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  1. super work, I especially like the base work and the tree looks really realistic.
  2. Tamiya Steyr 1500 1/48

    Lovely work, I think the conversion was from Hauler? I did the same one a few years ago but it was nowhere near as nice as yours. The snow and slush is magnificent.
  3. Maybe Eduard have looked at the recent Airfix and Meng kits and decided that many modellers have already spend their Mustang money, I know I have. Perhaps they will look at the B/C market instead?
  4. M10C Achilles

    I've been building this for a while now, I stalled because I wanted to find suitable crew figures but I'm still struggling even after visiting Telford last month. I really need figures in shirt sleeve order but not in shorts as the real vehicle was used in the spring of 1945 by 31 Battery 7th A/T regiment, 4th NZ Armoured Brigade in Northern Italy. So I finally got a bit of time and decided to finish the model and worry about the correct chaps later. The desrt order chap is just for scale and the base id just one for the photographs, I will update both later. Thanks for looking.
  5. French Line Lancers

    Nice work indeed, I look forward to seeing them finished. I'm just doings some 28mm Line Lancers so it will nice to compare.
  6. F-84F Thunderstreak & Mk.7 Atomic Bomb

    AFAIK the special weapon pylon was in place of the port inner fuel tank pylon, ( source F-84 In Action, Squadron/Signal publications). I believe the appropriate parts are in the Monogram boxing. The same source has a colour plate showing the training shape to be medium blue with two white bands, one in front of the forward sway brace, one aft of the rear brace. there is also a white line from the 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock position halfway between the forward white band and the tip of the pylon.
  7. Nice work, it looks nicely grubby. The intakes have put me off buying one but they don't detract from the model at all. Perhaps it is time for a rethink.
  8. Sd.Kfz. 232 6Rad.

    That looks nice and dusty, just right for France IMHO.
  9. Lovely work, I also like the basing and presentation. Are you going to use them as wargames figures or were they just a painting exercise?
  10. Wellesley x 2- FINISHED

    Top work as always Tony
  11. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Thanks for setting out Hall One guys, it is the best Hall!
  12. Saxon Firing Line

    great work and close up photography.
  13. French in Eygpt 1799

    Thank you. They are lovely designed and cast figures and the slightly larger size means you can add a bit more detail.
  14. Moth floatplane - military

    From an unpublished manuscript, please credit if used:- Another DH 60G Moth, serial 995 was purchased and was equipped with a pair of floats. This enabled it to be attached to HMNZS Dunedin for work off Samoa in 1930. 995 was finished in overall silver doped and carried its constructors number on the top of the cowling along with a yellow DH Moth logo. Standard RAF roundels and fin stripes were also carried. She was equipped at some point with a pintle mounted Lewis gun firing sideways to port out of the front cockpit. How the pilot, Flt. Lt Wallingford, aimed it, whilst flying the aircraft is a mystery, Wallingford also became the first NZPAF pilot to drop a bomb in anger. Admittedly the ‘bomb’ was a 4 lb treacle tin full of gun cotton, made by the gunnery officer of HMNZS Dunedin and it was dropped by mistake on a friendly target, luckily it missed Andy