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  1. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    No, I don't think it's a projection. The data is casualty rates for car drivers per distance driven – Great Britain 2014 and is taken from Reported Road Casualties Great Britain and the National Travel Survey. For some reason the report authors have used units that aren't helpful - Deaths per 100 million people is a bit hard to comprehend in a population of c. 60 million, but it's based on observed facts and shows the relative risk of injury or death.
  2. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Certainly, download Supporting Safe Driving Into Old Age Page 6 (9 in pdf) gives the key chart. Here are few interesting quotes from the report: "For the first time, the Task Force was given ‘catastrophic claims’ data from a leading insurer in the older driver market providing important insights. Some older drivers, possibly those in the over 80 group, may be disproportionately involved in crashes leading to very serious third party injuries." p6. "As you get older you are more likely to be at fault after middle age." p20. Yes, it's a complex subject that can be interpreted in many ways, but there is no doubt that concern is increasing about the risks posed by older drivers. If you want to see what happens when you don't ensure older drivers haven't lost their faculties then read this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-42568690
  3. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Old people who don't realise they've become a dangerous driver and who retreat behind the "it's young drivers who are dangerous excuse". Not true, the statistics show per mile that old drivers have the highest accident rate of all. Compulsory periodic eye tests and compulsory periodic competency testing I say! You wouldn't be happy with an 80 year old train driver or pilot without rigorous supervision, so why should old car drivers be any different?
  4. Weathering heresy

    What's interesting about the photos above is that though they show true wear and weathering, I think almost none of it looks like fashionable modelling techniques such as panel line inking and pre-shading. Even the gloss levels of some of the aircraft are higher than you often see on models, though I know that scale sheen is hard to achieve.
  5. Weathering heresy

    I think the observation is the wrong way around. If you think a technique is unrealistic or unnecessary you're not going to invest time learning how to do it.
  6. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Really? I thought all senior officers started as constables (the same as everyone else) and had to work their way up. I know it's changed recently, but that was the universal practice back in your day, at least in the UK.
  7. Weathering heresy

    And on the subject of modelling heresies, why is panzer grey fashionably depicted on models as a medium or light grey?
  8. Weathering heresy

    Burn him! Burn him! Remove his teachings from correct modelling thought so other models are not created corrupted. Any more of this type of thinking and the gullible will start to believe that aircraft and vehicles work better if they are maintained and that armed forces care about how things are presented.
  9. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    QC = quality control, sorting out good from bad during or after production. QA = quality assurance, organising things so you never make anything bad in the first place.
  10. Zoukei Mura..............I dont get it....

    I've never owned a ZM kit, but examined some that friends have had and looked at examples at SMW. I don't understand why they provide details for parts of the plane that will never be seen. It just adds to the cost, without adding to the pleasure. Perhaps a few modellers will do cut-aways, but they will be a tiny number.
  11. T-34 85 LEGO

    The tracks have an incorrect tread pattern and I don't think the colour is prototypical. Seriously, it's a fabulous creation and you've done really well to build an obvious T34-85 from Lego. I could never do that.
  12. So you want to buy a car?

    If your opening post is an accurate record of your conversation, then l think it could come across as sarcastic and rude and likely to annoy staff members who might have helped you. Why not just explain what's happened, say you're unhappy and say what you want them to do to rectify the situation? It usually works.
  13. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    I've come late to this thread and not being a 1:48 modeller I won't be affected by the Fury short shots. But it's interesting to see the frustration being displayed above. It's not just annoyance at one purchase being slightly marred, it seems like a sense of betrayal - our first love is cheating on us! If ever a company showed the power of branding it's Airfix and if ever a company showed how to destroy its brand values it's Airfix!
  14. Modelling Magazine

    Replied, but there wasn't an option to say that the amount I want to pay for a modelling magazine is zero. Well that's not quite true as I do pay 20-30p at shows for old copies, but with so much free info on the internet I really can't see the point of still publishing them. Britmodeller gives me the reviews, builds and historical information for free. My thanks to Mike and contributors.
  15. Second hand kits are deadly!

    No, they said 1 in 10 old second hand toys wouldn't meet current toy safety standards. But, as the man from Lego said you'd need to be using 40 year old Lego to be exposed to less safe materials. Personally I'd be more concerned about the bacteria containing slobber and faeces that will no doubt coat some old toys, but I suppose they can be washed and disinfected if it bothers you.