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  1. On that my friend,we can both agree! Come to that, one of my most enjoyable builds at the moment is a "restoration" (if I may use the term) on the 1966 Airfix B-29. I am scratch building a new cockpit interior and, will do the same for the bomb bay and wheel wells. No aftermarket frippery. Just plastic card, strip, rod and a lot of imagination!! Why do I do it when the much more recent Academy kits are available? Because its fun!! John
  2. Fair enough. Changes nothing though. I stand by what I said. You can have enjoyable building experiences for a whole lot less than the cost of a seriously overpriced Tamiya kit. If people think £100 is a reasonable price for a 1/48 Phantom, that's their prerogative. I'm not one of them. John
  3. And thereby hangs a tale!! You are absolutely right. One of the worst examples is The Haunting. The 1963 original, is a favourite of mine. It was very atmospheric, you never actually saw anything but, you didn't need to. It was very cleverly done. The scene where Claire Bloom and Julie Harris are huddling terrified in a room where something unfriendly is clearly trying to get in still has the hairs rising on the back of my neck!! Then we had the truly appalling 1999 version with overblown special effects standing in for a decent story. Even a fine actor like Liam Neeson couldn'
  4. I placed on my TV "shelf of doom" in the box labelled S B I C F ( So Bad I Couldn't Finish). Alongside such "gems" as Another Life, Pearl Harbour, Titanic, The Revenant, Hurricane and, many others.....! I have been known to occasionally take them off the shelf, dust them down and try again but, it's usually a case of "Nah!" followed by shudders, a shake of the head and, replacing said items back on the shelf. To this day I have NEVER managed to sit through Pearl Harbour or, Titanic for the full length of the films. Once you fast forward past the extraneous fluff there'
  5. I doubt if it would be much, if any higher. But, by sticking the word "Tamiya" in front of it, they then add £35 - £40 to the price knowing that people will pay for it. It's paying for the name, not the product. A bit like buying a pair of Nike trainers at £100 instead of a pair of Tesco trainers at £40. The cheaper ones are probably just as good but, the brand snobs buy the Nike ones because they think the brand name makes them better? John
  6. So, that's the big news is it? Wow!. Another done to death subject and, they have the brass neck to charge us £95 for their total lack of imagination! John
  7. Well, we can always give each of them a tree to hug if it makes them feel better!! . Personally, I think the more gas guzzling jets they use, the better!! Be nothing to see otherwise! Besides, I've already advised my partner(who lives in Glasgow) and, she's dead keen to go, especially as both airports are easily accessible ! John
  8. A fair comment but, does/did the Russian Navy not also use a ski jump for the naval variants of the MiG-29 and, SU-27?. The latter certainly is a whole lot bigger and heavier than an F-18! I admit to not being very knowledgeable on this particular subject but, given that it seems to be under practical consideration, I would think that take off weights etc would be taken into account? John
  9. Just out of curiosity, will it make a substantial difference? If I recall, the ski jumps fitted to Royal Navy ships allowed the Sea Harriers to take off at max or, near max loads? John.
  10. As stated earlier, I suspect you might only see some local movements with the government flights actually being based elsewhere for the duration. However, this sounds good and, I hope you have plenty of interest arriving. During the G8 conference (2005) all aircraft flew into Prestwick (very easily accessible) and, the delegates were helicoptered to Gleneagles for the conference. During the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Edinburgh (1993),all aircraft were based at Edinburgh Airport (only 6 miles away!! ), much to the delight of the army of enthusiasts that descende
  11. Fair comment. I agree that £46 in those circumstances may not be unreasonable per se but, still a bit outside my affordability range. Can't help feeling though that the price might have been a bit less if they hadn't included these p/e parts? I do like this subject but, it will have to wait for now. John
  12. Inclined to agree with that. Price of course is a very subjective issue and, whether an item is worth it or not is very much down to the choice of the modeller. I daresay the manufacturer has priced the kit at a level sufficient to recoup their investment and, make a profit. That's fair enough. I don't however see the need to add to the price of an already nicely detailed kit by including expensive frippery like p/e parts. Not everyone likes them. I hate them and, would consign them to the bin immediately!. Such items should (again, just my opinion) be left to the choice of the model
  13. Better believe it. I still cannot quite comprehend that with so many real issues to worry about, people are getting in a fankle over a cartoon type illustration that was actually painted on an actual bomber 70 some years ago! John.
  14. Hmmm! Forgot about that! €59.95 is about £53. $63 is about £46. Don't think I will be in a rush to buy this. John
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