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  1. Truro Model Builder

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    The Royal Wedding yesterday brought a smile to this cynical face.
  2. Truro Model Builder

    Enemy Coast Ahead! DAM BUSTERS at 75!

    Without checking the film, that description sounds very much like a Lincoln in post war colours.
  3. Truro Model Builder

    Grump Britain.

    Not so much a grump but more of an observation: I was taking some time out in a newly opened local Costa this week (oh, and they have a 'drive thru', and I will have a grump about why they can't spell it t-h-r-o-u-g-h or are they too tight to buy a big enough sign?) and was aware of a family sitting at a nearby table; mother, father, two girls and a boy (all three teenagers). Father was reading a newspaper while all bar one of the others had their noses in their phones. The last, one of the girls, was gazing into space vacantly. In all the time I was there -about a quarter of an hour- not one of them spoke or otherwise communicated with another. Not unless they were texting to each other. Sad.
  4. Truro Model Builder

    Airfix 2019

    8. ''Oo the 'ells 'e trying to kid?" Hurricane, Bren Gun carrier and civilian refugees*. *Hornby OO gauge passengers.
  5. Truro Model Builder

    Enemy Coast Ahead! DAM BUSTERS at 75!

    I would have preferred none of Mr. Snow's ego trip, frankly. It added nothing to the event. The film itself more than made up for it, and seeing it like that makes you appreciate it a lot more. It also helps you to notice things like the Canberra sitting in the background of one airfield shot. An enjoyable evening.
  6. Truro Model Builder

    Enemy Coast Ahead! DAM BUSTERS at 75!

    Being shown in Penzance cinema. My ticket is purchased.
  7. Truro Model Builder

    Airfix 2019

    There. Fixed that for you.
  8. Well, that was... underwhelming.
  9. Truro Model Builder

    jordanian UH-60 camo

    If it's the standard RJAF sand/brown/green camo, I believe the colours are FS30400 sand, FS30140 dark brown and FS34079 dark green.
  10. Truro Model Builder

    Airfix 2019

    Well, yes. This is the Rumourmonger section after all.
  11. At least the Italians have put a splash -well, a few drops anyway- of colour on theirs.
  12. Culdrose Station Flight. That will do nicely.
  13. Truro Model Builder

    Airfix provost decals nightmare

    Interesting. I had the worst problems with the tip tank stripes and the rear fuselage stripes. The leading edge decals went down with no problems, though with the amount of Microset I threw at it I shouldn't be too surprised.
  14. Truro Model Builder

    DH Venom Colour Schemes

    I note that Printscale have issued a nice 1/72 Venom single seater decal sheet. Now if only we could something to apply them to... ARE YOU LISTENING ALL YOU KIT MANUFACTURERS?!
  15. Truro Model Builder

    Grump Britain.

    Okay, try this: (phone ringing) Me: Hello. Voice from Somewhere in India: Helloaw, can I speak to (my name, Incorrectly Pronounced)? Me: Speaking. VSI: Halloaw, Mr (I.P.). My name is (implausibly Anglo-Saxon Christian name), and I am from Barclays/BT/etc. Me: How can I help? VSI: Can I speak to you about your Barclays current account/BT account/etc? Me: Certainly. VSI: Thank you, Mr (I.P.). For security reasons can I just confirm that you are indeed Mr (I.P.)? What is your date of birth please? Me (puzzled): But you've just called the number that's registered to me. VSI: It is for security reasons, Mr (I.P). Me: But you're calling me by that name, and I confirmed it was me when I picked up the phone. VSI: I have to follow the security procedure before I can continue. Me: So you've just made an unsolicited phone call to a telephone number registered to the person who answers it, and now you want to go through a host of questions before you tell that person why you're calling? Really? AND SO ON...