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  1. Tanmodel RF-84F questions

    I believe they are upside down with the details printed behind the black dots. Jens
  2. Royal Danish Air Force F-100D

    They didn't. Jens
  3. It was indeed! Jens
  4. As so often before my GB entries got sidetracked by some other kits (Wingman Alpha Jet, Academy F-4B and Tamiya F-16s), so I did not manage to finish any of them. They are closer to the painting stage than ever before though. Jens
  5. Copenhagen and Stockholm.

    Stoppel Hobby is worth a visit if you manage to be there during the limited opening hours (www.stoppel.dk). Jens
  6. Ritchie's F-4D

    The Dmold intakes are probably for the later releases of the Hasegawa Phantoms (the ones with the recessed panel lines). Jens
  7. Airfix Ju87 Stuka

    May I suggest that you clean up the parts and remove the sprue stubs from the parts while doing it. It will make your life easier when it comes to assembling your models. Sprue stubs, mould lines and flash are some of the reasons for bad fitting parts. Jens
  8. 1/48 A-6 E

    Go for Hobby Boss, you won't regret it! Jens
  9. Australian Navy MH-60 Colour?

    I am pretty sure they are in the same colour scheme as the USN and our Danish MH-60Rs. That would be FS36495 for the lower surfaces, FS36320 for the sides, and FS35237 for the upper surfaces. Jens
  10. 1/32 A-6E Intruder from VA-115

    The outboard fences are fine, only the inboard ones need to be moved. I don't recall the exact measurements, but I believe they are supposed to almost line up with the wing pylons. My first A-6A shows the signs of having the fences moved: Jens
  11. 1/32 A-6E Intruder from VA-115

    I will follow this thread with great interest; not because I am going to build one of these 1/32nd scale Intruders myself, but because I have several of the HB 1/48th scale Intruders. The moulds are similar in most areas AFAIK. On the 1/48th scale Intruders you need to move the inner wing fences inboard. Does that apply to the 1/32nd scale version too? Jens
  12. Yeovilton Air Day 2017

    Thanks dolphin38, that's good to hear. It was amazing to see how the artist painted it. Believe it or not, he did it with spray cans. Jens
  13. Nice job, Martin! Jens
  14. Yeovilton Air Day 2017

    Good to see you caught our special Lynx. That paintjob really cost me a bit of trouble. Jens
  15. Austria to phase out Eurofighter

    Yes, support contracts are a factor, as is meantime between failure, supply stocks etc. I know how it is on the Merlin and Lynx (from a Danish perspective), and despite being sad to see the Lynx retire later this year I am happy we did not get the Wildcat, but bought the Seahawk instead. Jens