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  1. Niall

    1/16th Sherman VC Firefly

    Thanks for the compliments. I got a Tamiya sprue of with the parts for the air filters and exhausts last week. To make the smoke mechanism work I could not use the exhaust parts, so I scratch built new ones from Evergreen tube and Plasticard.
  2. Niall

    Where to start?

    The 2 things I do not like with acrylics are they dry too fast to wet shade and highlight and that some colours cannot be overpainted, for example if you paint red over blue you get purple.
  3. Niall

    County Class Destroyers, options in 1/600

    If you ask Jecobin, they will do 1/600th or 1/700th scale prints of their larger scale plans at far lower cost.
  4. Niall

    Where to start?

    I use enamels for clothes and oils for flesh and hair(human and animal). I prefer an undercoat of white enamel(leave for over 24 hours before painting with oils) On brushes, in my opinion, a good point is more important than small size. I have been using A. S. Handover's Series 66 sable brushes(0/1/3) since the 1970's.
  5. Niall

    1/600 Carley Floats

    To confuse things even more, Shapeways have recently changed the names of all their materials. I've used the material now called "Fine Detail Plastic - Smooth" for many prints of my own designs, the last of these is featured in my 1/16th scale Firefly tank build - link below. I don't think any other materials would print a 1/600th scale Carley float as wall thicknesses would be too thin to print. Link(The 3D prints are in post #6) - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235039820-116th-sherman-vc-firefly/
  6. Niall

    HMS Glory/Ocean Korean War AA Gun Fit Query

    I can't provide an answer to your query but I don't think there ever was a twin pom-pom, only single, quad and octuple mounts.
  7. Niall

    County Class Destroyers, options in 1/600

    There are drawings from Jecobin - http://jecobinplans.com/estore/index.php/warships-destroyer-c-21_27 Also there are detail parts for the Airfix kit from a Shapeways shop - https://www.shapeways.com/shops/bogeysbits
  8. Niall

    Churchill markings

    Why use a Churchill mkIII? By 1945 most units would have had these upgraded to mkIII*(extra armour and a 75mm gun) or mkIX(with a mkVII turret in place of the mkIII) or replaced with a mkVII(never more than half in any 1 company).
  9. Niall

    DLT-19s or are they MG34s?

    Unless you are a member of a formal reenactment club, making these could fall foul of the Violent Crime Reduction Act, which bans the manufacture, sale or importation of realistic imitation firearms, unless you qualify for 1 of the exemptions.
  10. Niall

    Heller Victory Spare Parts

    There is a German bloke who has designed a number of photo etched parts for the Heller Victory, I don't know if he has done any of the parts you need, I think he has sold frets to other modellers. Link to his build on another forum - http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=99050
  11. The German firm Prieser do a range of 1/100 scale figures - link to 1 of their range - http://www.gaugemaster.com/item_details.asp?code=PR74090&style=main&strType=&Mcode=Preiser+74090
  12. Niall

    Tug S.A. Everard

    When making a deck like this I would recommend using 2 sheets of 20thou rather than 1 sheet of 40thou as it produces a stronger deck and reduces the chance of the hull having the bow and stern distorting downwards.
  13. Check out www.shapeways.com, there are loads of SF models on the site. 3D printed models are going to be more expensive than resin or plastic. However it would be good for making a master for resin casting and making detail parts to be added to a scratchbuilt hull.
  14. The photo below is of the wheelhouse of the WW2 Flower class corvette HMCS Sackville. As a warship the voice tubes to the bridge above would not be needed for a tug. The brass structure furthest from the camera is the telegraph to the engine room. The nearest right item is a pelorus, which is used to take wearings to other ships and possible obstacles. Not sure what the other item is.
  15. When bending plastic rod more than about 30 degrees I heat the rod over a soldering iron and let the rod's weight make the bend as the plastic softens. I used this method on the starting handle on the 1/16th scale Firefly I am building(the second picture in post 12) - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235039820-116th-sherman-vc-firefly/