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  1. Thanks. Good to know these things. I will start collecting materials for this now.
  2. I want to make an RAF Eurofighter Typhoon in 1:48 scale. Are all RAF Typhoons FGR 4’s now? I would like to do a combat aircraft with live ordnance. I don’t care which conflict, just want it to be a non-anniversary or non-air show scheme. I have not come across any specific decals yet, so any recommendations are appreciated. I was going to use the Revell kit but boxing’s are currently limited with only the German bronze tiger boxing the only option near me at the moment. So how do I model the aircraft I want?
  3. I am looking to spruce up a 1:48 Revell Rafale. I want to do a French in either a C or M, with live ordnance, preferably one that flew over Syria or Libya. I would like some new decals (syhart 48-915), ejection seat, wheels, etc. But nothing is currently available that I can find. Wolfpack is sold out, syhart decals closed for the time being and only tiger meet decals are available in the online shops. Plus d-mould is also closed down for the time being, along with royal resin for the wheels. Just res-kit is only company that has something to offer at the moment, wheels. Any other companies I am missing? Thanks Ron
  4. The search function never works well for me, so sorry if there are plenty of threads that cover this. I want to model a British Army Apache that was used in combat. I have the base 1:48 Hasegawa AH-64D longbow, in U.S. markings. I don’t really care about a specific year of use, just a combat veteran that can be made with the minimum of modifications to my kit. I am aware that there are British Army boxings of the kit, but I don’t have those ones. So here are my questions: 1. What is the AH-64D Apache longbow referred to in the UK? Does it go by a different name? 2. What decals are available for it? I have only seen aftermarket decals for two special edition demonstrators marked gunship 1 & 2 3. What basic airframe changes are needed? Lumps and bumps and antennae. 4. Weapons differences? I can see the rocket pods are a little bigger and more rounded on the front for the British examples. 5. Same colour as the U.S. Army Apache? Helo-drab. 6. Other items I am unaware of Thanks
  5. Nice layout, clean and easy to take in. Plus my favourite feature, not overcrowded with figures. Good job here.
  6. I really don’t know the difference between my ear and elbow when it comes 109’s, but the g’s really send me for a loop. Is the tamiya 109g-6 kit in 1:48 scale the early or the late type? I know one of the three versions is the trop version, but that still doesn’t help with the earlymor late types.
  7. The buc I had wins my personal prize for most warped model I ever purchased.
  8. A remanufactured F-14A. Old A’s were sent back and upgraded to D standard. While the F-14D was an all new aircraft of the production line.
  9. As I understand it, Tornado GR.4’s are upgraded GR.1’s. Meaning they were sent back for updates and are not newly constructed airframes. Is this correct? Or am I wrong and they were new aircraft and the GR.1’s were put out to pasture. Or perhaps a mix of new and remanufactured type the F-14D and the F-14(R)? Lots of information pointing out the differences, but not much clarity on where GR.4’s came from.
  10. Great info. The PDF will be handy, and I ordered the book 2nd hand, quite inexpensive actually.
  11. Well that make my life easier doesn’t it. Thanks Good to know.
  12. I am a bit confused, so the F3’s didn’t use them, which I understand. But the GR.1 did use them, just not during the gulf war but later enforcing the no fly zone? Any source of decals for Tracy and Sandra markings for the pod? I saw a photo of one of them, I was kind of hoping that other pods didn’t carry the names and I could go that route. Also the TALID pod aircraft never carried the pod and bombs simultaneously. Is that correct?
  13. Yes I have been to that site, it is one best of the very limited number of sites available.
  14. Inspired by my new 1:48 Eduard/Revell 1:48 Tornado. I have been checking my resources and have discovered that I know a fair bit about the overall use of the tornado in operation Granby. However I have very little knowledge of the specifics of individual aircraft and load outs during the operation. Most of my books are pilots personal accounts of the operation and don’t focus on the areas needed for building an accurate model. I know that early missions were low level strikes against airfields using unguided bombs and the JP 233 weapon systems. Later on in the conflict the role switched to medium altitude precision weapons delivery. Most of the markings on the Eduard decal sheet seem to have large numbers of mission markings. One can assume that these higher mission markings correspond to later stages of the conflict. And conversely fewer mission markings would be earlier in the conflict. So later in the conflict which weapons would be seen on tornadoes such bottom ZD739, armoured charmer and ZD892, Helen. If I were to depict armoured charmer with a TIALD pod. What else would be on the aircraft? The Hindenburg tanks, BOZ pod, sky shadow? Sidewinders on both Hindenburg tanks? Any other ECM pods or countermeasures? When did the TIALD pods start being used around how many mission markings would be on the plane? Any other changes or things I should be aware of? The ALARM missiles would not have been carried on a GR.1 they were only used on the F3?
  15. Sprue Brothers claims to have them in stock.
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