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  1. I could have coped with the story from the point of view of Snfllgt, the tentacled blob who had the onerous task of spearheading his/her/their peoples' efforts to leave a dying planet and had the task of protecting them from the pale-skinned bipeds who seemed to be so fretful over relinquishing chunks of their green and pleasant land, but I really did want more than just a vague nod to Wells' plot and imagination.
  2. Agreed. Got my copy on DVD from Tesco couple of months back and found it gripping.
  3. I'd love to see Hugh Bonneville and the rest of the "W1A" crowd self-justifying their way out of all these criticisms. (Yes, I know it's fictional, but I always felt it had more than a whiff of realism about it.)
  4. Seemed to me that the only place the production team did NOT look was that weird short novel of presumably the same name written by some guy called H. G. Wells. They could have kept in the desperately woke elements but still have brought in the dramatic set pieces (opening of the cylinder, the appearance of the Martians [as large as a bear, skin glistening like wet leather, mass of tentacles, etc], the battle with Thunder Child) but I perhaps cynically think that these were dropped on the basis that they would have been "pandering to the male". (Bit like that First Man film.) I mean, where was any sign that "the Martians" had any tool building ability necessary for a technological civilisation needed to develop interplanetary travel; three legs ending in spikes would not help in handling the equivalent of a spanner. "Draining the blood from their living victims and injecting it into their own veins" is a lot more horrifying than some bestial alien leaping on a human like a starving moggie. Absolute FAIL.
  5. After the first episode I considered that the Jury was still out. It's not realistic to do a straight replay of the book for we all know whodunnit, but some of the most dramatic elements did seem to have been abandoned. After the second part though the jury is emphatically shuffling their papers. Just what the heck was that?? Thunderchild seemed to have been reduced to a few flickers on the horizon. I'll be watching the third part just to finish off (I hate waste, I'll even force myself to finish my greens) but it will have to be good to offset the dreary hour last night.
  6. I could find areas where it could be criticised (I was really looking forward to seeing the cylinder "fully 30 yards across" opening for its quite chilling even on a musical soundtrack) but its really a lot more gripping than I feared it might be from the opening narration. Sorry, but 'our Demelza' just couldn't match Burton's bone-freezing tones.
  7. Belter of a model. I cannot understand why this is one of the very few Alistair Maclean novels that has not been filmed as it is one of his best books. However, looking at how Auntie (Beeb) has embraced CGI recently there may still be hope.
  8. Just noticed that it has been publicised in one of the TV magazines, the Sun's weekly supplement. Apparently due in November.
  9. I must admit I though it was the 'homage' to the Alien franchise, with in this case the Danish (?) trying to set up their biological weapon. (Did you sport the 'Easter egg' to 2001 with the star child? All over in the first 60 seconds.)
  10. Rats, I was thinking of going to see it this evening. Are you seriously saying it is as bum-numbing and soul-destroying as Contact or First Man? Oh, dear, I was just hoping for a bit of mindless escapism with dramatic visualisations and excitement.
  11. Funny, but I also got a freebie copy after my sub lapsed some six month back. Very dramatic cover but it turned out to be yet another litany on "weathering techniques".
  12. Dave Batt


    Some of us are trying to lose weight! For goodness sake, some people are so unhelpful . . . .
  13. Seeing some of the well-informed comments here has drawn on some of my memories. One is that I recall a description of how the machines moved; "like a milking stool spun across a yard" rather than the AT-AT style stomping usually portrayed. Another was a passage (to emphasise the Martians' strangeness) that detailed that "despite their great ingenuity, they had never devised the wheel." Really keen now to see this broadcast, I hope I'm not pushing expectations too high for Auntie.
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