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  1. Got a bit of paint onto the guns. I am not happy with the join on top of torpedo tubes so think I will spend a bit of time tomorrow reworking those and continue with picking out some detail. Test fitted the CSU and depth charge.
  2. Spent about 4 hours this morning to get basically back to where I started. I removed, masked and sprayed the companionway hatch blue grey on top curved surface. I masked and sprayed the top of the wheel house blue grey I also cut down the base of the Oerlikon to get the gun at a better height. And I remasked and resprayed the torpedo tubes to reduce how far down the tubes the blue grey came and to get light grey on the bottom of
  3. The Oerlikon is beautifully detailed, I think the base is a little high, I hadn’t realised how large they were in comparison to wheelhouse etc but still think a little to tall. Micromaster has a range of models/bases so I may have got slightly wrong model but will make it work. @Greg Law yep, I can do that. @Arjan and @robgizlu - thanks may need to look at both options
  4. One thing I am having more difficulty than I expected is finding some suitable decals - I believe about 10mm for hull sides and 15mm for stern. Anyone got any suggestions for suitable pennant numbers for MTBs. ?
  5. Arrived back from holiday this afternoon to this waiting in my mail box for me Keen tomorrow when I have recovered to get back into finishing this model off. I have a couple of tweaks I want to make to paint work as mentioned above then push on with the to do list from a few posts back.
  6. Away from home for a week so just been doing a little more research. Decided I will remark the tubes and get the blue-grey higher and also get some light grey on the bottom half of the (what I assume to be) air tanks. in addition I need to do the wheelhouse roof ahead of the flying bridge and the top of companionway hatch on rear deck blue grey as well. Guess I better pick up some more masking tape.
  7. I don’t have an airbrush so I just went for rattle cans as close as I could find to the colour chips I had. ‘I think it’s Army Painter wolf grey but will need to double check when I get home next week.
  8. Today I got the torpedo tubes masked and painted, I think I bought the blue grey down a fraction too far but happy enough. Away for 10 days now so don't expect to get anything done. Next steps 1) hand paint some details - wheelhouse, turret 2) do mast 3) hopefully Oerlikon arrives and fit and paint 4) decals 5) coat of clear 6) weathering 5) portholes and windows 6) join hull and main sub assemblies 6) rigging, deck ropes etc
  9. Maybe get hull masking done later today I said - oh well when you are on a roll might as well keep going Colours arn't best in picture due to lighting but reasonably happy - as discussed in other threads could loose half my life trying to nail down colours exactly - and still would not be able to prove 100% accurate - the paints I used match the colour chips I had access too enough to convey to scheme. Next up clean up and prime the deck fittings. I have ordered a 1/35 Oerlikon 20mm from Micromaster in NZ. Also realised I need a couple of 20m
  10. Got the deck masked, anti slip tree on focastle and camouflage strip in torpedo cut out and base of rear hatch painted. Got a little bit of overspray/bleed in wheelhouse but will be hand painting most of it. Also got the hull base coats in white Let it dry now and maybe get hull masking done later today, need a break from swearing at masking tape.
  11. Thanks @robgizlu, I am leaning same way with hull. I had seen @andrewa great 1/72. Today I finished off the last of sub assemblies - the flying bridge and the vickers turret. Then I got a primer coat on hull and deck. Allowed a couple of hours to dry and did a few spot sands etc and then applied another light coat. Happy with where they are, I think will allow to dry fully over night and start maskings in morning. For deck I am looking at masking off for the non slip on focastle, and possibly the light grey band on torpedo cut out. Then mask those when dr
  12. Nice job on deck house. Made me realise I had glued the door from flying bridge to inner wheel house wrong way around. Tomorrow I will try removing and may leave open as you have.
  13. Bit of an update - finished sanding hull and washed in warm soapy water ready for priming and did a bit more of the sub assembly on superstructure, torpedo tubes and deck fittings so I can prime those. The PE was a bit challenging as I have not done much but think I got there with a bit of patience. Tomorrows plan to do a bit of a stocktake of what's left (I think mostly the Vickers guns and the spray shield/nav lights/ mast etc) See if any more deck fittings - think there are a few PE rings etc and then prep and spray deck, I think I will leave the ensign and jack staffs for now
  14. So got home and unpacked Fibreglass hull and running gear for RC plus a few cast parts and a couple of earlier pieces I got 3D printed. Seems a lot but then I lay them out realise how much scratch building this will involve as well, although there are still some pre-made parts I will get - boats, davits, 182 decoy, aft mast and radars Some bits and pieces for focastle - breakwaters, captstan/cable holder, capstan brake (1 to come), roller fairlead, naval pipes and hawse pipes - plus turret, director and bridge Funnel and Foremast, 3d prin
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