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  1. IPMS Southwell

    My thanks to the chaps and ladies at IPMS Lincoln and Newark for another excellent show at Southwell. It was the usual mix of good people, good traders, good venue and good weather.
  2. Seventy Second Scale Modeller magazine??

    S3M (Seventy Second Scale Modeller) and QSM were available in a number of shops around the north, I went with Neil on a couple of his trips to deliver them, we went to Sheffield, Chesterfield and Derby on one and Bridlington, Scarborough and Hull(?) on another, it was also available in Whitley Bay, so world wide coverage!!! Both it and QSM were great fun to write for, often articles came out of a phone call because he had an 'idea'. It was a real pity when Neil moved onto a permanent paying job, but no one could blame him for wanting security. It carried on as a combined publication for a few issues but in truth it was full time job for next to no money and no one can sustain that.
  3. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    I'll be there in my yellow coat, say hello if you are in Hall 1.
  4. IPMS Southwell

    Its a cracking little show, lots of clubs displaying and a nice mix of traders. There is a competition which is normally well supported and the bacon sandwiches are really good. What more can you ask for? I always say it is more like a big club meeting than a show, everyone is so friendly and relaxed
  5. Ju 87B-1

    Thanks chaps, I would recommend it to you all.
  6. Ju 87B-1

    I bought this just after it came out, earlier this year, but it has been sitting on the to do pile as a couple of modelling friends said it was a tricky build. Anyway I thought I'd give it bash and gosh what a surprise, it was a joy to put together. After last years Defiant, I thought Airfix could get no better but the Stuka literally clicked together. I used the merest smear of filler to repair a scar where I had been clumsy removing the part from the sprue and though there are ejector pin marks on the inside none are visible after assembly. I don't normally like to have my aircraft with their innards on display but the engine was so lively that I thought I'd give it a go. I don't know how the kit assembles with the cowlings in place of the engine but that's for the next one. I did have trouble fitting the rear bulkhead which did need a lot of sanding, I also have a large bag of spare parts, probably about as many as I used to finish the kit. I used some ROP decals to finish her as a machine of 8/St.G51 I've always wanted to do a Stuka in this scheme with the comet tail since reading a book on the aircraft of the Battle of Britain in about 1970!. I know the actual markings are dated for the French Campaign but thought it might till be carrying them later. I have built a number f Hasegawa B-2s and converted a couple to B-1s using resin conversions, but this is a class above those kits. I hope you see that I am very impressed with kit. Thanks for looking
  7. And what is the beer for?
  8. There's always P & S on Castle Street Scarborough and the woolshop in Filey to happen across if you get bored. Good find at Croppers.
  9. Looks good so far, the weather looks good as well today, it was horrid in Flamborough over the weekend. Don't forget to have a good look in the Boyes stores in both Scarborough and Brid, the kit selection is not sparkling but they always have a good selection of tools and paints. Croppers on Landsdowne Road in Brid is always worth a look but not the Aladdins cave it was a few years ago.
  10. Pz IV STGB

    Count me in as well, not sure what it'll be but it will be in 1/48th scale.
  11. 2018 Huddersfield Show

    I'll be there as always. Great show.
  12. Scout & Wasp in multi scales from S&M

    I'm in for a 1/48th Wasp if the price isn't to astronomic.
  13. What miniatures did you purchase lately?

    Just a few Perrys French in Egypt fusiliers happened to drop through my letterbox.
  14. Nice work, I'll be watch for the finished product. I know what you mean about the Bronco Staghound
  15. RAF Stuka, New-Tool Airfix 1/48

    . I sanded until it fitted, not at all scientific Andy