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    Porthleven, far, far South West.
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    Mainly 1/48 scale WW2 aircraft, plus the occasional 'Classic' British jet, 1/350 warship, "anti hero" Revell car kits and British armour.

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  1. What are you reading?

    I've just picked up War with Russia. The introduction and preface alone is enough to give me the ab-dabs. Presented as a fictional "could-be" work but the author's credentials force us to wonder about what he is telling us, and very topical too (published in the last year).
  2. Why are companies opting for stupid names?

    Bearing in mind this is a modelling forum, I offer the following. Some decades ago as Tamiya were getting into the r/c kit world they produced off-road buggies and one was a cartoon-ish bersion of a WW2 jeep. Also at this time they produced upgrade sets for these cars (high-performance motors or batteries, etc.) The car kit was called the Wild Willy The upgrades were Tam-packs.
  3. Thunderbirds are go ?????

    The orbital speed of the Earth is just shy of 30Km/sec (kilometres per second) while that of Mercury is approaching 50Km/sec. Parker will be orbiting well inside the orbit of Mercury; I woudn't like to even guess what the speed wil have to be. To "lose all that velocity" is a bit of a mis-direction.
  4. Dismantling the stash

    It goes to the highest bid of the top loser plus whatever the minimum increment is.
  5. Thunderbirds are go ?????

    Spaceship to the Sun? Although it's an unmanned probe (I know, I know, third hand exploration, bit like someone saying they understand life because they watch Corrie every week) there was one launched on August 3. Called Parker . . .
  6. Dismantling the stash

    That's an interesting thought. More focussed than a car boot sale so better chance of getting a decent price, but not dealing exclusively with the scale model fraternity so less feeling of being surrounded by vultures.
  7. Gambling

    "Lord of the Flies", anyone?
  8. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    Two sentences, 53 words (plus appropriate punctuation) and you've got it nailed. Trouble is, I suppose, that by writing a "Daily Fail" reader-style comment this topic has now gone all political, so I take the honours to start the countdown. Five . . .
  9. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    As an aside to the fears we have about the "Social Media" culture; there's a view that the collective I.Q. of a mob is in inverse proportion to its size. (I think I've got that right?) The real problem with the "Social Media" mob is that it is not physically visible (as it may be with a 'spontaneous gathering') but it can easily number in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, As an example, can anyone detail what is involved in a particular matter 'going viral', and just how much thought and consideration is involved by those who make it happen? Let's just remind ourselves, this represents "The real world" for too many people.
  10. Gambling

    It is the way in which gambling is portrayed is wrong. "Hey girls, we're all having fun together playing on a Bingo website . . ." Reality? Er, no you're not, you're sitting there alone prodding at a tablet. Go to the dog races with your mates for an evening, you stick a fiver in one pocket for 50p a race and don't expect to see it again. It's part of the cost of a social evening. That to my mind is acceptable gambling. Sitting in a bookies for an afternoon putting money across a counter in exchange for slips of paper, what exactly are you doing? That's one reason why I wouldn't support a ban on gambling per se, but I do agree the subject needs to be re-visited as far as legislation is concerned.
  11. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    Giorgio, I do feel you have mis-read Beardie's comment. We are debating the way in which the technology is used.
  12. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    Well put, Beardie. I can still see the expression on my late mother's face as she was being 'phubbed' by her grandchildren as she was trying to say goodbye for what she strongly felt would be the last time.
  13. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    These are very good points, but might we also go further back by dropping the word "steam"? A process of "industrialisation" began in medeival world when "engines" were created to capture natuaral forces, like water-wheels and wind mills. Adding steam power to the mix allowed a huge leap but it wasn't the first step.
  14. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    What kicked off the modern world? I would suggest the written word, which allowed concepts and information to be conveyed without having to have a person there to tell the recipient what was going on. A piece of paper would do the job. And if you would want to take it back further, how about the invention of "vowels"? U no, th bts kids wnt t lv out f txt msgs.
  15. I drooleth!!! (Any chance we might actually see this one in the shops, Airfix?)