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  1. Retire! Me!

    I'm rising 59, with state retirement still 7 years away and two children of school age to support, so no chance of retirement yet. But I enjoy my job (mostly) and I'm looking for a promotion before I retire, so still firing on all cylinders. Interestingly, I'm the youngest in my team, so my employer is going to have a succession problem if it doesn't take action soon, as I keep on pointing out to them. It seems like most of my university friends are now taking early retirement, so I do wonder how society can afford able bodied people having subsidised lives of leisure.
  2. Notifications - topics, PMs, etc.

    I haven't signed up for any, but I was sternly warned with big red alert to check whether I was receiving any and if not to report on this thread. I wasn't getting any, so added my comment to this thread.
  3. Notifications - topics, PMs, etc.

    I've had nothing, but I'm delighted with that as I don't want emails about stuff I don't need to know!
  4. " A badly made Airfix model"

    I'm not convinced preserving it in its crashed condition would have been a better option. At least now it's not going to be stolen or wrecked further by souvenir hunters.
  5. A great model, which bears witness to your skills and Airfix's. Remarkable since it's a kit of the 60s.
  6. I don't think it's got the right number of wheels. You might want to check your references. And the proportions look wrong. I'm sure the turret is too big.
  7. not one for petitions but this situation doesnt sound fair

    Here’s why you shouldn’t sign this petition or others like it. In this country we have laws that are carefully considered and designed to treat people fairly and proportionately. Immigration laws and asylum law are no different. The man in question has had his application for asylum rejected, not only by the normal asylum process but also the High Court. There will be good reasons why they reached that decision, but you are only being presented with one side of the story. By participating in this petition, you are attempting to use weight of numbers to influence the course of justice in favour of one individual, and all based on the internet equivalent of something you’ve heard from a stranger down the pub. This is not right. How do you know he is what he claims to be? What do you know about his behaviour since he came to this country? What do you know of the information about him that may be held by the police or security services?
  8. not one for petitions but this situation doesnt sound fair

    This is inevitably political. I'd also make the point that since this is the internet it's very hard to know how much of it is true.
  9. Crimbo banner

    The text is white, as you would expect and my monitor is colour calibrated, but the snow flakes are cyan with a black outline.
  10. Crimbo banner

    I don't mind the banner, but do the snow flakes have to be blue?
  11. Do we need an army?

    Reasons for an army: Deterrence of hostile neighbours. To support the civil powers. A flag for the nation; i.e. a visible expression of its pride and values. To exert diplomatic influence. To find a constructive use for citizens with energy and aggression. To seize and hold others' land and property.
  12. Vintage Airfix Kits

    Going back to the OP question, I think that almost any Airfix kit from the mid 70s onwards is still worth building. Recent kits may be more refined, but the Airfix kits of this era are generally accurate, straightforward to build and satisfying if done as an out of the box build. I think the late 70s Airfix Spitfire Mk I is still the best there is; it's not quite as chunky as their new kit and the fine raised panel lines look more realistic.
  13. Vintage Airfix Kits

    I'm surprised at that as it was re-released about 10 years ago and included NASA and Austrian colour schemes as well as the original Olympic Airlines.
  14. Martin I was being humorous. As a plane that never existed there can be no photos and no incorrect colours. You could paint it in red and yellow camouflage and it would be correct. Nice model, but I wonder if the two early jet engines would have enough power to make it effective. It looks like it would have been much heavier than an Me 262.
  15. Great model, but I'm sorry to say the colour scheme is inaccurate. Have a look at some photos of this aircraft in operational service to see what I mean.