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  1. Royal Navy Colours - glossy, satin or flat

    Very simple answer... Gloss XVTonker
  2. Tornado when "parked",question on the position of the wings

    It's true. Two of the XV Sqn linies dressed up in WRAF KD dresses and went down the 56 Sqn line removing all fuselage serial numbering and just leaving the XV and adding the XV to each aircraft fin. The 56 Sqn JENGO came storming across the XV Sqn line hut demanding the dirty deed was undone. He was reassured by our Flt Sergeant that the damage would be removed and he went away happy, not knowing that he had also been 'zapped' on his back with a XV Sqn sticker!! Later that week me and a propulsion Chief went across to the officers accommodation and, after having had a number of drinks with our aircrew proceeded to dismantle the 56 Sqn upright piano that had been brought over from the UK so they could shoot it up on the Capo Frasca ranges. All we had between us was a Dzeus key, a Swiss army knife, and plenty of cold beer. After a couple of hours the piano resembled an Ikea flat pack all neatly laid out on the floor, so we discreetly disappeared back to the Sgt's accommodation to wait for the fallout. Needless to say the Shifty Fix aircrew were non too pleased, but hey ho... good times. XVTonker
  3. Tornado when "parked",question on the position of the wings

    If you're building an IDS variant then the wings are normally fully forward when parked. Someone mentioned the wing sweep selector restrictor. This was introduced in the first Gulf War (Op Granby) when the RAF GR.1's were fitted with the larger Hindenberger tanks. If the wings were fully swept the fins on the tanks contacted with the tailplanes. The restrictor plate was added to prevent the wings being swept too far and to prevent the tank fins hitting the tailplanes. XVTonker
  4. Rushton Target Towing Winch

    Hi, I've got some pages from the Rushton Winch servicing manual that also includes details for the targets. PM me if you're interested and I'll send you a pdf of the pages. XVTonker
  5. Falklands C130 Hercules what type ?

    The C.1's & C-130K's were based on Ascension Island with the C.1s being tanked by the K's and supplemented by the Victor K.2's. The Victors also stepped in on a number of occasions when the Herc tankers were U/S. Xvtonker
  6. Yes, it is a lot, but you're getting a resin kit with a length of just short of 12 inches and a 17 inch wingspan. That's a lot of aeroplane... XVTonker
  7. Tornado when "parked",question on the position of the wings

    The GR Tornado's always had their wings in the fully forward position on the ground. The only time this wasn't the case was in Bahrain during Op Granby/Desert Storm where the four aircraft located on the old RAF Muharraq site were positioned in Dutch barn hangars. The fully forward wingspan was greater than the width of the Dutch barn (found out the hard way when a wing tip was damaged after colliding with one of the hangar uprights). After that the wings were slightly swept back so that the aircraft could taxi in & out of the hangars safely. XVTonker.
  8. Why no injected 1:48 Scimitar ?

    Problem was that there is a limited faction of 1/32 loving modellers... Now if it had been in 1/48 scale!! XVTonker
  9. Grand Slam v MOAB

    And AIM72 is in the process of producing the MOAB!! XVTonker
  10. Why no injected 1:48 Scimitar ?

    Sorry Wez, I have to disagree with you, there have been 1/48 kits of the Vampires, Venoms, Lightning's & Canberra's, so let's have a 1/48 kit of what I think was one of the most important FAA jets ever. However, I do agree that it's about time we had a new 1/48 kit of the Hunter, maybe with bolt on kits to make any of the marks produced? And that comes from a former crab fat!!!! XVTonker
  11. 1/144 R-4360 Wasp Major resin engines

    Mike, PM sent XVTonker
  12. Meteor NF.14 1/48?

    Sorry to keep you all on tenterhooks, but hope to have some more news very shortly XVTonker
  13. Novelties Roden 2017

    Ha, I weep for them Mike..... That'll teach them to keep them as an investment. XVTonker
  14. Meteor NF.14 1/48?

    Can't say too much at this time, but there may be some news coming out of AIM72 in the not too distant future regarding a full suite of night fighters in 1/48 scale. XVTonker
  15. Victor Vagaries

    Some really nostalgic images there for me, especially XH672 and I recognised many of the crew. I spent many hours working on XH672/Maid Marion particularly when she ran of the runway at Offutt AFB, Nebraska (hence the 'I ran Offutt' cartoon on the entrance door wind break). We had to change the nose & main undercarriages after she ran across a ditch and slid sideways down the slope at the side of the runway. The video of her landing with the Starboard RAT scoop out is probably because the Stbd engines hade been throttled right back after landing. The same is for the video of the Victor landing with both scoops out. If they had either switched the generators offline (running off the Artouste) or the engines had been throttled right back then the scoops would extend. XVTonker