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  1. One of the first lessons in marketing. Don't charge for the effort you had, charge what the customer is willing to pay! BTT, I must have missed that the sea king is a new tool, looks intersting as well because of the foldable rotor. Takes little shelf space, which is nice! Alex
  2. Whatever it will be - 90% will be disappointed! Alex
  3. Very nice! Agree on the railing, they look far too big for this scale. Subtle weathering too, I like it. Alex
  4. Revell 2018

    Any ideas about the F-117 and the OV-10A in 1/72? Old repops, I suppose? Alex
  5. Swiss Centurion Bunker Builder

    Interesting, I did know we had Centurion turret bunkers, I never saw one being built. And I like Image nr. 40 in your link, it's the most represetative one in the gallery! Alex
  6. Hentai? Wait, that's not a model brand, isn't it?! looks great, like a tomcat on steroids! Alex
  7. Just continued a bit on the Scorpion. Can it be that Revell has got the tiptanks upside down on their drawing? I think that the large square panels should be on top, and not on the bottom side. Anyone here who can confirm or deny it? Alex
  8. very nice! one of the most underrated aircrafts today, performance wise. But on the other hand, noisy as hell... Alex
  9. cool, I remember having flown to Rome once with the Fokker, but it was still in the old livery. https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/15922/hb-jve-helvetic-airways-fokker-100/ Nicely done! Alex
  10. Germany prefers F-35

    well, how long would it need to introduce a fully A/G-capable Typhoon as stop-gap? I would guess the "after-Eurofighter", which is planned to be developed together with France, would then replace all aircraft, the Rafale, the Tornado and the Typhoon in the long term. So I guess the JSF may be a good solution, but blocking the path of the future european fighter. Things may change politically, of course, but I don't see germany buying the JSF. Alex
  11. wow. Just seen the thread, amazing work on this old kit! Alex
  12. Why are companies opting for stupid names?

    talking about kinetic: why is there a brand called kinetic which makes static models? Alex
  13. Toyota says: Yaris Hybrid - £904.23 ex VAT Auris/Touring Sports Hybrid - £1,003.80 ex VAT RAV4 Hybrid – £1302.43 ex VAT Prius - £1,003.80 plus VAT and fitting charges Prius Plug In - £4,355.23 ex VAT Prius Plus - £3,102.58 ex VAT The batteries in our Hybrid cars are designed to last the lifetime of the car. (...) From new, all Hybrid components benefit from our five-year/100,000 miles* warranty. When your Hybrid passes its Hybrid Health Check, it will be eligible for a further one-year/10,000 miles* of Hybrid Battery Extended Care. *Whichever is soonest. I have some friends which drive hybrids, no one ever had to repace a battery. Must be one of the urban legends... Alex
  14. We did the calculation for us, and it pays off. Of course, if you don't drive too much (we do some 17000km/year), the hybrid may not be the best solution. Depends on several factors as local petrol prices, insurance/tax discounts for hybrids, incentives, your usual roads etc. @Black Knight you should give your Toyota rep a kick in the bottom. The only Toyota able to do this is the Prius plug in (https://www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/prius-plugin/index.json).
  15. We bought the yaris hybrid last year, after 8 years of a manual shifted Peugeot 207SW. Well - my next car will be an automatic as well, once you go automatic, you never go back. Many years ago, automatic were worse than manual gears in respect of efficiency, dynamic etc. Driving is really hassle-free and easy. Hybrid is fantastic driving, you don't feel the petrol engine switch on and off, it is extremely flawless. The petrol engine will be turned on/off when needed, i.e. when accelerating or driving over a certain speed. When driving slowly, the petrol engine switches off, and the electric drive takes over. It is not meant to replace the petrol engine, but to support it, hence the reply of Black knight. A Hybrid (unless a plug-in-hybrid, which have stronger lithium batteries and are more expensive then the metal hydride batteries of the toyota hybrids) is NOT an electric car! Still, the consumption is reduced by a third compared to the 207. We now consume in real life 4.5l/100km, compared to the 6.5l/100km before. And sorry, the "fact" that an electric car is polluting because of the battery has been proven wrong in every serious test. The battery of the yaris/auris should last as long as the rest of the car, and is not as expensive as most people fear. After all, they are not the high-power-lithium batteries the tesla et al use, but a sturdier type. The only point - hybrids can only play their card if they are used in a rather urban environment with frequent decelerations (that's where the advantage kicks in - without hybrid, the energy is just wasted in the brakes, with the hybrid, this energy is stored in the battery and used for the next acceleration sequence). If you drive long stretches on the motorway, the hybrid is in fact rather useless. Just my thoughts - hybrids are great, but not for everyone. Alex