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  1. It was great the way he could take these literary grim and intimidating types like Simon Templar and James Bond and turn them into genuinly family-friendly entertainment. I agree also with the comments already made that he didn't take himself too seriously at all.
  2. It is difficult to imagine how these actors could possibly be replaced, not least because of the chronology. I think I am right in saying that Richard Todd played his own boss in The Longest Day. I woud add Dirk Bogarde to the list.
  3. Thanks for the head's up. I for one am very happy to support the likes of Tesco in this, their stores do have a bit more room in the aisles to accomodate the casual browser so the titles supporting hobbies like ours have a better chance of catching the eye.
  4. Had to follow up on this one Ian, for you have properly picked up on the perecentage of the population that would move on from 'just have a go at one' into the world of enthusiastic scale modelling. Goes to show how hard the hobby as a whole has to work to maintain numbers, and how much we owe to those 'bricks and mortar' shops that keep our hobby visible on the high strret.
  5. It was only last weekend that a well-known Sunday paper who's title shall not be mentioned had, once again, given away a free colouring book for adults. One can accept that Associated Press aren't going to be giving away a free Airfix kit one weekend (for as we all know, one subject would definitely not suit all) but I would love to think some feature writer could be induced to write up the theraputic benefits for sticking little bits together. I think that the little feature on Forces TV was one of the best.
  6. Nah, Action Man would make it 1/6th, surely?
  7. Did Frog used to do that with their Trailblazers kits? Trouble is there are more than a few cobwebs blown off that particular memory. Still a great idea though, much more adult appeal than a little plastic baggie of paints. etc, inside the box.
  8. It would need some sort of ubiquitous modelling name that might cover the hobby from "A" to - I dunno, maybe the 24th letter of the alphabet - to do a little bit of bigging the hobby up to some of the more powerful media enterprises. Unfortunately I can't really support the idea of a 'bookazine' approach (too many examples of £1,600 E-Type jags and HMS Victory's out there) but perhaps one of those ideas of "buy our paper ten days out of the next three weeks and we'll give you a £20.00 voucher for Tammiefix at HobbyCraft" might do some good - along with one or two non-judgemental and objective articles, of course. Not too worried about the Daily Fail comments though, more trolls than a Grimm tale.
  9. Synchronicity or what?
  10. There seems to be an 'attitude' locally where every collision between moving vehicles is going to be "knock for knock". It seems to have developed to where many drivers consider driving to be a game of chicken, especially where they are driving a Chelsea tractor or something new and shiny. As far as I am concerned if the other guy comes round a corner with their offside wheels a foot over the white line (or three feet out from the verge if there's no divider) and there's B-all I could do to avoid a crunch other than brake then I'm not paying out.(all other things being equal, etc.)
  11. Got stung myself by a revenue-harvester. Checked back on the time period (the BlackVue will store something like 48 hours), coughed a bit and very rapidly admitted the offence, which turned into a re-eduction course which was in turn very educational and informative and really made me think a bit.
  12. 'Fraid not, Eddy's is long gone. This was Mallett's in Truro, which has, as a department, probably the biggest toyshop in Truro.
  13. Has anyone else noticed how many "Kids' Hobbies" are being rolled out as therapy for adults recently? The craze for adut colouring books has been running for a while now, but I am sure I saw the edge of a newspaper piece recently suggesting there was an increase of an interest in jigsaws. I still presume they meant the interlocking puzzles rather than a bit of ironmongery, and judging by a window display of 500 and 1,000 piece puzzles in the biggest local toyshop I think there may have been something in it. In just the last weekends, however, the most influentiall newspaper had a 'special supplement' with adult join-the-dot puzzles (stop sniggering in the back) which ran to hundreds of connecting points. With this apparent rise in the awareness of the theraputic benefits of a focussed but ultimately unimportant activity, I wonder if there are any other activities that the majority of the uninformed general public might regard as 'childish' that could be refreshed as a form of therapy? One that always needs new participants to ensure its future?
  14. I know A.I. is getting advanced but it was a pretty convincing simalcrum of a young lady.