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  1. Don't worry about the lack of decals. I am sure that with two 1/48 SR-71s on the way the aftermarket decal producers will be keen to get in on the act.
  2. "Look, dad," my son shouted. "I'm Spiderman!" I didn't say anything, and let him have his fun. I'd still like to know how he managed to find my red and blue gimp suit, though.
  3. Lovely job so far, and an imaginative back story. If I may, I would like to suggest the name Gannet for your monoplane. It would fit in with the naming conventions in use at the time.
  4. Tilly is likeable just for being the first character in a Star Trek production to use the f-word, and then for ithe way she imitates her mirror universe counterpart, Captain 'Killy'. The dialogue is exquisite. I'm most of the through season 2. I like the series. It's not perfect but no Star Trek ever was, and I particularly like the way that fanboys foam at the mouth and go into paroxysms over the continuity and how it looks too advanced and how it's so removed from Gene Roddenberry's vision. Sounds like the equivalent of rivet counting to me.
  5. By the way, has anybody else noticed that quite a few drivers now appear to believe that the instruction to stop at a red light has now become optional? Particularly if they are within a few car lengths when it turns red.
  6. Frankly, he should be charged with criminal negligence, being a public nuisance and endangering others. A muppet of the highest order.
  7. This was why the UK dropped out; the RAF was insistent on four engines. Don't times change...
  8. Yes, you are quite right. I had forgotten.
  9. A Jalanese aero manufacturer -I think Mitsubishi but I may be wrong- purchased a licence to produce Spitfires in the late 1930s. Now there is a what-if for you.
  10. Victors and VC10s were three pointers, while Tristars had a double unit under the rear fuselage. It could only refuel one aircraft at a time however. I think that it was not fitted with wing units due to engineering issues. In any case my thoughts are that it is better to have more hoses, not less.
  11. If A is for apple and B is for banana what is C for? Plastic explosives.
  12. In total, the P-8A Poseidon, RC-135W Rivet Joint, C-17A Globemaster III and E-7A Wedgetail, none of which are or will be fitted for probe and drogue. That amounts to most of our surveillance fleet as well as our larger transports.
  13. It saved some money. What else?
  14. Top Gun: Maverick is going to be a much bigger film than Midway or Dunkirk. The original Top Gun took $356m for a budget of $15m and had a huge cultural impact*, so you can see why the studio is certainly issuing marketing licenses for it. The opportunities are going to be huge, and it will likely take rather more money at the box office than a lot of this year's summer releases. *Let's face it, it put the term 'Top Gun' deep into the public consciousness. And Midway took $123m at the box office (for a budget of $100m).
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