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  1. Revell 1/48 Tornado intakes

    So, in order to make near-correct intakes one would need to remove the foremost two thirds of the intakes and the completely rebuild them around the inner surfaces of the fuselage? Now that would be interesting! Jens
  2. Revell 1/48 Tornado intakes

    I am having problems getting it to stick to the surface of the subject that needs putty, both before and after drying. I have not had any succes in sanding it back to a nice smooth surface. For me Tamiya white putty works so much better. Jens
  3. Revell 1/48 Tornado intakes

    Thanks for the replies. I briefly tried the Perfect Putty approach, but once again I was reminded why I never use that stuff (it has never worked for me). I have decided to try stever219's approach to the outer walls and then have a look inside to see if guillaume320 and Muzz are right. Jens
  4. Revell 1/48 Tornado intakes

    I have read numerous build threads here and elsewhere on the Revell Tornado kits, but none of them seem to show how perfect (or at least reasonable) inner intake seams were achieved, nor do they explain how. Having started my F.3 I came to the conclusion that intake covers would best be fitted to it, but with another three GR.1/4s and an IDS in the stash I would like to know if - and how - it is possible to get rid of those nasty seams. So, did any of you guys ever succeed in eliminating the intake seams? TIA, Jens
  5. Revell 1/48th Tornado ADV

    Sebastien, did you manage to completely get rid of the seams in the intakes? Jens
  6. Revell 1/48th Tornado ADV

    Flightpath make RAF LGBs, ALARMs and TIALD pod. Eduard make Brimstones. I am not sure the Olimp parts are worth spending money on. I have read the quality is poor, but the price is high. Hth, Jens
  7. Help with identifying this Bf 109 f-4? /G-2?

    It looks like a G-2 to me. Also note the replacement wing. Jens
  8. What makes you think that a German understands Danish? Jens

    No, the 363 TFW (SW) just received the aircraft after the trials, they were not part of the project. They were still in European I by that time. Jens
  10. Great job! Firing the heavy machine gun from a Lynx in flight is quite a thrilling experience. Jens

    Very interesting! I am currently working on a similar project. Beware that the Caracal Decal instructions are mismatched when in comes to side views and top/bottom views. Also, this was a Block 25 airframe so you'll probably need to make a few minor changes to the fuselage and tail. Jens
  12. Danish RF Drakens

    The Draken reference link seems to give you answers to most questions. Just don't use the load-out as a valid reference. Jens
  13. The only thing you don't get in the Daco set is a modified instrument panel for the ASA. As for the intake sizes they might have been the same. In the scales we operate in it wouldn't matter anyway. Jens
  14. The horizontal bar is the hinge for a large rectangular auxillary air door that opens outwards (also in flight). That door is quite different from the one on all other F-104 variants. Also, the S intake lips are further aft, and the intake itself is slightly larger than that of the other F-104s. Would anyone notice the size difference? Most likely not, but the panel lines and the large hinge are quite prominent. Jens
  15. I have now fitted the CE intakes to the kit. Although I did remove about 1 mm or so from the rear of the intake insides there is still a gap to fill as you can see. Since a correct ventral fin is not included in the CE conversion set I modified the one from the kit using the Daco part as a guide. You can see the modified kit fin in the top of the photo. Now, where did I put my Evergreen... Jens