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  1. The photo below is of the wheelhouse of the WW2 Flower class corvette HMCS Sackville. As a warship the voice tubes to the bridge above would not be needed for a tug. The brass structure furthest from the camera is the telegraph to the engine room. The nearest right item is a pelorus, which is used to take wearings to other ships and possible obstacles. Not sure what the other item is.
  2. When bending plastic rod more than about 30 degrees I heat the rod over a soldering iron and let the rod's weight make the bend as the plastic softens. I used this method on the starting handle on the 1/16th scale Firefly I am building(the second picture in post 12) - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235039820-116th-sherman-vc-firefly/
  3. Niall

    1/35th Roman soldiers

    The figures from Historex Agents, if they have any, are resin and/or white metal. The other link is to soft plastic figures. Done a search for 54mm Roman Soldiers and this was 1 of many results(Historex Agents stock this range) - http://www.andreaeurope.com/en/1/andrea-miniatures/111/series-general/722/sg-f66-roman-soldier-advancing.html
  4. Could I suggest using polyurethane resin rather than polyester for future jobs. It casts better, is less brittle, it has almost no odour and does not rot silicon rubber as quickly as polyester resin.
  5. Niall

    1/16th Sherman VC Firefly

    A couple of pictures of the tank assembled -
  6. Niall

    1/16th Sherman VC Firefly

    I've just found that you can buy the Tamiya sprue which has the rear panel engine hatch and air filters, this is a lot cheaper than a Shapeways print of these parts. Link - https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/tamiya-10005838-0005838-parts-56014-sherman-p-14653.html
  7. Could the unidentified structure on the focsle be the exhaust for the generator used when the ship was at anchor? HMS Plymouth had a generator in about that position and her hull was the same basic design as the Leander class.
  8. Niall

    1/35th Roman soldiers

    Just found this - https://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/shop/call-arms-ancient-wars-roman-infantry-3229-p-75488.html They are soft plastic figures.
  9. Niall

    1/16th Sherman VC Firefly

    A few weeks ago the mate I was building this model for reconsidered and asked me to reconvert it to a Sherman 1C Firefly. Photos of the reconversion to Sherman 1C - Just got to wait for Shapeways to print the mantlet , exhaust nozzles and air filters.
  10. Niall

    1/35th Roman soldiers

    I think the only injected plastic Roman figures are in 1/16th scale by Miniart. There are probably some in 54mm scale in resin or white metal, try - www.historexagents.com Alernatively you would have to convert from 8th army and/or Afrika Korps figures. I used Airfix multipose for this vignette -
  11. Niall

    Chinese Type 59-II Tank.....Advice Needed

    I think the entire gun is rotated, not just the fume extractor. I can't see why the fume extractor would be changed otherwise.
  12. This site might help - http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/index.html
  13. I've just done a search for images from the movie and found this one - This is an M4 with cast hull hatch mounts, not an M4A3
  14. The ring sights like these have 2 components, the front ring and a rear post, smaller ring or small telescopic sight. Oerlikons and Pom-Poms have this type of sight.
  15. I forgot to add that some Skywave kits have been reboxed in both the Dragon and Revell ranges.