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  1. What have you purchased 9

    and Daddies
  2. What have you purchased 9

    but horses are nice!
  3. What have you purchased 9

    Yep, between 1hr 35 & 1hr 44mins to do the 60 miles from Angmering (West Sussex ) to London Victoria....cheap tho, only about 60 quid anytime return! Oh and if you're lucky you may even get a seat!
  4. Bureaucracy gone mad.

    Sounds about par for any HR dept. Happy retirement mate, end of Feb is a pretty good time to do it, spring & summer to look forward to....enjoy!
  5. What have you purchased 9

    Not so much bought, but I seem to have acquired one of the worst cases of 'Man flu' this side of 1900. Anyone know of a good woman to pamper me, tuck me in and feed me broth? No point asking my missus, she's watching Strictly on the catch up box thingy.
  6. What have you purchased 9

    Yep been there, done that many a time! Actually that's exactly what happened last night, I'd resisted the temptress Tempest as I have far too many kits, but just one too many Ciders and my resolve was blown away Not as bad as a mate of mine tho ( who tends to dabble in stronger Cider followed by wine ) he thought he was buying a load of kits at a bargain price of flea-bay while under the influence, turned out, when they arrived that he was buying empty kit boxes. I didn't laugh at all and never remind him of the fact. Wonder if he wants to buy some beans
  7. What have you purchased 9

    as you do as for myself today Cider from tesco's 4X5ltr deionised water and from emods a 1/32nd Tempest V Hi-Tech2 was going to buy the Trumpy 1/200th Rodney and a Bobcat Yak 28 but someone got in before me and they are now out of stock...never mind, just have to buy more Cider with the money I saved

  9. At the going down of the sun

    Great Uncle Henry Walter Dowse, CSM Monmouthshire's KIA 12th July 1916 Somme, resting in Hamel cemetery. and at 2 minutes to 11 thinking of George Laurence Price as I do every year
  10. What's in your glass?

    Noooo, they're bad for the oceans, 15mm copper pipe should be ok tho
  11. What's in your glass?

    I am Vince, I am, so much so I'm well into the second tinny. Hope yours is slipping down as nicely Well to my way of thinking, if we're going to the fireworks later and I'm seeing double the display should look even better, twice as many fireworks, cheers all!
  12. What's in your glass?

    God, I'm so weak willed, I saw the Strongbow word and now I've cracked one open, far too early...I blame Vince! bad influence
  13. What's in your glass?

    I'm with Vince on this one, not started yet but it will be a nice glass of Strongbow later ( or several) and a hip flask of Woods Navy Rum when we go to watch the fireworks later.....well it's a bit nippy out there, best not take any chances getting a chill