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  1. Formula one last season 2018

    Remember you can pay to watch it via Now TV, the Sky streaming service. This works out much, much cheaper. Still a bugger to have to pay, but it isn't quite so bad.
  2. Excellent! i'm thinking of the Eduard Spit IX in either Belgian or Israeli markings. Or possibly a Blenheim.... or a Beaufighter.... plenty of time as you said! Thanks
  3. Is it too late to sign up for this? Looks really interesting and I've never done anything like it in the past Simon
  4. XI / 11 Squadron Blenheims...any good photos or refs?

    Do you have a copy of the Shores books on this period? There may be photos in there! If you don't I do, so I can check when I'm home. Bloody Shamvles Vol1 or 2 should provide some answers. Simon
  5. Revell 2018

    apologies then! I just looked at the pictures! Airfix however I don't believe have said that...
  6. Revell 2018

    Where have Airfix or Revell said that?
  7. What have you purchased 9

    All dvd players can be 'hacked' to be multi region. Simply Google the make and model and follow instructions, normally involves pressing some keys in a certain order
  8. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Was a very enjoyable show overall, I had a great time and spent faaaarr too much! sorry to hear of the issues with the kitswap, I must admit I did come across one very rude chap there. He was stood next to a big box of kits which I presumed where part of the kit swap. So I had a peer in only to aggressively be told "THESE ARE MY STASH" A simple sorry mate, I've nabbed these would probably have been better.... But at times in the show manners were in short supply. But overall, superb as ever
  9. Airfix 2018

    They already do a 1:48 early MkI spitfire.... and it is very nice!
  10. The Holy Grail the Mecca of model shops.

    This place: http://skywaymodel.com/ filled with amazing kits, of various vintages! in the UK, Hannants, Frome or the Aviation Book Shop in Tunbridge Wells are all fantastic.
  11. Never been a problem for us Take a blanket with you and problem solved!
  12. If you are not that fussed about cars. Just want something to get from A-B. Get the Jazz. in Petrol form it will be plenty fast enough for day to day, wont drink fuel, no hybrid stuff to go round. Take the dog with you to the dealers, check she can fit(!) and then proceed to haggle. Tell the chap/Chapess what you can afford (tell him just under it to leave yourself some room) and see what he can do. The Jazz is not an exciting car. But as a place to be for short journeys it is fine, it is cheap to insure run and wont ever break. Just what you are after no? Simon
  13. Hiya Simon,

                     Thanks for the offer of the Valom clear parts from your binned kit,..... if you are really sure then I would love them please,..... but only if you are sure that you won`t build it later. No pressure,.... if you decide that it is redeemable,..... please dont feel pressurised or anything.

    My address is;

    Tony O`Toole

    220 Harbour Lane




    OL16 4EL


    Thanks again mate,



    1. snowen250



      I've tasked my dad with hunting through my pile of stuff remaining at home, if he finds it il let you know, if ive still got it il send the remains down, may be some useful etch and resin for you



    2. tonyot


      Thanks Simon,.....you are a real star,......much appreciated mate,



  14. Wellesley x 2- FINISHED

    Tony, it was all going well til I had to joint the wings. But it was a modeller inflicted issue, not being used to short run kits. For someone more experienced I am sure it would have been fine. Let me know on the canopy front, the kit is at my parents still (I abandoned it when I moved out) but I should be able to retrieve it ok. Simon
  15. Wellesley x 2- FINISHED

    Tony, I see you found the Falcon canopies. But I have an abandoned Valom build, so if you'd prefer the clear parts from this PM me and I can send them down, they may be a better fit, may not, choice is yours! Simon