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  1. There is this company - https://sites.google.com/site/reedeesminiatures/the-armoury/116-120mm
  2. This a good link on the Geman Flower Class ships - http://www.cbrnp.com/RNP/Flower/PROFILE/German_Flower.htm
  3. It looks like this model was printed in Shapeways sintered Nylon(Their cheapest material). I would have printed the detail parts in the detail plastic as separate parts, this would make filling the steppy angled faces easier and provide more detail for parts like hatches and vision blocks and headlights. Here are some of the parts I designed for a 1/16th Firefly conversion -
  4. Each Russian Fleet has its own shade of grey. Black Sea an Baltic Fleet ships are light grey and Northern and Pacific fleets are dark grey. On the Sea Dart launcher the Red missile is the dummy display unit, the live missile is white.
  5. Not familiar with your software but in FreeCAD you do this with the Chamfer tool which puts a bevel on any solid object.
  6. You could also try a wash of very thinned down(1 paint to 10 of thinner) medium brown/flesh tone and a dry brush of a lighter fleshtone
  7. The external aerial is only needed for the 27mHz radio control. The 2.4gig system uses an aerial on th RX box.
  8. I found the original photo of my Ballista vignette on 1 of my camera's SD cards.
  9. There is a build video here(don't know if it will help) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sefZTMzX4UA&t=965s
  10. What brand of BB are you using? The Excell ones I've tried did not work like that.
  11. I can't say for other countries but in the Royal Navy rope sizes were listed by circumference not diameter, this might explain why your sizes look wrong.
  12. Crayons method is OK to get sizes but the pixels of a bmp or jpg file look too jagged or blury for decals. Having got the size right "trace" it in a vector drawing file to produce the design. I did this for the unit markings I've made(1/72nd scale) in this photo -
  13. Old school - spray gloss varnish onto the gummed side of a gummed luggage lable - draw and/or paint you design over this, even with Letraset type rubdown letters/numbers. A final coat of varnish to seal everything. cut out and use as waterslide decals. You can buy clear(only good for black markings) and white transfer film for laser or inkjet printers. Draw your design on a vector drawing program like Gimp or Corale Draw. I 've bought clear and white inkjet film from, this company(they seem to have changed from a separate retailer to an Amazon seller) - https://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk/9-best-water-slide-decal-sheets-reviewed/ When printed seal with a gloss acrylic varnish(a matt or satin varnish can be added over this).
  14. On home made decals - using film like the one you used I've tried matt, satin and gloss varnish and found that gloss gives the best results and matt does not work at all. A coat of gloss and then 1 of matt does work though. I also cut the designs as close as possibe to the edge before placing them in water. There is a also a clear film available but it only works with black, othe colours are not dense enough. I bought mine for here(don't know how much P&P to Australian would be) - https://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk/9-best-water-slide-decal-sheets-reviewed/
  15. I think Slaters Plastikard do a sheet of embossed plastikard in 1/48th(43rd?) scale - item 440 on this page - https://slatersplastikard.com/plastikard/embossed.php
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