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  1. Can't see any images, Bart.
  2. Exactly my thought - looks much more like those in the pic you posted. Nick
  3. Beautifully understated . . . Nick
  4. That's excellent - just the right effect.
  5. I noticed another issue (at least for me) this morning. I'm starting the final assembly of parts and noticed that the geometry of the windscreen wipers didn't ring true. After checking the real thing, it seems that Belkits has positioned the offside wiper incorrectly - they've placed it halfway along the depth of the scuttle whereas it should be further back and tight against the windscreen rubber. Oh lor', dunno whether to attempt to fix it or not but at least you'll have the opportunity to do so before paint if you choose. Nick
  6. I mentioned the misleading wiper placement in the first post of my build thread but then wasn't sure if the view was from underneath or above! On the front panel, I countersunk (from behind/inside) the 'starting handle' hole to help reduce the thickness of the plastic - looks much more like a thin panel now. Are you able to get at all your cooling holes? Just a thought. Whilst I was on the AVO Owners Club committee, we organised some of the first gatherings of the works cars. FEV was brought along one year by the mechanic who did its rebuild - very memorable. The images in your last post show what looks like a pair of identical seats so you'll need to source another with the headrest or add it to your scratch list (sorry!). And I understand how you feel about going backwards, believe me . . .
  7. I wasn't too bothered by the shocks themselves - I just wanted the springs seen above the wheel! It's going well. Nick
  8. Busy over the weekend so only just seen this - great start Mark. And I'm now following . . . Nick
  9. It's gone - and postage was free in the end.
  10. Hasegawa did Mk Vb and Vb Trop; Mk VI; and Mk IIb (same as Mk Vb with different decals). Revell did the Mk I using Hasegawa plastic with new toolings for the wings. Perhaps Hasegawa are using Revell's set. Nick Ah - just pipped by Dennis - my mistake, I thought it was Revell who instigated the Mk I.
  11. Not sure I can say, Keith. Ashleigh, your bank balance should remain healthy - you could probably get four new ones for the cost of one old one off eBay if the Transit prices are anything to go by! Thanks, Mark. And apologies, Mark. As Keith says, the diecasts were originally from Quattroruote, an Italian magazine that did a very broad range of cars including RS Cosworths and a Capri. They all look very good. White Box was the first reincarnation I saw in yellow with Welly doing them as well. I've also seen a 'Tawny' coloured version. All of them are in 1300GT guise with square headlamps, smaller front wheel arches, chrome trim around the wheel arches and sills, 'foreign' indicators on the front wings and are left hand drive. Nick
  12. Really nice crisp mouldings there . . . Nick