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  1. This just posted on the Model Kits For Less page on Facebook. Thought it might be of interest. Admins - wasn't sure where else to put this so, apologies if not appropriate. Sign of the times I guess! " HORNBY - Airfix / Scalextric etc - PRICE INCREASE - Hornby have advised us the following "our prices by approximately 10% across all brands, excluding Humbrol."" "The increase will become effective on the 31st July 2021 and will include all products that are visible on the current order forms, however all despatches before the end of the month will still be at the pre-increase prices. Please contact your local sales representative for further details. MJR needs to look at the impact on our current Airfix Orders and Sales Posts of Future Airfix kits and re-evaluate the price structure on those Sales Posts - Once we receive the New Price Structure from Hornby Sales - we can assess the situation wrt MJR. Sadly, not much we can do, but we'll endevour to keep members updated" John
  2. I cannot comment on the new kit but, for the old kit, I used tube cement to fix the upper and lower intakes and, then clamped them together for 24 hours to allow the cement to cure. While the excess that had oozed out of the joint was soft, I used liquid cement (applied by paint brush), to blend it into the joint. Worked like a charm. By wrapping a piece of wet & dry paper around a suitably sized knife handle, and, gently rubbing down the intake tunnels, I was able to get very smooth, seamless joints. To get a smooth finish around the intake lips, I inserted plastic rod into the rather large gaps. Once the cement had cured, I was able to gently trim and sand until a smooth finish was achieved. Time consuming for sure but, it worked a treat. Perhaps mould limitations at the time left Airfix no option but, the intakes were probably the most difficult part to fix on the old kit. Does the new kit not feature intake covers?. I'm fundamentally lazy so, I'd probably use them if I wanted to avoid extra work. John (who still has two of the old kits to build!)
  3. Beautiful box art. That nose (bow?) section is simply crying out for a big mouth......! John.
  4. To be honest, I dislike hot, muggy days as much as I dislike, hot, muggy nights. There's nothing pleasant about feeling like you're melting!! Give me a nice, cool, pleasant east coast haar and temperatures in the 50s any time! John
  5. And it gives me a chance to use the Transport Wings Valiant B2 conversion! Considerably lower price than the Vulcan(or Victor) but, I guess that's because its a reissue, not a new kit. John
  6. I could think of a few better ways but, not appropriate for discussion here! John
  7. Well, that would appear to be no longer the case as, the French Air Force has recently cleared and certified paratroop drops from its A400s. Given that the C-130 is shortly to be withdrawn from service, I would suggest that the RAF may now expedite said clearance and certification? Indeed, it would seem they now have an incentive to do so unless of course we do not participate in operations that require air dropping lots of soldiers? Good wee film though even if the top drawer accents grated on ones nerves a bit! . The C-130 DOES look good in the sand /stone /black finish though. John Ps. We had two officer cadets who immediately affected "posh" accents from the moment they got the white tapes on their epaulettes! Don't know who they were trying to kid!
  8. Its lovely, cool and misty right now. Very pleasant. If it would stay like this all day it would be great. John
  9. No discernable accent but, he is a bit loud on the purring side! !
  10. Anybody know if it will also include a missile? John
  11. Amun. My 3 year old. He's by far the biggest moggy I have ever had but, despite his size he is very gentle and, just craves attention!! My partner fell in love with him at first sight and, he is now "her wee boy"! With large size, goes large weight and, I'm convinced he is made of articulated concrete!! When he tramples all over you, you have been SERIOUSLY trampled on !
  12. Ok! Technically not all actually OVER my house!! The A340 and, C130 were photographed from Silverknowes golf course (Edinburgh which is very near my house. The 767 -200 was photographed from my balcony. The A300 was photographed at Edinburgh Airport. The Antonov AN-26 and, Kuwaiti C-17 were photographed at Prestwick! John
  13. Interesting if, a little presumptious perhaps. Its been my experience that its not just "older people"(however that may be defined) that visit air shows. Indeed, the ages range from very young children to those considerably older than myself (I am 63). I don't think you can say with any degree of certainty that any "generation" favours such events more than any other. John
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