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  1. Got one of those planned!
  2. The markings of all the Harrier squadrons were pretty much the same all the way through the GR3 era. The only two major changes I can think of were two aircraft which trialled the new colour schemes for the GR.5. XV738/B of IV Sqn was painted in greys and XV809/AF of 3 Sqn was painted in the green scheme which was eventually chosen. Just remember that during the 70s, Harriers had underwing serials. Later in the 80s, underwing serials disappeared because the wing assembly was interchangeable between aircraft. They were swapped around with such regularity that it got silly remarking them each time. Another thing to watch is the LRMTS nose. Use the component without the bulge and antenna on the underside.
  3. HMS Amazon entered service in 1974.
  4. I've had somewhat of a disaster! The lower hull was ready for fitment of the tracks when I dropped it. The right hand side idler broke off and the carpet monster claimed it. Damn you, carpet monster!!! I have another <Modelcollect T-64 kit which will be built as the 1982 version. I will rob an idler assembly from this one. When I come to build the later version, I can bodge it with some plasticard discs for the inner portions of the idler. They won't show on the later version as the side skirts almost cover the idlers anyway.
  5. Moving on to the Chieftain. The two kits couldn't be more different... There is a fair amount of scarring and pitting on the resin surfaces, so they were filled with Mr Surfacer and sanded down. The parts are nicely detailed but the right hand side track assembly is badly warped. I tried immersing it in hot parter to remove the warp but no joy... it's far too bulky for that. No matter, I'll just pack the gaps with plastic card.
  6. First step was to build the lower hull and running gear. As you will have seen above, the second set of axles from the front don't sit correctly. The best course of action is to slice off the upper positioning pin and line the axles up while the glue dries. Of course, I had gone too far before I discovered the problem so I had to do a bit of surgery. Eventually all the axles were on and the wheels lined up. I like to put a bit of ballast in small-scale tanks so they have a bit more presence when they are picked up. Tracks are primed and painted with Vallejo Panzer Aces track colour. Upper and lower halves of the turret assembled. The hull decking components are shown but they won't be assembled until the tracks are on.
  7. Bravo Mike, Bravo Mike, this is Echo Mike. Contact! Wait, Out. So... let's take a look at the parts for the T-64. All the components are beautifully moulded, A minor issue is that the instructions are pants!!! They give an understanding of where the parts go, but not the order in which they go together. Some parts are used for different versions but have identical numbers on the sprues, so you really have to take care. In this kit there are three turrest bases, but only one turret uppersurface - just choose the base which actually fits. There is only one hull rear decking part. There are two forward decking and glacis parts. For this model you need to use the component which has pivot points for the folding armour. There are also two sets of track guards. Again, use the parts with pivot points. There are plastic tracks and - as you can see above - band tracks. These are referred to as "DS" tracks in the instructions - which don't mention the plastic tracks... There is also a small PE fret and a tiny decal sheet.
  8. What an excellent way to return to modelling!
  9. I'm gonna get one of those!
  10. AM decals for both. The Mosquito markings are from Freightdog and the Vampire markings are from Xtradecal.
  11. To see into the future. Two entries for this GB - a Mosquito and a Vampire. I am combining them into a single thread as they will both be in the markings of IV Sqn, hence the thread title which is the motto of the squadron. It's a little odd as the motto refers to the traditional squadron role - army co-operation and reconnaissance. The squadron itself was engaged in neither of these roles during the time periods of the aircraft which I will build!
  12. Post your completed Mosquito builds here. No more than five photos per entry. Please do not post comments in this thread. All comments should go in the subject's build thread
  13. Post your completed builds here. No more than five photos per entry. Please do not post comments in this thread. All comments should go in the subject's build thread
  14. The welcome message and rules will appear here.