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  1. shatters

    Tornado F3 Missile pylon question

    Yes please, would it be possible to include an extra rail to update the Hasegawa F3 please ? Phil
  2. Haha, we're famous, me and the misses are both in picture 8, wish I'd known, I would have come and said hello, walked past you and your jeep a number of times on Saturday and even sat on the grass next to your tent while waiting for the Hurricane. Phil
  3. shatters

    Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    Don't see a problem, it's the same runners, plus I assume that most of us will want to use our own markings for variety anyway. Phil
  4. You went to Elvington a week too late, they had a re-enactment event on the weekend before. Phil
  5. shatters

    Academy Tempest V * finished*

    Thanks for all the comments guys
  6. shatters

    Hawker Hunter FR.10

    Got a bottle of That, but not got round to using it yet. Is it good stuff ?
  7. shatters

    Hawker Hunter FR.10

    Nice job, good to see you got it to sit on the nose too. Phil
  8. shatters

    Harrier GR.1

    Watch out for the pitot tube ,I snapped mine off and had to rob a spare from the GR3 kit. Phil
  9. shatters

    Dambusters Declassified

    Thanks just set the planner. Phil
  10. shatters

    FOURtitude - Now a Major Film

    It's not rocket science
  11. shatters

    Opinions on ocean grey please

    Thanks Mike, if everyone is in agreement I will finish using Revell 79 and post some images after decalling. Phil
  12. shatters

    Opinions on ocean grey please

    I hope this shows the problem I'm having with Humbrol. Phil
  13. shatters

    Opinions on ocean grey please

    1/48 Humbrol, 1/72 Revell. The only option might be to revert to enamels. Phil
  14. shatters

    Opinions on ocean grey please

    Having given up trying to get Humbrol 106 to give a decent coverage, I've tried using Revell blaugrau 79 instead. It gives a more blue hue. Is it too blue ? What do you think ? Phil
  15. shatters

    FOURtitude - Now a Major Film

    On cup final day ?