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  1. Can I ask, what green have you used? It looks spot on to me. Always struggle to find a decent match.
  2. stu360

    Tiger 131

    Great!!! Thanks for tips and pics!! Tamiya early tiger arrived today! Opened the box and can't wait to get started!! Got the paint on order from emodels. I expect the problems with colour accuracy comes with only black and white photos which are open to interpretation. Throw in the fact no two war machines open to different elements and units will ever be exactly the same. Even nowadays army units paint their equipment to strict General order circulations. Never fails to amaze me how many units interpret simple instructions so differently!!
  3. stu360

    Tiger 131

    Calling all tiger experts!!! Got a strange calling to build Tiger 131 from the tank museum as it is now. Got the Tamiya 1/35 early production kit winging its way to me. Is this the best kit? noticed has decals for 131. Big question is what colours to use? got some tamiya paints. Guessing base colour is dark yellow? What colour are the stripes? Different pics show varying shades of green brown and grey? Any advice would be great!!
  4. stu360

    Tamiya 1/48 stick on Zimmerit

    Was about to ask the same thing. I love this scale and have just got the bug having completed a Sherman. Now my late Tiger has arrived with the zimmerit sticker sheet. Who's gonna go first? Lol.
  5. Have heard CH53 being re-released soon? Not sure about the chinook. :-( haven't seen any for some time now. Would love to build a HC2. No more progress yet on these. Did some bits on Revells excellent puma couldn't resist starting it a few weeks ago!! Doh!!
  6. BM being down gave me a chance to actually do some building instead of looking at everyone elses!! Chinook is coming along nicely but ramp is causing a few issues. Its gonna be a 240ocu Cab from 1992. Fond memories of doing work experience as a trainee Load master. Ahhh.... 2 weeks spent flying around vomiting all day everyday!! Sea King looks great. was a bargain on Ebay. Haven't built one before so looking forward to getting my teeth into it. Its going to be a yellow one. Not sure which of the squadrons yet. Stu
  7. stu360

    1:144 Group Build

    Ooh can i join??? Got a puma and a chinook in the stash!!! Good excuse to start 'em.
  8. stu360

    Two new part works

    Thinking the models are gonna be a mixed bag of quality!! Got another Sea King (For a re-paint) Looking suspicious in Smiths, for ages, peering through the packaging. Some are great, others are awful and even badly broken in places. Looking at the glue splotches paint dolups and fingerprints all over first one, they must be hand assembled. Thinking its Russian Roulette as to who builds it!!
  9. stu360

    Airfix 1/48 Scale Military Releases Imminent

    Wow!!! Can't wait to get to get my mitts on one of these!!
  10. stu360

    Two new part works

    Issue 2 Sea king is out now. I have placed an order with newsagent as i have no faith with subscribing. Have to say from a distance they look great especially next to the Corgi sea king. Up close though, its a different story. My sea king had big splotches of white paint on the tail rotor. Clouded canopy with gluey brown fingerprints all over. Shouldn't complain for £4.99 and could just be a crap one off in a batch? Mrs is rolling her eyes again!!! I can feel a compromise coming, probably along the lines of "You can have the Corgi ones, occasionally, or collect these ones!!" Hmmmm the old problem.... Quantity versus Quality! Chinook Next!!!
  11. stu360

    Two new part works

    Got issue 1!! in WH Smiths now. Don't think will subscribe though. Have visions of further months of pain!!! Like you Steve, looking forward to the Sea king, be interesting to compare to the Corgi version. Quite impressed with the Blackhawk for the price. Stu
  12. stu360

    Two new part works

    Finally got some contact today in the form of a letter. The line has been discontinued and as such my subscription has been cancelled before it started! (see sub section blah of section blah of your subscription!) Would still love to know how these things work, if anyone out there has any knowledge? I know the models exist as they are readily available on ebay. The magazine is available as it has appeared in select WHSmiths stores. Could it be that a very small batch of each issue was published and put out into the market in the UK, with no real intention of continuing unless subscription numbers made it financially credible? Hmmm.
  13. stu360

    Two new part works

    They did say, the subscriptions were different suppliers to the shop stocks???? Given up now..... Very Very poor customer services. I wander how it all works? The logistics i mean? surely you don't take a product to market, offer extra gifts to entice a subscription, get people to sign up and subscribe with strict cancellation conditions (They sound Strict ) then promise it will be delivered within 3 weeks. Then 8 weeks later..... Still Nothing....... If there is a problem, would it really hurt to let there customers know? Grrrrrrrr! Rant over... and Breath! Now lets have a look at some nice friendly Corgi Helicopters!
  14. stu360

    Two new part works

    Well that will explain nothing arriving yet then!!! And nobody answering the phone!!
  15. stu360

    Two new part works

    So all is not lost yet!! Still waiting on subscription.....