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  1. Good for you David. I'm lucky enough to own one as well. It's not getting sold either! . I will be using the Air France Decals which, despite their age are in very good shape. I have ordered 6 of the reissued Airfix kits!! I have a number of projects in mind, one of which will be for the German SST that featured on the TV series "Man in the High Castle". I'd hoped Airfix might include Air France as an option for the Vintage Classic reissue but, can't have everything! John.
  2. I don't know if you're aware David but, the original 1966 kit was also released (in 1969) with Air France markings. Unfortunately, examples of that particular kit now go for totally silly money. John
  3. Ohhh! Yes please. And, in a sensible scale too! ! John (still waiting for their Avro York)
  4. It was. Unfortunately, Boeing whined and whinged about how unfair it was that the USAF had selected a superior product from those pesky Europeans, got the selection overturned and then had the selection criteria rewritten so that Airbus had no chance of winning. Well, karma is a bitch as they say.......! John
  5. A lesson every manufacturer should take to heart. I have absolutely no problem with 40 year old kits. A lot of them are still very good models and, in more than a few cases have no modern equivalent. I do think however the customer is entitled to know what's inside the shiny new box. Not everyone checks Scalemates.com and, that is not 100% reliable as a source of information anyway. Airfix made the right decision with the Vintage Classics and, while I may question the pricing and, actual choice of subject, at least we all know what's there. John
  6. I think the clue possibly lies in the term "Starter Set"? These kits are aimed at a certain market and, I think perhaps that the customers they are aiming for might be put off by a mass of stencils on a decal sheet? I hate the blasted things myself and, usually bin most of them!! . I'd agree with you inasmuch as I think they could include perhaps two simplified decal sheet options instead of one. I've got a pair of the F-15 starter sets and, while the decal option is quite attractive, I'd think that at the £19 retail price another option would be good. John
  7. Sorry but, I just can't accept that. Quite the reverse in fact. Our hobby is thriving as never before with new manufacturers /products being introduced regularly and, faster than I can count. I don't know where you get the impression that the hobby is "in decline". Do you have any tangible evidence to support this? Sure, the market itself may be changing but, it's still there and, doing very nicely. I really don't get the "engage kids, nephews and friends" bit. It's not necessary. People will make their own choices and, as for "the kids", we'll they may not be interested bu
  8. I know it was only a prototype but, I'd rather have seen a selection of ordnance included instead of all the other expensive frippery(masks /p e/etc). However, I take the point about basic level kits. I could live with that and, probably find a few things to hang under its wings !! . Price is certainly a bit too rich for me as it stands. I will probably opt for the 1/72 version. John
  9. I'd agree with that. How we may interpret "authentic" is of course going to vary from person to person. John
  10. I'll have to respectfully disagree with you (at least with regard to Timothy Dalton). He's a fine actor and, having read all the Bond novels, I liked his very hard edged, rather ruthless interpretation of Bond. I think, like Connery, he was actually very close to the "real" character as created by Ian Fleming. Staying true to the original character is, for me anyway what makes a good Bond. I agree with you regarding OHMSS, despite a somewhat wooden (in my view) overall performance by George Lazenby, it more than made up for it elsewhere, especially with the tragic end to t
  11. There isn't going to be one by the looks of it. Arrangements already in place for such an occasion have had to be somewhat amended in light of COVID restrictions.! More info on BBC website John
  12. I'm not puzzled at all. I'll happily buy them. The market they are aiming for is clearly the one (like me) that is buying these kits. They wouldn't sell them otherwise. If you're not interested, fair enough. Just move on. I don't really see what age has to do with it. I'm 63 this year and, frankly I prefer working on these older kits and, doing a bit of proper work bringing them up to a decent standard. Its a lot more fun than a lot of over priced, over detailed current kits that require little effort other than just pouring paint and glue in at one end and, tipping a model ou
  13. Not seen that one but, will look out for it! . I have a default film trilogy! Conan the Barbarian (not the dreadful 2011 remake) Raw Deal Red Heat John
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