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  1. That would be great. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for all the info! The conversion may be done, it's just a matter of making new outer wing panels in scratch and modify the fuselage and tail surfaces. By the way, are you sure about red as the darkest colour in the b&w photo?
  3. It seems to be a good subject for a modification of the kit. Are the colours known?
  4. *Very* nice! I hope this one will be one of the options: :
  5. This is something I may consider but only after knowing the price and reading an extensive review. A new injected kit of the G 24 would be welcome, unfortunately I don't think this will happen soon. Also interesting is the Ju 46 Europa. I hope it is not the MPM kit with new parts.
  6. Although I have tens of SH/MPM/Azur, I only own three Planet kits: Lockheed Air Express, FW A16 and Dornier Merkur. The Libellula would be an option if made in injected plastic, or even in vacform. May be a short run injected kit with what-if decals could justify the release, following what other producers are doing?...
  7. Scalemates also lists another box: I've got the first one (04208). I am interested in discussing the accuracy of the kit, as I want to use it (also) as a model to detail may 1/72 kits - AZ and Airmodel. Carlos
  8. Very nice! WB kits are great, and you made justice to this little jewel.
  9. A very good reference that can be found for cheap is "The Northrop Story 1929-1939" by Richard Sanders Allen. It has good coverage of the Delta, including scale drawings. A must have! The French Air Magazine issue 24 comes with 31 pages covering the Delta, with profiles and scale drawings. Again a good reference if you can read French. Carlos
  10. Very nice build of an interesting aircraft! I have both the Matchbox and Contrail kits, and one day I'll built them side by side.
  11. Please let me in with a DH 53 Humming Bird. I started to scratch one many years ago but I never were satisfied with the wing ribs from tape so they were cleaned and ready to be corrected or re-done from scratch (I used plans from Aeroplane Monthly that are incorrect for the airframe I'm planning, the ill-fated G-EBHX from the Shuttleworth Collection). The fuselage is also bent, so I will use one of those old Airfix Tiger Moths, as suggested in Alan Laird's article for Airfix Magazine, 44 years ago!
  12. Hi J-Z, I'll follow very closely your triple build as I have the same kits and also want to convert one to a Rafaelyants limousine. On the RZ wing: it had indeed a smaller chord, reduced by 200 mm in the upper wing and 300 mm in the lower wing - data taken from the French translation of Maslov's book. It also comes with all the text in English, so it may be a good idea to hunt for it.
  13. I will follow your build with great interest!
  14. Steve was faster... Anyway, you may look for contents of some magazines in Here is the list for Planes & Wingspan: Would it be possible to scan the C.I drawings from #33? I miss that one. Carlos
  15. I wonder if it would be acceptable to join with this one: It is already started, but most work was only done while trying to tame a badly warped fuselage, forcing parts to fit like tamigawa.