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  1. Airfix price increase

    Possibly because the Airfix one is a brand new state of the art tooling that needs to recoup some investment. the Revell one is the old Matchbox tooling. So it is like complaining to BMW why are your small saloon cars more expensive then those ones Kia are selling? (Yes this isn't a perfect comparison but you get what I mean....)
  2. The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    Really? Where Airfix at the show then? They are usually pretty hot at keeping shots etc to themselves.
  3. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    While I would like a Buccaneer, I feel it is probably an SR.53. lots of what if potential and the Airfix one is somewhat rare..... Simon
  4. More on Airfix 2017

    That was an SLA. But regardless, seems a bit early for the gnashing of ze teeth.
  5. The Hobby Box Uckfield closed

    Not quite the same as a fully blown model shop but the Aviation Bookshop in Tonbridge Wells has a fantastic selection of kits as well as books. Mainly second hand I purchased a load recently including some rare stuff for an excellent price. well worth a trip! And the town is lovely too. Simon
  6. 'Ghost Planes' - Arghhh - Where are the crew???

    I think the answer to this is actually fairly simple though. The vast majority of modellers do not use the pilots provided. This seems to increase as price and complexity increases. You must also remember that a pilot figure is a tricky thing to design in CAD and instead is often sculpted and then scanned in to form data to be tooled from. This is NOT cheap, so in my view quite rightly many manufacturers don't see the need of either taking a hit on margin or passing on that cost to the consumer, when many of those consumers do not use the figures anyway. I know this doesn't help you, and I'm glad some of our great community are sending you some figures, just wanted to shed some light on the probable reason why they a aren't more common fixtures in kits.
  7. Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    Yes, but the gentleman was saying the CAD showed 1A engines. However I wasn't aware there were any differences in the front of the engines, so was wondering what the issue was? Simon
  8. Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    What are the differences between engine fronts on IA and IC? Those in the CAD renders look like IC units to me, do you have any images to show the error?
  9. 1-72 Do-17Z10 Kauz II

    Duncan, Don't be scared! I built this kit recently and the fit was superb, simple and fun build! I was sure it would be a nightmare, but it was a joy Simon
  10. Any source on that? Or just your own musings dressed as fact?
  11. Modern Tech

    Preferring them is totally understandable. But if you had to drive from Kent to Manchester, are you honestly telling me you would rather do that in a Mk2 Escort over a modern well spec'd Mondeo? This is in Feb for a business meeting. Oh and you have to drive back afterwards. So no blasting round the peak district on the day after. I love classic cars, I've owned them, but day to day? Rose tinted specs only work so well.....Modern cars are great. As are modern aeroplanes, ships, computers etc etc...
  12. Modern Tech

    Some modern cars are indeed now becoming difficult to keep on the road due to the computerised elements of the cars failing. For instance the E60 BMW M5 is a truly fantastic car, really all anyone would ever need in a big fast saloon (that might like a drink) but as they age they are becoming ruinously expensive to keep going. However most modern car features are, lets be honest here, much better then the cars of yesteryear. Anyone who thinks a 1960s/70s/80s car is a better daily driving proposition then a modern one is frankly barking! And my car was first produced in 1989.....so ask me how I know! But in response to the post above, mandatory retests. Yes. Yes. Yes. And again, Yes. Self Driving cars are the future by the way, and as someone who does regular up and down the UK mileage I cant wait to climb in the back and sleep all the way up the M6!
  13. More on Airfix 2017

    Cor! Bet they haven't thought of doing that......!
  14. Why no injected 1:48 Scimitar ?

    Absolutely, but look over the previous few years. Where have Airfix ever done a new tooling and only released one boxing? (not counting just released things.....we don't know what they have in mind for those yet)