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  1. Ordering from Jadlam

    Ordered a Tamy Spitfire MkXVI from Jadlam on Tues, accepted order ok, email stating shipped then another email today saying card refunded, no explanation, nothing! The exact same thing happened last time I tried to order from them! Would appear that while they have some good deals on their website, when you try to actually buy the item...well you can't. not happy and very disappointed, was looking forward to my bubbletop Spit don't think I'll be using them anymore
  2. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    30 years to the day that we had 'The Great Storm' daan saaf, that was a fun night indeed. Stay safe peeps.
  3. Clocks

  4. Clocks

  5. Clocks

    point a gun at it and say "hands up"
  6. Paignton model shop robbed

    because I was trained to deliver from the correct platform
  7. Paignton model shop robbed

    some good points there
  8. Paignton model shop robbed

    I guess when he was younger he just went off the rails.
  9. I did a naughty thing.......

    Ha, the old 50P trick when I was a Toolmaker we did similar in the walkway that passed to the edge of the Toolroom up to the Mould & Press Shop Only we heated it up with a blowlamp, nasty bar stewards we were....fun tho
  10. I did a naughty thing.......

    I'd forgotten about the match heads wrapped in silver paper that went Bang as opposed the flare up method, thanks for reminding me of long ago times. The office block where we worked had an underground car park, the steps from which came up outside and had a little garden next to it, so fart machine placed in garden. this also happened to be the area where the smokers gathered. so as people came up from the car park...well you can imagine we were laughing like schoolboys! and to think we were getting paid for it!
  11. I did a naughty thing.......

    used to work with a 'fairly posh' lady we slipped a remote control fart machine into her handbag just before we went to the canteen for brecky. what merriment we had from afar as she tried to pay for her toast and cuppa at the till to the accompaniment of some real rippers whilst loudly pronouncing "it's not me" amongst her utterings of "ooo ooo"
  12. I did a naughty thing.......

    Ha Ha, I feel a trip to John Lewis coming on for tomorrow! ( that'll teach them for selling coffee machines for over 2 grand! ) Reminds me of when I was at school, I used to chew the gum and replace the Wriggleys gum with a piece of cardboard all neatly rewrapped for the "gum ponces" And for the fag scroungers, I used to remove the end half inch of baccy, stick a broken off match head or two in there, repack with removed baccy and await the next victim...happy days!
  13. Points from the wife using my dynamic model skills ??

    what's a brownie point?....never had one in 29 years
  14. Pet hates.

    I hate it when you can't get any cheese
  15. Petrol

    tis about 35 miles on both our cars from when the light comes on, could be a bit further if you're up a hill.