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  1. Wonder how this simulator copes with missed seams, paint creep under masking, upside down decals and gluey fingerprints on canopies?
  2. "The next step"? More likely be the death of the hobby. We all speak from personal perceptions but for me the hobby is so compelling because it is REAL, not just instant gratification, "oh, look at me, I'm so clever I got to level 55 . . . " (Mind you, I could be wrong. Have there been any cases of people moving from those 'Model Rail Simulators' to "the real thing"?)
  3. You think? For some reason (perhaps worthy of debate elsewhere) there are those in Society who appear to have a pathological dislike of our hobby. (It probably applies to other pastimes as well, but as I don't indulge in those pastimes [whatever they may be] I wouldn't know.) You'll find the <25 year olds dismiss it as an old fart's hobby while the Mrs Buckets look down their nose as it being childish. Also, "The Peace Society" sounds as if it has the sort of 'woke' credentials that would terrify the local Establishment.
  4. Thought you were referring to the 'original' Bucc, the NA.39? Now for a pre-teen modeller that was a load of fun; folding wings, folding nose, opening airbrakes, rotating bomb-bay . . . Also, just to put another matter in context, I didn't have to 'mail order' it, it came from the local corner shop and newsagents in a very small town.
  5. Dave Batt

    RIP John Saxon

    Now that was an actor who was prepared to take on almost any role and keep a straight face. Battle beyond the Stars, anyone?
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. I was working as a paper-boy when the kits first appeared in the newsagents and I could have fallen over backwards. It was the little legend or caption that appeared on the box-top that also appealed, grounding the subject and making them respectable to one's parents, I suppose, being 'historical' rather than just 'toys'.
  7. Thanks for the reassuring comments. My imagination runs overtime at the best of times and I really am not looking forward to it. I had a pre-op assessment for my left eye just before the bug bit and can only hope the schedule starts again. Fortunately the right eye is much better but I sometimes feel the fuzzy images coming in from the left increases strain. I have hidden behind specs ever since pre-school days and don't know what I'll do if I don't have them to hide behind, maybe get some plain glass ones, and probably start cursing about what life had been like if my vision had been cor
  8. Things have been going on locally that has brought one aspect into sharp focus, coincidentally as it has little to do with the bug. There seems to be a deliberate effort to be 'stupid', and at the moment it appears in the perennially confused. The Government is constantly being required to 'go to the next level' with the issue and when it happens the argument is still "they're not doing enough." Back in January we were being informed about the situation in China and advice was required. When advice was given it was confusing and guidance was wanted. Every few weeks it was escalated. Whe
  9. To JRK: you remember those old analogue radios or TVs where you had to twiddle the dial each time to get the required station? It's a bit like that. It varies from kit to kit. You're the only person who can decide what's worth it and although we all want a bit of appreciation in what we do, when it comes to a hobby no-one else has the right to express their opinion more forcefully than a non-committal smile and a hasty changing of the subject. I've had some kits that are turning into right dogs and for some reason (bloody minded, or too stupid to accept I've been beaten) I'll keep pushing
  10. The Camel is a great kit because the breakdown of the top wing makes rigging a lot easier. This photos show how the upper c/s has been prepped with the landing wires in place and looped around the wing fixing tabs, and if you squint you can see the front cross bracing between the two front strut locating holes. Two holes were drilled through the bullet (steady hands and the accompaniment of squinting and grinding teeth) and the rigging wire was glued to the upper hole (of the bullet) so it could be centred between the struts. At the stage the overlength lower wire was fitted but allowed to
  11. This kit has a three part top wing, made rigging a lot easier than most. The Centre section was completed first and then the landing wires, from inner top to outer bottom, were simple as the top outer panels weren't yet fitted. The interplane struts were next, fitted with their cross-bracing as that runs between the strut ends rather than the wing surface, followed by each outer panel fitted one at a time with the rear flying wires first to be sorted. The forward flying wires were last as they are anchored to the top of the front undercarriage and the wing's stagger leaves them moderately e
  12. Carrier a/c, I figured the usual dust and mud was not appropriate, though they do stand out a bit.
  13. Finished this one as the 'box top markings', one of the a/c that took part in the first carrier launched strike in June 1918, hence the daubed on PC10 to darken the light areas. Terrific kit, can only pray they re-appear if and when the moulds are taken over.
  14. And lot's of other good stuff. Trouble is I feel we're trying to return to topics that (for me at least) were debated to death and given up as a lost cause decades ago. No pleasure to be gained from just being the modelling equivalent of a pub bore, and believe me there's also no pleasure in "I told you so . . .".
  15. To be fair this is the "MailOnLine" rather than the printed periodical, but I agree that certainly over the last couple of years the electronic version has plumbed the depths of sheer stupidity and outrageous provocation, well beyond any reasonable definition of 'debate'. (Stopped paying for and reading the 'real' printed version when the Editor changed three/four years ago . . .)
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