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  1. A Firebar? I really wanna see that! You might be surprised about when it arrives. I've ordered stuff from Hong Kong which has got to me in a couple of weeks. And if it doesn't get here in time you can always build it in the From Russia With Love GB.
  2. Everything before the word "but" doesn't matter*. Everything after is the whole point of GBs. * very few of us do...
  3. Me...
  4. Aha! I didn't know that, having never built the MLU boxing. I think I've got one in The Stash though.
  5. It wouldn't be the first time that I'd got mixed up. Sometimes I'm holding on too tight and I lose the edge... Here is the build thread for that Sufa, which has far better sprue shots that what I have just posted. I'm shocked to see that it was nearly five years ago!!!
  6. You're quite right, Paul. I will be doing a teensy bit of cross-kitting. I have the extended fin base sections from the Revell kits which I am building in another thread. Are there any other differences?
  7. I've heard that the Kinetic kit is problematic. I don't see the problem. This is my previous attempt at this kit.
  8. Another entry from me... this is a Moroccan F-16D using the Kinetic 1/72 kit and Caracal decals. Sprue shots
  9. That camouflage is just superb!
  10. Okay, let's get started. Here are the usual sprue shots. Revell were rather clever with the mould design for their F-16 kits. They have catered for almost every version. The following two sprues are in every Revell F-16 kit, be it and A, B or C. The next sprue is dependant on the version you buy. The A and B kits don't have the additional section on the right. That is just for the C version. This next sprue contains the parts required for the F-16C, including the new fin, "big mouth" intake assembly and GE engine exhaust. It also has the wider wheels but not the bulged gear bay doors. This sprue is in the F-16B kit. One minor issue with the kit is that both sets of exhaust nozzles are rather plain inside. To make up for that, on the PW engined models, I will be using Attack Squadron resin replacements.
  11. That would make an interesting Whif...
  12. I feel your pain. We've all been there...
  13. Junkii ?
  14. Go for it! You still have a little less than two weeks before the GB ends.