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  1. So did you airbrush? And is that how you did your bumpers which look excellent? Nick
  2. Thanks, Mark, for the link - I remember a similar product from about 20 years ago. Do you know a UK stockist? Nick
  3. Completely understand what you're saying Colin. Trouble is, and I did think about this, was that I wanted to seal the decals in. And I understand the difference in finish but wasn't prepared to risk masking and then pull up any decal or varnish - there is an obvious difference in 'levels' between the base paint and the decals that I'm happy with. I entered the model in our Club competition on Wednesday and it completely failed in a class of six models - four motorbikes and three vehicles. I think I'm going to revisit the 'chrome' fillet on the windscreen rubber surrounds and attempt to tidy them up - if it works it works. Nick
  4. That's a very beautiful model. Nick
  5. Crackin' job there . . . Nick
  6. Beautiful - a really great job there. Which Motobitz wheelset did you use? Nick
  7. Resurrecting an old thread here. 26 Decals have BOAC decals for the Super VC10 - can these be used on the Airfix VC10 kit? I notice there are cockpit window decals on the sheet for the Airfix kit . . . Thanks for any help. Nick EDIT: I guess the Airfix bits are there for when you use Braz stuff to make a Super VC 10?
  8. Thank you very much for the kind comments, gents. I've managed to get the stone guard grill on the front this evening. I used a little bit of fine mesh supplied in the Wave 1/24 Lotus 79 kit I have in the stash. Nick
  9. Thanks for the info. Nick
  10. Thank you, Keith. Actually, I've just realised that I haven't added the mesh grill to the front mainly because I don't like what was supplied - doh!
  11. Blimey, that was quick!! (Oops - just realised there's two years between your posts!) That's something different and a great finish. When you say vinyl scribing guides, were they machine cut or done by hand? Nick
  12. Sorry for the delay in posting recently but these final details always seem to take the most time . . . Thanks to Mark, I received a replacement rally plate for the bonnet. After some considerable time with 8k micromesh and toothpaste, all the bonnet decals were removed without damaging the paint. Decals were replaced and a couple of coats of Klear brushed on. I brushed it because I didn't want to risk screwing up any other decals when removing the mask or get any build up against the edges of the mask. Some more toothpaste action and polish gave me a finish I'm happy with. I then moved onto bonnet pin clips. The pin and baseplate had already been installed - the pin was made from 15 amp fusewire. I didn't like to use finer fusewire for the clip because I didn't feel it would hold its shape so used 20thou nickel silver rod. This was bent around a 1mm drill bit then one 'arm' bent and kinked until it wrapped around the pin with a short return. The straight arm was cut where it would enter the pin and the cut off part shortened to represent the part coming out of the other side of the pin. I used Gator's Grip thin and left for 24 hours to dry. Hair was my chosen medium for the retaining cable but actually proved difficult to bend in such a tight curve. So I resorted to stretched sprue that was wrapped around a rod and hot water poured over. From the resulting spiral, I was able to cut some ready curved pieces and glued them in place and added a touch of silver paint: I'd tried to spray the bumpers with Alclad Chrome which was coated with Klear but this wasn't very successful. A bit of research seemed to indicate that Alclad's Aqua Gloss was the best sealant to use. After a few days, a pot arrived in the post. The bumpers were stripped and prepared again but I failed with this also - I'm obviously doing something wrong so will need to practise and experiment. I really wanted to get the model finished this month so that I could get it finished within a year of starting the kit (yep, it's been that long!!). I resorted to Bare Metal Chrome foil which worked rather splendidly on the front bumpers but not so well on the rear. I made three more attempts on the rear bumper before settling on what you will see - I'm not entirely happy with it - but heyho. I'm now calling this done. Hopefully I can get some better pictures next week - I'll then post in RfI. Many thanks to those of you who followed this build and chipped in with helpful comments and encouragement. Right then, where's that GT40 I put on hold . . .
  13. There are . . . Hi Kevin, see you in a few days!!
  14. There's plenty available if you know where to look. Here's a link to Gaso.line's homepage: and specifically: There's a few British items here and it's quite good fun having a look through. Nick
  15. Absolutely stunning! Look forward to seeing some more . . . Nick