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  1. Danish RF Drakens

    The Draken reference link seems to give you answers to most questions. Just don't use the load-out as a valid reference. Jens
  2. The only thing you don't get in the Daco set is a modified instrument panel for the ASA. As for the intake sizes they might have been the same. In the scales we operate in it wouldn't matter anyway. Jens
  3. The horizontal bar is the hinge for a large rectangular auxillary air door that opens outwards (also in flight). That door is quite different from the one on all other F-104 variants. Also, the S intake lips are further aft, and the intake itself is slightly larger than that of the other F-104s. Would anyone notice the size difference? Most likely not, but the panel lines and the large hinge are quite prominent. Jens
  4. I have now fitted the CE intakes to the kit. Although I did remove about 1 mm or so from the rear of the intake insides there is still a gap to fill as you can see. Since a correct ventral fin is not included in the CE conversion set I modified the one from the kit using the Daco part as a guide. You can see the modified kit fin in the top of the photo. Now, where did I put my Evergreen... Jens
  5. The CE intakes are shorter and have better panel lines but they are also thicker. I think the correct length is somewhere between the CE and the Daco/Hasegawa intakes. Also, the CE set does not include (nor mention) the changed large ventral fin. My first choice would be Daco any day, but for an F-104S without weapons I have no problem using the CE parts. Jens
  6. While slowly working on the interior I have changed my plans. This will now be the Tiger Meet 1988 Tiger F-104S, and instead of using the Daco intakes I will use the Cutting Edge F-104S conversion kit. Jens
  7. I started building the F-104S yesterday. Not much to show yet as I just cleaned up some parts, glued the wing tanks together etc. Jens
  8. I am going to build at least (at least) six Italian F-104S, but not for this GB. Jens
  9. *Sigh* I just had a look at some of my Hasegawa Starfighters and decals in order to figure out which one to build. I found an Italian Tiger Meet F-104S that I also want to build now... One step forward, two steps back... Jens
  10. Thanks for the comments. There are so many nice Italian Starfighters that I would like to build, so the hard part is deciding which ones. As for the weapons I would like to load it with 2 AIM-9 and 2 Aspides, but I might go with one of each and the wing tip tanks in the earlier green/aluminum colours. Jens
  11. I caved in... This is the Hasegawa Starfighter I will try to build (and actually finish) for this GB: I haven't decided on the scheme yet but I am leaning towards a grey ASA or ASA-M. Jens
  12. F-104 Starfighter STGB Chat

    I don't think I have ever managed to finish a group build but that won't keep me from trying again. I'm in with a 1/48th scale Hasegawa F-104S, colours and markings TBD. Jens
  13. RF-4C vs RF-4E

    Indeed! He was such an inspiration. His Phantom articles in Scale Models were great. Jens
  14. RF-4C vs RF-4E

    You're right, Ted. I left out the YRF-4Cs - and the RF-4E Kais. Btw, another Ted was one of the reasons the F-4 became my favourite aircraft. Since you're into Phantoms too, can you name that Ted? Jens
  15. RF-4C vs RF-4E

    Yes, the cover is there, but it wasn't used on RF-4Cs and Es. There is no decal for it in the RF-4B kit. Jens