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  1. Truro Model Builder

    1/48 Hasegawa UK Phanton FG.1 instructions wanted

    You may be able to download the Revell instructions if you visit their website. They tend to have most of their current range available.
  2. Truro Model Builder

    Airfix 1/48 F.6 conversion

    That would be correct. Underwing serials started to disappear from RAF aircraft in the early 1980s. Looking nice, by the way.
  3. Truro Model Builder

    "Royal Aircraft Establishment" decals in 1:72.

    A sheet of generic RAE/ETPS/A&AEE etc titling with the attendant badges and crests in different sizes would probably do quite well for whoever issued one. Are you listening, decal producers?
  4. Truro Model Builder

    Ryanair wipes up 20 seaguls on landing

    Off the top of my head I can think of a Nimrod and a NATO E-3 that were brought down by multiple birdstrikes, both with fatalities. A little googling will bring up many more incidents.
  5. Truro Model Builder

    RIP Jacques Loussier

    Not somebody I was familiar with, but they played a couple of his recordings on the breakfast programme on Radio Three on Wednesday and I have since sought out some others, A very talented man.
  6. Truro Model Builder

    The rate of inflation

    For three or four years my dentist has been nursing along a dying tooth and a dormant infection. However, a rather painful flare up this week has led to the decision that the tooth needs to come out in a couple of weeks once the flare up has settled, with the clearing out of the abscess sitting behind it. I'm not worried about the extraction, but the big question concerns what happens afterwards. Can anyone tell me the answer to the important question, and that is the going rate from the tooth fairy? It's been a long time since I've had a visit from that particular personage.
  7. I'm not so sure. It's a conversation that frequently comes up at build nights and the general feeling amongst the assembled throng agrees with the statement. I enjoyed the programme immensely, particularly the Airfix-centred parts. Well done indeed to Jim for his work on the Hellcat, though I still think a Corsair would have been a better choice. I had to disagree with the CEO, however, when he said that Airfix hadn't had any 'wow' products in the last few years. Hawker Typhoon anyone? I thought James May's commentary was spot one, and the gentle ribbing was good natured. A few shots of the make and take table at SMW would have addressed the idea of only older guys being interested however. There are youthful modellers as well.
  8. Truro Model Builder

    What to do with kit missing parts?

    I was most impressed with your de Havilland Panzer II Cabriolet.
  9. Truro Model Builder

    regarding white areas on black finished Hawks?

    I'm not sure of the relevance of the white markings, although I believe that the Hawks that featured them often seemed to be on the strength of various Boscombe Down units. For photographic calibration, perhaps? I seem to recall that the Dominie had white areas as well when it went black. Can I question whether the aircraft you are depicting had white areas in its FRADU days? Living near to Culdrose I think I must have seen every Hawk that passed through FRADU/736 NAS' hands and I cannot ever remember seeing any with the white areas. If you are certain, my apologies.
  10. Truro Model Builder

    Current RAF Typhoon tail codes

    This could be of use: https://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=287&t=160126
  11. Truro Model Builder

    Italeri IT2792 Spitfire Mk.I 1:48

    I believe that Italeri does not have a distributor in Asia or the USA, hence the reason that Tamiya reboxed some of their products for those markets. Therefore Tamiya may not see an Italeri reboxing of one of their discontinued items as much of a competitor for their new kit -particularly if they negotiated a good deal for the licence.
  12. Truro Model Builder

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    I had these people talk to me about bread for two hours at the front door last night. I think they were Hovis Witnesses.
  13. Truro Model Builder

    There goes the neighbourhood.

    Don't worry. It'll buff out.
  14. Well, I did make that post four years ago.