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  1. Stay Cool, if it's like my current nemesis you'll find you'll have a single day when things suddenly move (modelling equivalent of Ex-Lax perhaps?) where a couple of hours work sees something you can hold at arm's length and make "Brrrrr . . ." noises with.
  2. Timely thought. I'm restricted to about 60 to 90 minutes modelling a day so output isn't speedy, but I had cause to review the last three weeks output . . .
  3. possibly just a point of view than statement of fact, but if you push the basics up to the level of a 'garden office' (that would take insulation and structural strength, even double glazed secure doors and windows) it adds to the value of the house as well as the levels of comfort. I know the test will come when it is time to move on from the house, but the argument has held thus far. When I restructured mine I did elect to get it done by a specialist, which could easily have doubled the cost but at least I have an invoice proving it has been 'done right', which (God forbid) will be useful in the event of an insurance claim. Many of us get alarmend when we check out our stashes, but if you really want a wobbly check out how much your tool kit costs.
  4. The one that still bugs me even after all this time is "a good watch . . .". I'd love to catch someone in some sort of surreal Monty Python debate. "What, you mean like Rotring or Breitling or some such?" "No, A New Hope." "I didn't know the film franchise made timepieces . . ." "??" "A big ask . . . " is another one. "You mean like the lardassians? . . ."
  5. I sometimes feel that the instructions are more focussed on what has to be fitted. Anyone else remember the Morecambe & Wise sketch with Andre Preview? For example, stage 7 in the instructions is looking at the rear fuselage underside and "all the parts are there, but not necessarily in the right order."
  6. That's the obvious one, I would suggest.
  7. "Celebrity Pressure Washing", "Eurovision Spring Cleaning"? Talking about bookshelves, some weeks ago one of the medical talking heads had, on top of the bookshelf, a couple of "Airfix Lego" boxes judging by the packaging. She wouldn't move her head so we could identify them though, and despite my dancing around in front of the TV I couldn't see round her . . .
  8. There's a lot of truth been said about keeping the gluing areas clear of paint as the fit is so precise, but I'd go a step further: do NOT fix the position of the formers A29 and A22 (the latter being the 'big 'un' that carries the fuel tanks and magazines) until when the centre section struts are fitted. If they're misaligned by so much as half-a-mil the struts will be all askew, the top wing won't fit and there's nothing you can do about it. I'm planning the next one (got the Green Tail Trilogy) and am considering leaving the engine bearers out until the C/S struts are in place to help with this. The lower wings are a terrific friction fit to the fuselage and I think I'll leave the final gluing until the interplane V-struts are fitted to again allow for some crucial adjustment. Don't forget to scratch build and fit the radiator shutter lever under the trailing edge of the top wing where the pilot could grab it with his right hand, if the louvred radiator is used.
  9. Pardon the self-indulgence as I try out the posting process, but this model finally rolled out of the workshop, not least assisted by the solitude and time permitted under the present conditions. Second one I've built, the first was created under rather fraught conditions and didn't get past the final assembly. Very nice kit finished with AK Interactive paints, Pheon markings combined with those from the kit and Uschi vdr wood panelling decals. (Ah-hah, he says, I think I've got it figured . . .)
  10. Must admit there's good and bad with this pseudo-lockdown. Couple of photos here of the village centre . . . The absence of any people is obvious and that's the sad thing, but here's the great aspect made more emphatic . . No (deleted) cars! It's amazing the number of "starred" and "awarded" eateries we've got here that under normal circumstances might as well have a stall in the local Tesco car park. Visitors can't enjoy the sight of the harbour for the panorama of more-or-less gleaming vehicle roofs. Must enjoy it while I can, first time I've seen the harbour in the 20 years I've been here . . .
  11. If you really want to push the boat out and the subject appeals I don't think you can get better than the Airfix "Ready for Battle" package wit the Hurricane, two vehicles and a load of ground crew. 1/48 scale, and pretty good value for money as well.
  12. We're ready locally for any lifting of the unnecessary travel restrictions!
  13. You beat me to it. I understood the former represented the Chrysanthemum Throne while the naval ensign was more associated with Imperial ambitions?
  14. I can't find the imagery, but anyone remember the Airfix "Dogfight Double" of the Mirage III vs MiG-15? All flaming afterburner and panicking groundcrew? The MiG-21 vs Cessna O-2 was equally dramatic.
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