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  1. Nice work. That kit is classic Matchbox. A delight to put together, very generous in its enjoyment factor -and a bit of teeth clenching concentration while making a good job of that canopy framing.
  2. During a report on the announcement on the local BBC news there was a short interview with Newquay Airport's manager, who reported that they would be involved. Sworn to secrecy regarding details, of course.
  3. Oh, that looks nice... But Kinetic really need to ditch that Banda duplicator that they do their instruction sheets on.
  4. Just be thankful HSS had been superceded by light aircraft grey by the time the Short Belfast came into service. Having to rename the colour Slow Speed Silver would have been very humiliating. They didn't call the aircraft the Belslow for nothing.
  5. Promising news: https://www.investegate.co.uk/hornby-plc--hrn-/rns/trading-statement/202101200700032284M/
  6. Don't forget F-16s. They may only be a few letters along in the alphabet but there are enough subtypes to drive anyone up the wall. More Blocks than Lego.
  7. Hard landing? I should say so. http://avherald.com/h?article=4e1e21a4&opt=0&fbclid=IwAR3JC_D5G_Z7HQPapL8okmwexQU4wlM_Bc17rH9PWybiSvGGTaWJ_HMxcZQ
  8. I appreciate the irony of using a former Chinese registered aircraft, and while the airframe will be totally rebuilt, you cannot help but wonder at the decision making. A ten year old aircraft? Really? Yeah yeah, I know. The RC-135s are much older...
  9. Hmm, I notice that the Twobobs export sheet seems not to include any of those Pucaras 'exported' to the UK...
  10. Well fancy that. A major international political soiree on my doorstep. Air Force One at Newquay? I'll bet the airport management haven't had a decent night's sleep since they were told. But seriously, there should be some good spotting opportunities at -or rather, near- Newquay and Culdrose before, during and after the summit. Must make sure the camera batteries are charged up.
  11. Now come on. They can do a lot with computers these days but you're just being silly now.
  12. Come on Syhart, you know you want to...
  13. When I was trading the one that frequently came up was the Morris Minor. I still say that if I'd been given £1 for ever time I was asked I could probably have funded a 1:24 Moggie kit.
  14. Made several of the Matchbox Tempests over the years, as Mk.IIs and Mk.VIs. Enjoyed every one. Lovely little uncomplicated kit.
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