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  1. Niall

    1/300 PE parts

    It is possible to home produce PE but it involves nasty chemicals. I've use the company in the link below, thay charge £20-30 for the set up and an etching cost(depends on the size of the fret and type and thickness of metal) plus VAT. They keep the design on file for 5 years after the last order. I've done several frets for the 1/72nd scale Revell Flower Class kit and sold enough copies to cover the set up costs. Link - www.ppdltd.com
  2. Niall

    Argentinian Artillery Pieces

    The Argentinian 155mm gun was a local design, called Model 77. This was the gun from the French F3 self propelled gun on a locally designed carriage. The 105 is the Italian Model 56(1956 in some sources). I've no idea on kit availability.
  3. Another option is to try www.Shapeways.com there might be some suitable 3D printed 1/350th parts there.
  4. Niall

    AML-90, IDF, 1/35, Takom

    I would recommend being very sparing with rusty parts. Rust needs water to form quickly, so in a hot dry climate like Israel it would form slowly and wind blown sand would rub off any that did form.
  5. The reason Airfix figure sets are in soft not hard plastic is not technical but leagal. Under UK law in the 1960's figure sets were defined as toys, so had to be made in soft plastic.
  6. To clarify my previous post, I meant soft plastic figures from Airfix, Revell etc used for wargaming. On paint types, I've used a non branded paint set from a model shop and Tamiya paints but friends have used Humbrol, Revell and Vallejo for similar figures.
  7. I've found that enamels flaked off soft plastic parts if they were flexed. I've not had a problem with acrylics on wargame figures.
  8. Soft plastic figures don't need the PVA undercoat if you use acrylic paints.
  9. Niall

    984 Radars in 1/700....

    I would need a plan with side, front, rear and top views.
  10. Niall

    984 Radars in 1/700....

    If someone could let me have drawings I'll give it a go to design a 3D print. Link to my Shapeways shop, if you have not seen it - www.shapeways.com/shops/nmp Would their be any interest from anyone else in larger scales?
  11. Niall

    PT 515 Ron 35

    Could the rack be for a scramble net(for picking up men in the water), it looks similar to the racks fitted to some larger ships.
  12. I've bought from them at model shows and found them helpful, but there was a thread on Model Boat Mayhem a few of years ago which was very critical of the company, may be they had problems then, which have now been solved.
  13. SHG don't have a good reputation for mail order or answering e-mails. I tend to buy plasticard from EMA, the only drawback is they have a minimum order of £12(ex VAT & P&P) - link - http://www.ema-models.co.uk/
  14. Niall

    1/350 scale TIE Fighters?

    The X wing miniatures game models are also at 1/270th scale. The game cards which you would not need would be sellable for people who play the game.
  15. Niall

    1/16th Sherman VC Firefly

    Thanks for the compliments. I got a Tamiya sprue of with the parts for the air filters and exhausts last week. To make the smoke mechanism work I could not use the exhaust parts, so I scratch built new ones from Evergreen tube and Plasticard.