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  1. 3DStewart

    Marketing 'headology' is there a way to defeat it?

    There are two words used in selling that so perfectly show that we buy on emotion not logic: 'Handmade'. Buy this product because it's less precise, less consistent and doesn't work as well. Handmade ball-bearings or condoms anyone? Exactly. 'Natural'. Buy this product because it comes from nature and therefore must be good for you. Asbestos anyone? Exactly.
  2. 3DStewart

    Marketing 'headology' is there a way to defeat it?

    Sometimes things made in the past were made much stronger than their modern equivalents. If you are innovating there's no precedent or analytical techniques to support why your doing, so you go strong, either out of ignorance or 'just in case'. Many Victorian structures are much stronger than they need to be, and it's fairely certain their designers would have built them cheaper had they had today's knowledge. Old may be better, but often it's just wasteful excess.
  3. 3DStewart

    Best boot sale or other bargain model?

    Not with the original soft tyres you won't! They invariably perish as the plasticizer migrates to the outside and can result in them welding to other parts. Still a great find though.
  4. 3DStewart

    Is a kit box a shipping carton?

    Thanks for your kind words. I still have a few sets and parts left, so I'll list them on eBay tonight if that interests you. And they will be sent out in proper discrete protective packaging!
  5. 3DStewart

    Is a kit box a shipping carton?

    Bubble wrap on it's own isn't sufficient as it has little crush resistance. There should always be an external box for strength and to provide some standoff for penetrating knocks. I would complain if your unhappy and ask for a replacement or a reduction.
  6. 3DStewart

    Why is life unkind for some people

    It's difficult to answer this without going into philosophical and religious beliefs, which I think are against house rules. Scratched corneas will heal and I hope that life will restore the happiness to your fiancée that she's currently missing.
  7. 3DStewart

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    "A spokeswoman emphasized that Revell explicitly distances itself from any kind of glorification of wars and the Nazi period." If this was true they wouldn't produce any German WWII subjects. I wonder if the real reason for it's withdrawal is poor sales?
  8. 3DStewart

    Smart or dumb ?

    Short answer is that it depends on the sensing technology being used in the smart meter. The results of overreading found in Holland aren't typical of domestic situations, but may be more relevant to commercial and industrial situations. If you want a technical review of the situation read this, but it's not entirely neutral as it's by a supplier of meters that claim not to be affected: http://vesma.com/downloads/reported_meter_errors.pdf
  9. 3DStewart

    Smart or dumb ?

    If demand exceeds supply there's an even bigger problem if you don't have smart meters. With dumb meters you have no choice but to have brown outs or randomly inflict power cuts on districts. At least with smart meters you can manage demand with tariff inducements to lower demand, or, such as the case of my employer, give tariff inducements and automatic instructions to start up our stand-by generators and take load off the grid, or invest in on-site storage of electricity. Currently there's no incentive for us to engage in activities like this.
  10. 3DStewart

    Smart or dumb ?

    Any supplier of anything can cut you off if they choose to, but why would they want to do that?
  11. 3DStewart

    Smart or dumb ?

    Smart meters suffer from a degree of over selling of their benefits and they've also become a target for the wisdom of the internet that favours flat earths and NASA fakery of moon landings. In essence all they are doing is collecting real-time data on the total electrical load being created by the house, shop, office or whatever. They have no knowledge of what that load is made up of. The provide valuable information on network use patterns to the distributors and can inform householders of their instantaneous running costs, historical running costs, daily costs etc and so IF the user acts on this information they can reduces costs and CO2 emissions if they change their behaviour or buying decisions. They also allow delinquent utility users to have their services restricted or disconnected remotely, meaning we are less likely to have to subsidise non-payers etc. They are a necessary pre-cursor to smart grids and smart generation, all of which will be needed to manage the network if huge infrastructure costs are to be avoided with the shift to micro local generation and the enormous asymmetric demand expected in 10-15 years time when we all plug our electric cars in to recharge when we get home and an extra 50 GW of demand hits the grid. You'd better get used to smart meters, because if not you'll probably end up paying a fortune for non-smart tariffs. It's nothing to do with government plots, just the need to modernise the grid as our patterns of use change massively from what they have been historically.
  12. I believe the apparent bending of the gun is called lens barrelling and you can see it going in the opposite direction with the edge of the diorama base. It's due to the camera lens not being optically perfect. It may be aggravated if the camera is in macro mode. Great models.
  13. 3DStewart

    My for sale or trade post deleted.

    I think you would be better seeking guidance from a moderator, rather than grumbling about it here.
  14. 3DStewart

    What kind of modeller are you?

    Looking at people's responses here l'm surprised that the aftermarket people and modelling press are in business! Most here seem to favour OOB and overlooking minor errors, which is also my current modelling style.
  15. 3DStewart

    1/72 Spitfire- where does adding detail end?

    One of the advantages of 1:72 is that you can usually get away without adding loads of detail and have the benefit of a quick build. I think quality of construction and paint finish is more important for 1:72 than dripping them with detail.
  16. 3DStewart

    Model shows and competitions

    I enjoy entering competitions. I like the sense of anticipation and winning feels great, but you also have to accept loosing. This isn't too bad if you consider the winners better than yours; harder to take if the winner is poorer. There is no doubt that some judges aren't very good model makers, but that's inevitable in an amateur activity and there are also never quite enough volunteers to go round, so you have to learn to be graceful in defeat. But enter lots of different competitions and if your models really are good then sooner or later they will get the recognition they deserve. My advice is to be familiar with the rules before you enter and to make sure your model is attractively entered. Always use a base, preferably with a simple but well executed surface and provide a neat label. One final thought: I think you also need to be a little bit competitive. You need a desire to win and then use it to drive on your model making. Good luck!
  17. 3DStewart

    Manuals/guides am I the only one who doesn't use them?

    Beardie, it's common and in my view can often be driven by laziness and ill-discipline, or an unrealistic view of what's required. People want a short cut to expertise and think buying a book will magically transfer the skill to them. It won't, only reading the book, practicing and applying it will.
  18. 3DStewart

    Road Trip! Visiting Coventry from Oklahoma

    If you don't mind a 1.5 hr drive from Coventry the RAF Museum at Cosford (Junc 3 of the M54) is outstanding, with some unique exhibits. The shop has a limited range of Airfix and Revell kits. Ignore the rude comments about Coventry, it got bashed about in the war, but it still has some noteworthy sites from it's important medieval past. I can recommend the cathedral and it's surroundings, Ford's Hospital and Spon Street, where you can see genuine 13th century buildings still in use as shops. You might like to look around St John's Church where Royalist prisoners of war were held after the battle of Edge Hill. The fiercely parliamentary citizens of Coventry showed their disdain by standing with their backs to them as they were led through the streets to captivity. Hence the phrase "being sent to Coventry" was born. Although not things you can visit, Coventry was also the origin of the phrases "peeping tom" and "true as Coventry blue", later "true blue". If you're interested I can tell you more about their origins. As you may guess I'm a big fan of Coventry, I lived their for a while as an adult and it was a good period in my life.
  19. 3DStewart

    Stash VNE

    Reduce the volume of the kits. Sell the biggest. Debox others?
  20. 3DStewart

    What Scale and Why?

    For aircraft I overwhelmingly prefer 1:72, or the occasional 1:144. I've always thought of 1:48 as being a bit of a compromise scale: too small to be impressive and too big to be convenient, but others will disagree. Advantages of 1:72: Price Range of subjects. If it flew and fought there's a 1:72 kit; that's not true for 1:48. Space needed to display Space needed to store the stash Less compulsion to include fiddly detail, so build times tend to be less Disadvantages of 1:72: Not considered cool or glamorous. It's an arithmetically cumbersome scale that only makes sense if you measure your world in feet and inches, though this is also true for 1:48. In a metric world 1:50, 1:100 or 1:150 would be more straightforward and make sense. It doesn't match with scales used in complimentary modelling activities (e.g. model railways), which are 1:76 or 1:87. The same is true for 1:48, where 1:43 is the nearest railway model scale. I also model armour subjects in 1:72 for most of the reasons above and to preserve scale comparison between my builds. I accept that the availability argument for 1:72 armour isn't as strong, but it's still there.
  21. 3DStewart

    Weathering heresy

    What's interesting about the photos above is that though they show true wear and weathering, I think almost none of it looks like fashionable modelling techniques such as panel line inking and pre-shading. Even the gloss levels of some of the aircraft are higher than you often see on models, though I know that scale sheen is hard to achieve.
  22. 3DStewart

    Weathering heresy

    I think the observation is the wrong way around. If you think a technique is unrealistic or unnecessary you're not going to invest time learning how to do it.
  23. 3DStewart

    Weathering heresy

    And on the subject of modelling heresies, why is panzer grey fashionably depicted on models as a medium or light grey?
  24. 3DStewart

    Weathering heresy

    Burn him! Burn him! Remove his teachings from correct modelling thought so other models are not created corrupted. Any more of this type of thinking and the gullible will start to believe that aircraft and vehicles work better if they are maintained and that armed forces care about how things are presented.
  25. 3DStewart

    Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    QC = quality control, sorting out good from bad during or after production. QA = quality assurance, organising things so you never make anything bad in the first place.