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  1. Effects of using Tamiya spray?

    For very full advice on RPE, this document gives a lot of info Respiritory protective Equipment at Work, a practical guide http://www.hse.gov.uk/pUbns/priced/hsg53.pdf There's nearly 60 pages, so slow to download, and heavy reading when you get it. Table 7 on page 45 is, I think, the most useful bit of info ...
  2. Hawker Tempest V Hi-Tech 2 - 1:32 Special Hobby

    I stand to be corrected, but I understand that - while the aircraft was cleared to use them - Tempest pilots were not trained to use rockets until after WWII. Nice looking kit btw
  3. **Maritime Patrol including Coastal Command GB

    Ooh nice selection there Pat.
  4. All-American GB 2018/19?

    No idea what I'd build, but I'm in ...
  5. Waterloo Uniform references

    I'm a bit late to this party but ... Uniform dyes were 'natural' (e.g. vegetable, or animal) and not as well fixed as more modern products. Natural dyes tend to fade faster in sunlight than the modern, synthetic, equivalents. There was a thunder storm on the night of 17th/18th June (before the battle of Waterloo), and there are stories of soldiers having to whiten their straps because the dye from their jackets was running, and staining their equipment.
  6. Stix, the Yak looks good, but I agree with others about the light grey If you are brush painting (aka hairy stick), try using kitchen towel to achieve a soft edge. (Kitchen towel is one of my favourite painting tools) Tear a bit off, and screw it into a pad, pick up a little paint on the pad, and apply paint using a circular motion - not dabbing. Use small circles, think German mottle size, or smaller. Don't be too generous with your paint, maybe pick up a little more than you'd use for dry brushing. Practice first, away from the model. Something that might work is to trim the hairs of a brush, so they are a shorter and stiffer. Again, apply using a circular motion, rather than dabbing or stroking actions. This works for some people.
  7. K(uick)V-2

    A quick build? This sounds fairly comprehensive. I'll watch with interest.
  8. Yes Peter, it does. It looks painful to put together, but the appearance is far superior to a PE version. The whole 'pit is looking good
  9. Nice work Stix, I like the gun muzzles
  10. **Maritime Patrol including Coastal Command GB

    Bump - this GB has been very quiet for a while now. The build is eligable for the 2018 poll, We need two co-hosts. I think I'm one, who's the other? I am happy to step back if two people are keen to take up the role ... Appologies in advance if I don't respond quickly to messages, I expect to be without an internet connection for the next couple of weeks
  11. I haven't seen the Zvezda aircraft kits, but that engine does look good after all your work Stix
  12. Groupbuilds for 2018

    Daft question, but ... Are there any GB's to carry forward from last year?
  13. 10th BM Anniversary GB?

    Hmm, this sounds interesting ... but my poor wallet
  14. RAF 100th

    Hello Paul There have been at least two goes at this: Started by @Dermo245, and Started by myself. My own suggestion petered out, probably because I didn't have a clear enough vision of what the GB should be about, and I allowed discussions to get out of hand. If you or Dermot want to take this forward and take over hosting, I'd be very happy.