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  1. Are they strong enough to tow a main battle tank? I have an idea for a diorama... Alex
  2. Thanks, it looks like they really changed the layout and added more seats. Looks like the rear part has been lowered to add some cabin space, too. I was working on the Cougar in my military service, and we had a layout for 16 soldiers. They have a picture of the 19-pax-layout, I'm still wondering how they can put 28 people in that cabin: https://www.airbus.com/en/products-services/helicopters/civil-helicopters/h225/h225-technical-information Must be quite crowded then. Especially if you take soldiers with relevant equipment and weapons. ALex
  3. I think it depends on the seats; the H225 is generally a Super Puma/Cougar. If I remember correctly, in the military seating configuration it can carry 16 equipped soldiers. If you want to put in more people, you need an "airliner-like" seating, which makes loading/unloading quite cumbersome. So, 28 troops is not realistic for tactical use. Alex
  4. honestly, I don't think it's a bad place. If it was on the cowling in front of the windscreen, it would be on a visible part, and since it's curved, it often needs some filling and sanding. Where it is placed now, put it on the cutting mat, take a exacto cutter and push it flat to cut it. Short, straight line to cut, no need for sanding afterwards. Alex
  5. Nice, but remember to keep the non-existant speedbrake between the fins closed... Alex (spoiler: it does not exist on the real thing, not sure if they made the model out of a prototype)
  6. Nice build! On the last picture, it looks like the wildcat is saluting the dauntless... Alex
  7. they did have a "vintage"-series a few years ago: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-00002-handley-page-heyford-mk-i-ii-iii--111310 , just as an example. https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=All&q=revell+classics Alex
  8. Quality before quantity, nice selection! Alex
  9. It's not really new, but nevertheless a good kit. Just wondering to what extent the excellent decal sheet it had included will be slashed... Alex
  10. For instance, the nav lights at the wing root, according to photos, on the C/D they are not as close to the fuselage as the E. Just a detail, I know, but since the Strike Eagle had quite a complete redesign of the structure, I expect some panel lines to be different too. But yeah, most people wouldn't notice anyway. Alex
  11. They even would, if they had chosen it... actually, the military even did chose it. But some politicians thought it would be a better idea to buy Boeing instead. Alex
  12. Noticed it too, but leaves be a bit clueless... I think the F-15E is different from the C/D, so just adding a single seat cokpit makes a wrong F-15C. Or are there any single seat eagles based on the F-15E, which in that case would be correct? Alex
  13. Ah, thanks. I spot 6 small JDAM, 4 GBU-12, 4 AIM-9 and 4 AIM-7? Airbrake option closed, but intakes look quite deep. Alex
  14. Just read that QANTAS switches its short haul fleet from Boeing to Airbus. Apparently, not everything made in Europe performs badly... Alex
  15. Yeah, but no AIM-120. Not sure if 4x AIM-9 is quite standard.
  16. I wonder what "complete bombload" means... 8 GBU-12, 12 small or 5 big JDAM, maybe some SDB? Alex
  17. Actulally, he sounds quite happy about the capabilities of the NH90. I guess it's just Mr. Morrison trying to find out how bad the relationships between Australia and France can get. Alex
  18. Thanks for the background info. Here, the "initially 5 billions" already turned into 6 billions francs (5.7 billions EUR)... for only 36 of them. So we pay 20% more per aircraft, all the side expenses included. Not really surprised, as our military procurement office never managed to do something right... Alex
  19. Not sure what is all in the package. In Switzerland, they did some tricks that we would consider as "nasty", like not considering the exptected inflation between time of order and time of payment, replacing real training sorties by simulator sorties etc. Alex
  20. alex

    Decal bank

    Have thought about the same think for a long time. Just one post per user, where they write what they offer and are searching for. Details to be discussed by pm to keep the thread as short as possible. And maybe for spare parts as well (like ordnance etc). Alex
  21. Still a nice kit. It's in my cabinet close to a F-16C, and I never had the impression the size/proportion is somewhat wrong. What I found more disturbing are the wrong shaped missile rails. Alex
  22. A kit review I did for a german model site. The pictures speak of itself... http://modellmarine.de/index.php/bausatzvorstellungen/58-rev/3748-bausatzvorstellung-fairey-gannet-t5-revell-172 Alex
  23. I can't comment about accuracy, but only about the kit itselt: I built the Revell kit a few years ago as a COD-version, and I was disappointed. It looks nice in the box, but needed a *lot* of work. Ejector pin marks in places hard to reach like the gear well, bad quality of the transparencies, flash on almost every part... here was the RFI: Alex
  24. Yes, the GBU-10 doesn't need the pod, if you want to stick with the centerline tank. Just be aware, if you are putting the GBU-12 under the conformal fuel tanks, the pylon in the middle has to be free (the bombs are too long to use all three pylons!). It's ok for the Mk-82, though. Have a quick image search for "F-15E loadout charts", you'll see what I mean. Alex
  25. Nice choice, great little kit! I was not happy with the ordnance provided, so I bought a second kit just for two additional GBU-10. And the kit ended up with each 2 AIM-9 and AIM-120, two tanks and four GBU-12 (along with the two targeting pods) I think the GBU-15 would need the guidance pod on the centerline, so you layout is surely impressive, but may be technically incorrect. As you say, if you like it, do it! Alex
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