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  1. The alternative is remarkably simple and,staring everybody in the face! Why do we "need" Tier 1 status? Its nothing but macho international posturing and,Britain trying to pretend it's something special. We could simply scrap the "big ticket " items. Slash F-35 procurement. Mothball or,sell the carriers.Scrap the obscenity that is Trident (and its replacement) and, adopt a defence posture that focuses entirely on national security and,not jumping at the chance to get involved in other people's wars Frankly, there are far better ways to be using national resources instead of trying
  2. Not quite. It's just that in the UK the words "Defence Review" are normally a euphemism for "Defence Cuts"! So, from that point of view, you might actually be right, at least up to a point. Personally, I think the mix of aircraft gives an excellent and flexible mix of capabilities. However, I'm not the one making the decision(s) and, I fully expect the axe to fall right across the UK forces. Now, I could be wrong but, I won't hold my breath. John
  3. If I were cynical, it might occur to me to suggest that the UK may have some "surplus" aircraft to sell following the "Defence and Security Review". John
  4. Without giving away too much, I really enjoyed the first episode of season 3. Especially watching those bad guys get eaten!! Oooops! Sorry! No spoilers! Oh yes, and a beautiful cat named Grudge!! John
  5. Think I read an article somewhere that stated this thing had a 180m wingspan so, even in this tiny scale, it would be bigger than a 1/72 Lancaster Might have to get a couple of these! John
  6. Couldn't agree more! Doubtful I'd save anything anyway by ordering from abroad. As my local shop stocks Zvezda kits, I will happily pick it up there.Hell, the bus stops right outside the shop! How good is that! John
  7. Yes! I have two within 5 miles and, both are on the same bus route!! John
  8. Yes. I would build 1/48 AFV kits. Not primarily an armour builder and, even in 1/35, the size of the models is quite manageable but,my choice is dictated by type, not by scale. If (hypothetically) Tamifujigawafix announced a brand new range of 1/48 British post war equipment then , I would happily snap them up, especially if there was no larger eqivalent available. Cost is a determining factor too. I'm happy with 1/72 also John
  9. Very well put and, I think you have a very practical and sensible approach here. . Unfortunately,the idea is so sensible it will never happen! John. Ps. I HAVE served in HM Forces and totally agree with your comment about Britain no longer being a "power"
  10. "Integrated Defence and Security Review"?. Well, thats just a fancy new way of saying "massive defence cuts". Not that it would bother me personally. Does Britain really need to be "Tier 1" military power? To me,its just silly,macho posturing. As for the BBC article, I would take anything they say with a huge bag of salt, not merely a pinch. 1st rule of journalism states : " Never let facts get in the way of a good story"!. The article says plenty and tells us nothing. I think its one of those cases where a possible idea is deliberately leaked to test public opinion. Do we need to "
  11. AH! That would be the 1;1 scale Jagdkatze? John
  12. Much rather have a kit of this magnificent craft in a decent scale - at least 1/350. The "real" thing was enormous!! You can keep your silly kiddy cartoon thingy! John
  13. I have less than fond memories of the Italeri (ex AMT) kit. Especially trying to fix the "in flight " attitude of the wings!. Given the choice ( and the cash),I'd buy the Modelcollect kit!
  14. Personally, I dislike 1/144 and, I avoid wherever possible. That said, I wish them good luck and success!. Bad news indeed for the naysayers and doom mongers that keep insisting the hobby is "dying". John
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