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  1. congratulations to you and the wife
  2. When I was a Motorcycle cop I drew up alongside a woman who was knitting as she drove along. I shouted "pullover" she said " no dear, it's a cardigan" .........sorry!
  3. hmm ...true, but do I want two when there is so much else to buy? you make a very good salesman for WnW by the way Marty
  4. hi Marty what I meant was the Camel will be dispatched when it arrives and at a cost of £71 pounds so it will incur P&P. If I order other stuff to make it up to 100 that will be dispatched now ie before the Camel, so what I would like to do is make my order up to 100 quid but delay the 'top items' until the Camel is ready for dispatch, so that the order is higher than 100 & thus post free....does that make sense?
  5. A Q for big H customers So my Camel is on backorder and will be shipped when in stock. Cost of camel 71 quid. Now being a tight bottom I always avoid paying postage from Hannants by ordering a £100s worth of goodies, so how good people, do I add 30 quids worth of stuff to my 70 odd quid of preorder thus negating P&P? anyone know how? TIA edit..I didn't type tight bottom, but its good to know that it still is after all these years
  6. I read that it was the length of a Vickers belt. When used in WW1 indirect m/g fire was often used to create a "beaten zone" ie stops were set on the mounting and fire was dropped into an area, no direct line of site required. Normally a whole belt would be used ie the full 9yrds dunno if that is any more true than the other reasons The carrot one is spot on tho
  7. all of them, they all have their place and subject matter
  8. oooh yes, didn't think of a Blenhiem. MkI & IV please oh and a Swordfish! And if we're talking jets a Lightning and a Sea Vixen
  9. Defiant Wirlwind Beaufighter DH Hornet Spit I/II Spit XVI Tempest II in that I'm greedy
  10. quite
  11. lol are you Laurel or Hardy?
  12. a sad day, thoughts are with the victims stay safe people
  13. never had a problem with the big H replacing missing parts