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  1. I've found using a yellow undercoat gives a good finish on brass and gold parts, although I have not used the method on anything that large.
  2. Italerie used to do a modern weapons 1/35th scale set with Sterlings. Just did a search and found this - https://www.emodels.co.uk/italeri-1-35-modern-light-weapon-set-6421.html
  3. I've done WW2 British 1/72nd scale decals. I had to use a vector drawing program(the now unavailable DrawPlus). A photo of my 1/72nd scale Wasp(PSC universal Carrier kit with my 3D printed conversion parts), the battalion and division markings are my decals -
  4. Nice workmanship, but why have a Comet and a Firefly together? From my understanding of the history, the 11th armoured division replaced its Shermans and Fireflies with Comets and Cromwell FS tanks after the Battle of the Bulge, so the I can't understand how theses 2 vehicles would operate together.
  5. I've just noticed at the very end of the video I posted the link to, Pig models have released a Russian 76mm HVAP(APCR) round as well.
  6. Just saw another company are doing a PzIII/PzIV track link at 1-1 scale. The company plan to release several other similar products. Link to Youtube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lflwm5AgeEY&t=343s
  7. The first picture is the visible/IR searchlight mounting. The second is the later NBC housing I meant. I think the Tamiya kit has the earlier type.
  8. I'm not sure but, didn't the mk10 have the larger NBC filter box on the back of the turret and not the small box and square section duct as on the mk5.
  9. www.thingiverse.com has loads of 3D print designs which are almost all available to download for free, for home printing. On Shapeways prices, there is quite a lot of labour involved in making a print, both in processing the .stl file so their printers can make the print and in removing the print from the printer.
  10. Assuming you are looking a sites like www.Thingiverse.com, I think you can get the files printed by www.Shapeways.com. Download the file(s) from the hosting site and upload them to Shapeways and they will print them for you. Check that the file designer is OK for you to do this. In addition you will need a viewer for ".stl" files(there are many freeones available), so you can check the file(s) are exactly what you need, as some designers provide several options, like arms with and without shields as separate files.
  11. I'm no fan of GW and I did not realise they redid the Epic scale in the 90's.
  12. I though Epic was 6mm, so 1/300th scale.
  13. A couple of comments on colours. In the Napoleonic period colours were not like modern dyes and would fade and wash out quite fast. One description of the Scots Greys at Waterloo notes that their cartridge belts were pink, from the dye in the jackets being washed out and soaked into the pipeclay used to whiten the belts. Also British red coats were a dark red, almost brick red, for privates and corporals and scarlet for sergeants and officers. Scarlet coats for all ranks was not adopted until after sometime after the Crimean war.
  14. A comment on Courageous' post - 1/56th scale is to match 28mm wargame figures.
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