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  1. I'm converting a Hen long 1/16th Sherman M4A3 in to a Firefly for a mate. He wants a model based on the M4A4 Sherman even though the hull is too short, so this will be a representative model not an accurate to the mm model. It is further compromised by the fact that the baseline model is radio controlled, so the early 3 part gearbox case will not fit because of the gearboxes to provide drive to the tracks. The changes will all be scratchbuilt, 3D printed from my own designs except for the barrel, commander's cupola, headlights and rear lights. The lights are fitted with LED's and work when the model is switched on and under radio control.
  2. Niall

    US Vehicle Colour Schemes

    US forces used the dark olive drab(Humbrol 66) until early 1943 after which they changed to a lighter colour so Humbrol 86 is correct for 1944/45.
  3. I use Gunplay font for stencil text - http://www.1001fonts.com/gunplay-font.html Also the ensign on my Flower class corvette was made from white transfer film stuck back on itself -
  4. I usually leave the varnish on inkjet transfer film to dry overnight before using. I had a couple of failures when I first used the product because I used matt varnish and non acrylic varnish. A coat of gloss acrylic varnish first and then matt varnish on topworks fine.
  5. They are 1/72nd scale ESCI(Or reboxed by Italeri) NATO Pilots and Ground Crew. Check out this site - http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=603
  6. Dan Taylor Modelworks makes 2 sets of British vehicle drivers - http://www.dantaylormodelworks.com/british-mt-drivers-set-1-147-p.asp http://www.dantaylormodelworks.com/british-mt-drivers-set-2-148-p.asp Also as a supplement to my previous post, Shapeways deliver to Euopean customers from Holland.
  7. Niall

    Revell 144 Snowberry can be built as?

    Another forum gave a link to the instructions sheet for HMS Buttercup. - https://www.revell.de/fileadmin/import/images/bau/05158_%23BAU_BUTTERCUP.PDF It seems to have the round radar lantern, but the magnetic minesweeping drum supports are incorrect and there is no winding gear.
  8. Shapeways take 7-10 days to print and deliver orders to the UK. They do have a fixed price P&P cost, so small orders can be expensive.
  9. Niall

    German 3 Colour Camo introduction

    I think I've found my own answer. It seems the German army introduced the 3 colour scheme in 1985 with new vehicles being delivered in the colours from the factory. Older vehicles were repainted when given a major service or modernisation.
  10. I have a couple of question about the 1980's German army. What date was the Green/Black/Brown camo design for vehicles introduced by the army. If after 1985 what colour(preferably Humbrol) was the basic green used before that time. Thanks in advance for any answers.
  11. Niall


    There is also the Gordon engineer vehicle on the Sherman hull - Link to a walkaround - http://www.toadmanstankpictures.com/trailblazer.htm
  12. Whilst looking for somethingelse I've just found this set of 1/76th scale radios - http://matadormodels.co.uk/76e/lists 76E28ff.htm#bookmark
  13. On the registration numbers, strategicly placed mud when weathering then. Also I meant to post info on the Vickers machine gun vehicles but the page I had saved had moved and I had to search the new site to find it - https://vickersmg.blog/in-use/transport/the-universal-carrier/
  14. On the registration numbers, could you not cut up the transfers to make different numbers? On the squadron markings I think these would only be on the armoured brigade's rifle battalion's vehicles. This is because they had 1 carrier platoon with 10 vehicles at each infantry company whilst the infantry brigade battalions only had 1 platoon at the battalion HQ.
  15. The central triangle in the 3rd photo looks more like a company marking than a white star. Some units painted over the white stars, apart from the roof one as they made good aiming marks. Also on Jerry cans, I think stowing them inside the vehicle would be unlikely as they would be a fire hazard. Also have you seen my 3D printed Wasp conversion?