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  1. Certainly funnier than the advent calendar though? Mind you, the B-26 would certainly qualify for the Vintage Classics range!! I've only got 4 of them but, I could use another couple!! John
  2. I've never actually subscribed to the "anniversary" theory in relation to kit production. Although, I guess its as good a reason as any John
  3. Actually in a way I'm glad. Deep Rising had a slightly ludicrous, but very tongue in cheek harm all of its own. I just thought it was a very likeable, if daft film. Sequels are rarely, if ever as good as the original and, with most of what was quite a good cast either being eaten or disposed of in gruesome fashion, I just don't think it would have worked John
  4. Well, didn't Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy appear topless as well??
  5. Yes, I remember it. Last time I saw it though was years ago on UK Gold!! John
  6. I think they lost the plot completely with season three. I've only watched it once and, that was a struggle. Only good thing about the whole series was Grudge, Book's beautiful cat! I did enjoy first two seasons though! I thought Anson Mount was great as Pike. As to bringing Star Trek "back to form", I sincerely hope not. I think that particular format was getting very tired and stale. I really have a hard time with the concept of the nicey, nicey, touchy feely, pink, fluffy bunny world scenario of the self righteous Federation. I just dont think its realistic and, for all their high and mighty principles they probably wouldn't last 5 minutes without having someone doing their dirty work. Which is why I really like the idea of the Section 31 spin off series. The face of the U F P we don't see. Incidentally, have any of you seen " Prelude to Axanar"? Its on Youtube. That could potentially have been the basis of a great and, possibly very dark Star Trek series. John
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Russian Air Force operate huge numbers of P-39s with, a fair degree of success? Several of their highest scoring Aces achieved many of their victories while flying P-39s. Bet they didn't encounter many Zeroes though! . John
  8. Day one: A chance to win a prize for which I'd have to fork out £80 for a return rail ticket if I won. Expensive prize. Day two:A video about how someone picks which kit she's going to select. Well, I guess things can only get better. John
  9. And, here I was thinking that a multi roll had bacon, sausage and egg in it!! John
  10. Martin Maryland & Martin Baltimore anyone? . Blenheim V to go with them would be nice! And, now, as we are all fantasising, how about something even less likely than a Scimitar. A brand new Dogfight Double - Spectrum White Falcon and, Vampire fighter jet. Two lovely pieces of hardware which had several violent encounters in the otherwise dreadful CGI reboot of Captain Scarlet! John Ps - where did I put my meds??
  11. That's s reasonable assumption because they deal primarily with model railway items. However, they also have a decent range of kits in stock. I like the place. It's nicely cluttered and, staff are always , in my experience anyway, helpful and friendly. Getting there is entertaining though! Leith Walk is a disaster area for traffic right now. All thanks to that wretched tram!! Now, that's something that REALLY winds me up but, as I have high blood pressure, I better say no more about it!, John
  12. I've still got one and, the Martin Maryland as well. The latter would be a nice addition to go with the Baltimore. John
  13. As I haven't seen the kit, II cannot really comment on specifics However where it comes to tiny parts in general, I usually ignore and/or discard them because their absence is unlikely to be noticed. Makes life a lot easier too! John
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