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    Decal bank

    Have thought about the same think for a long time. Just one post per user, where they write what they offer and are searching for. Details to be discussed by pm to keep the thread as short as possible. And maybe for spare parts as well (like ordnance etc). Alex
  2. A kit review I did for a german model site. The pictures speak of itself... http://modellmarine.de/index.php/bausatzvorstellungen/58-rev/3748-bausatzvorstellung-fairey-gannet-t5-revell-172 Alex
  3. I can't comment about accuracy, but only about the kit itselt: I built the Revell kit a few years ago as a COD-version, and I was disappointed. It looks nice in the box, but needed a *lot* of work. Ejector pin marks in places hard to reach like the gear well, bad quality of the transparencies, flash on almost every part... here was the RFI: Alex
  4. Yes, the GBU-10 doesn't need the pod, if you want to stick with the centerline tank. Just be aware, if you are putting the GBU-12 under the conformal fuel tanks, the pylon in the middle has to be free (the bombs are too long to use all three pylons!). It's ok for the Mk-82, though. Have a quick image search for "F-15E loadout charts", you'll see what I mean. Alex
  5. Nice choice, great little kit! I was not happy with the ordnance provided, so I bought a second kit just for two additional GBU-10. And the kit ended up with each 2 AIM-9 and AIM-120, two tanks and four GBU-12 (along with the two targeting pods) I think the GBU-15 would need the guidance pod on the centerline, so you layout is surely impressive, but may be technically incorrect. As you say, if you like it, do it! Alex
  6. Still at a reasonnable price range for me. I don't know how fast you build, but it takes me usually 3-4 month to build a 1/72-aircraft. For the quicker builder, it may pile up. I bought yesterday the 1/72-Wildcat in a swiss shop for 15CHF. The new tamiya Bf-109 was priced 44CHF. Revells 1/72 were around 25CHF. Alex
  7. That's my favourite image about this topic. You see a mix of colours on the bodies, tails, and even the fins of the guidance section don't match. That much for "navy uses grey and air force green, it's in the rules!" https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:GBU-12?uselang=de#/media/File:US_Navy_040709-N-4374S-021_Aviation_Ordnancemen_assigned_to_the_Sunliners_of_Strike_Fighter_Squadron_Eight_One_(VFA-81)_transport_guided_bomb_units_(GBU-12)_to_an_F-A-18C_Hornet_for_an_on_load_aboard_USS_John_F._Kennedy_(CV_67).jpg Alex
  8. Thanks for showing. I remember the last Hunters in 1994 (when I was doing my RS) when they took off from Interlaken towards the Kleiner Rugen. Extremely impressive, just started a tight left turn right after take off.... Alex
  9. not really convinced... the relatively narrow top part of the air intake should give much resistance to the airflow (bundary layer). But we'll see... Alex
  10. A small report in German: https://www.n-tv.de/politik/Russland-praesentiert-neuen-Kampfflieger-article22694290.html . It is targeted as "cheap alternative to the Su-57". Alex
  11. I guess after the first few rounds, the F-5 would fall from the sky in pieces... Alex
  12. looks a lot like a F-35-"inspired" aircraft... Alex
  13. Nice choice. The decals are excellent, I built a Rafale a few years ago in 1/72 with the Syhart decals, too. Alex
  14. Skull and bones sell... the same version is in the Revell-kit 1/72. Alex
  15. Nah, we buy only the newest and most expensive stuff, even if we have no use for it. BTW, we bought some years ago a "F√ľhrungsinformationssystem" (I guess it's called battlefield management system), which was first tested in the air force, and then if it was performing well, it would have been introduced a few years later for the rest of the army. It was intended to be mobile, encrypted, down to the individual soldier level and all the nice things the IT departments will promise you. Cost overrun, late delivery, only a fraction of the promised performance was achieved... those who speak german can google "FIS Heer" and be surprised. The same people were not able to introduce a model-airplane-sized drone in time (because the frequencies were already reserved by our national telecom company), they are again a few years late on the new drone (because they changed the whole desing of something they initially bought off the shelf), they upgrade some personnel carrier for a higher price than new vehicules would have cost (google DURO Modernisierung) and are struggling with the new mobile mortar system, which is again few years late. So, as I said on another forum - if they have to purchase something that is more complex than a lawn mower, they fail. Not sure if we should give them a few billions to buy new planes... Alex
  16. Yes, but as I wrote - where are the systems we want to integrate with the F-35? We have none... As we need an aircraft for (mostly) air defence, the stealth is a non-issue. If any serious enemy wants to attack us anyway, our radar stations are well known, as well as our few airports (which have taxyways over public roads... talk about security!). If you want to wage a serious war, the F-35 is a good tool, but not for the needs we have. It's clear why Israel have chosen the F-35. I try to keep politics out, though it's the forth dimension of an aircraft. But first selling PC-21 to France (maybe telling them to expect some offset business?), then refusing to sign a cooperation contract with the EU, and finally buying an American product will not help us get along well with our neighbours. Alex
  17. On the other hand, two third of the hasegawa guided weapons set included... Alex
  18. Yes, this choice was also made, but a bit in the background. We had offers for the SAMP/T as well. Alex
  19. Apparently, rumors are circulating that the offer of the "cheap flight hours" was beacuse LM just mixed the cost per flight hour with the cost of the simulator hour. The others did not, and are quite upset about it. Alex
  20. We bought 34 Hornets. So the F-35 is supposed to replace the Hornet and F-5. The Gripen-Procurement a few years ago was being advertised as "partial Tiger replacement". Many people didn't unterstand (me too, by the way) why we wanted to buy new planes to replace the Tiger, and a few years later, a new evaluation to replace the Hornets. In my opinion, the option to wait a few years and order one type to replace to old ones would have been easier. After watching how we struggle with putting the new drone into operation, I really wonder how well this will go. It's just a few levels more complicated. And the running gag is that we order an aircraft which draws most benefits from "the network". We have no AWACS, no ships, no satellites, no airborne ISTAR, nothing which could be integrated, just a few ground based radars. But hey, it's network-centric! I was 15 years officer in the swiss air force, and I still have no clue what they are thinking. Alex
  21. It's not over yet. The government proposes it to the parlament. It may be that the decision will be turned over, as many people fear that the connections to the EU can become a bit... complicated, and selecting a US aircraft may not help to fix these problems. The fact that the price per flying hour should be much cheaper than the competition has yet to be proven. The referendum may come as well, but I think it will be approved. It's not just a matter of a majority of the people, but also of the cantons ("Ständemehr"). As we have many small rural cantons, it will most probably pass. Still not sure yet what they were thinking when they chose the F-35. If they were thinking at all. Alex
  22. alex


    The French is a bit blood-dripping, but it tells well the story of the nation. Being Swiss/Italian, I never liked the Swiss one. Boring melody, and lyrics are as one described "a mix of the local weather report and a prayer" (generally, "mountains" and "god"). Alex
  23. OK, so this would make sense, as the airfix instructions suggests exactly that. Grey in front, black back. Thanks, I keep searching! Alex
  24. Good afternoon, the title says it all... I'm building a Gloster Gladiator of the well-known 87 Squadron, the one with the blue fin (K8027). I did some research, but couldn't find anything about the correct propeller colour. After having seen many instructions of silver gladiators, the colours I found were black, a kind of brown or a light gray on front, black on the backside. Restored ones are mostly black, but I don't trust them. Anyone has an idea? Alex
  25. The new half-tracks from Revell are quite good, they are available on different versions. Try either one of the Sd.Kfz 7 (https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-03195-sdkfz-7-1--176250) or one of the Sd.Kfz 251 (https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-03173-sdkfz-251-1-ausf-c-wurfrahmen-40--102195) If it's an old one, it could be this:https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-03231-sdkfz-251-1--102211 Alex
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