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  1. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    yes it made me chuckle anyway.... I got a call from the Old Bill today saying Mrs Sinnerboy had been arrested. "what for?" I ask "well, she was in Superdrug when she leapt over the counter, and started rummaging through the till" "ah, it's ok" I said "she's just going through the change" ....sorry
  2. Sprue/flush cutter for around £10

    never used ( often ) over priced hobby cutters try Maplins, works for me https://www.maplin.co.uk/search?text=cutters
  3. Ultimate laziness?

    lol...I must get one for the winter months, late night walkies are not the same since I moved and there's no where for the poor pooch to take me for bowl of water on the way home.
  4. HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Portsmouth

    I go to Pompey quite a lot and am always dismayed at how bereft of Her Majesties ships it is, even last year when all 6 Type 45s were there! Hence my question earlier, what's going to protect the 2 carriers adequately?
  5. yes, she's a regular on the cover of Witch...I mean Which
  6. HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Portsmouth

    Great pics, thanks from one who couldn't get down there today. She's berthed at Princess Royal jetty that is near the harbour mouth & has recently been dredged, as has the channel to it, so as to accommodate her draught, does anyone know where her sister ( POW) will berth, I presume its somewhere in the same section of the harbour ) TIA
  7. I'll let you know when we've finished cooking her, I suspect a bit tough! at least she brought her own cauldron only joking Mum
  8. great, would have gone down but guess what? we've got the Dragon in Law for lunch, they call me lucky ! agree Seahawk, when the George W was in a couple of weeks back, her escort was a tad less than our entire destroyer fleet, who or what is going to protect HMS QE?
  9. Know Your Soviet Tanks?

    bet he's fun to have a pint with
  10. Pet hates.

    it's true, I knew a Native American called two dogs shagging
  11. Blue Thunder

    there's only one way to settle this ( courtesy of Harry Hill who was inspired by Grange Hill )
  12. Pet hates.

    didn't know you were dyslexic
  13. Pet hates.

    hairy ears! especially mine, why is it that I'm follicly challenged on top now, but if I didn't pluck my ears I'd look like I was walking around with a hanging basket on each side of my head!
  14. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    what do you call a woman with one leg longer than the other . . . Ilene what do you call a Chinese woman with one leg longer than the other . . . Irene
  15. Don`t talk to me about life, again.Update 23/8/17

    yeah,'ll we'll do it soon mate, should have done it last week when there were 5000 American sailors in Pompey, reckon we could have fluttered our eyelashes & got some free beers seriously, am really pleased for you both