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  1. RAF CC Liberator rocket installations

    I think it depends on your interest in the PB4Y series. I have the PB4Y-2 book as well as others from the Ginter stable. In general, the text is rather minimal describing the development and difference in production series (eg F6F-3 through F6F-5) with lots of detail pictures but the Privateer book is a little different. The first half or so is on the aircraft itself with lots of interior and tech manual pictures. The second half focus is on the operational use with thumbnail reviews of all the patrol squadrons that operated the Privateer.
  2. Special Hobby new-tool P-40's

    When SH initially announced the new P-40 series, they specifically said only Allison engine versions. We cam hope they eventually do the Merlin versions too, but I'm not holding my breath, especially since they did the Merlin versions a few years ago.
  3. SEAC Spitfire undersides

    I have the booklet. but it is not immediately available since I am away from my stash. I do recall that the Spitfire VIIIs featured all have a RAAF connection, but one (IIRC) was Aussie flown in the RAF and ended up in SEAC. Unfortunately that is all I remember, but I will be re-united with the kits tomorrow and will attempt to remember to check.
  4. Airfix B-25 1/72 on Youtube

    Hornby USA show this as expected in March. I will attempt to hold myself back till then
  5. Eduard wet transfers for their 1/48 Fw-190

    I must be missing something. How are these different from any other 'soak in water first' decals?
  6. Airfix Blenheim Mk IV

    Must be the newer one. The ones I have from a couple of years ago (Blenheim IVf) have the same Bolingbroke nacelles as the Blenheim I
  7. ICM kits any good?

    A comment regarding the Eduard Spitfires. I have built four of the 1/72 Eduard Spitfires and to the extent that it carries over to the 1/48 versions, they are 1)superb and 2)not shake and bake. Everything fits but quite a bit of attention and test fitting is required during assembly
  8. Best Spitfire Mk. Vb in 1/72

    Out of the bottle Tamiya XF-71 by itself is a pretty good match
  9. 1:72 revell P-38 F/G/H origin ?

    It is a Revell kit from the 70s
  10. Best Spitfire Mk. Vb in 1/72

    Graham is correct regarding various Spitfire kits. I have built the AZ Spitfire II and ran into some fit problems getting the lower wing on the fuselage. It also lacks any positive alignment points for the cockpit in the fuselage so it is quite possible to get the cockpit assembly too high and then the canopy wont fit - I should mention that this issue is shared with other limited run Spitfires including Sword's (I am currently working on a Sword Seafire III). Care and doing several dry fits can avoid problems. Regardless of the wing planform and pudgy fuselage, I have also built two Tamiya Spitfires, a Mk I and a Vb as a IIb. When finished and in the collection they looked like Spitfires to me. It depends upon your personal weighing of faults and their importance. Using your P-51B example, I absolutely refuse to buy or build any Hasegawa P-51B kits because of the wing problem, but can live with the Tamiya Spitfire. Go figure...
  11. Mk III IFF used on Spitfire VIII?

    Thanks, if Mk III IFF was in use in the Med, I will finish my Spitfire VIII with the aerial.
  12. Any 'early' Spitfire IXc on D-Day?

    Most of the Spitfire IXc photos in Vol 1 of Shores & Thomas' 2TAF set are either later versions or 'cant tell' There is a photo on page 154 of a Spit IXc with full D-Day stripes, MJ255 VZ-X that came down along side a road and appears to have the starboard outer wing run over by tanks. Photo isn't conclusive, but the a/c might have the larger cannon bulge
  13. Mk III IFF used on Spitfire VIII?

    I am at the final stages of finishing an 1/72 Eduard Soitfire VIII as one used in Italy, early 1944 by the 31 FG, 15AF. Eduard instructions do not appear to include any IFF Mk III aerial under the wing. Is this an omission by Eduard or was it not used by the MEAFs? The Spitfire site page on radio and IFF seems to imply that it was a standard fit.
  14. Worst model quality?

    I too started buikding plastic kits some 60+ years ago and did build a couple of the 1/72 Revell Fw 190A-8 kits (what started this topic)when they were initially released in the 90s. Everything fit then and flash was minimal. I actually liked them better than the Hasegawa version in-spite of the gawd-awful canopy because they had a main gear bay that at least looked as though the gear might at least start to fit compared to Hasegawa's that were a scale 6" deep! FWIW however, even back in the 60s I couldn't bring myself to try Revell's then current Fw 190 and P-51D. The worst fitting kits I can remember actually completing have been the Pavla Ar-2 and AMT B-52G. At least one Merlin kit made in into the stash long ago since, as has been said several times, they were only option at the time. Regarding the infamous Roden He 111 kits I have them, there was a multi-page WIP on ARC several years ago that addressed and overcame all the fit issues. I did did save the entire article as a PDF and will use it extensively should I ever actually attempt one. Not sure which bothers me more, a poor fitting kit or one where any resemblance to the real thing is coincidental (such as the previously cited Heller P-47N). I do think however, that if the subject is one you really want in the collection, it can be built. Very nice B-45. I passed on the Mach 2 kit but will have a go with the Valom version