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  1. A bit of Rocky-blues (a bit biased to the rocky side ) Please welcome Buddaheads now where's my air guitar?
  2. yep, know that feeling well Hans Still, they do say it's because we have more male hormones How do yo make a hormone? Don't pay her!
  3. Skinhead?
  4. Going to see them Sat...looking forward to it
  5. ah, ok thanks
  6. soon I hope did I read somewhere that it's also going to include a resin engine? I may have dreamt it. did I also read/dream that along with the Wirlwind they are to release a sea Fury?
  7. A nice teak companion seat for the garden unfortunately what turned up today was a fold up camping chair so ring the company tomorrow, if no refund & they collect, then Amazon dispute...ho hum!
  8. the answer is always alcohol
  9. that's her, fine looking women (IIRC) in an older, posh sort of way. I'm with Panzer on Joan Bakewell!
  10. oh go a badge of honour
  11. ooo, am I on your ignored list Dave?
  12. I remember when the posh thinking mans totty...Judith something or other, won the jackpot for the first time on who wants to me a millionaire her penultimate question was "R J Mitchell designed what aircraft" the options were Spitfire ( obviously ) Lancaster, Camel and one other I forget but it may have been Hurricane. That I would think is a lot easier for non anoraks than a Beau in BoB context, for probably a measly grand or thereabouts ( didn't see pointless, don't like the 2 smarmy knobs on it )
  13. well the official BoB dates were up until 31st October so I suppose in a peripheral role it was. You could say the same about many RAF and Luftwaffe types, ie Walrus, but obviously they're not ones that readily spring to mind, agree the BBC pushing it a bit.(anything to save a bit of prize money )
  14. exactly
  15. sorry Dave, just to let tell all it's no rumour I know that I've put this snapshot of you on here before, but I think it does explain the Dusky Pink , and maybe the Tutonic grey to emphasise the cheekbones? BTW, maybe I've been unlucky, but when I tried PL superglue it was less sticky than a pair of my old socks....oh and never buy their (DIY) paint brush's, alopecia or what!