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  1. You're absolutely right Eric, but then again it wasn't the best model on the market and had a lot of issues. My thoughts are that a new tooling version might be more successful. Then again, that's the aim of the post. Thanks again I really appreciate your input. XVTonker
  2. I'm posting this topic to feel the water to see if there is any interest in a manufacturer developing & marketing 1/72 & 1/48 versions of the Beagle B.206R & RAF CC.1 Basset. It's very early days, but if I can get some feedback from the Britmodeller community as to interest & numbers I will then start discussions to see if anyone out there would be willing to look at designing and manufacturing kits, probably a limited run. Thanks for looking XVTonker
  3. I'm really dredging the brain here, but as far as I can remember the RAT scoops retracted when the engines reached 63% (?) power and remained retracted unless a situation arose where the combined engine power on either side fell below this level in flight. The RAT scoops would then automatically extend and operate the two generators installed in the rear fuselage area under the fin. On landing the scoops would remain shut until engine shutdown and the engine power once again dropped below 63%. It's amazing what springs to mind after working on the beast for 6 years, especially after 28 years....... XVTonker
  4. 1/48 please!!!! XVTonker
  5. :-) Ugly, but beautiful at the same time!! I lost count of the rivets.... XVTonker
  6. Just found this link with some great pictures of RA-09309 with close ups of the sponson flare dispensers!! XVTonker
  7. I believe that the Amodel 1/72 scale kit has the camouflage scheme info on the assembly instructions, but the only copy I've found is very low resolution. I also like the Antonov Airlines scheme, but really want to do the military variant.. XVTonker
  8. Thanks for that Kem, I would have missed that. XVTonker It's certainly worth a try. They can only say no after all.... XVTonker
  9. Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  10. Thanks Julien XVTonker
  11. Does anyone know if S&M plan to re-release the 1/144 scale kit of the Vickers V.1000? I've had my name on their notification page for over six months. but have yet to hear anything. XVTonker
  12. Having been lucky enough to get hold of the 1/144 Eastern Express Antonov AN-22 Antei kit on a recent trip to the USA. I am now planning to build it & finish it in the camouflaged finish carried by aircraft RA-09309 however, I can't find any details of the overall camouflage scheme or the correct colours. The simple question is, can anybody help please?? Thanks in anticipation XVTonker
  13. Okidokes XVTonker
  14. Hi Mike, I served on XV Sqn GR.1 Tornado's 1989 to 1992, 14 & 31 Sqn Jaguar GR.1/T2 1980 to 83 and shitty 6 Sqn Jaguars 1992 to 1994 so if you need any info let me know. XVTonker.
  15. PM sent XVTonker