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  1. Eleventh Hour GB: 1918-2018, commemorating the end of WWl

    All sound good Antoine, I'd love to see one of those tanks built. You are welcome Kris
  2. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    2nd TAF, 126 Wing will be very welcome - or any other wing that served with the 2nd TAF..
  3. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    If anybody would like to make a banner for this GB, please do - or you can use this one
  4. Group Build Banners

    A suggestion for the Royal Airforce Centenary GB ...
  5. Maritime Patrol including Coastal Command GB

    OK Antoine, I think we can trust your judgement on this one That sounds interesting Lex77, and a bit different.
  6. Maritime Patrol including Coastal Command GB

    Can't see why not Enzo, unless somebody knows better ... I'm guessing they'd have to be on patrol to catch a sub (or even, to act as a deterrent) That's a good looking scheme too
  7. Maritime Patrol including Coastal Command GB

    @Antoine, does this page help - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kampfgeschwader_40 The primary role was maritime patrol ... The Stranrear is an attractive kit, though I'm not sure there are any AM decals for the maritime patrol role. If you go for it, you might want to replace the larger door on the starboard hull with a window - the door was a post war modification to civilianised aircraft. (reminds me ... ) Looks good, which scheme will you pick?
  8. Maritime Patrol including Coastal Command GB

    OK, but you have the best part of a year to find another option - the GB starts in December 2018
  9. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    Thanks Colin, you are very welcome It is greaqt to have yopu with us, I'm sure you'll find something to build You are welcome Sabre_days, and thanks for listing those Canadian Squadrons. Of course you can take part Giorgio. Provided it was serving with the RAF, it is allowed. Something based in Italy in any of those conflicts would be good
  10. T-55 STGB @ 14

    Bump, let's get this back on the front page
  11. T-34 Family STGB Now we are 16!

    Oh, NO!!! OK, I'm in There is a current proposal for a T55 GB, but those all came after the Great Patriotic War
  12. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    A Snake! Great to have you with us Sleeper Service
  13. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    Thinking about your suggestion Dave, maybe include that in the build tags, that way, the Collonial builds will be easier to find/search. Just a thought
  14. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    Welcome Zebra, if they were was based at RAF Andreas, they are in Sounds good to me Dave, thanks You are very welcome Hocketbot Whichever you go for Edge, you are welcome here too