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Dave Batt

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  1. Dave Batt

    I bought a truck

    Funny how many of these FOTE types have beams in their eyes, isn't it? My favourite example installed PV to show off their credentials, but only installed five panels (about 1.3 KWp) as they wanted them to line up with the windows!
  2. Dave Batt

    Grump Britain replacement

    My barbers (often sub-25 in age) don't get the joke when I suggest "just a quick wipe with Mr Sheen on top . . ." (That or they've heard it too often!)
  3. Also Nimrod . . .
  4. Dave Batt

    Hitting the Wall.

    Took weeks building a model for a third party once, and as it was nearly finished I felt that I just needed once final coat of varnish as some of the decals weren't properly blended in etc. Trouble was that I'd already removed the masking from the transparencies and I watched in horror as the cellulose varnish did its thing.
  5. Dave Batt

    Grump Britain replacement

    "Ride of the Valkyries", as in Apocalypse Now?
  6. Dave Batt

    Grump Britain replacement

    Funny, isn't it? Used to be adults (particularly the more aged) who were regarded as pernickety. Still, that was from an era when children were "seen and not heard", another olde-worlde saying that has been completely inverted. Now it's the doddery who must stay silent in the corner.
  7. Dave Batt

    Grump Britain replacement

    Only point I'd offer for consideration here is; are you providing what is best for the club and would benefit the majority in the long term, or are you indulging in some "competitive tolerance" to cater short-term for a noisy self-interested minority group? It's a crucial matter and one that needs to be got right.
  8. Dave Batt

    Marketing 'headology' is there a way to defeat it?

    But is it "wasteful excess"? Hands up anyone who would invest in a 25 year mortgage on a 1980's house that was built with a designed 50 year lifespan? We could transfer this thread to Grumpyworld if we include things like PC printers that have a 17 month, or 225 sheet (whichever comes first) lifespan. Come to think of it, there's the classic example in that "Homes under the Hammer" programme. They see a 'fifties built council house and they go all lyrical about "well built, good proportions . . ." and so on. Can you imagine them doing that over the current crop of "affordable housing" if the show is still running in 2030? As far as the OP is concerned, look in the mirror before you hit the "commit" button and picture yourself as a Thunderbirds' puppet. See the wires, Beardie. It's just a momentary check to consider who's in control.
  9. Vote +1
  10. Dave Batt

    Anyone heard of intarsia

    When I saw the header I started thinking of foot injuries.
  11. Dave Batt

    Model kit box art

    They dropped the ball big time with the Taube, looked like someone used an artist's rough (a quick and dirty draft, one of maybe half-a-dozen produced to give the manufacturer a choice before the real painting is produced) in error. That singular exception aside, I agree that they're terrific images.
  12. Dave Batt

    Model kit box art

    I really loved that image of the Sunderland mauling the Condor, but do wonder did it ever happen? I feel the poor Fw wouldn't have stood much of a chance if the 20mm was out of action. Incidentally, what's this "T3, T4, T9 . . ." business with Airfix artwork?
  13. Dave Batt

    Model kit box art

    Oh yes, the memories of an innocent childhood. I remember a gibbet with rotting corpse, a guillotine with a victim's head that would obligingly detach, a rack (though the victim was not suitably elastic) and I'm sure there were others. Wouldn't be allowed these days though as they'd give the kiddies nightmares, they'd rather have the craze of Fortnite or whatever it is called.
  14. Dave Batt

    Model Clubs nowadays and the appetite for them

    Whatever form of human club is set up (any of which are preferable to the oxymoron of social media, IMHO) please don't assume that one format will be appropriate for everyone; "One size fits all" doesn't really work. Build nights are terrific if they're a/. frequent (so a project can keep momentum) and b/. local (for who's going to spend an hour on the road on a round trip in order to spend two or three hours doing what they could do at home without the hassle and risk of packing stuff up and unloading it.) Build nights also need an etiquette of choosing one's moment to speak to someone; it is infuriating to be interrupted at the precise moment a miniscule piece is being fixed in place, or being aware that the paint is drying onto the best fine brush one has as someone else wants to debate the best source for RLM colours. Weekly meetings also have the slight problem that locals are able to 'take it or leave it 'while those who may have made an effort to come further get told "so-and-so's not here this week, shame you weren't here last week as they were around . . .". I do know that weekly build nights can galvanise a group of local modellers (bearing in mind ten miles in some parts of the country is equivalent to 30 or more in others) but monthly club nights (bring a model, watch a demo, have a chat, etc) will bring others in from further, and we should accept that some do prefer that traditional format. They're also more appropriate for the short semi-formal meetings if and when a club's planning is being discussed; there's little more infuriating than all but one paying attention to what can be a tedious bit of necessary admin, just for "the one" to demand a re-run because they're more concerned with fitting parts C3 into place on A6. Also, consider that the need for a table in a build night means that any given venue can only accommodate a limited number of members. In brief, my suggestion is to keep the options open. P.S. Build days are really great fun, speaking from experience . . .
  15. Dave Batt

    Diesel cars

    We seem to have some people here who have a knowledge of the subject, so can I ask a question? I believe that one of the reasons that engines are "wasteful" is that, regardless of absolute power outputs, it is the need for an explosive burst of power that drives the design. No-one likes being slow off the start and this is when the most fuel is used. On the other hand, if the engine could just putter away all day the fuel consumption would be negligible. If I do understand it correctly, this is where a hybrid car would benefit; the battery (perhaps 'capacitor' would be a better term) would provide power in a sudden burst to an electrically powered vehicle when needed, while in the background the little fuel engine just keeps on putt-putting away at a steady rate to top the battery up. If you're relentlessly stop-starting in urban traffic (or haring along the autobahn at near light-speed) and need more charge a control system would demand more power from the engine, but who would care if the thing was as slow as a dozy teenager to react to the throttle being opened, it's the battery that provides the grunt.