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  1. Thanks for the link Jun, it was indeed helpful. It seems to be the field-modified mount on the photo of LL734 - what looks like a turret in the photo is in fact the wind-blast deflector shown in the drawings. Regards Simon
  2. Yes, I noticed that when I zoomed in. Looks like they have names written on them? Simon
  3. Hello everyone I'm doing some research on a particular 514 Sqn Lancaster Mk.II, LL716 JI-G2, and it's mentioned in the Bomber Command Losses, 1944 edition, that it carried an extra crewman as the mid-under gunner. So, a bit of Googling later, I came across this photo of 514 Sqn's LL734, showing a mid-under turret: There's a 'zoomable' version here. I'm assuming LL716 would have a similar turret. It doesn't seem to be the same shape as the one Airfix have included in their Lancaster II (an F.N.64?), and it seems to have a single gun. So, what is this turret exactly? REgards Simon
  4. Thanks Elger, much appreciated. Regards Simon
  5. Thank you for all the additional replies everyone. Seems to be two sizes of intakes, some with larger ones inboard and some outboard, but it seems to be a postwar modification. As a supplementary question, this Lancaster: has a small perspex fairing under the nose, below the bomb aimer's bubble, partly hidden by the pitot tube. I'm sure I've seen this mentioned before, but can't remember where. What is it for? Regards Simon
  6. Josephs at the bottom of Holmeside - they were the recipients of much of my pocket money during the late 1970s and early 1980s...happy days indeed! Simon
  7. Many thanks indeed for all the replies. I did come across these photos of post-war SW377 of 203 Sqn and a wartime photo of R5868 'S for Sugar'. SW377 seems to have identical size and shape, whereas wartime R5868 has same size but looks like differently shaped ones. As Jure says, seems there's no firm rule about shape/size! I guess wartime wear and tear meant some were repaired on site as an when necessary, which may explain the shape differences? I noted that Freightdog does enlarged intakes for Lancasters with Merlin 24 engines. Could a Lancaster have a mix of earlier Merlins and Merlin 24 engines? Regards Simon
  8. Hello everyone I have a quick question about the carb intakes on Lancasters. Were they all the same size across the four engines? I've seen photos of the BBMF Lancaster PA474, which seems to have longer ones on the outboard engines than on the inner. Link here to a photo which shows them. NX611 Just Jane seems to have the same different sized ones too - photos here and here. Does it depend on the version? Thanks Simon EDIT - on Merlin engined versions, not the Mk.II.
  9. The Manchester came before the Lancaster.
  10. Small fin on the rear fuselage - Avro Manchester? Simon
  11. Any updates/further gen on this...? Simon
  12. Hi Simon,

    would you have any measurements for your excellent Naffi Wagon conversion?

    Specifically length and height of the body sides (and the curced roof) ?

    Many thanks,


    1. Simon


      Hi Ted


      I'm sorry but I didn't have any dimensions or drawings when I did the conversion - I basically winged it as far as the sizes go, taking best guesses from the photos I found online. Not the most scientific way of doing it, and quite a lot of trial and error, but it worked out more or less okay. This one for example is pretty useful:




      The nearest I got to a drawing was this:




      Let me know if I can be of any further help - I have a few K2 NAAFI van photos downloaded off the web.





  13. Or a lot more, although much smaller parts... Simon
  14. Looks nice. Just one tiny quibble: the French Air Force EC 314 tail markings (decals 55 and 56 in the third image) look to me to be the wrong colour - the inside of the triangle should be green, not red: Simon
  15. Yes please! (a 1/48 S.6B would be nice too...). Simon