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  1. Drawing is called Daimler mk1 but it is a Coventry - https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/tanks/tanks-d-e/75097/view/daimler_mki/
  2. I use 1 or 2 inch decorating brushes on large models, like my 1/72 scale Flower.
  3. Niall

    Bonding rubber tracks?

    In a word - superglue
  4. One other market for 1/300th -1/350th is wargamers. Check out Warlord Games' Cruel Seas game - Link - https://store.warlordgames.com/collections/cruel-seas
  5. Niall

    Danish Lynx.

    I think you posted in the wrong section.
  6. The 50 cal mounting on the Sherman cannot be fired by the commander from inside the turret. He has to stand on the engine deck. The British rarely used a AA MG on their tanks, the only Shermans seen with 50 cals generally were the Sherman Crab, were it was used to shoot mines exposed but not detonated by the flail. On the use of quad HMG AA mounts being a war crime, this is because the Haigh Convention of 1899 banned the use of explosive ammunition on guns under 20mm calibre being fired at troops. As AA guns the quad 50 cal mount used HE-incendiary ammo. As tank mounted 50cals were issued with ball or AP ammunition this would not be an issue.
  7. I've used Tamiya transparent red paint to achieve the look.
  8. Martin Bower did the surface detailing on the original studio model, so I would think his details are correct to the first appearance of the model on screen(it could have been modified for later episodes).
  9. Lion Roar do a set of Russian radars - product code - LE350016. I don't know if they are still available. The set covers - 2(I think) of each of -Top Pair, Front Door, Strut Pair, Head Light(SAN3), Top Steer, Pop Group(SAN4), Cross Sword(SAN9), Palm Frond, Top Plate Plate M Steer Radars.
  10. On the hull below the waterline, it seems that RN ships(HMS and flower names) were black and Canadian ships(HMCS and Canadian town names) were red. According to references(I can't remember where now) I saw when I built my 1/72nd scale model of HMS Heather the dark colour is brown(Revell 86), Although when I painted the hull I had not seen any photos of the ship, which means I am now not so sure. HMS Potentilla is a non-typical flower, she seems to be a prototype for the Modified Flower, as she has the steeper sheer to the focsle, no outer supports for the bridge, radar ofset to starboard, the lack of tall cowl vents around the funnel, pompom positioned at the end of the superstructure, but with the tall depth charge racks more common on early ships.
  11. My 1/144th scale DC tall rack(The stern will need to be modified to make them fit - see my 1/72nd build in the link Robgizlu posted earlier in this thread) - https://www.shapeways.com/product/Z2ATG6Y56/144-high-dc-racks-depth-charges?optionId=65003241&li=shops One other point, the light at the rear of the superstucture, was only fitted to Flower class ships which were fitted for towing, so is right for HMS Bluebell(one of the options in the original Matchbox 1/72nd scale kit!) but not for Snowberry or HMS Heather.
  12. Hedgehog bomb colours is either blue or light grey. Some sources say that live bombs are blue and training ones are grey, other say the opposite! Are you still making this as HMS(not HMCS) Heather? If so there are some changes you will need to make - from bow to stern. 1 - The 4" gun platform is a tub with solid bulwarks. 2 - The HFDF antenna is not on the front of the bridge but on a short mast amidships The transverse bulkhead in the wheelhouse in the kit is a mirror image of what it should be. 4 - The Carley float(Liferaft) mounts are different to the kit. There should be a Dan buoy hoist under this. 5 - The splinter shields outboard of the pom-pom tub are slighly different to the kit parts. There should be a pair of Dan buoys mounted on the railings inboard of the top of these splinter shields. 6 - These seem to be only 1 depth charge gun on each side of the ship. 7 - There should be a stair on the port side of the superstructure, near the rear, instead of the ladder at the rear. There were possibly more Dan buoys on the inside of the hull bulwarks. 8 - Aft of the superstructure these is a minesweeping winch, 2 otters(grill shaped devices used with the minsweeing gear), 2 minesweeping floats and a roller unit between the depth charge racks. In addition the kit depth charge racks are wrong for HMS Heather, they need to be taller. Most of these parts are available from my Shapeways shop - www/shapeways/shops/nmp
  13. My guess is its a laser and/or missile launch warning device.
  14. Check out www.PPDltd.com. Their charges for making photo etch are a lot lower. They usually have a 7-10 day turnaround. Photo of a 1/72nd scale Dan bouy hoist they produced for me -
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