX and Fw 190A-8 are around $90 (MSRP) and 1/48 RC are $100-150. The MSRP pricing came from Sprue Bros listings, actual price is usually less but still a "How Much!"
  4. 36 Sqn Vildebeests - Serial/Code Letter Tie-ups

    I had immediately saved your initial post with the serial/code connections, but am now saving the entire topic. Lots of good info and food for thought once my Azur kit hits the assembly stage. Saved as a PDF so as not become a victim of any future web shenanigans. Thanks for posting this and also thanks to all the contributors
  5. 1/72 CC Liberator Hasegawa/Eduard?

    Thanks, that appears to answer the question, Eduard coming eventually. If priced like 1/48 Royal Class, it will be pricy! Hard to believe the Hasegawa kit will probably be less costly than this one is when released.
  6. 1/72 CC Liberator Hasegawa/Eduard?

    Some time Eduard was supposedly going to rebox the Hasegawa B-24 kit as a Coastal Command Liberator, adding parts as necessary. AFAIK this project has not appeared. In the meantime Hasegawa has issued their B-24 in Coastal Command guise. Any ideas if the Eduard became the Hasegawa one, if they are or will be separate endeavors, and the extra stuff in the Hasegawa version? The Hasegawa kit is pricy, but most of Eduard's reboxing with their own decals and resin goodies are too so I suspect that part is a wash. I think I would prefer Eduard goodies but if that project is DoA, I want to get the Hasegawa kit while it is still available
  7. Brengun 1/72 A36 Apache USAF (Brengun Model Accessories BRP72025)

    Chuck's changing philosophy. 50 some years ago when I was stationed just outside London, I had a chance to visit Mike Silk and Modeltoys. I was bemoaning the lack of a reasonable P-51D and how much effort would be involved attempting to correct the Revel kit of the time. Mike suggested "be patient, a better one will come someday". Jump forwards many years and a friend of mine commented something like "once I have seen a kit error, it is hard to un-see and just say'close enough'". That was true me up through at least my 65th year. However as my 70th came and went, the time horizon acceptable for Mike's 'someday' has become recognizably shorter. I think I will force myself to un-see the fuselage depth error in the Bregun kit and just build one since I am not sure I will still be around when that correct one finally does arrive.
  8. Brengun 1/72 A36 Apache USAF (Brengun Model Accessories BRP72025)

    I don't have the Brengun kit but looking at sprue shots here it does not appear to have a 'D' type kink. There were a couple of other related threads here, but a lot of the replies got trampled by others with opinions tossed around like popcorn. Not claiming any are wrong, but a grain (or two) of salt is needed. The consensus I saw was that of existing kits (and I dont think Bregun entered into the discussions) Academy's P-51A had the best early Mustang wing
  9. Antenna masts

    Way back when I think it was Contrail who did airfoil shaped extruded plastic strut material in assorted widths. A few years later there was Strutz, which was basically the same except in brass. Most recently when I was shopping for some tube and rod for 1/72 gun barrels and pitot tube making I came across a video about making struts with Albion Alloy products. Of course now I cant find the video but essentially it involved flattening a tube after inserting rod, the rod providing the raised airfoil shape.
  10. Hellcat in FAA service

    Look on Amazon, there is one book from a pilot. This by Tillman is a good overall coverage. I have the original Naval Institute print edition, suspect you may have to go to used books to find it though
  11. NA-73 Mustang I, best options in 1/72nd

    Based on these sprue shots, yes
  12. NA-73 Mustang I, best options in 1/72nd

    There is a quite noticeable difference in the wing leading edge between the P-51B and P-51D. On the 'D', the forward kink towards the fuselage is much more pronounced than on the 'B' (or earlier) versions.
  13. P-47 Mystery decals

    You are of course correct, I mentally inserted an extra '2' when I was looking up the serial.
  14. P-47 Mystery decals

    If HV-M is a D-28, it is a bubbletop. The serial number though makes it a D-23 RA which would have been a razorback and from the white codes apparently camouflaged