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  1. PM sent XVTonker
  2. Oh bugger again....:-) Anyway, all I should have said was that it's an idea of a B.777 as Air Force One....maybe a VC-50???? :-) XVTonker
  3. I run my own company and always use Royal Mail. Costs are a lot cheaper than many couriers, and their insured postage is better than most. More importantly I've never had any problems. XVTonker
  4. I revise the designation then...... Let's go for a VC-30?? XVTonker
  5. With Donald Trump criticising the cost of the new VC-25 Air Force One, how about this for a cost saving solution? VC-30 (B.777-300ER) Air Force One, now with in flight refuelling capability & additional communications aerials For a larger image click on: Force One 2.jpg.html and select 'view image' (magnifying glass) XVTonker
  6. The 6th seat was kept in the K2 as well as the B2, and was typically used by the crew chief when flying with the aircraft. It would also be used if the pilots were being flight checked.. The seat was removed for Corporate (Falklands war) and replaced with original Omega GPS installation. After the conflict it was reinstalled. XVTonker
  7. Mastic black.......:-) XVTonker
  8. On the camouflaged aircraft it was black, but tended to get cleaned up and painted over on the Hemp/LAG aircraft XVTonker
  9. Colletts model shop still have them in stock at £47.99 XVTonker
  10. I'm surprised that no-one has announced aftermarket conversions or parts for the 1/144 A330 Voyager or Boeing KC-46 tankers. Has anyone heard any rumours??? XVTonker
  11. They still have them, but I won't pay £6.00 P&P on top!!! XVTonker
  12. Got mine from Colletts model shop yesterday. great service and price............. XVTonker
  13. I've already got the artwork drawn for my 543Sqn, Wittering Wing decals!! XVTonker
  14. I've now decided to go for the ultimate V-bomber, that's all I'm going to say for now......:-) XVTonker
  15. In answer to your comments regarding pricing, Neil Gaunt has added a very interesting article on the AIM72 website that gives a good insight into the costs involved in designing and producing the limited run kits. XVTonker