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  1. Latest release is an updated crew ladder for the RAF Jaguar GR & T series. Available in 1/32, 1/48 & 1/72 scales I also plan to release a crew ladder for the French variants in the coming weeks. XVTonker
  2. My pleasure Anthony XVTonker
  3. Finally, the first sets of 1/48 ladders for RAFG FGR.2's are ready. Priced at £14.95 including UK postage. Please PM if interested XVTonker
  4. Well after much teeth gnashing and pulling of hair I've no finally managed to achieve great print results for the 1/48 Phantom FGR.2/FG.1 ladders. I've produced two sets, both sets include the standard navigators ladder but set #1 contains the style of pilots ladder used mainly in RAF Germany in the 70's and set #2 includes the typical USAF type pilots ladder. Set #1 Set #2 Please note that the front ladder in the above shot isn't bent....it's the camera!! I'm in the process of printing test samples of a 1/32 version of the USAF style front ladder and should have some pictures ready by the weekend. I have to say a special thanks to Paul Wright of the British Phantom Appreciation Group for letting me crawl all over their ladders at the Newark Air Museum and to the museum, especially Steve Atwell for giving me access to the exhibits and giving me a personal tour of the museum. Prices for the 1/48 sets will be £14.95 each including UK P&P and £10.95 including UK P&P for the 1/32 USAF style front ladder. XVTonker
  5. I worked on T.4 Canberra's in the late 1970's at RAF Wyton and the U/C bays were painted black, as were the PR.7's of 13Sqn and T.17's of 360 Sqn. The first time I saw a Canberra with white U/C bays was on a visiting TT.18 that had just come off a major servicing. XVTonker
  6. Drop me a PM, I might have some news for you. XVTonker
  7. Regarding XS644, the ground handling, flight servicing and maintenance was the responsibilty of the Devon, Training and Visiting Aircraft Section (DTVAS) based in 1 hangar at RAF Wyton. As a Corporal electrician I had to fly out to RAF Gütersloh with my Sergeant on a Devon C2 when XS644 went U/S with a port engine generator problem. At one point I had to stand on a wooden chock underneath the fuselage to access the voltage regulators while the crew ran both engines at takeoff settings! We eventually identified the problem to the cooling gills on the voltage regulator shorting onto the regulator when high vibration was experienced during takeoff. I changed the voltage regulator and the Sergeant and I then had to endure nearly three hours of circuit and bumps until the crew had carried out their tasking. Great for the first hour or so, but! A flight home that evening on a Britannia Airways Boeing 737 into Luton, then a drive back to Wyton with a cardboard box full of AP's and knackered voltage regulator.. a day I will never forget. XVTonker
  8. Perfect, many thanks for your help. John aka XVTonker
  9. Does anyone have an email or Facebook address for Mark 1 models please? I'd like to get in contact with them about possible future releases but trying to find any contact information is like pulling teeth.. Many thanks XVTonker
  10. Anything is possible If you have any links for further information please send the info. Thanks XVTonker
  11. That's a lovely build XVTonker
  12. Hi, I've produced a 1/32 3D printed ladder based on the info provided to me from aerotechi. I'll post a picture later this evening for you to look at. XVTonker
  13. Congrats mate, I'm glad you're happy with the crew ladders, they certainly finish it off nicely John
  14. Yes I am, but I'm not receiving the reset link to my email address
  15. I've been trying to access Britmodeller on my other devices and have followed the correct process for requesting a password reset however, even though I correctly select the tiles and provide my email address I'm not receiving the password reset link. Can you please advise? Thanks XVTonker
  16. You might be interested in this picture taken by me of XV422 when on 31 Sqn at RAF Brüggen in 1975 XVTonker
  17. As soon as I have sorted out the printing I will post on the online bidding shop I also intend to post the details of the British Phantom Appreciation Group as they very kindly got me free access to the ladders on their FGR.2 front fuselage display at the Newark Air Museum. Ladders are shipped in bubble wrap and cardboard boxes. I've only had one ladder damaged in the post and that was when it looked like Royal Mail had dropped kicked and then stood on the box... XVTonker
  18. Latest update. final 1/48 3D models for the Phantom crew ladders are complete. Next is to do trial prints and check their fit against F-4 models and then rescale to 1/72 & 1/32. Two sets will be available. Set 1 will comprise of ladders for the Phantom FGR.2, and typically used in RAFG in the 1970's. The second set will be for USAF F-4's which had the tubular front cockpit ladder. This was also used on UK based FGR.2's and FG.1's but there are also some pictures of them being used on 2 Sqn (AC) FGR'2's. Here are some renditions of the ladders: Cheers for now XVTonker
  19. Further to my original post regarding the destruction of the LCD screen on my Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, I then went and attempted to do exactly the same thing on my brand new Elegoo Mars 2!! So I sat down to work out how to prevent any further attempts to destroy the LCD screens. The simple solution was: XVTonker
  20. Hi Peter, we tended to ensure the HDU and surrounding areas were kept clean and in fact, they very rarely got dirty. John aka XVTonker
  21. Hi, I have one of Aircraft in Miniatures Blue Danube given to me by Neil Gaunt. The model is a single piece resin moulding which is more accurate than the Airfix injection moulded part and is a gem of a part XVTonker
  22. The HDU and internal fuselage areas, including the bomb bay tanks were painted gloss white. I spent many hours climbing over, and working on the HDU during my six years working on Victor K.2's on 55 & 57 Sqn's.I XVTonker
  23. A couple of new additions to the ladder portfolio. 1. TSR.2 in 1/72 and 1/48 scale 2. Supermarine Swift in 1/72 Examples of the crew ladder in use For all of you RAF Phantom followers, I'll be starting on crew ladder sets in 1/32, 1/48 & 1/72 very shortly. XVTonker
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